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Watch our free training now to find out how to transform your health for life.

Are low-carb diets safe?

What can I eat on a low-carb diet?

How do I count my macros?

how to calculate macros with an app and bowl of salad

How To Calculate Macros

If you’re confused about how to calculate macros for keto and weight, don’t worry. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to count macros the EASY way AND you’ll learn which calculator to…

How does keto affect cholesterol?

Why is losing weight so hard?

How can I control cravings?

Why do I need to eat more fat?

Can you drink alcohol on a low-carb diet?

What is insulin resistance?

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Listen & learn on the go

Short on time? Our “Feel Better. Live Free.” Podcast is a fun and engaging way to get motivated on the go as you dive into the most important topics related to women’s health today.

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The Science of Weight Loss for Women Over 40

Discover the biological reasons why losing weight can be challenging for women over 40 and learn science-based strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals with Thinlicious.

7 Surefire Signs You’re a Health Rebel

Do you constantly struggle with diets and weight loss? Are you tired of feeling like a failure? Join the ranks of Health Rebels and take control of your health journey.

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Be Happier

Happiness is a superpower that anyone can cultivate. Discover the simple steps you can take today to be happier, improve your health, relationships, and overall well-being. No matter your circumstances,…

The Dark Side of Body Positivity

Unpack the complexities of the body positivity movement and its impact on how we perceive health and obesity. This piece traces its origins, initial aims, and unexpected pitfalls, advocating for…

How to Develop a Healthy Weight Loss Mindset

When it comes to transforming any area of your life, there’s literally nothing more important than mindset and nothing more powerful than learning how to focus your thoughts in the…

How to Lose Weight Without Cooking

Can you really lose weight without cooking? What if you hate to cook or are always on the go? Those are exact same questions Anne Urban asked herself before finally discovering…

Here’s the Truth About Keto and Cholesterol

Thinking about cutting out the carbs but worried about how that might affect your cholesterol? You’re not the only one! The relationship between eating fat and cholesterol isn’t complicated, but it IS…

Banish Brain Fog With What You Eat

Brain fog is something we’ve all struggled with at one point or another. It’s common during stressful situations or when you aren’t getting enough sleep. But if it’s becoming an…

Best Food Tracker Apps & How To Use Them

So you’re finally ready to give the low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle a try. Maybe you’ve just started our 28 Day Metabolism Reset, or you’ve signed up for our latest challenge….

Snack Smarter: How To Snack To Lose Weight

Raise your hand if you’re a snacker. It’s almost like you just can’t help yourself. You know all those sugary or salty carb-filled snacks are bad for you, but you…

Keto A to Z: Our Essential Low-Carb Glossary

If you’re new to Thinlicious, or to any sort of low-carb, ketogenic eating plan, learning the lingo can sometimes feel like learning a whole new language. After all, depending on…

Do You Have To Eat Meat On A Low-Carb Diet?

If you’re following a low-carb, ketogenic diet, you may be wondering if it’s possible to do keto as a vegetarian. In fact, one of the most common questions we receive…

Top 10 Drinks For a Low Carb Diet

The positive health benefits of drinking water are undeniable, especially since our bodies are over 80% water. But let’s be real—sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. The reality is that…

Glucose and Ketone Testing 101

Why do you need to do glucose and ketone testing when switching to a low carb or ketogenic diet? How often should you test your blood glucose and ketones? What…

Fruit and Low-Carb Lifestyles: Do They Mix?

When people first start learning about or considering a low-carb lifestyle, there’s a question that comes up pretty quickly: Is fruit okay when trying to eat low-carb (or keto)? Do…

Guilt-Free Low-Carb Summer Cookout Menu

Oh, sweet summertime! Longer days lead to fun in the sun—and cookout season! As we gear up for the Fourth of July, you may be planning what to make for…
a list of keto glossary and keto abbreviations

Keto Glossary And Keto Abbreviations

Here’s a complete list of keto words alphabetized for you. It’s the best keto glossary and a list of keto abbreviations so you can understand keto slang. PLUS a quick…
charts showing the best way to measure baking by cups or weight

Should You Cook By Cups or Weight?

Why cook by weight or cups? Which is better? Accurate (and easy) measuring is critical to avoiding expensive baking mistakes. Discover exactly what you need to make delicious homemade baking….

Quick Baking Pan Conversion Charts

These quick baking pan conversion charts will show you exactly how much each cake tin will hold and tips on how to adjust baking times.

Keto for Kids (Is it Safe?)

