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Feeling tired may be the “norm” for women over 40, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it as normal. The good news? You absolutely can boost energy naturally and feel amazing…at any age!

Do you often feel like you just can’t get going in the morning? Or that you hit an afternoon lull that makes it hard to focus on work or stay active with your kids? You’re not alone—fatigue is a common issue, especially for busy women.

The good news is that there are things you can do to increase your energy. And it all starts with hormones.

Why do I feel exhausted all the time?

Hormones control the way we feel, and when they become unbalanced, things start to go awry. When out of whack, hormones not only greatly affect your energy levels but are also the culprits behind an expanding waistline and a less-than-chipper attitude.

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To boost energy levels back up, we need to find ways to bring those pesky hormones back into balance. Once you do, it feels like a switch has been flipped: all of a sudden, weight loss is effortless, your mood improves, and you have incredible energy levels.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

The even better news is that it isn’t hard to do. In fact, we are incredibly passionate about making the journey to balancing hormones and feeling great as simple as possible, while keeping true to decades of scientific research.

Reclaiming your energy levels comes down to two simple things: food and lifestyle habits.

Boost Energy Naturally: Introducing the Spring Energy Challenge

That being said, it can be hard to know where to even begin. Especially if you already feel overwhelmed and exhausted!

That’s exactly why we’ve put together the Spring Energy Challenge.

Spring energy challenge logo with sushine

What is the Spring Energy Challenge?

This four-week program will reset your metabolism, supercharge your energy, and help you to feel like the best version of yourself—all while providing some pretty incredible side benefits such as:

  • beginning to heal your gut
  • shedding excess pounds
  • resetting your metabolism
  • boosting your mood
  • better sleep

We’ll be focusing on real food nutrition that fuels your body, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle changes that will help you feel energized and happy.

What to Expect During the Spring Energy Challenge

We don’t want to give the entire thing away just yet…but here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

When the challenge kicks off, you’ll receive a welcome guide, which includes specific instructions, rules, and need-to-know info. To keep you on track, we’re also including a schedule that’s easy to follow so you always know what’s coming up next.

Each weekday, you can expect to have access to live videos. These are designed to keep you accountable and help answer any questions or to problem-solve any pain points. Plus, we’ll be diving into the fascinating science behind it all.

At the basic level, the videos are only available for 48 hours after they air, so we highly recommend you be on live to get the most out of the challenge or participate at the VIP level to make sure you get continued access to the replays (and so much more)!

With us at your side, you’ll start to feel energized. No more bleary-eyed mornings or sluggish afternoons. You won’t be struggling to keep your eyes open but instead, feel alert and ready to take on the day. When this challenge is over, you’ll have so much energy you might even find yourself doing things you never thought you would be able to do!

As you can imagine, with this renewed sense of enthusiasm for life comes an improved emotional state with increased productivity and concentration (in other words, you’ll notice the ripple effect into other areas of your life too!).

The cherry on the top?

As you reset your hormones, you’ll find that your food cravings are next to non-existent. Bloating and joint pain? You can say goodbye to them too. And, you’ll be amazed to know that weight you might have just accepted as part of mid-life begins to melt away with practically no effort.

If you’re a person who likes choices, then you’re in luck—you can join this challenge at the basic level or go all in and join at the VIP level (which we highly recommend). You’ll learn all about the differences when we open enrollment on March 20th, but suffice it to say, VIP is the way to go to accelerate your progress.

During the four-week program, regardless of which level you join, you’ll experience a powerful transformation. We know it works. How? Because the program is rooted in science and designed specifically for women over 40 to take back control of their health (and we have a community of over 7,000 women who have experienced the incredible transformation and can speak for themselves).

When does the challenge start?

Our official start date is April 3rd, and the challenge will run for 4 weeks and enrollment opens on March 20th.

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration, so what better way to jumpstart this season’s fresh start?

Together, we’ll set aside April to focus on a handful of simple but powerful changes to our daily routines, with our sights set on a massive energy boost come May.

If you are leaving the winter months feeling exhausted, depleted, or just plain BLAH, this challenge is for you!

Sound good? Join us on the Spring Energy Challenge and get ready for an energy boost like you haven’t seen in years (maybe decades!).

Grab your ticket today—we get started on Monday April 3rd!! We can’t wait to see you there!


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