A delicious recipe for keto spinach pie (with a gluten-free crust). The perfect high-protein vegetarian dinner with spinach, cream cheese, and feta.

It can be baked with a gluten-free pie crust, or as a crustless spinach pie in a baking dish.

This spinach pie recipe is simple, quick, and delicious. At only 2 net carbs per serving, this spinach pie should definitely be on your must-make list.

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a slice of keto spinach pie on a white plate
Delicious high-protein keto spinach pie.

This easy, baked spinach pie with cheese is high-protein low-carb, perfect for low-carb vegetarians to help hit your health goals while staying satisfied. Plus, there are many variations to this recipe, depending on how low carb you need to go.


Low-carb spinach and feta pie are so incredibly colorful, delicious, healthy, and nutritious. What is even better, it is super easy to make. Here’s what you need to put together this yummy keto spinach pie.

All quantities, ingredients, and instructions are in the recipe card below.

Gluten-free keto pie crust

ingredients mixing to make a gluten-free pie crust

This gluten-free, grain-free crust is absolutely delicious. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can use it for both sweet and savory dishes while on the keto diet.

Not in the mood for a crust? You can easily turn this into a crustless spinach pie too – just skip down to the next set of ingredients.

  • almond flour – I prefer the finer texture of almond flour, but you can also use almond meal if that’s what you have on hand.
  • egg – use fresh eggs
  • coconut flour – this helps the gluten-free pie crust stick together and helps make a sturdy crust that is easy to cut
  • salt and pepper – add to taste.

Keto spinach cheese pie filling

ingredients needed to make keto spinach pie
Ingredients needed to make a baked spinach pie recipe.
  • spinach – you can use either chopped fresh spinach or chopped frozen spinach for this recipe. After defrosting the frozen spinach (or cooking the fresh spinach) press out as much excess water and moisture as you can.
  • eggs
  • onion – white onion finely diced is my favorite. You can often find these prechopped in the frozen veggie section!
  • cream cheese – make sure to buy the full-fat cream cheese, not the lite, light, low-fat, or spreadable cream cheese. if you can’t find cream cheese, you may use ricotta cheese.
  • feta cheese – again, full fat and plain are best. If you’re not a fan of feta, you can use cottage cheese, but drain all the liquid first.
  • fresh mint – it might sound odd, but don’t skip this one! I strongly suggest you use fresh instead of dried mint as there is a world of flavor difference for this keto spinach pie recipe.
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Find the exact quantities in the keto spinach pie recipe card below.


Keto pie crust

ingredients mixing to make a gluten-free pie crust
Mix the ingredients to make the gluten-free keto pie crust

First, grab all the crust ingredients into a medium mixing bowl and mix together with a fork.

Grease the bottom of a pie pan or pie plate. My pie pan is 9.5″ which works perfectly for this spinach pie. You might also like to cut a circle of baking parchment paper to line your pie plate making it easy to remove the cheese pie once baked and cooled.

Pour the keto pie crust mixture into the oiled and lined prepared pan (pie plate).

Add another small sheet of parchment paper to the top of the filling, and use your hand or a small drinking glass to smooth the crust out evenly. Then take off the parchment and discard it.

keto gluten-free pie crust baked and cooling
Quick and easy baked keto pie crust (almond flour and coconut flour)

Make holes with your fork all over the base so the crust cooks evenly. Bake for 15 minutes at 350F/180C until it is golden brown.

Spinach mixture

spinach and feta mixing in a large mixing bowl
Mix the keto spinach pie filling in a large mixing bowl.

While you are baking the pie crust, you can prepare the low-carb pie filling.

If you are using fresh spinach, wash it and dry it well with a cloth or towel. I find I prefer smaller bits of spinach so I will usually use baby or chopped spinach for this dish. You’ll also need to wilt the spinach in a pan, then squeeze out the excess moisture before using it.

Want to use frozen spinach? No problem. Just let it dethaw (defrost)and then squeeze as much water as you can out of it. You don’t want a soggy pie!

Next, place the spinach along with all the other filling ingredients in a large bowl.

Mix everything together but be gentle. You’ll still want to leave those yummy chunks of feta cheese intact.

