Need to stock up on low-carb and keto emergency food? What should you keep in a low-carb pantry or a low-carb freezer to be prepared and avoid the chaos?

Keep reading … because you can see exactly what to stock in your healthy pantry PLUS you can download the low-carb and keto emergency food list – so you’re prepared.

Get your low-carb and keto emergency food lists - be prepared.

Get your FREE pantry printable Low-Carb And Keto Emergency Food Lists.

Why Stock Up On Low-Carb And Keto Emergency Foods?

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If you are stuck in the middle of an emergency, the last thing you should be doing is reaching for the Doritos and pop tarts. If there is ever a time to make health a priority, this is it!

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Whether you are stuck at home for extended periods of time, whether you are preparing for a natural emergency, or simply wanting to stock your pantry for the times that weather prevents you from leaving the house, having a list of low-carb and keto foods handy will make your pantry prepping easier.

Regardless of your reason for being stuck at home, feeding your family must continue and the low-carb and keto emergency foods below will support your commitment to living a healthier life.

Understanding which long-life keto and low-carb foods to select during your next grocery run will ensure you stay on track and stay in your best health.

This is not the time to reach for the high-carb snacks and sugary chocolate and candy which may affect your immunity.

Will Low-Carb And Keto Foods Help My Immunity?

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Following the ketogenic diet is not going to prevent you from contracting any type of infection. With that said, eating whole foods and foods that are nutrient-dense will improve your body’s immunity, ability to fight the virus and improve your overall well being.

The low-carb and keto diet promotes healthy, clean eating practices, eliminating ultra-processed foods that are high-sugar and high-carb.

In addition to the low-carb and keto diet’s positive reputation for successful weight-loss, it is also popular for its other health benefits such as:

  • Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels, particularly helpful for those with diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Lowered blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure
  • Reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol levels and increased levels of “good” cholesterol levels
  • Increased energy levels

Low-Carb And Keto Food To Buy When Faced With Lockdown

A close up of a plate of food, with food that is appropriate for a keto diet

Knowing which long-life low-carb and keto emergency foods to stock up on to see you through a possible lockdown or natural disaster without compromising on your ketogenic diet, is imperative.

Here are some great ideas of long-life keto and low-carb foods to stock your home with during your time stuck at home.

Best Long-Life Low-Carb Foods To Stock

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This low-carb and keto emergency food list is by no means exhaustive but it will definitely help you to better prepare during these stressful times and enable you to maintain your health.

Keeping healthy and looking after your body has never been more important than a time of emergency.

By continuing to fuel your body with nutrient-dense low-carb foods, you will help to support your immune system and improve your overall health.

30 Healthy Pantry and Freezer Foods List – so you’re prepared.

Get your low-carb and keto emergency food lists - be prepared.

Get your FREE pantry printable Low-Carb And Keto Emergency Food Lists.

30 Pantry & Freezer Foods

  1. Leftovers Are King!

    You know the best tool in your low-carb pantry is leftovers! So start saving and freezing your leftover meals, and create your own emergency keto food bank.
    Recipes: Low-Carb Freezer MealsLow-carb and keto emergency food leftovers

  2. Frozen Meat

    Meat is the number one item I stock in my emergency freezer. It is nutritious, packed with protein and all the essential amino acids we need to keep healthy. Whole chicken, chicken drumstick, ground beef, stewing meat, pork chops, lamb chops, ground turkey, sausages, bacon, and hamburger patties.
    Recipes: 15 Top Ground Beef Recipes Low-carb and keto emergency food - meat

  3. Eggs

    Eggs can be kept in a cool place for up to 2 weeks (depending on their expiry date when purchased). Scrambled, boiled, fried, poached, baking, cakes, mayonnaise etc. So if in doubt, buy eggs … and you’ve got a meal!
    Recipe: How To Boil Eggs In The Instant Pot + VideoLow-carb and keto emergency food eggs

  4. Nuts, Seeds & Shredded Coconut

    Not only are nuts and seeds extremely nutritious, but they also have a very long expiry date. Perfect for your emergency pantry. Nuts are a staple in most low-carb, keto and gluten-free baking and the perfect low-carb and keto emergency snack.
    Recipe: Grain-Free GranolaLow-carb and keto emergency food -nuts

