This healthy chocolate avocado mousse is the perfect way to add more avocados into your day, into your children, and still stay sugar-free.

This simple blender recipe is amazing AND it’s only 3.5g net carbs!

I’ll even teach you how to freeze avocados.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Could your children spot the hidden ingredient? The hidden avocados?

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The only way I can get one of my boys to eat avocados is to make my chocolate avocado mousse.

Avocados are packed with fibre, vitamins E, C, B6, A, calcium, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, folate, zinc, and potassium.

My daughter and younger son, however, love avocado salsa. Read that post about why avocados are such a powerhouse of nutrition.

Easy Chocolate Avocado Mousse

This easy chocolate avocado mousse can be made in 10 minutes.

If you are very sensitive to avocado flavours, my top tip is to refrigerate after making and it is best served on the day it is made.

How To Sweeten Your Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Remember to adjust the sweetener and vanilla to your taste. These two ingredients can really help overpower the avocado if you are not so much of a fan as we are.

if you are new here and are confused about which sweetener to use, I explain in my Ultimate Guide To Low-Carb Sweeteners, which I love and which I avoid.

How To Make Your Chocolate Mousse

Making your healthy chocolate mousse is pretty easy.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Making your healthy chocolate mousse is pretty easy.

  1. Assemble your ingredients.

    Get everything ready to go.

  2. Throw it all in the blender

    Get your scraper ready.

  3. Blend until smooth

    Scrape the sides of the blender, blend again.

  4. Serve into individual glasses

    Place into the refrigerator.

How To Serve Your Sugar-Free Mousse

Why not serve with whipped cream, cacao nibs or blueberries for garnish?

Place into individual dishes or your child’s favourite cup and get them to decorate the healthy mousse themselves.

How To Freeze Avocados

Why would you want to learn how to freeze avocados?

Because if you have ever bought reduced price avocados in bulk, or like me, have an avocado tree that is laden with avocados, you need to learn how to freeze avocados or find a variety of avocado recipes. And fast!

Learn how to freeze avocados and recipes to use them.

Chocolate Avocado Sugar-Free Mousse Recipe

Healthy and sugar free chocolate avocado mousse is rich, creamy and packed with nutrition.
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Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: low-carb chocolate avocado mousse
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 263kcal
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  • 2 avocado
  • 125 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice or more, to your taste
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened) unsweetened
  • 25 g almond meal/flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Using a stick blender or food processor, blend everything together until smooth.
  • Place in the fridge for an hour to chill.


I like to hide the taste of avocados by adding quite a bit of cocoa and ground almonds. You may have to play with this recipe to get it exactly how you prefer, also quantities may need to vary depending on the size of your avocados.


Calories: 263kcalCarbohydrates: 9.9gProtein: 4.2gFat: 25gFiber: 6.4gSugar: 1.5g

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE – Mint ice cream made with avocado with a sugar-free chocolate topping. Take a look.

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  1. Reblogged this on The journey begins.

  2. I only added 1/2 a tsp of stevia as my first try was waaay to sweet, but I love it. I can have my chocolate guilt free and have something to look forward to after a day of teaching. It’s a treat and a healthy snack in one 🙂 very welcome addition as I struggle a bit keeping myself fed on LCHF (which I’m quite new to), as I’ve just started working in 2 schools, which costs a lot of energy and I’m still breastfeeding (on top of broken nights).

  3. How many carbs per serving?

  4. Can I use just full fat cream instead of the double cream? Tks

  5. Just found this recipe via Facebook and look forward to trying it. I’m wondering about th e amount of avocado, as i sometimes buy the large green ones and sometimes the small Haas. Thanks for all the great sharing!

  6. This is an awesome recipe. It’s just like a chocolate mousse, and the almond flour really adds a nice other texture to it, so you aren’t thinking about eating cocoa powder on an avocado. 🙂 Sounds weird, tastes amazing.

  7. Screamergirl says:

    Is almond flour just crushed almonds?

      1. Screamergirl says:

        Thank you
        Look forward to trying it

  8. Ann Patterson says:

    I just made this but used a can of coconut cream instead of the double cream it is delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

  9. Great idea! But I had to tweak it a little to mask out the avocado flavour:
    1. Coconut milk! This made it 10 times better!!!
    2. Pinch of cinnamon and salt
    3. More cocoa powder and more sweetener (Stevia and Erythrit)
    4. Almond butter.


    1. Jean Breed says:

      Cinnamon and salt and full fat coconut milk great idea!!!!!

  10. I found your site fairly recently and have started to go LCHF. It’s been very informative. Wow.
    My question for this recipe is, can you use coconut flour instead of the almond flour?
    Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  11. Elizabeth Boyce says:

    Hi I love your recipes thank you. Besides finding this a little grainy it is delicious. Is it possible to leave out the almond meal?

    1. You could, although it is there for bulk and flavour. You could try almond flour which is a finer grade and might be less noticeable in the mousse.

      1. Heather Staas says:

        I used almond flour and it’s pretty smooth and not very grainy at all

  12. Heather Staas says:

    5 stars
    This is my new favorite way to eat avocado. I’ve made it three days in a row now, it’s SO GOOD. A bit of instant espresso for a mocha flavor is excellent too.

    1. I make this all the time. I use 1/4 cup whipping cream and 3/4 cup coconut milk. I add a pinch of salt, cayenne and today made it with about a 1/4 cup cold leftover coffee.

  13. Mareth Aggasild says:

    Is there anything that can replace the sweetner as I am not fond of the aftertaste it leaves. I added sea salt which for me enhanced it.

    1. Susanne Carey says:

      4 stars
      I just made this for the first time and used swerve with some liquid stevia, no after taste when both are used. I did add a little more heavy cream and it turned out delicious and I am not fond of avocados at all.

  14. My only question: does anyone who has tried this recipe have working taste buds? This was quite literally the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. I’m disappointed and now also, broke, because of the ingredients I bought. Distraught is an understatement.

      1. I realize Rayna’s comment was unnecessarily blunt, but she’s entitled to her opinion. Your response to her was childish, rude. and very unprofessional – not a good look on you at all as the blog owner. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about your recipes. Mocking those who express disappointment in one of your recipes is completely uncalled for. The ingredients for low carb desert recipes are often very expensive. Maybe try empathy next time.

  15. 5 stars
    Love this recipe and it is now a regular dessert for us. Many thanks. As you suggest, it is worth adjusting the ingredients to get it right for individual tastes and the avocado size is a factor. We add some cocoa nibs or blueberries or raspberries from the garden.

  16. 5 stars
    I just made this and it is super good! mmmmm I am in chocolate heaven right now!