Pour the spinach mixture onto the crust in the pie dish. Then, bake until the mixture is cooked all the way through. It took me about 40 minutes at 180C/350F.

baked keto spinach pie
Baked and cooled keto spinach pie with cheese


This spinach pie makes a great freezer meal. Simply bake it as instructed, then allow it to cool before wrapping it in foil. It will keep for about 2-3 months in an airtight container in the freezer.

It can also be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days. Cover with plastic wrap, baking parchment, or in an airtight container.

Baked keto spinach cheese pie keeps well and is not fragile, so it easily can be packed in school lunches (if nuts are not allowed, simply make it without the pie crust). It is also just as delicious hot or cold.


This keto spinach pie is such an adaptable recipe you can make it in many ways, depending on what you are looking for and how many carbs you require.

  • Spinach and feta parcels this recipe uses rice papers when carbs aren’t so critical and you need a sturdy lunch for little hands to take to school
  • Make it a crustless pie – if you’re not a fan of a baked pie crust, then make the same mixture as the recipe on this page, but bake in a lined baking dish without the crust. This also freezes well
  • Spinach and feta wrapped in cabbage leaves – use the recipe on this page but instead of rice papers, for those who need to monitor their carbs even closer, use wilted cabbage leaves to wrap the filling and bake in an oiled baking dish. Turn over halfway through cooking.
  • Prosciutto wraps – yes, readers have told me they wrap this mixture in large prosciutto slices. This sounds amazing!
  • Cheese pie crust – why not sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese, fresh mozzarella, or even parmesan cheese over the top of the pie filling before baking to make a crunchy cheesy crust.
  • Spicy – if you like spicy meals, add some red pepper flakes into the pie filling.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to enjoy this low-carb spinach pie! Which one will you choose?

a slice of keto spinach pie on a white plate

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If you have eggs and a pie pan you can make so many delicious low-carb keto recipes. All are easy recipes the whole family will love. They are great freezer meals too.

Baked breakfast egg casserole is a must for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Easy blender keto salmon quiche, where the crust and then the filling are all made in the same mixing bowl.

If you have any leftover chopped spinach, you can mix it into mini keto baked ham and egg cups, low-carb lamb curry with spinach (Saag Gosht), and add more spinach into spinach stuffed chicken breasts.

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Recipe FAQ

What is a crustless quiche called?

A crustless quiche is where the quiche egg filling is poured into a prepared pie tin or baking dish and baked without a crust. Some people call baked egg mixture without a crust, a frittata.

What can I use instead of spinach?

If you don’t have any spinach, you can use Swiss chard, silverbeet, or kale. You could also use very small pieces of broccoli that have been steamed or blanched. Always remove any excess water.

What is the best side dish?

If it is summer, you might want to serve your spinach cheese pie with a large side salad or Caesar salad. If you want a warm winter meal, serve with steamed vegetables or baked cheesy cauliflower and broccoli with bacon.

How can I make creamed spinach?

Keto creamed spinach is an easy recipe that only needs a few ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes.

Do fruits and vegetables have protein?

If you are following a high-protein diet, it will be difficult to find only high-protein vegetables that have a protein content to meet your goals. However, the best fruits and vegetables with protein can be seen in these vegetable and fruit protein charts.

a slice of keto spinach pie on a white plate

Keto Spinach Pie Recipe (Gluten-Free Pie Crust)

A delicious recipe for keto spinach pie (with a gluten-free crust). The perfect high-protein vegetarian dinner with frozen spinach, cream cheese, and feta.
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Course: Coconut Flour Recipes, Dinner, Lunch, Lunch boxes
Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, Keto, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: Gluten-free spinach and feta pie, keto spinach pie
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 55 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings: 12
Calories: 249.4kcal
Author: Thinlicious.com
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  • Mixing bowls
  • Pie dish
  • Parchment Paper


Grain Free Pie Crust

  • 150 g almond meal/flour
  • 1 eggs – medium
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • salt and pepper to taste

Spinach and Feta Pie Filling

  • 500 g spinach fresh or frozen (see notes below)
  • 6 eggs – medium beaten
  • ½ onion finely diced
  • 250 g cream cheese full fat
  • 250 g feta crumbled
  • huge handful fresh mint chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste


