Naturally lose weight without sacrificing your social life, feeling deprived, or ever feeling hungry. (Yes, really!)

JANUARY 23-27, 2023

Join this free 5-day event to learn a healthy low-carb weight loss method that actually fits in with your busy lifestyle so you can look and feel great as you live your best years in your 40s and beyond.



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Watch the video below to learn how this FREE virtual event will help you shift the way you approach weight-loss and live a healthy low-carb lifestyle.

Do you ever feel like managing your weight and living a healthy lifestyle are hard enough under the best of circumstances?

Not to mention when life gets hectic, it can feel next to impossible to make your health a priority and stick to something long enough to actually see results.

Since turning 40, it seems like it doesn't matter how closely you follow your plan or how much you restrict yourself. Hormonal and metabolism changes have made your weight feel completely out of control!

Woman looking frustrated - Low Carb Living Summit


Feel stuck in a cycle of losing the same few pounds and putting them back on (and then some) over and over again.

Have completely given up on watching what you eat, and you know it's having a negative impact on your weight and your health.

Wonder if you'll ever be able to lose weight or feel healthy again. It seems like nothing works no matter how closely you stick to a plan.

You dream of finding a healthy way to lose weight that's doable with your hectic schedule and actually works.

You're ready to take control of your health and weight, and start feeling confident and comfortable in your body again. And you know that in order to stick with it, you need something that...


You need the freedom and flexibility to socialize and eat out as much as you want without messing up your diet.


You're tired of battling with inflammation, sleepless nights, and feeling sluggish all the time, and you want to improve your overall health.


You don't have time to be hungry and you know you need something that allows you to eat delicious foods without feeling restricted.


You're done making separate meals for yourself or listening to your family's complaints. You need something everyone will enjoy.

It's time to take control of your weight and health so you can look and feel great as you live your best years in your 40s and beyond.


Over 5 days, learn from 25+ Low-Carb Educators, Wellness Specialists, and Medical Experts about how a healthy low-carb lifestyle can help you naturally lose weight without sacrificing your social life, feeling deprived, or ever feeling hungry.


Hey there, I'm Ruth!

I know exactly what it's like to struggle with your weight and feel like nothing you do seems to make a difference.

In addition to being a woman who wants to look and feel my best, I'm also a wife, mom, CEO, New York Times bestselling author of 7 books, and the creator of multiple brands, including Living Well Spending Less®, Elite Blogging Academy®, Do it Scared®, and now Thinlicious™.

Ruth Soukup

For many years after starting my company, my focus was on my work and my kids - NOT looking after my health or watching my weight. I pretended those extra pounds didn't bother me, but every year I'd try out new diet plans that worked for a while, but they never lasted for long.

I knew that if I was going to stick with something and see results, I needed a solution that would actually work for my busy life.

I needed to be able to eat out multiple times a week.

I needed to be able to socialize.

I needed something flexible and easy.

I needed to be able to make food that my whole family would happily eat.

I needed my teenage daughters to see me eating, not starving myself.


I did a deep dive into the science around low-carb diets,

and developed my own low-carb Thin Adapted System™.

Within 6 months, I'd lost 40 pounds and completely transformed my body.

It was wild! What's even better, is that since I've started sharing this system, hundreds of women just like you are using the Thin Adapted System™ to fix their metabolism, balance their hormones, lose weight, and feel amazing in their 40s and beyond.

Living a low-carb lifestyle has completely changed my relationship with food and my body, and I'm now on a mission to help women just like you do the same.



Science-backed presentations to help you understand how a low-carb lifestyle promotes hormone + metabolism health in your 40s and beyond.

Practical training sessions on implementing this way of eating into your busy life.

Mindset shifts that will help you build your confidence and approach weight-loss in a new and empowering way.

Tune in January 23-27 from anywhere with internet access for practical presentations from our lineup of 25+ expert speakers, community with others who are living (or starting) a low-carb lifestyle, chances to win prizes, and more!

What to Expect at the Low-Carb Living Summit:


The Low-Carb Living Summit will run from January 23-27, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you'll be able to attend from anywhere with internet access (your home, your office, or in the car between school drop offs and errands).


Attend presentations from our lineup of 25+ speakers on topics ranging from the impact of a low-carb diet on your hormones and health, breaking through weight loss plateaus, seamlessly incorporating a low-carb lifestyle into your life, and more! Your free ticket includes 48-hour access to each presentation throughout the week of the summit.


You’ll also have access to our private Facebook community that you’ll be able to join right after registering to connect with others who are already living the low-carb lifestyle (or are low-carb curious!). This is where we’ll hang out during the summit and work together to get started on your journey to Low-Carb Living!


The summit officially kicks off on January 23rd, but you don’t have to wait until then to get started. The Facebook community will have all kinds of events going on, including a live Pre-Party Session on January 17 where we're teaming up with Miss Mary's Mix to create some delicious guilt-free cocktails!


After registering, you’ll also get access to our private Low-Carb Living Podcast, so you can dive right in and start learning about the low-carb lifestyle and access fun bonus content to listen to on the go throughout the summit.


