Once you discover the top 30 reasons why sugar is so bad … it will help you quit sugar for life!

You may have heard it from friends, your doctor or the media, sugar is the enemy. But why? What exactly are those white crystals doing to you? Why is it so dangerous?

Top 10 reasons why sugar is bad for us (PLUS 20 more).

Why Is Sugar So Bad?

You may have read some sensational headlines how sugar is going to rot your teeth or give you early wrinkles. Or you may have had a blood test recently and your doctor told you to cut back on sugar. Or your friend’s neighbours brother gave up sugar, lost 50lb and never felt better.

So what gives? Why has it suddenly become the enemy?

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Does Sugar Really Cause Chronic Disease?

Spoon sprinkling sugar granules

Research is beginning to show just how many chronic diseases are related to our high sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

As you will learn below, sugar can cause reduced immunity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, just to name a few.

As research continues, the list of chronic diseases caused by excessive sugar consumption will continue to grow.

Life is so much better without sugar. I don’t want life to be just OK … I want life to be fabulous!

If these 30 reasons why sugar is bad for us aren’t enough to convince you to finally kick your sweet habit, read the article quoted below – it has 143!

Does Sugar Affect Immunity?

3 jars with sweets and candy banner

Did you know sugar may suppress your immunity? – not only does sugar reduce your body’s ability to fight infections, but it also depletes your body of essential nutrients required for a healthy immune system.

Does Sugar Cause Depression, Acne, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s?

Top 10 reasons why sugar is bad for us (PLUS 20 more).