Gluten-Free Pie Crust

  • Mix all the ingredients together with a fork.
  • Grease and line a 24cm/ 9.5 inch pie/flan dish. I used a loose bottom tin, but this is not essential. If you do use a loose bottom dish, place it in the oven on a baking tray, just in case any liquid spills out.
  • Place the pie crust mixture onto the lined dish. Place a piece of baking paper on top and smooth out the pie crust with the back of your hand or a glass tumbler to fill the pie dish. Remove the top baking paper. Doing it this way saves you from rolling out the pastry and cutting any excess off.
  • Make holes all over the base with a fork. This will help the pie crust bake evenly and crispen.
  • Bake at 180C/350F for 15 minutes. Remove from oven.

Keto Spinach Pie Filling

  • Defrost the spinach and squeeze as much of the water out as you can. This is an important step, otherwise, you will end up with a soggy pie.
  • Place the spinach and all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  • Mix gently, but do leave some cream cheese and feta lumps.
  • Pour onto the cooked pie crust.
  • Bake at 180C/350F for 40 minutes or until the centre is cooked.



Fresh Spinach – if using fresh spinach, remember to chop and wilt the spinach first before adding to the pie filling. You can either wilt the spinach in a frying pan for a few minutes whilst stirring, or in a microwaveable dish. Drain off any excess liquid.


Serving: 1sliceCalories: 249.4kcalCarbohydrates: 5.2gProtein: 11.4gFat: 20.5gSodium: 373.7mgPotassium: 315mgFiber: 2.5gSugar: 1.7gVitamin A: 4413.5IUVitamin C: 12mgCalcium: 205.8mgIron: 2.2mg
A slice of low carb, high fat keto spinach pie on a plate
A delicious recipe for keto spinach pie (with a gluten-free crust).

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  1. Thanks for the great recipe !!
    Having made it tonight I would say to place the pie dish on a tray as some of the liquid will leak through into your oven if using a loose bottom tin.

    1. I made it again and it is three times as nice this time! I used a pie dish, so no loss of liquid from a flan. I added fresh mint which I forgot the previous time. I really makes such a difference. Yum!

  2. Spinach and Feta ….. made for each other.

    Another great recipe idea Libby, many thanks.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. Yes I love the classic combination of spinach, feta and mint fresh from the garden. I would also suggest a mint and yoghurt sauce. Wish I thought of that when i wrote the recipe – you’ve got the scoop here first 😉

      1. So good. But I would use a little less feta and add a little cooked crumbled sausage next time.

  3. Ive just made this and it is delicious. The pie crust is crisp and firm, and surprisingly doesnt have a strong almond taste. Thanks for the spinach squeezing tip

  4. Made this today it was delicious ! Thank you

  5. smallbites.fit says:

    Looks delicious!

  6. Hi there. What variations should you make if using fresh spinach?

    1. I would chop the spinach roughly, steam or microwave, then squeeze like you would the defrosted spinach to remove as much water as possible. You can keep the nutritious water and add to broths or soups.

  7. I was really really impressed with how delicious the pastry was! The filling is great too! def a lunch time win

  8. Made thus for the first time last week and it was a huge hit warm the next day hubby texted to say please can we have pie for dinner… Yummy best dish ever

  9. Wow! This just came out of the oven and it was amazing! I used flaxseed flour instead of coconut flour and I used a goat cheese rather than feta. Also, I used fresh spinach that I steamed. I loved the flaxseed crust but I am definitely going to try this again with the coconut flour. For me, I didn’t really like the crunch of the onions so I think next time I will steam them first as well.

    1. Hi,
      can you list your ingredients/method you use for flax/coconut flour for the base instead of almond flour?
      Thanks heaps !

  10. Just starting lo carb. I love this site. The spinach feta pie is amazing!

  11. Made this several times now and love it!! Added chopped red pepper when no onion and now add often as makes this pretty pie even prettier!!