Parents, discover everything you need to know about keto for kids. Learn how many carbs kids need and whether eating keto or low carb is healthy or not for your…
coconut flour in wooden scooper near open coconut and shredded coconut

Top 3 Coconut Flour Baking Mistakes (Video)

Coconut flour is fast becoming a staple in baked dishes, especially as the interest in low-carb diets continues to rise. It is completely gluten-free, rich in fibre and contains good…
collage of keto fast foods to enjoy or avoid

Keto Fast Food Survival Guide (for 2024)

Keto fast food may seem like it’s impossible to find, but you’ll be surprised at just how many choices you have! With so many fast food options readily available at…
infographic showing what is insulin resistance and a gingerbread man

What Is Insulin Resistance (and the best diet)?

This guide will tell you everything you ever wondered about insulin resistance. Which is the best diet? Should you ignore the guidelines? Have you heard of insulin resistance, but aren’t…
food label showing carbohydrates in peanut butter held by hand

How To Read Nutrition Labels (Like a Pro)

Reading and understanding food labels can be downright confusing when you are carb counting. After all, food labelling regulations are complex and food manufacturers rely heavily on “confusion marketing”. That’s…
woman looking confused on her phone while carb counting

How to Count Carbs (Beginners’ Guide)

When it comes to successfully losing weight, controlling your carbohydrate intake is crucial. This means you’ll need to do some carb counting. But that doesn’t mean you have to count…
collage of the 5 best meal prep containers

The 5 Best Meal Prep Containers (For 2024)

These are the best meal prep containers that will help you make enough meals for an entire week, stress-free! Meal-prepping is one way that you can make sure you will…

Low Carb vs Low Fat (Which Is Best?)

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a low-carb vs low-fat diet? Which is best? Discover which diet is superior for fat loss, appetite control, improved mood, stable blood…
how to calculate macros with an app and bowl of salad

How To Calculate Macros

If you’re confused about how to calculate macros for keto and weight, don’t worry. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to count macros the EASY way AND you’ll learn which calculator to…
the 3 best ways to test ketones showing collage of all 3 methods

The 3 Best Ways To Test Ketones

Are you wanting to know the 3 best ways to test ketones? Do you want to know if you have reached nutritional ketosis? Are you wondering which method to test…
Infographic with text explaining what is the keto flu and how to treat it

What Is Keto Flu (How To Avoid It)

You might be asking yourself: what is keto flu and what can I do to avoid it? If you are starting keto for the first time, you might experience fatigue,…
comparing 2 lunch boxes with their carb count to show low-carb lunches are heathy

High Carb vs Low-Carb Lunchboxes (For Kids)

If you’ve been following my low-carb kids series, you’ll already have learned how to plan, pack, and track low-carb lunches for kids. Now it’s time to compare high carb versus…
paper meal plan with food and a pen

Low-Carb Meal Planning (FREE 10-Day Challenge)

When it comes to low-carb meal planning one of the biggest hurdles seems to be organizing and preparation. Let’s face it, for many, it’s downright overwhelming. RealPlans created a 10-day…
keto food on a chopping board

What Is A Keto Diet? (FREE Meal Plan)

So many readers ask me “What Is A Keto Diet? How do you start? How strict do you have to be? This is the complete beginner’s guide. Low-carb and keto…
list to print showing 50 easy keto snacks

Easy Keto Snacks On The Go (Printable List)

Are you confused about which are the best portable keto snacks to carry? Are you worried about going off track and heading for the diet-dangerous vending machine? Below are the…
graphic showing how much does low-carb cost and how much does junk food cost

How Much Does Low-Carb Cost?

A question I am asked often is “How much does low-carb cost?”. Many perceive changing from a high-carb diet to a low-carb diet will cost a small fortune. Read on…
ree keto weekly meal plan showing a salmon steak

Free Keto Weekly Meal Plan (Printable)

Here’s the FREE keto weekly meal plan I promised you … discover the secret to taking the stress out of your meals each week. Free Low-Carb & Keto Weekly Meal…
mockups of low-carb FAQ and diet sheet keto meal plan

Low-Carb FAQ (Plus FREE Diet Sheet)

Can I drink alcohol? Will my cholesterol go up? How many eggs can I eat? Is keto a high protein diet? These are the most common low-carb questions for beginners….
showing 3 ways to freeze avocados

How To Freeze Avocados (3 Easy Ways)

Discover how to freeze avocados with 3 simple methods – and my top 5 low-carb and keto avocado recipes. Because if you have ever bought reduced price avocados in bulk,…
a blue piggy bank with a penny

How To Eat Healthy (And Save Money)

We all want to eat healthy and save money, but how? Discover the 100 top tips to save money while keto. So many people say they can’t eat healthy because…
graphic showing the keto food pyramid

What Is The Keto Food Pyramid?