You’ll have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit, including the chance to win a 1 year scholarship to The Thin Adapted System™. This is our group program where we help you balance your hormones, fix your metabolism, & ignite your energy in order to lose weight and keep it off with a low-carb lifestyle.


After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the Low-Carb Success Kit All-Access Pass which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, exclusive live sessions during the event, and premium bonuses from our speakers. You’ll get all the details after grabbing your free ticket!

Meet the Speakers

Check out the lineup of Low-Carb Educators, Wellness Specialists, and Medical Experts you'll learn from at the Low-Carb Living Summit!


We'll kick things off by covering the basics of low-carb living, including how it works why it works, and how to get started.

Libby Jenkinson

Top 10 Low-Carb Commandments

Emily Countryman

Making Keto Work For Women

Cassidy Stauffer

How To Calculate Macros On The Keto Diet

Dr. Ryan Lowery

Why Your Diet is Killing You – And What You Can Do to Live Longer

Natalie Grasso

Toning Up on Keto: Secrets from a Bikini Pro

Joe & Rachel Stauffer

How to Get You (& Your Family) Started on Keto


Low-carb living isn't just about losing weight! On Day 2 we'll dive into the benefits that going low-carb can have on your health and your hormones.

Mike Collins

Mike Collins

The Keys to Overcoming the Sugar Addiction You Don’t Know You Have

Tracy Campoli

Hotter, Healthier, and Hormonally Balanced! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Fit in Your 40’s and Beyond

Leanne Vogel

Metabolic Flexibility, Your Blood Chemistry, & Why It Matters

Tess Masters

What Does Your Gut Tell You? Why Better Digestion is the Key to Better Health

Ben Azadi

Tapping Into The Innate Intelligence With Ancient Healing Strategies

Dr. Tony Hampton

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes (And Make Sure You Never Get It)


Learn how to navigate the inevitable plateaus in your weight loss journey so you can continue making progress toward your goals.

Maria Emmerich

Level Up Your Ketogenic Diet: Breaking Through Plateaus

Marc Bifano

3 Strategies to Improve Body Composition and Reduce Body Fat

Natalie J. Grasso

Toning Up on Keto: Secrets from a Bikini Pro

Danielle Hamilton

The Surprising Signs of Blood Sugar Issues No One Recognizes (& How It Affects Your Health)

Dr. Edie Wadsworth

Reset Your Metabolism, Reset Your Life

Trina Krug

Breaking Through the Weight Loss Plateau


Low-carb living is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Day 4 is all about helping you navigate challenges so you can make this a lifestyle you can stick to for the long run.

Michael Silverstein

The Fundamentals of Keto Cooking

Kasey Trenum

Simple & Easy Meal Prep Tips that Save Time

Susie Moore

The Most Confident You in 2023

Martina Slajerova

How to Eat Healthy When You REALLY Don’t Have Time

JoAnn Crohn

Free Up Your Time By Getting Kids To Do More On Their Own

Natasha Newton

Entertaining Guests on the Keto Diet


We’ll wrap up the week by covering how low-carb living can fix your metabolism and change the way your body burns fuel for good by becoming Thin Adapted.

Meal Prep Co-Working

Meal prepping is a key to success on any diet plan, so let’s make it fun by doing it together. Get our meal prep guide + grocery list, then join us to prep your meals for the week!

Low-Carb Success Panel:

Get inspired, hear success stories, and ask your questions during this panel of women just like you who are successfully losing weight, hitting their goals, and feeling amazing by living a low-carb lifestyle.

Cracking the Weight Loss Code in 2023

Losing weight isn't just a matter of "eating less and moving more."
Learn how to get healthy this year without making yourself crazy, giving up your flexibility, or being hungry all the time. The perfect way to round out everything you've learned at the summit!


Low-carb living means endless delicious new food to eat and recipes to try. Each day of the summit, we'll have What to Eat Sessions where you'll learn new low-carb recipes, healthy eating tips, and more!

Taryn Scarfone

How to Cook Low-Carb Food that Everyone Will Love

Annie Lampella

Easy Keto Meals You Can Make in Minutes

Kelsey Murphy

Eating For The Weekend Without The Sacrifice


As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, this is an event you do not want to miss. Click below to grab your free ticket and join us at the Low-Carb Living Summit!

Will low-carb really work for me?

You've heard about low-carb diets, and maybe even tried one before, but there are a lot of misconceptions about what they are and how they work.


It’s common to think that because you’re cutting out carbs, you must be cutting out important nutrients as well. But this isn’t necessarily true! When done properly, a low-carb diet can actually be very healthy. You will need to replace certain foods and introduce new ones, but there are plenty of ways to get most, if not all, of the nutrients your body needs on a low-carb diet by eating a variety of meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to cover your nutrient bases. Not to mention, you’ll likely end up eating fewer processed foods in general, which works wonders for your overall health!