  12. Could you use almond flour instead of the ground almonds???

  13. Wow! Absolutely delicious dinner, thanks so much

  14. This recipe uses 2 of my very favourite foods – spinach and (goats) feta – love, love, love! But I can’t handle cream cheese 🙁 is there a substitute for the Philly in the recipe? Many thanks for all your fabulous recipes!

  15. How does this hold up in the freezer? I thought eggs don’t freeze well.

    1. Yes it is a pretty sturdy pie because of all the cheese and spinach. Cut it into portions and wrap in baking parchment (or similar) then place in an airtight container in the freezer.

  16. Could you use the pie crust part of the recipe as pastry for wrapping healthy sausage rolls? I have a recipe that uses turkey mince, veg and fresh herbs for the filling but haven’t found a suitable substitute for the wraps/mountain bread the recipe uses as pastry. Do you think this would work?

  17. Jane Clemmer says:

    Thanks so much for your great recipes. If this stuffing were to be put in prosciutto slices and rolled up … would you then cook them – or cook the stuffing first and just add it to the meat and roll it up and serve? Sounds pretty good for taking to a party, etc.

    1. What a superb suggestion. I would roll up the mixture in the prosciutto then bake them in a baking dish, turing once whilst cooking to ensure the prosciutto is crispy on all sides. I love this idea Jane.

  18. BlkGrlMgc says:

    I made this last night. I ate it for dinner, this morning for breakfast and I will some for lunch lol. I think next time will use fresh spinach and sautee it with the onions because the onions are a little crunchy for my taste. Other than that its delicious.

    Question: The crust is really good as well… could it serve as a “shortbread” is maybe you add some butter and sweetener?

    1. What a great idea to sauce the spinach and onion first. Sometimes I use spring onions, they can be milder and require no cooking. As for the shortbread question, yes I am sure you could simply add some sweetener and butter. If you make it, please come back and let me know how you got on. I’d love some low-carb shortbread.

  19. I just finished making this, and it’s fantastic! I had already used the crust recipe to make some crackers with Swerve, cinnamon, and nutmeg, so I knew it was a great recipe. Thanks so much!!

  20. This is SO delicious! I made it with frozen spinach and scallions from last year’s garden. I didn’t have mint so threw some parsley in instead. Thanks for the great recipe! Yum!

      1. Sian Parry says:

        Do any UK supermarkets sell almond flour? I can’t seem to find any.

  21. I halved this recipe as I only needed 6 servings for the week and did it crustless. Perhaps I’m just used to eating a lot but one slice just doesnt look like it will be enough to keep me full, even with a side salad. Do you find it filling? I’ll be having a slice tomorrow for my lunch. X

    1. I agree. Even a 10 inch pan will only make 8 stingy slices, maybe slightly better if the filling is deep, like if you used a springform pan. You’ll probably need some sausage or some kind of meat to go with it. When I make an 8 egg cheese quiche it makes 6 decent slices served with some meat. If I’m doing an egg fast, I cut it in 4, 2 slices for each meal.

  22. Love this spinach and feta mix. I use a variation of it to make spinach and feta pastries using Fathead with coconut flour. My mum who is semi-vegetarian has also used it as a filling for the low carb spring rolls, wrapping the mix in cabbage leaves. It tasted great!

  23. moneyspinner says:

    O.m.g. Lizzie….I feel I should write an ode to this pie….to say it was delicious is an understatement. The moment hubby placed in his mouth I could tell it was a hit from the smile and look in his eye. I mean he even shook my hand with his mouthful as he could not speak…!!! No changes needed unless you wish to alter for a different taste. Another perfect dish! Big high 5! X

    1. WOW! I think this has to be the nicest compliment for a recipe of mine I have ever had. You are so lovely and kind to take the time to leave this for me today. Thank you 🙂 x

    2. I second this posters review! I’m totally addicted, as is my husband! I especially appreciate how quite and easy it is and that it lasts for multiple breakfasts thru the week! Keep the fabulous dishes coming!

  24. Great recipe! I made the crust with cashew nuts instead of almonds since i have an almond allergy. It worked out great!

