What does it actually mean to be a Health Rebel? 

It’s a term we use a lot around here, but I don’t know that we’ve ever taken the time to actually sit down and define exactly what that means.

And so, just in case you’re wondering whether the term applies to you, keep reading.

Because honestly, if you had asked me about this a few years ago, I don’t think I would have identified myself as a Health Rebel.

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I was just a gal who, like so many other midlife women, struggled with trying to lose weight and get healthy.

It was a constant battle.

And if you’re fighting that battle right now, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about, because you’ve experienced it too.

I went on so many different diets over the years. Honestly I couldn’t even tell you how many, but every couple of months, I’d be on to something new, and I was always hopeful that this time it would be different, that this was going to be the thing that finally helped me lose the weight and get me to a place where I was finally happy with my body and comfortable in my own skin.

And it was always the same depressing story.

Lose a few pounds if I was lucky, then get so hungry I couldn’t function, then fall off the wagon and gain all the weight back.

Over and over and over again.

And when I look back at all that time I wasted in that struggle, all that time I wasted feeling guilty and miserable and uncomfortable, all that shame and embarrassment….it just makes me so sad for myself, and so sad for all the other women out there right now who are experiencing the exact same thing.

But it also makes me ANGRY.

Because now I understand that there is a much better solution. And that it’s actually really really simple.

It’s not counting calories, it’s eating in a way that will balance your hormones and reduce insulin resistance and heal your gut. It’s nourishing your body with the RIGHT foods—eating lots of nutrient dense proteins and also LOTS of hormone-supporting healthy fats, while at the same time eliminating the foods that are causing the crisis—getting rid of sugar and all the highly processed garbage.

But nobody talks about this! That’s not what the experts are saying, and that’s not what our doctors are telling us, because it’s not what the food industry wants us to believe, and not what Big Pharma wants us to know either.  

There’s this huge, terrible, sinister conspiracy to keep us SICK and FAT and the sad thing is, IT’S WORKING. As a society, we are sicker and fatter than ever before.

And I guess that’s what makes me a Health Rebel–because I see the truth of what’s actually happening, and what’s actually going on, and I’m willing to talk about it.  And not only that, I’m willing to do things differently because of it.

So if you want to know whether or not you’re actually a Health Rebel too, here are 7 big signs that you just might be.

1. You no longer trust Big Food, Big Pharma, or Big Media

And maybe you used to trust them–or maybe you just never thought about it–but in the last couple of years, especially since the pandemic and the Covid 19 vaccines, and the constantly changing narrative, you’ve developed a huge amount of skepticism towards anyone who says they have your best interests in mind when you can tell they really don’t.

Maybe you got the vaccine because you were forced to, but you now regret it. Or maybe you refused to get the vaccine, but experienced the backlash of being ostracized and publicly shamed when you felt like all you were doing was making the right choice for your own health.

And it is not that you’re some big conspiracy theorist; you just believe that profits and health don’t always mix well. You can see the huge conflict of interest in the way information is being shoved down our throats, and the way huge corporations are paying off the media and the doctors and even the medical schools to make sure that the only narrative that gets told is the one they want us to hear.

You can actually see the lies now, and now that your eyes have been opened, you can’t unsee it.

And by the way–in case you missed it–I did a BIG blog post on this a couple of weeks ago, where I really laid out the whole case against big food and big pharma and the money trail and all of it. So if you haven’t read that yet, or listened to my podcast episode on the same topic, DO. Because it’s a big one. And it’s important.

But that’s really the first big sign you might be a Health Rebel–you’re just not buying the lies that big food and big pharma and even the media are selling you anymore.

2. You’re just DONE with dieting

The second big sign that you might be a Health Rebel is that you are just DONE with dieting.

You’ve been there, done that more times than you can count, and you’re finally to a point in your life where you realize that HASN’T WORKED and you need something REAL and SUSTAINABLE that you can actually stick to FOR LIFE.

