A quick and easy recipe for keto egg wraps that’s almost zero carbs.

You can flavour them any way you want with fresh or dried herbs, and add a variety of fillings such as ham, cheese, bacon, or avocado.

Two keto egg wraps rolled and filled with ham and avocado on a plate

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Easy Egg Breakfast Wraps

Keto egg wraps can be filled when hot or cold. Sprinkle some grated/shredded cheese while they are still hot and the cheese will melt into the wrap. My favourite would be adding dill to the wrap, then when the wrap is cold, spreading cream cheese over it and adding slices of smoked salmon before rolling up.

If the keto egg wraps are going into a lunchbox, make sure they are completely cold first, as there is nothing worse than a soggy, damp, keto egg wrap!

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Keto egg wraps can also be stacked on top of each other with fillings in between, then sliced like a pie. The possibilities are endless.

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    1. I haven’t tried as I like to make them fresh. If you do freeze them, I would put sheets of baking paper in between each wrap so they don’t stick together once defrosted.

    2. Ripeka123 have you tried to freeze them yet? Did it work?

      1. They will work frozen. You can pull out of freezer, pack in lunch box and they will be thawed by lunch/snack time! A quick zap or a moment in the toaster oven will warm them nicely.

  1. Do you think the wraps could be made and filled in advance and then taken as a packed lunch the next day? Trying to go low-carb to lose some weight and get healthy, so glad I found you site! 🙂

  2. i use 2 eggs as i have a large pan. i put some chopped spinach and cream cheese bits in it before rolling it up. next time im frying up sum onions and garlic to throw in there too. soooo good.

  3. so this is essentially a thin omelette? (aside: egg salad enveloped in this egg wrap: over-kill or heaven? I’m leaning towards the latter ;))

  4. I add about 1-2 tsp of psyllium powder to this and it makes a great crepe.

    1. I was just thinking about whether or not they would hold form, that’s a great idea!!

  5. TimeMachineDiet says:

    Must be heavenly with shrimp meat… crab meat… pulled pork… actually, come to think of it, I have a hard time thinking what they WOULDN’T be heavenly with!

  6. Joanne Phillips says:

    I like to add cinnamon and a bit of Splenda to the egg mixture, then some sweetened cream cheese and a few berries down the middle. Makes breakfast taste like dessert!

  7. Frank Tortorella says:

    Thanks for a great idea

  8. All I can think of is how good these would be filled with roast duck, spring onions & cucumber. Drizzled with LC hoisin sauce.

  9. Fried bacon and butter sauted mushrooms with a sprinkle of cheese …. very filling

  10. 5 stars
    Just made these for first time had them with smoked salmon cream cheese & mashed avocado & cucumber filling they were delicious light lunch and bonus the hubby loved them too! Ideas fofillings are endless! Felt like I was eating a sandwich wrap and I’ve not touched bread for 7 months! Thank you Libby great idea!

  11. Hi, how long will they last in the fridge if I were to make a batch for the week.

  12. Sounds awesome. Reading comments I gathered a lot of great ideas for fillings. Thanks!!