  25. Please add a note or something in the instructions for those of us who use fresh spinach. The recipe calls for spinach, fresh or frozen. But if you use fresh as the instructions state, you end up with a pan of burnt leaves. You need to pre-cook the fresh spinach somehow, steam, microwave, whatever. Probably most experienced cooks would know this, but there are also non-experienced cooks (like me), who followed the recipe, using fresh spinach and ended up having to throw the whole thing into the garbage. I know I “should” have known to precook the fresh spinach, but I honestly have never cooked with spinach before, so didn’t have a clue. 🙁 I have loved all the other recipes of yours that I have tried…and I’m sure this one will be great too, I just need to use frozen spinach next time. 🙂

  26. I am not much of a fan of Feta, what would be a good substitute?

  27. Excellent! Since I don’t care for mint in my food I used a bit of dill, just like in greek spinach pie. Will make this again!

  28. Mary wood says:

    Very, very nice recipe … the mint made a huge difference to the finished pie. Thanks?

  29. This recipe looks delicious! Thinking of serving it for weeknight dinner with girlfriends, but would love to make it the day before, refrigerate, and then re-heat the whole pie in oven when I get home from work. (More time for visiting, less stress while hosting). Has anyone tried doing this? Thanks for any suggestions.

  30. Just made this. Really yummy. Substituted dried oregano for the mint. Will
    definitely make again.

  31. are you cutting the pie into 6 pieces? wanting to track the calories/macros accurately.

    1. The instructions say it serves 12

  32. I’m allergic to all things coconut so what could I use instead of the coconut flour?

  33. Delicious as always ! Thankyou Libby for your amazing recipes! ?

  34. I used a spring form pan with the inside lined with parchment paper. Once the pie is cooled slightly I removed the sides of the pan which made cutting and plating a breeze. Since I had fresh dill and parsley on hand I added both. This is an amazing recipe, both the filling and crust are really delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  35. Could you please give the nutritional data without the base. Thanks.
    Love this pie btw xx

  36. 5 stars
    This recipe was so good!! Seriously surprised by how tasty this turned out. Will be making it again, thank you so much!!!

  37. I am about to make this recipe, and I don’t understand why you say that the pie pan should be lined. I’ve never made a pie recipe where I was told to line the pie pan. Doesn’t that make slicing and serving this pie awkward? Are you supposed to remove the entire cooked pie from the pan before slicing it? Also, in the photo of the crust, it looks like you only covered the bottom of the pie pan, and did not raise crust up the sides of the pie pan. Your instructions don’t specify… can you confirm that’s what I’m supposed to do?

    1. I like to line the pie dish because it just makes it easier to slice and remove each piece. So many times I have had a pie crust stuck to the dish, so I don’t risk it anymore. Yes, I only place the pastry on the bottom but feel free to cover the sides if that is how you love your pies. You’ll love this, it is an absolute winner!

  38. Would the mixture be suitable to use for muffins and if so would the cook time be similar?

    1. What an awesome suggestion, yes the mixture would be awesome. I would estimate the cooking time would reduce to 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your muffin tins.

      1. Avio Desa says:

        5 stars
        I tried its delicious. But i used less feta cheese.

  39. 5 stars
    OMG this is so good!

    I made it with a few cloves of garlic instead of the onion. Amazing. May try with the onion next time.

    Also next time: I’ll thoroughly mix the eggs with the spinach, mint and garlic/onion first, and then gently stir in the feta and cream cheese, so I keep more chunks. Lost them all when I mixed it all together in one lot.

    Incredibly delicious and easy (after the pastry part is completed; I use the cream cheese pastry from gnom gnom, it’s very very good but takes a lot of work). Winner!

  40. Help! Is the crust supposed to have water? Seems too crumbly.

      1. I was just about to pull out my ingredients to make and read this. Would love an answer about the pie crust and amount of butter.

      2. Is there butter in this recipe? I can’t find it listed (reading on my phone).

  41. 5 stars
    I haven’t had much joy with low carb pastry, I’ve used a similar recipe in the past, and it’s a reasonable pie crust, but I find it a bit much after the first slice. My preferred “crust” is to grease the baking dish with some butter, then dust the greased pan with some finely grated Parmesan, before pouring in the mixture. When cooked just right, you get a wafer thin golden crust, which lifts off the baking dish without any fuss.

