Everyone needs to watch the video diary of a diabetic kid, especially if you need better blood sugar control.

This video diary shows when what it’s like to be diagnosed with diabetes, what he was told to eat for diabetes, and how he improved his blood glucose control by ignoring the guidelines.

The most common question is why are diabetics continued to be told to eat what they like, then medicate for it?

“Let food be thy medicine – Hippocrates”

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What’s wrong with diabetic advice?

The problem with the current advice for how to eat with diabetes is the recommendation to eat a large number of carbs at every meal and snack, then medicate for it to bring your blood sugar levels to within the normal range.

But those with diabetes (type one, type two, or gestational diabetes) are all intolerant to carbohydrates.

The more carbs you eat, the more insulin (or medication) you require, and the increased risk of insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance?

Low-carb for diabetes - why you need to avoid insulin resistance

When cells are surrounded by high levels of circulating insulin, they become resistant to insulin.

When cells become resistant to insulin, they will require more insulin to have the same effect, which in turn creates hyperinsulinemia.

Read the guide to insulin resistance (and how to eat for diabetes).

The law of small numbers (for diabetics)

Diagram showing how to use low-carb for diabetes

When you have to calculate your carb intake, there are so many variables that can be very inaccurate.

The carb value in meals and snacks depends on guessing the correct weight, the correct number of carbs in food (which all vary from one meal to another) then insulin requirements need to be calculated (and measured).

Every step of the way, there will be a margin of error.

This has incredible room for error at every step of each calculation and administration.

Remember the law of small numbers. Eating a lower carb diet requires less insulin, which will result in fewer and smaller errors.

Hanna Boethuis – T1D and diabetes expert

  • “it’s not a solution, it’s covering up the real problem”.
  • “I tried and I failed, I tried and I failed, I tried and I failed, following the guidelines I got from my doctors, because they are supposed to know?”
  • “if you want stable blood sugars and not have to correct every 3 hours, then eat because you’re low, then correct again because you ate too much”
  • “even people who can produce they own insulin it isn’t good to eat this much sugar and carbs, then why should I who cannot produce any insulin eat 60% carbs with every meal”
  • “my total insulin I use each day is one-third of my previous basal rate”

What to eat for diabetes

If you are intolerant to carbohydrates, the first set is to reduce all sources of sugars and reduce the carb load of your diet.

A diabetic diet will give lower more stable blood sugars and reduce the need for excessive medication.

You must do this with the medical supervision of a Low-Carb Practitioner or your usual medical professional.

More diabetic resources

  •  Gabriel’s Diabetic Kitchen, where he helps other diabetic kids manage their diabetes the low-carb way.
  • Read Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetic solution
  • Low carb for diabetes article was written by Kelley Pounds RN, Certified Diabetes Educator.
  • TypeOneGrit — join their community Facebook page. They are parents who follow Dr. Bernstein’s low-carb approach to stabilize their diabetic kid’s blood glucose control.
  • Diabetic University — watch Dr. Bernstein’s series of videos to learn how to gain control and achieve normal blood sugars.
  • Further videos — Dr. Sarah Hallberg — reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines
  • Recipes — for all your low-carb recipes which have no sugars, no grains, and are wholesome real ingredients, take a look at our recipe finder. When you ditch the carbs, you are opened up to a whole new world of real food. Eating healthy low-carb food is an important part of effective diabetes management. Start today and make a change for tomorrow.

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  1. So great to see you reference Dr Bernstein – has is a pioneer in the low carb management of diabetes. Children who follow his program get fantastic results. TypeOneGrit is an extremely valuable resource for parents.

    1. I reference him wherever I can. he i incredible, as are TypeOneGrit who follow his approach. They are truly pioneers of good diabetic control.

  2. Thanks, Libby. I’m teaching endocrine to the homeschool group high schoolers right now. This is perfect for me to show without seeming preachy to them. I’ll be showing it! Thanks!

    1. That’s great Terri, I really believe honest videos like this are a fabulous tool to teach others. No preaching, just honesty from T1 diabetics who live this every day.

  3. Thanks for sharing this and for basically transcribing my small part of the video! 🙂

    1. Leonie Johnston says:

      Your input was great! I’m type1 and have 28 year old twins who both also have type1. Hearing someone (about their age) talking about what they can relate to, makes much more of an impression on them than their mother encouraging them to eat low carb all the time – not just when they’re here for dinner.
      Well done for taking control and being brave enough to go against the ill informed advice given by the ‘experts’. ?

    2. Janie Russ says:

      Thanks for Sharing this video. Great to see it from a child’s perspective.

  4. Thanks Libby – i have been T1D for 17 years, and recently discovered the fascinating benefits of ditching the carbs. Couldn’t have done it without your website! xx Lauren

    1. Hey Lauren that’s is wonderful. Are you a member of TypeOneGrit? They are superb and so incredibly supportive. I point all T1 in their direction. Have a wonderful weekend. Libby.

  5. Pam MacKenzie says:

    Have you heard Gary Fettke (spelling may be incorrect!) talk about it, Libby. He is good too. 🙂

    1. Gary Fettke is amazing and leading the way in so many circles. How unfortunate the recent battle he had to endure with the medical authorities and the establishment just so he could continue to offer low-carb as an adjunct therapy to his orthopaedic patients. He is amazing and so is his wife Belinda.