  5. Sweeteners

    We all need some comfort food if you’re stuck at home amongst the chaos, so being able to bake some quick and easy low-carb recipes that are sugar-free, will keep you in the best health possible.
    Now is not the time to back to junk food!
    Article: Ultimate Guide To Low-Carb SweetenersSugar spilling from a spoon

  6. Full-Fat Dairy

    To keep you fuller for longer, don’t forget the high-fat dairy, and many of it freezes well or stores for months. Hard cheese stores for months, many soft cheese age well over time, always check the label for expiry dates.
    Did you know cheese, cream cheese, cream and milk ALL freeze really well? So if your keto freezer is big enough, add some full-fat dairy in there.Low-carb and keto pantry guide

  7. Canned goods for baking

    Why not stock up on long-life milk, long-life cream and canned coconut cream? They are all great healthy pantry items for emergency low-carb baking.
    Recipe: Sugar-Free Coconut Chocolate Barsketo emergency food lists

  8. Drinks

    Coffee is life! Am I right? ALWAYS have a good supply of coffee on hand or your favourite herbal teas. Because life is so much better in the middle of a storm if you have good coffee.
    Article: Carbs In Coffeelow-carb emergency food

  9. Frozen Seafood

    Frozen salmon and frozen prawns can be made into a quick nutritious healthy emergency meal. There is no need to rely on processed microwave meals, just heat up a salmon fillet with some frozen veggies – dinner is ready.
    Recipe: SalmonA close up of sliced salmon

  10. Frozen Vegetables

    Frozen vegetables are another perfect emergency freezer food. They can be a side dish or a meal in themselves.
    Recipe: Keto Curry Bowl with SpinachA close up of frozen Brussels sprouts

  11. Nut Butters

    These are long-lasting, easily [ortabloe, a quick snack and can be made into a quick sugar-free peanut butter cup. Heaven amongst the chaos.
    Recipe: Sugar-Free Peanut Butter CupsA close up of a peanut butter jar

  12. Frozen Berries

    Don’t keep sugary ice-cream for times in need, keep frozen berries in your emergency freezer instead. You can make a healthy and nutritious dessert, mug cake, cheesecake, all packed with nutrition and vitamins. And why not serve with grain-free granola for a nutritious breakfast.
    Recipe: Raspberry Mug Cakefrozen berries

  13. Almond Flour

    This is essential for a low-carb and keto emergency food list. Why not make pancakes, almond flour bread, pies, muffins and bread? Keto pizza can be easily made then topped with tomato paste, pepperoni and pre-shredded cheese from your low-carb emergency pantry.
    Recipe: Fat Head Pizza & Videoalmond flour pantry

  14. Pork Rinds

    Fried pork rinds are a perfect crunchy snack AND they can be ground finely in your food processor to make breadcrumbs.
    Recipe: How To Make Pork CrackleLow-carb and keto emergency food pork rinds

  15. Pre-Shredded Cheese

    Did you know you can freeze pre-shredded cheese? If you have pre-shredded cheese in your low-carb and keto emergency food freezer, you open up an entire library of Fat Head Dough recipes to enjoy.
    Recipes: Fat Head Dough Pizza & Other Recipespre-shredded cheese

  16. Beef Jerky/Biltong

    My top tip when buying beef jerky (or Biltong if you are one of my SA readers), is to ALWAYS check the label. Many contain sugars and hidden starches. So choose wisely.beef jerky emergency food

  17. Olive Oil

    Never run out of mayo when you have olive oil and an egg in your pantry.
    Recipe: 1-Minute Mayonnaise – 4 wayshealthy pantry stock

  18. Frozen Cauliflower Rice

    No need to resort to rice in your well-stocked pantry, cauliflower rice can be used for a curry, a stir fry and for any side dish. You can even use your stick blender to make cauliflower mash.
    Recipe: Mashed Cauliflower 4 WaysLow-carb and keto emergency food - cauliflower

  19. Pepperoni

    Another great long-life protein to keep on hand. Again, always check labels for hidden sugars.pepperoni slices

  20. Bacon

    Always keep bacon for breakfast, lunch or diner. Bacon generally has a long life anyway, but it can also be frozen so you are planned ahead.
    Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Meatloafbacon cooking on a grill

  21. Chicken

    If you have a whole chicken in your freezer, you can make a huge variety of healthy nutritious family meals – save the carcass and make nutritious bone broth too. Nothing goes to waste in an emergency and if the cupboards are empty.
    Recipe: How To Cook A Whole Chicken In The Slow Cooker +Brothhealthy freezer chicken