Top 30 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad

  1. Sugar causes insulin resistance – a diet high in sugar and carbs leads to chronic high blood sugar levels which require a chronic high level of insulin. High levels of circulating insulin eventually lead to insulin resistance which is a precursor to pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, systemic inflammation, heart disease, PCOS, and Alzheimer’s.
  2. Sugar crowds out nutritious foods – it used to be said that sugar is nothing but empty calories but this doesn’t actually explain the real menace. By eating ultra-processed high sugar and high carb junk food such as ice cream, hot chips, fried food, burgers, cakes, and pizza we crowd out nutrition, and therein lies the problem. We are the most overfed and undernourished generation in history.
  3. Sugar can suppress your immune system – not only does sugar reduce our body’s ability to fight infections, but it also depletes our body of essential nutrients required for a healthy immune system.
  4. Sugar is the biggest cause of obesity – sugar drives insulin which is our fat-storing hormone. In addition, fructose (one half of sugar) does not affect our satiety and so we may continue to eat/drink beyond what is required. We continue to eat and stimulate our own appetite with ever-increasing sugar loads. Fructose is sweeter and cheaper than sugar and doesn’t regulate hunger so we eat more – a recipe designed for weight gain.
  5. Sugar, not fat, causes heart disease – Too much sugar is linked to fatal heart disease, even in those who are not obese. Sugar is not only making us fat, but it’s also making us sick – regardless if you are thin or obese.
  6. Sugar, not fat, changes the type of cholesterol we have – There is no significant evidence that saturated fat increases your risk of heart disease. A diet high in sugar and carbs will lower your HDL (the good guys) and make your LDL dangerous by becoming smaller, oxidised and dense. Eating a high-sugar and high-carb processed diet will raise your triglycerides which is a better predictor of heart disease than total cholesterol. Read more on the cholesterol myth. 
  7. Sugar gives you tooth decay – everyone knows the bacteria in our mouth loves sugar, sweets, candy, and soda. You probably also know that acids in soda and juice break down the protective enamel. But did you know bacteria in your mouth also love carbohydrates? Bread, potatoes, rice. Cavity-causing bacteria thrive in the presence of carbs. Dental decay and tooth removal is the number one reason for hospital admissions among children. Watch this video to see more.
  8. Fructose causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – fructose is found in sugar, fruit, agave, and high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is primarily metabolised in the liver where it is turned directly into fat and can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Eating a piece of whole fruit with its fibre is self-limiting because it’s filling and difficult to overeat. Fruit juice, however, has all the fibre removed, so a glass of orange juice, for example, is not the same as the goodness from 6 oranges, it is the same as the sugar from 6 oranges. “There is no biological need for fructose. So do your liver a favour, ditch the fructose and get rid of that dangerous visceral fat (belly fat). NAFLD is the most common liver disorder in “developed” countries.
  9. Sugar is the biggest cause of Type 2 diabetes – insulin resistance (see number 1 above) is the precursor to developing pre-diabetes and then Type 2 diabetes (not to be confused with Type 1). If anyone you know has been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic or Type 2, get them to seriously reassess their sugar and carb intake. Because even cutting back on sugar and carbs can dramatically and rapidly improve blood sugar control.
  10. Sugar is associated with cancer – multiple studies have shown high sugar and high insulin levels are associated with insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which can “enhance tumour cell proliferation” and “may interfere with cancer therapy.”
  11. Sugar is linked to Alzheimer’s disease – many medical professionals are now calling Alzheimer’s, Type 3 diabetes. “We conclude that the term “type 3 diabetes” accurately reflects the fact that AD represents a form of diabetes that selectively involves the brain”
  12. Sugar makes us hungry – leptin is often called the satiety hormone, it helps regulate appetite. Sugar and fats can cause diet-induced leptin resistance whether you are slim or overweight. This diet-induced leptin resistance pre-disposes you to weight gain and obesity.
  13. Sugar can cause depression – there is a direct link between blood sugar and mood, especially blood sugar spikes and lows. The more uneven your blood sugars, the more uneven your mood. By living on a high-sugar, low-nutrient diet, you won’t have the essential amino acids and vitamins required for assisting your mood.
  14. Sugar affects your gut flora – which impacts your immunity, serotonin (happiness hormone), allergies, bowel function, and metabolic function to name a few. Taking care of your gut flora cannot be emphasised enough. Our gut flora impacts so many areas of our health and wellbeing.
  15. Sugar can lead to mineral deficiencies – chromium, copper, zinc and magnesium are all depleted through the metabolism of sugar.
  16. Sugar can cause macular degeneration – not only does sugar decrease the health of the small blood vessels, but a diet high in sugar is low in natural antioxidants and vitamins required for a healthy retina.
  17. Sugar cause wrinkleshello … this fact alone should put you off sugar for life! Sugar in the blood attaches to proteins and causes AGE (advanced glycation end-products). These attack the fibres in elastin and collagen which makes your skin supple. So ditch the sugar, and save your skin!
  18. Sugar causes inflammation – low-grade inflammation is involved in almost all chronic diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, atherosclerosis, and vascular dementia.
  19. Sugar can affect children’s IQ – There is evidence that a poor diet associated with processed food in early childhood may be associated with reductions in IQ in later childhood, while a healthy diet, associated with high intakes of nutrient-rich foods may be associated with small increases in IQ.
  20. Sugar causes metabolic syndrome – Metabolic syndrome (hypertension, obesity, dyslipidaemia and insulin resistance) results in an inflammatory state which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, PCOS, gallstones, fatty liver and sleep apnoea.
  21. Sugar can cause osteoporosis – Drinking carbonated sugary drinks causes increased calcium excretion and calcium loss from the body which can weaken bones in those who are at risk of osteoporosis. New research is also shedding light on the link between insulin and osteoporosis. Watch this space!
  22. Sugar can cause cataracts – Poor blood sugar control weakens the cell membranes and causes oxidative damage in the lens. Good blood sugar control, interestingly, strengthens antioxidant defences and protects cell membranes from leakage.
  23. Sugar can cause oxidative stress and free radical production – oxidative stress is known to be the precursor of over 200 age-related diseases so it’s imperative to reduce it. Oxidation is likened to rusting of our insides, or when fruit goes brown. Age spots, liver spots or macular degeneration are often signs of oxidative stress. Cut back on sugars and eat a diet full of nutrients and antioxidants. Oxidative stress can induce hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. 
  24. Sugar can cause oestrogen production in menMOOBS (man boobs) is on the rise! Especially in young boys like it has never been seen before.
  25. Sugar causes kidney disease – high blood sugar is a major risk factor for kidney disease. Sugar damages the microvascular vessels in the kidney which affect the ability of the kidneys to regulate the excretion of harmful waste, blood pressure, salt, mineral, protein and fluid balance.
  26. Sugar causes high blood pressure – salt for too long has been blamed for high blood pressure but in fact, the wrong white crystals were criticised. “Sugar is more strongly associated with hypertension and cardiometabolic risk”. OpenHeart.BMJ.
  27. Sugar promotes acne – sugar promotes sebum (oil) on the face, sugar promotes inflammation, sugar reduces our immunity, sugar aggravates hormonal acne. Your skin will pay the price of a high sugar diet.
  28. Sugar can aggravate psoriasis – a poor diet can cause reduced immunity, bacterial overgrowth in the gut and inflammation, all of which can aggravate psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. Often a low sugar diet is prescribed.
  29. Sugar can affect fertility – problems with ovulation and fertility can be affected by dietary carbohydrate and sugar intake. In addition, women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) often have issues with sugar and insulin regulation which may be improved on a low sugar diet. PCOS is closely related to insulin resistance and hormone imbalances.
  30. Sugar can cause men to lose their mojo – sorry guys, it’s true. Poor blood sugar control causes microvascular damage and erectile dysfunction. Sugar affects blood flow, causes microvascular damage, nerve damage and hormone imbalances. These are all common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction). What is even more important, that if a male is experiencing ED this may be the very first sign that something more serious is occurring. It’s time to go for a thorough examination by your doctor.