While some low-carb diets may be more difficult to follow than others, there are plenty of low-carb diets that are actually quite easy to follow. And, once you get used to eating a low-carb diet, it can be enjoyable! With any lifestyle change, there’s going to be a learning curve, but we’ve found that with a low-carb diet, the addition of foods that may have felt “off limits” before helps to keep you focused on what you CAN eat rather than what you can’t. During the summit, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know to make a low-carb diet as easy for you to follow as possible!


Low-carb diets can work for any budget! It’s true that some low-carb foods can be on the more expensive side, but there are plenty of affordable low-carb options as well. One of the fastest ways for a low-carb diet to become expensive is by relying on “low-carb” versions of normal, processed foods. But you want to avoid those products anyways, regardless of the price! Once you get started on a low-carb diet, most people find that after getting the hang of it and learning their preferences, it becomes much easier to stick to a meal plan, buy real, low-carb foods, AND stick to your grocery budget. Not to mention the money you’ll save as you start cooking more meals at home!

The Truth: Living a low-carb lifestyle can

be healthy, doable, affordable, and delicious.

During the Low-Carb Living Summit, we'll be sharing tips, tricks, and practical advice to help you live a low-carb lifestyle in a healthy, practical, and effective way.

When you register, you'll also get access to our private Low-Carb Living Podcast where we're busting even more of the myths about low-carb diets so you can dive in and start learning right away before the summer officially kicks off.

Here's what others are saying about following a healthy low-carb lifestyle in their 40s and beyond!

You are ready to embrace the low-carb lifestyle.

whether you...

Know you felt better when following a low-carb diet in the past, but struggled to stick to it for very long.

Feel like nothing else you've tried has worked, and you're ready to give a low-carb method a try.

Have been on a low-carb diet before, but it didn't work or felt too restrictive. (Trust us, if you've made it this far, it's worth giving it one more try!)


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn at the Low-Carb Living Summit?

The Low-Carb Living Summit is all about helping women over 40 lose weight by following a low-carb diet that fits in with their busy lifestyle and doesn’t make them feel deprived. There are lots of summits and other resources out there about weight loss, but this summit will specifically cover the challenges that women face when trying to lose weight in their 40s and beyond.

We’ll cover the hormonal changes that impact women over 40’s ability to lose weight while providing tips, trainings, and community support to help you break through plateaus and continue making progress on your weight loss journey. We’ll also get into the specifics of following a low-carb diet, including why this diet is particularly effective for 40+ women, plus tips, tricks, and practical advice to help you make low-carb lifestyle changes that work for you, your family, and your busy schedule.

How do I know whether this summit is right for me?

If you’re curious about trying a low-carb diet for weight loss or to improve your overall health, this event is for you! We’ll be specifically talking to women over 40, and addressing the hormonal challenges that impact their health and ability to lose weight, but anyone else who wants to get started with a healthy low-carb lifestyle now is welcome to join us.

When is this happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from January 23-27, with pre-party sessions happening the week of January 16th. You’ll also be able to join our private Facebook community as soon as you register, so you can join in on the fun right away!

What if I’m not able to attend live?

While most of the presentations for the summit are pre-recorded, there are some live elements, and the pre-recorded presentations are only available for 48 hours with your free ticket. So we encourage you to attend live if you can! We would love for you to set aside some time during the summit week to attend the live sessions, watch the pre-recorded presentations, and participate with others who are starting a journey of low-carb living right alongside you. Participating live will help you get into the right mindset to make low-carb living work for you, even if no other diet or weight loss plan you’ve tried has worked.

If you’re not able to attend all of the sessions live, go ahead and grab your free ticket, and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the Low-Carb Success Kit All-Access Pass for extended access.

How long will I have access to the presentations?

Your free ticket includes 48-hour access to each of the presentations. If you need more time, you can always upgrade your ticket to the Low-Carb Success Kit All-Access Pass after registering which will give you extended access to the presentations along with exclusive live sessions during the summit week, and premium bonuses from our speakers.

Are the presentations live?

To avoid tech glitches, give you the best possible experience, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at a scheduled time during the summit. However, the speakers will be there live in the chatbox during their presentation slot in order to connect with you and answer your questions! There will also be opportunities to join us for live Q+A sessions and other fun events throughout the week.

Will all of the speakers get my email address?

No. When you register, you’ll be added to the Thinlicious email list so we can send you updates for the summit and links to each day’s videos. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to hear from us, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Each of the speakers will have free resources available that you can access by providing an email address, but the speakers will not get your email address unless you choose to give it to them specifically. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don't have to worry about getting added to 25+ email lists that you're not interested in.

You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Are your videos captioned or transcribed?

Yes. All presentations have closed captioning, and notes are also available for each presentation with our upgrade options that you’ll see after registering for the event.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event.

I still have questions!

If you still have questions, we encourage you to go ahead and sign up. Your questions will likely be answered during the event or in the Facebook community, which you’ll be able to join right away after grabbing your free ticket.

However, if you need to ask us a question before registering, feel free to send us an email at

Grab your free ticket and join us for the Low-Carb Living Summit today!