If you have decided to start a keto diet, you may be wondering what is the keto food pyramid and what can you eat? What should your daily carb limit…
ipad and laptop showing how to start the low-carb course

How To Start Low-Carb (in 4 Weeks)

Want to change your eating? Want to live low-carb in 4 weeks? It just got easier… with Ditch The Carbs PRO Course & Membership. The 4-week QUICKSTART will give you…
a women with Instant Pot above her head

Which Instant Pot Is Best for Me?

This article will help you figure out which Instant Pot is best for your needs with easy comparison charts. I’ll even show you the accessories every Instant Pot owner needs…
beginners' guide to the keto diet

The Keto Diet (Beginners’ Guide)

If you’ve been wondering about starting a ketogenic diet, then the beginners’ guide to the keto diet is perfect for you .. how it works, what to eat, how to…
Selection of grains and spoons on a white board

What is a grain-free diet? (FREE Printable List)

Have you ever asked yourself “what is grain-free diet” or “what is a gluten-free diet”? You’re not alone. In fact, many people in the world don’t really know the difference between…

Gluten-Free vs Grain-Free (FREE Printable List)

Gluten-Free vs Grain-Free PLUS a free printable list of grains to avoid. Some might surprise you. Which is healthiest? Remember this – gluten-free junk is still junk! Gluten-Free vs Grain-Free +…
boy with a red cape

Low-Carb Lunch Box Planner (FREE Printable)

Want your kids to enjoy low-carb lunches? Dunk the junk food? Eat healthy WITHOUT spending all day in the kitchen. Brilliant! Because I have a healthy kids planner to help…

How To Watch The Widowmaker (For Free)

Now you can see The Widowmaker – Watch For Free. Following on from the article on choleterol (is cholesterol dangerous and what to do about it) I have been given permission from…
man in a white doctors coat

How To Find A Low-Carb Doctor Near Me?

I have readers ask me every day “How To Find A Low-Carb Doctor Near Me?” I have created a worldwide directory so everyone can soon find a low-carb doctor, low-carb…
Various slices of toast with high sugar toppings

Why is Breakfast the New Dessert?

Why is breakfast the new dessert? We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so when did it change? Some cereals are so full…
various cooking oils and fats

The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Fats

Are you confused about which fat to buy? Would you like to learn which is the healthiest cooking oil? The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Fats will guide you through the confusion,…
two iphones with low-carb and keto meal plans

Low-Carb And Keto Meal Plans

Low-carb and keto meal plans – just make life so much easier. Let my meal planning service do the hard work for you. Who loves cooking – but hates meal…
woman doing situps

How To Be A Ketogenic Athlete (what to eat)

What does a Ketogenic Athlete eat? How to become an efficient fat burner. Keto exercise workout tips for endurance or high intensity. How To Be A Ketogenic Athlete is an…
sugar free advent calendar hanging on string on a white wall

Sugar-Free Advent Calendar (FREE Printables)

You can now make your own sugar-free advent calendar with FREE printables to download. Have fun with this easy Christmas craft. Imagine the surprise on your children’s faces each morning opening…
A clock that is on a table

Are You Feeding Or Fasting?

Are you feeding or fasting? How much should you eat, and how often should you eat when you’re living low carb? Let’s dig into these questions and learn the easy…
a women stocking her pantry with keto ingredients

20 Low-Carb Pantry Essentials (To Start Keto)

Discover the best ingredients you need to stock up your low-carb pantry. See which low-carb flours and which low-carb sweeteners you need (and which ones you don’t). Here are 20…
3 people standing in aprons

Keto vs Paleo (What’s The Difference?)

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between keto vs Paleo? Well read on my friend …. and see which one may be best suited for you. Keto vs Paleo:…
girl eating junk food

Everything In Moderation (Is Bad Advice)

The phrase “everything in moderation” is meaningless! Why is it repeated so often and what does it actually mean? Most people use this valueless phrase to justify eating junk food…
low-carb kids and recipes

What Are Low-Carb Kids (How To Start)

So you’ve heard about low-carb kids? Is it dangerous? Why would you raise your kids low-carb? The importance of whole food nutrition in children’s health and development cannot be stressed…
group of friends on a road trip

5 Tips For A Healthy Low-Carb Road Trip

Awesome tips for a healthy low-carb road trip. These will make it easy to stay low carb these holidays. Because if you’re travelling, it might just undo all your hard…
an empty airport

5 Healthy Snacks To Buy At The Airport

5 Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport. These are so clever. Airports are associated with stress, frenzy, excitement…and perhaps expensive food options that aren’t always the healthiest. You’ll see options…
Logos of vitacost and iherb

Vitacost vs iHerb – which is best?

