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How to Lose Weight & Heal Your Body for Life

Without Dieting, Drugs or Making Yourself Miserable. (Really!)


How to Lose Weight & Transform Your Health for Life (Without Dieting, Drugs or Making Yourself Miserable.)


Here's What You'll Learn

In this groundbreaking free on-demand video training, we'll explain exactly why so much "expert" advice on health and weight loss is wrong and instead share some of the best-kept secrets in the industry (including the one the food companies don't want you to know!).


Why it's basically impossible to eat too many calories, and therefore that's NOT the reason you haven't been able to lose weight.

Still believe all you really need to do is cut back just a little more and it will all be fine? We'll explain why health and weight loss is NOT about the calories...and what you should be focusing on instead. It's a total game changer!


Why you can stop worrying about the fact that you never seem to have any time to exercise, because it may actually be counterproductive.

Because as it turns out, all that exercise you think you're supposed to be doing isn't actually helping you lose weight—and in some cases could be harming your health. We'll explain why. And if you've been beating yourself up for not getting to the gym, this one will free you!


Why all those so-called healthy foods you think are good for you are actually making you sick and fat without you knowing it.

Whole grains. Low-fat dairy. Lean proteins. Fresh fruits. Plant-based everything. Turns out we've all been lied to when it comes to what's actually healthy and what's not. We'll explain how so many popular "healthy" foods actually aren't (and also the reason you can't lose weight). Be prepared though—this one will probably shock you!


Proven results, real data and an easy-to-understand, science-based approach.

The biggest difference in our approach? It actually works, and we've got the success rate to prove it (as well as the scientific studies to back it up). That's because our program is based on real research, not the conventional wisdom of the past 100 years that has led so many women astray. It's like finally discovering the missing link.


An actual step-by-step plan for moving forward and implementing what you learn.

Of course education and encouragement will only take you so far, which is why we've broken down our system into an easy-to-implement, step-by-step PLAN that will get you real results, faster than you ever thought possible. We've literally mapped out the entire process and made it SO easy to implement, so that you never have to feel unsure of what to do next.

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And I know how frustrating it is to feel like your metabolism is broken.

Ruth eating strawberries

I'm a wife, a mom, CEO, a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of Thinlicious™, which is all about helping busy women like you get healthy and lose weight by learning how to reset your metabolism, balance your hormones and heal your body from the inside out.

And I struggled with my own metabolism for years.

It wasn’t until someone else snapped a candid photo of me 40 pounds overweight that I realized that something had to give.

But I also knew that if I was going to get serious about losing weight, I’d have to start thinking differently, because everything I'd tried up to that point had failed.

So I started digging into the science.

What I discovered shocked me because I discovered that so much of what we've been taught about health and weight loss is flat out wrong. It turns out that the biggest issue we face isn't calories; it's our hormones and specifically insulin resistance.

But it also freed me because I realized that there IS actually a solution, and it's not dieting or even weight loss drugs. It's having the knowledge and the practical tools to make the simple changes that will transform your health for good.

My free on-demand video is the perfect low-risk, high-impact way to get started with a new approach to your health that will literally heal your body from the inside out. It's time to find out just how easy and delicious getting healthy can be!

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