If I Give Up Sugar Will I Live Longer?

By giving up sugar are we guaranteed to prevent all of the above? Maybe, maybe not, but look at what we might prevent. If there are a hundred problems associated with sugar, I for one want to eliminate as many as I can.

There are no downsides to giving up sugar, no complications so why wouldn’t you?

It is all about choice. If you chose to eat sugar, you will be at higher risks of the above. Our health is determined by many factors. The one factor that we have the most control over is what we eat.

How Do I Quit Sugar?

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If you are new here, you may find some of my previous articles helpful.

I explain exactly what to avoid. What to enjoy. How to give up slowly using my Stepwise Method. You’ll even learn how to help your children give up sugar and junk food (even if you’ve got picky eaters).

Top 10 reasons why sugar is bad for us (PLUS 20 more).

Sources: The original 10 Reasons To Quit Sugar infographic can be found at https://www.thecandidadiet.com/10-reasons-to-quit-sugar-infographic/.

30 reasons why sugar is bad for us.

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  1. Why did I choose to quit sugar? I was researching metabolic syndrome and linked it back to high insulin levels. Sugar is a key driver of insulin levels. With more reading, insulin (and hence sugar) can be linked to most metabolic disease. It wasn’t easy as I hadn’t realised my level of addiction. Do I feel better for it? Absolutely.

    1. Too right! It’s darn hard to give up what we used to enjoy and rely on, but it is so much easier once we understand the ‘why’. Once we know why we need to, it makes our choices that little bit easier and sustainable in the long term. And yes, the evidence is indisputable linking metabolic diseases, metabolic syndrome, high insulin with high sugar.

  2. John Ford says:

    I believe sugar is actually toxic and therefore addictive. In palaeolithic society sugar was not readily available and only could be accessed through hard work either climbing trees to get honey or finding a fruit bearing tree. Thus there was work involved. Nowadays almost every package food is laced with sugar which triggers binge eating which leads too a habit which is hard to break. Since cutting out sugar I have also cut out gym work which saves heaps of money and time. I have also lost 10 Kgs.

    1. Awesome John. I totally agree with sugar used to be hard to find and rare, and now it is in everyday foods almost as a matter of fact. I also love the fact you can now cut down your gym workouts which saves you time and $. I love exercising, but it is now for enjoyment, health and socialising, not weight loss. “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet”.

  3. deborahkrueger says:

    Libby, for me it was the diabetes-5 yrs later & a lot of reading Books Articles Blogs etc and I realize it is bad for everyone. Read Sugar Blues in the 70’s and though it gave me pause it was like, well this couldn’t happen to me. Wanna bet? Oh yeah, well it did. Oh, the reckless ridiculousness of youth. Love your blog-love your recipes-lusted after some of your dishes-and now I have a couple. I’ve taken pics with food, just haven’t posted them yet.
    Deborah Krueger

  4. I here everything you are saying and I have been sugar free for a couple of years. My main concern now though is the increased risk of bowel cancer from consumption of small goods such as bacon, ham etc and red meat. I am also gluten intolerant so my breakfast choices are extremely limited. I would normally have either home made sausages and eggs or bacon/ham and eggs. Can you suggest some low carb alternatives?

    1. If you are referring to the latest report from the WHO, read this fabulous article from Zoe Harcombe. Many are calling the WHO report to be negligent as it was based on poor data and did not distinguish food vs lifestyle nor which specific processed meats as there is a huge difference to processed hotdogs to ham off the bone with minimal additives, these are a world apart. Let along the fries soaked in canola oil that probably were eaten alongside the hotdog then it was all washed down with a sugary soda drink. Some are saying this report is negligent as haem anaemia is on the increase, especially for women of child bearing age, and this may make more people shy away from meat when it is one of the most nutritious foods we can eat. This report may just have done more harm than good.
      Take a look at my breakfast recipe finder, where you can see a varied selection of low carb whole food ideas.

      1. Thanks Libby. Great article and yes I will start looking at how my bacon is cured and still keep eating red meat. Your recipes are great help as well.

  5. Mark Gregory says:

    I quit sugar because of T2dm, which is reversed, however the other benefits to my health have been HUGE!! IBS gone, stiff achy hips and knees, gone! I haven’t had a cold, rhinitis, or asthma attack in over two years. And I seem to have regained some staying power. Your number 30 is what I tell men about, that’s all they need to know. Ladies, when you realise what sugar does to your skin, my wife looks young again!! Sooo many benefits to quitting sugar, more when you adopt a lchf way of eating. Thanks for your recipes, they continue to delight!