In this article you will discover: Side by side comparison of Vitacost vs iHerb How to order – US and worldwide customers (even the UK, NZ and AUS) How do…
Infographic showing the top low carb kids myths

Top 10 Myths About Low-Carb Kids

Let’s bust the Top 10 Myths About Low-Carb Kids. Because just like adults, all children will reap the rewards from eating real, unprocessed food and cutting down on sugar, wheat,…

The Ultimate Guide To Carbs In Beige Foods

When you start low-carb or keto diet, you’ll soon discover why we banish the beige food and enjoy a delicious, colorful varied nutrient-rich diet instead. When you discover how many…
Diagram showing the carb values in various sources

The Ultimate Guide To Carbs In Sauces

Have you ever wondered how many carbs are in your sauces? Even the low-carb and keto sauces? This is your supreme guide to carbs in sauces (with sauce carb charts)….
Diagram of how to eat for diabetes

How To Eat For Diabetes (VIDEO)

Do you know someone with pre-diabetes, Type 2, Type 1? Please share this video with them and ask them to give themselves 9 minutes that could possibly change their life,…
Frosted Flakes vs avocado

Are Frosted Flakes Healthier Than an Avocado?

There has never been a better time to ignore the healthy eating guidelines than now, because according to government officials, eating pop tarts and frosted fakes are actually healthier than an…
Diary of a diabetic kid

Diary Of A Diabetic Kid (VIDEO)

Everyone needs to watch the video diary of a diabetic kid, especially if you need better blood sugar control. This video diary shows when what it’s like to be diagnosed…
Collage of the Top 10 low carb myths about low carb diet images

Top 11 Low Carb Myths (And Why They’re Wrong)

The top 11 low carb myths, I bet you’ve heard them already – low-carb is dangerous, keto is unhealthy, it’s unsustainable, it’s restrictive. Well, there’s no evidence for any of…
Names of sugar collage

50 Names Of Sugar (You Need To Know)

Most people are unaware of all the names of sugar … are you one of them? Could you spot a hidden sugar? Just look at the full chart below. This…
Diagram of how much sugar is in your diet

How Much Sugar Is In A Healthy Diet?

Most people reading this will be completely unaware of how much sugar is in a “healthy” diet. Spoiler alert, you may never enjoy your morning cereal with almond milk and…
Sugar Is Killing Us Video

Why Is Sugar Killing Us? (VIDEO)

Ok so the headline is a bit dramatic but this is a great little clip showing what sugar is doing to our bodies. Sugar is killing us, albeit slowly, and…
sugar in food diagram

That Sugar Film (Sugar Infographics)

You must see That Sugar Film, and take someone you know would benefit from learning about the dangers of sugar and where it is lurking – which is pretty much…
men and women in white coats with cash

Will Nutrition Policies Ever Change?

Is low-carb and keto the punk rock of nutrition? Rebellious, curious, defiant, political, not afraid, and ‘alternative’. Yet in reality, it is mild-mannered scientists that are simply trying to correct…
A person holding his head in his hands in front of a laptop

Biggest Lies Of Mainstream Nutrition

How many of these biggest lies of mainstream nutrition do you still believe? Sadly, they are still being reported by those who haven’t caught up with the science yet. Once…
a man watching a plane at the airport

How To Travel Low Carb (What To Eat)

Have you ever struggled to know how to travel low carb, whole30 and paleo? Then this part 2 of a series will help you navigate the hotels, planes and business dinners….
a man watching a plane at the airport

How To Travel Low Carb (Quick Tips)

Do you struggle to know how To Travel Low Carb, Whole30 and Paleo? This is part 1 of a series. Follow these easy guidelines and you can navigate business lunches…
Low-carb hacks sheet (keto cheat sheet) graphic

The Best Low-Carb Hacks (Keto Cheat Sheet)

If you are just starting out and switching to a lower-carb way of eating, this awesome graphic showing easy low-carb hacks (keto cheat sheet) can be printed and stuck on…
Printable easy low carb snacks PDF

Top 10 Easy Low Carb Snacks (Free Printable)

These low-carb snacks are sure to keep you full without derailing your low-carb lifestyle. Packed with healthy fats and protein, stay fueled the easy way! Whether you are craving a…

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We help you indulge, the delicious way.