5 Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport. These are so clever.

Airports are associated with stress, frenzy, excitement…and perhaps expensive food options that aren’t always the healthiest. You’ll see options like McDonald’s or other fast food joints – which are definitely not low-carb friendly! But it is possible to eat healthy and low-carb at the airport. Here are 5 snack options for the next time you’re travelling:

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Airport and Snacks

Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport

Option #1 – Nuts

AlmondsYou should be able to find nuts at any kiosk, shop or cafe in the airport. Nuts are very nutritious and filling, due to their high-fat content. Plus, most nuts contain plenty of protein, which makes them even more sustaining! Nuts are heart-healthy and loaded with vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, which makes them a great snack option. Remember to avoid cashews, sweetly coated nuts and those fried or coated.

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Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport

Option #2 – Berries

A bowl of raspberries on a plateWhile most cafes will have fruit cups, stick to berries for the lowest carbs and sugar. Try to find berries such as raspberries or blueberries. Berries are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which fight free radicals that cause ageing, disease and low immunity. Ask if they have any unsweetened yoghurt or double/heavy cream to pour on top. Sprinkle with a few nuts and you have a colourful, fresh and vibrant meal.

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5 Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport. These are so clever. Click to Tweet

Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport

Option #3 – Avocados

A pile of avocadosBring an avocado with you to the airport and you’ve got a delicious instant snack! Slice it at a cafe once your drink arrives and add some salt and pepper. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds (which you can find in the airport if you forget) to pack it with even more nutrients. Avocados contain healthy fats and are very filling.

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Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport

Option #4 – Vegetable slices

A plate of sliced vegetables with peanut butterThis is another option that you most likely will be able to find in any airport cafe. Carrots, celery, and plum tomatoes make for a very healthy snack! You may even be able to ask a salad bar for a cup of vegetable slices. If you brought an avocado along with you, you can spread some on your veggies. You might even find those mini squeeze packs of peanut butter. Squeeze any nut butter over vegetable slices and add a sprinkling of salt, makes for a tasty filling treat.

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Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport

Option #5 – Creamy Coffee

A cup of coffee on a table, with Cafe and RestaurantDon’t choose flavoured and sweetened coffees. Also, avoid all smoothies and “healthy” juices.

A tall black coffee or one made with heavy/double cream can be enough to sustain you until your flight boards. And it may be a great way to start an intermittent fast, so you can avoid in-flight meals altogether.

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Dining at the airport?

If you’re dining at an airport restaurant, you’ll have many more low-carb options. Most restaurants allow you to modify certain dishes, so if you see something you like but it’s with pasta or french fries, ask if you can substitute with veggies or a side salad. Choosing simple options like chicken, steak or fish will ensure a healthy meal. Avoid all sweet and sticky sauces and deep-fried food. Choose a salad or steamed vegetables to accompany your meal.

5 Low-Carb Snack Options At The Airport. These are so clever. Click to Tweet

When selecting any snack or meal, ensure there is plenty of healthy fats and protein. Together they will help keep you fuller longer, which is even more important when you’re travelling for long periods of time. My favourite meal when eating out is a fully loaded Chicken Caesar Salad.

Curb the cravings

Sugar and sweets may seem like a treat when you are travelling, but in reality, they may ruin weeks of your hard work. You’ll end up regretting that you indulged in them, and it may begin the start of a week-long break from your regular low-carb routine.

In-flight snacks

All of the snack options above are great for bringing onto the aeroplane as well. Many times, aeroplanes won’t serve meals or the meals will not be low-carb friendly. Plus, does anybody actually enjoy aeroplane food? By planning and prepping a few snacks ahead of time, you can ensure your travels will be healthy and low-carb.

If you’re off to sleep under the stars, take a look at the keto camping food list.

Safe travels!

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  1. I think we should lobby airlines to provide low carb meals. I just flew from Johannesburg to Perth and realized how difficult it was to stay low carb.
    So can you lead the crusade? We’ll back you 100%

      1. A couple weeks ago I flew AirNZ to Japan and they gave the option for a diabetic menu. It was by far the best meal I’ve eaten on a plane in a long time and also managed to be decently low carb, so if you have this option when you fly I’d recommend it.

  2. Françoise Walicki says:

    Well, the last time I travelled, I ate liver at home. Was not hungry for a long time. I had a small can of tuna in my bag but did not eat it. I usually ask for gluten free. Not the best option. I too think we should ask for keto meal aboard. Some airlines ask for our feed back. Could be the ocasion to ask for it.