Do you love to entertain? Or do you want to learn to entertain while living a low-carb life? You’ve come to the right place!

On any given weekend, you will always find our home full of people because we’re just the place where people like to gather.  And that’s exactly the way I love it.

But how do you do that while still sticking to a low-carb lifestyle?

That’s exactly what we talked to my all-time favorite cookbook author, Natasha Newton.  So get ready—this is going to be FUN!

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Meet Natasha Newton!

Natasha started her journey on social media back in 2015-2016  sharing her journey and pictures of her food. 

“I was learning about what I could eat. And I was experimenting and people would say, well, can I have the recipe for that? And so I would share it and I was always sharing and it kind of just gradually snowballed into me sharing full recipes. And fast forward  I  released Southern Keto in 2018.”

“People love the recipes, but I think when it started, it was about me, you know, the journey started about me, but I became passionate about helping other people.”

Low-carb southern comfort food is Natasha’s specialty!

Now for all the entertaining and hosting tips (while staying on track!)

  1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead for your next event no matter the size can REALLY help alleviate stress. And that anxious feeling you get when you think you may have forgotten something. 

Natasha says “If you’re doing a very large event, you should have most of the work done by the day of”. 

Making a list of everything that needs to get done is Natasha’s favorite way to prepare for hosting. Another key to avoiding that day-of panic is making as much food ahead of time as possible.

So figure out what you can make a day or two before and have it all ready to go. It will make a huge difference!

  1. Throw in a few things that you might not eat yourself

Living a life afraid of carbs is no way to live. Having a carb on the table or at the party will not cause you to lose all your progress. It’s totally fine to have a few things that you may not eat but your guests will. Natasha suggests 80/20, 80% low-carb and, 20% not low-carb. 

Because as delicious as the low-carb way of eating is, having your guests comfortable and not feeling forced to eat the way you eat is important.

Entertaining is all about the way you make your guests feel when they come to your home.

  1. Don’t be afraid to delegate!

Doing it all on your own isn’t necessary. Let your friends contribute but don’t be afraid to be specific about what they should bring.

Make a list of all the types of food or beverages you need and have your guests sign up for what to bring. This keeps things organized and makes sure you have everything you need.

  1. Just because you are living a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to stop living your life! 

Here at Thinlicioius, we preach that you can have a successful weight loss and health journey without deprivation. You can still enjoy hosting a holiday party, going out to dinner, and fellowship with all your friends and family even on a journey to better health.

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