    1. Congratulations Mark on achieving all your health improvements. Imagine if giving up sugar was a drug, it would make billions! Your testimonial to giving up sugar and all it’s benefits will surely inspire others to start also. I am so glad you have discovered my website and are enjoying the recipes and articles, this is exactly why I do it, to help others claim their health back. Have a fabulous day. Libby.

  6. What a wonderful site!! Boy it makes me realize that I am doing the right thing..and a site that does not use substitutes for sugar, grain, starch..just don’t eat it!! I am a 64 year old GIRL with energy to burn by not eating processed, dead food and consuming all the wonderful fat, protein, veges,nuts and seeds all in nature. My life-style change was four years ago and I just keep on learning and applying and energy just keeps going up!! thanks so much for sharing of great information!

  7. Ian Booth says:

    Great stuff, Libby. My T1 diabetes would have zero chance of being under control if my diet included sugar, or refined carbs. Congrats on your recent blogging achievement and keep up the good work!

  8. Excellent site. I was diagnosed with t2 a few years ago. My fasting glucose was +67 Mmol. Or 1100 + for you Americans. Having to pee every 10 minutes should have been a clue.

    My home phone was on the fritz so a courier was sent to my house with the test results. You know you are in medical trouble when you get to the front of the line in ER bumping someone who was shot and beaten.

    In the hospital my 1st meal was toast/jam, oj, cheerios, milk and ONE egg.

    I am now mostly low carb and my sugars are normal until I eat something high carb.

    1. Sad that hospitals are so far behind the times re food

  9. Libby, thank you for your blog, website and for this post about sugar. I never connected my mood swings to sugar! I used to get so cranky, but I never made the connection until now, having been off sugar for 2 months I realize my moods have been so much better. I also don’t feel “out of control”, something I had felt very often. Thank you so much for the information and for your recipes!! 🙂

    1. How awesome Nancy that you have discovered what was causing them and how simply giving up sugar can help you. It is incredible how our diet and nutrition affects our physical and emotional wellbeing so profoundly. I hope more are able to discover the connection and find what works for them.

  10. I actually stumbled into the world of LCHF by accident. I was eating high carbs at every meal, plus toast, chocolate and crisps (potato chips) in between because I was always peckish. I cycle to and from work every day and the blood sugar crashes by the time I got home were horrendous. One day it was so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I was faint, sweating and trembling (and it’s only a ten minute ride).
    I was pretty sure it was all the carbs I was eating so I Googled ‘low carb snacks’ and saw the Diet Doctor website. I was intrigued by all the health benefits of low carb, high fat, AND alleged weight loss possibilities, and I thought if I lost a few pounds (which I didn’t really think I would) then that would be a bonus. That was in October 2013. Today I am full of energy, I’ve almost forgotten what yo-yo blood sugar felt like, I have no more aches and pains in my hands and my moods are so much better. Oh, and I’ve lost 98 pounds without even trying.

    Keep up the great work. The world will come around eventually.

    1. WOW what a story and a fabulous result. I’m so glad you stumbled across LCHF, Diet Doctor and me. 98 pounds gone is a tremendous result, congratulations x

  11. About a month ago my wife found out she is borderline diabetic. She already has heart issues and she thought it was time to get serious about the foods she eats. She is determined to control and reverse her diabetes with diet. I had heard alot about low carb but when I found out about her diagnosis I really started to delve into it, learning as much as I could. I, myself, was a total carboholic and I realized that it was just a matter of time before I would be facing serious health issues because of it. So I jumped right into the keto lifestyle and haven’t looked back. It’s only been about 3 weeks but I can’t believe the improvements in my own health. Such an improvement in inflammation in my body, gut issues and weight loss. My wife works on a mine site and is away from home for weeks at a time. It is hard for her to eat keto because of lack of choices, but she does eat low carb. In the meantime, I am learning and cooking and experimenting with keto recipes so I can be sure she has a healthy variety of options for when she is home.

  12. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am genuinely happy to read all at single place.

  13. i just read the article on my research on how to cut sugar. very encouraging and has answered all my queries. if possible can you help in African recipes because some of the ingredients are very difficult to get here in Nairobi. Thanx

  14. xXItz_MidnightWolfie~ChanXx says:

    Woah there, those definitely ARE 30 very good reasons!!!!

  15. Thank you so much for such a lovely article with informative content. Reading your article made me realize the benefits of cutting of the sugar. Hope to see more of a similar article.