You’re no longer willing to starve yourself or count points or eat some nasty pre-packaged meals or nothing but soup and dry tasteless salads for weeks and months on end.

And you’re done with the shame and the guilt and the misery.

You want a lifestyle change, not a diet.

You want to actually enjoy your life again.

And you want something that actually works.

So that’s the second sign you’re on the Health Rebel path–dieting is no longer an option.

3. You’re interested in overall wellness, not just weight loss

The third sign you might be a Health Rebel is that this journey towards better health isn’t just about weight loss or fitting into your skinny jeans.

Yes, you wouldn’t mind shedding some excess pounds, or looking better in your clothes and feeling more confident about your body.

But you’re far MORE interested in overall wellness and actually FEELING good, not just looking good.

And for that reason, you’re not all that interested in the new weight loss drugs like Ozempic or Wegovy.  Maybe you tried them and they made you feel AWFUL, or you’re just worried about all the terrible side-effects you’ve heard about. Or maybe there’s just something inside of you that resists the idea of being stuck taking medicine for the rest of your life when intuitively you know that the real solution is to actually HEAL your body as a whole, not just try to mask the symptoms.

But what you really want is a TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION, not just weight loss.

You want to SLEEP better wake up feeling totally energized and raring to go.

You want to be free of the inflammation and chronic pain–the headaches, the indigestion, the heartburn.

You want to feel strong and vibrant and confident.

You want your gut to be healthy and your hormones to be functioning properly instead of being all out of whack.

You want to reverse all the scary health conditions that are preventing you from feeling your best right now–the insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, the high cholesterol.

You want to be off all the drugs and medications that your doctor keeps prescribing, especially because you know they’re only masking the symptoms and not actually fixing anything.

You want your metabolism to be healthy again–to have the kind of metabolic flexibility that allows you to eat healthy most of the time, but still enjoy the not-so-healthy foods you love every now and then.

You want the total package. Real wellness. Insides that feel as good as you look outside.

So that’s the third sign you might be a Health Rebel–you want WELLNESS, not just weight loss.

4. You believe whole foods are better than processed ones

And honestly it makes me a little bit sad that this is even considered “rebellious” these days–but you intuitively know and understand and believe that WHOLE FOODS–the way nature created them and intended them to be are SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOU than anything created in a lab or a factory.

No one has to tell you that REAL MEAT from REAL ANIMALS is always going to be way better for you than some ultra-processed frankenfood fake meat product, no matter how much the media and Bill Gates tries to convince you that going vegan is somehow better for the planet and for your health. You’re not buying that bullshit.

You also realize that just because savvy food marketers cover their packaging with little hearts and very convincing buzzwords–things like “made with whole grains” and “all natural” and “low fat” and “heart healthy” and “made with real fruit” and “organic” and “antioxidant-rich” and “high fiber” and “no added sugar” and whatever other pseudo healthy descriptions they can think of, that most of the food you find in the grocery store–especially anything that comes in a package from a factory–isn’t actually good for you.

You’re onto the fact that all the food additives and preservatives and chemicals and high fructose corn syrup and processed seed oils that are in almost EVERYTHING we eat these days has literally wreaked havoc on our health. It’s caused an epidemic of insulin resistance and almost destroyed our gut biomes.

And even though you might still be eating more processed foods than you’d like to be, you understand that whole, unprocessed foods–real meat, real fruits and vegetables, real eggs and dairy products–are always going to be better for you than anything that gets created in a lab.

And like I said–it makes me sad that this is somehow “rebellious,” but these days it actually is.  So that’s the fourth sign.

5. You see a strong connection between mental health and your physical health

You realize that it’s all related. And it doesn’t surprise you that there’s a mental health crisis in this country given that there’s also an obesity epidemic going on.  

You understand that stress, anxiety, and depression are not just inconvenient states of mind—they are powerful enough to mess with your immune system, weight, and longevity. You understand that serotonin–the happiness hormone–is primarily produced in the gut and that a body that is struggling with poor digestion and an unhealthy gut is also likely to be struggling with mental health issues.