  42. 5 stars
    This was amazingly good!

  43. 5 stars
    Really great recipe! Thank you. Made it for dinner but couldn’t resist a cheeky taster first!
    If I freeze some portions of this pie how would you recommend reheating?

    1. The best way would be to reheat in the oven. If you want it quicker, then the microwave would work but there is a chance it would remain soggy.

  44. Just wow! Everyone loved the first time I made it. I baked it on a ceramic pie dish, sprayed with canola oil and spread the almond mixture evenly especially on the side. I had no issue of cutting it and removing from the dish, really felt like eating in a cafe. Crust was so crispy and solid.

    Next time I’ll put more mint. Thanks for this recipe!

  45. Sandy O'Donoghue says:

    I made this dish today and followed your instruction. It turned out wonderfully delicious and was easy to prepare. I added a tablespoon of phyllium to the filling when mixing. The spinach I washed and put it in my salad spinner to drain the excess water. I chopped the spinach and put the chopped spinach on a clean dish cloth and squeezed out the rest of the water. Then microwaved the spinach in the salad spinner basket for approximately 2 minutes. Will definately make this many more times it’s an absolute winner.
    Thank you thank you soooo much for this fantastic recipe.
    I feel once made one can experiment by adding various seasoning both in the pie crust or in the filling for variation … Italian spicing

    1. Thank you so much, Sandy, for your wonderful review today. I am thrilled you love this spinach and feta pie. Once yu experiment with other flavours, please come back and tell me which were your favourites and any other tweaks you’ve made. I love it when readers adapt my recipes and improve them. we can all learn from one another.

  46. My family and I have made this recipe many times. Everyone loves it all our guests love it and we hand out the recipe regularly. My sister’s family is filled with picky eaters so she has tried many different types of cheeses and each one has been successful. Because the cream cheese required is 9 ounces and she often has only a 8 ounce package she uses the 8 ounces with great success. It’s a very flexible forgiving recipe. I like to prepare everything well in advance and this recipe works very well for that. I’ll keep the egg mixture and the spinach mixture separate until the day of and I prefer to use a springform pan.

    1. Oh wow, this makes me so happy when picky eaters love my recipes AND you adapted it and made your own version. I try to make recipes that are easy and adaptable as possible and using simple ingredients that anyone can find at their local grocery store. Thank you, Sae for handing the recipe to your family and friends 🙂

  47. Helen C Williams says:

    5 stars
    OMG, I am having this now for dinner and it is amazing and delicious! Reminds me of spinach pie from my favorite Greek restaurant. My feta was spoiled so I had to make adjustments – I used mozzarella, sour cream, parmesan and romano cheeses to try to replicate the sharp tang and tastiness of the feta and it worked! I ate my slice in less than 5 minutes. I also posted this on my IG page and tagged you. Thank you for a delicious and fantastically easy and adjustable recipe. It’s now one of my favorites!

  48. Megan Scott says:

    5 stars
    I’ve been making and sharing this wonderful recipe for 2 years now; it’s consistently delicious! I use my regular crust recipe and add a handful of sliced mushrooms, and soften the onions in the microwave. The texture and flavor is perfect and it’s easy to prepare. Thank you for sharing!

    1. 5 stars
      Aw, thank you Megan for such a lovely recipe review. It really is a tried and tested delicious mid-week family dinner for sure. Have you tried it cold yet? It’s perfect for summer picnincs.

  49. 5 stars
    This is the nicest and easiest spinach pie I have ever made. The almond flour crust is easy and can be baked while I’m making the spinach filling. It’s also delicious cold. Can it be frozen?

    1. 5 stars
      Thank you, Mark, I’m glad you love this easy recipe. And yes, it can be frozen for up to 3 months so it makes for an easy meal prep recipe too.

  50. Donna Houchins says:

    5 stars
    Very good! I reduced it to a 4 serving recipe so made it crust less as I don’t know how to do a 1/3 egg but it’s very delicious and will make again

  51. 5 stars
    I found Libby and this recipe early in my low carb journey and it is one of the go-to recipes that I keep using nearly 6 years later.. love it!