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All my eBooks are in PDF format available for immediate download worldwide. You can download them onto your desktop computer, mobile, tablet or iPad. All prices are in US dollars. 

BONUS WITH PURCHASE: When you purchase, you also gain access to my closed Facebook group – Low-Carb Lunch Box Hacks. You will learn even more tips each day and see exactly what I pack for my own children’s lunch boxes each week.

The Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book & Healthy Lunchbox Mini Guide

The Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book

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The Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book – how to make healthy lunch boxes

Are you confused about how to make healthy EASY school lunches?

Do you dread the morning lunchbox routine?

Would you like simple ideas to pack healthy a low-carb lunchbox and snack ideas?

Are you frazzled in the mornings, and hate the thought of spending 20 minutes throwing something together – that your children probably won’t eat?

My new book will take the pain out of your morning routine. I give you 34 simple recipes that your children will love.

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The Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book – the answer to your morning routine

Making healthy lunchboxes isn’t difficult – it just takes some fun practical ideas to make it work.

Inside you will find:

  • 34 easy recipes – nothing complicated
  • Access to my closed Low-Carb Lunch Box Hacks group – for daily tips and tricks
  • Low-carb and gluten-free bread recipes
  • Sweet treats
  • Protein ideas
  • 91 pages
  • Printable sheets
Ultimate low-carb lunchbox book pages

If you’re scared of making the change to real food lunchboxes with no sugars, no gluten, grain-free and unprocessed, then this is the book for you.

This isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing things DIFFERENTLY!!

To buy the Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book $15 USD

Click here to buy now from Ditch The Carbs. Low carb, LCHF and Banting friendly recipes. |
Ultimate low-carb lunchbox book guide

Healthy Lunchbox Mini Guide

Practical ideas and tips to help pack your children’s lunch box each day.

 Guide to lunchbox types, thermos flasks and chiller bags

 Tips on how to help picky eaters

 Family mealtime rules

 Easy ways to add healthy fats to a lunchbox

 How to help your kiddos eat their veggies

  New ways to serve vegetables in lunchboxes

Healthy lunchboxes focus on low-carb foods from yummy nutrient-dense sources such as vegetables, nuts, seeds and low-sugar fruit.

All the recipes have no added sugars, grain-free, gluten-free and low-carb. The recipes use basic ingredients and are perfect for beginners.

Ultimate low-carb lunchbox book guide mockup ipad
Click here to buy now from Ditch The Carbs. Low carb, LCHF and Banting friendly recipes. |

The Ultimate Low-Carb Lunchbox Book is perfect for those who just want to cut back on the junk, and for those who really need to knuckle down and go as low-carb as required.

It truly doesn’t have to be difficult to start. Eating real food shouldn’t be complicated. Food should be easy and simple.

Start today and feel proud of yourself for making this first step to the new family you have always wanted to be.