And I’ve mentioned this before in a previous episode, but this one is personal to me, because I’ve struggled with depression and mental illness. In fact, it almost killed me.  

And in the three years I spent battling major depression, I was put on almost every antidepressant and anti-anxiety drug out there, just drugged to the hilt–but not a single doctor bothered to ask about my diet or what I was eating or whether I was getting enough sleep and exercise or the right nutrients.

And when I look back at that time in my life, I know that I wasn’t taking care of myself physically AT ALL. And I’m not saying that was the only factor, but it was a big one. 

Suffice to say, if you’re a health rebel you don’t believe that ANY health issues happen in a vacuum. You see the connection between everything. You understand that mental health and physical health are intrinsically tied together.

And you want the total package. Overall health, mentally and physically.

So that’s the fifth sign.

6. You’re frustrated with your current medical care

You hate the fact that appointments with your primary care doctor feel like going to a fast food chain—quick, no-frills, and leaves you with the same existential questioning of “why did I even bother?”

It bothers you that your doctor doesn’t take the time to look at the whole picture or to ask important questions that would get to the root issues, rather than just whipping out their prescription pad and prescribing yet another pill. You’re tired of just talking about the symptoms, or dealing with the symptoms one at a time, being sent to one specialist for one thing and another specialist for the next thing, especially when it’s clear no one’s actually paying attention to all of the symptoms as a whole.

What you really want is HEALTHcare, not “disease care.”

Or, maybe you’ve already been done with the current state of medical care for a while, and you’ve switched to seeing a functional health doctor already–one who DOES look at the whole picture, at what you’re eating and your stressors, and how all the symptoms are adding up together.

If so, you’re definitely a Health Rebel.  

7. You don’t believe the government has your best interest at heart

And last but not least, the final sign that you’re probably firmly on the Health Rebel path is that you no longer believe the government has your best interest at heart, or that they’re actually fighting for your health and well-being.

You watched the covid debacle and the draconian efforts to suppress anything the government deemed “misinformation,” even though nearly ALL of that so-called misinformation has now been proven to be true and accurate, and many of the BIG concerns that were brought up about the safety of vaccines and treatments have been

You watched the government shut down schools and businesses for YEARS, destroying people’s livelihoods and harming an entire generation of kids.

You watched the CDC refuse to approve alternative treatments like Vitamin D and Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that were KNOWN to be totally safe and almost 100% effective, while instead incentivizing doctors to push highly dangerous treatments like remdesivir and ventilators, which had a devastating mortality rate.  And you watched them refuse to be transparent about the actual numbers.

And you can’t help but come to the sad conclusion that the government is not fighting for YOU.

Their policies are primarily dictated by special interests–protecting Big Food and Big Pharma, rather then we the people.

And you know it sucks. And makes you REALLY mad. But it has also made you way more aware. Now you don’t take things at face value. You’re starting to question everything.

And THAT makes you a Health Rebel.

Final Thoughts.

So there you have it friends–the seven big signs you’re a Health Rebel.  

  1. You no longer trust big food, big pharma, or big media. 
  2. You’re DONE with dieting. 
  3. You’re interested in overall wellness, not just weight loss. 
  4. You believe whole foods are better than the processed stuff. 
  5. You see the connection between mental health and physical health. 
  6. You’re frustrated with the current state medical care in this country. 
  7. And finally, you no longer believe the government has your best interest in mind, and that makes you question everything.

And maybe you didn’t agree with every single one of these, but if there was more that resonated with you than didn’t, then I’d say you’re well on your way.

So welcome to the club.  You’re in good company.

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  1. Oh my goodness…everything you said was spot on. As I was reading your post I thought, “If I didn’t know any better, this sounds like ME talking!” Thanks so much, it’s nice to know there are others out there who are “rebels” like me. 🙂