  22. Canned Tuna

    Tuna, sardines and canned salmon are all brilliant low-carb and keto emergency foods to add to your list.
    Recipe: Salmon PattiesA close up of canned tuna

  23. Frozen Prawns

    Why not make a stir fry, spicy prawn with cauliflower rice or a prawn cocktail?
    Recipe: Prawn Cocktailfrozen prawns on a plate

  24. Canned Soup

    There are some good quality canned soups out there with minimal starches and sugars. So grab some chicken soup, make a 1-minute muffin, and you’re done in a flash.
    Recipe: 1-Minute MuffinVarious canned food

  25. Tomato Paste

    There are a variety of uses for tomato paste. Fat Head pizza, spaghetti bolognese and even beef stroganoff.Close up of ketchup

  26. Coconut Flour

    If you have coconut flour, you have an unlimited supply of bread, cakes, cookies and mug cakes.
    Recipes: Coconut Flour Recipe LibrarySliced coconut and coconut flour in a bowl

  27. Canned Coconut Cream

    This can be used in a variety of recipes, especially if you run out of dairy such as full-fat cream.
    Recipe: Coconut Keto CoffeeCoconut cream

  28. Dark Chocolate

    Now, who doesn’t love chocolate in a crisis? Keep normality going and keep dark chocolate in your low-carb and keto emergency food cupboards. Stay sane. Stay happy. Keep chocolate at the ready.
    Recipes: Chocolate Recipes Librarydark chocolate broken and on a blue plate

  29. Cocoa Powder

    If you run out of chocolate, there is nothing better than whipping up a chocolate cake that is sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free AND yummo!
    Recipe: 10 Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipescocoa powder in a wooden spoon

  30. Herbs, Spices, Curry Paste, Salt and Pepper

    Having herbs and spices in your low-carb and keto emergency food pantry will help you whip up a nutritious AND tasty family meal when the going gets tough.A bowl of herbs and fresh spices

Get your FREE pantry printable Low-Carb And Keto Emergency Food Lists.

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  1. There are a lot of frozen foods on your list, which makes it okay if you are just sheltering in place, but not if your power is out or if you have to evacuate. I would focus more on shelf-stable items either store-bought or home canned, and easily portable (like powdered eggs and cream and bouillon vs. fresh). That would make for more options since people in different parts of the country and world have different types of emergencies. HTH

      1. I grow mass producers like peppers, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes. At the end of the season I can Ikra (google it…its great) and zucchini salad (with tomato and peppers). I have a zillion jars. Some dehydrated food. Turkey jerky from US Wellness meats.

        1. Fantastic Dennis. I’m staying close to you if there is ever an emergency. You’ve got this!

    1. Janice Holden says:

      Interesting article. Thank you. However, it was a bit scary seeing just how much we would rely on a freezer. Don’t get me wrong here in the UK I have a very large fridge/freezer in the kitchen and a single size chest freezer (I’m single and live alone) in my garage. However, the difficulty lies when we get power outages. I feel this has to be considered very seriously, particularly in view of the type of invasive war we’ve recently seen in Ukraine and all the major problems that Climate Change will undoubtedly bring along with it. Perhaps an article on how to can, bottle, pickle and dehydrate to store long term would be useful? Here already there are shortages and we’re rationing fuel at the pump (prices are sky high!) and cooking oil too, hearing oil prices have gone through the roof also (fortunately so far it’s the type of cooking oils we don’t use) and who knows what other items will prove difficult to obtain in the future. I’m thinking here of (justly in my opinion) cutting trade ties with Russia and the fact that Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe and is now totally ravished. These,are very difficult and worrying times we are facing.
      In the meantime I’m also adding tinned Corned Beef to my own list. It was nicknamed Bully Beef during the second world war and became a vital source of nourishment. I’m not sure if you have it over there. In the same way jerky is not known very well here and difficult to source. Freezer storage is a gift, magic… and you’re right to point out how very useful if is to us, but I’d like to see more on foodstuffs that can be kept for long periods and without power. Oil, gas and electricity prices have increased here by 52% and are due to increase again in October and we’re told prices will be crippling and unaffordable for the already poor and struggling. Such things are also considerations as we head into our futures. Thank you.

      1. If she doesnt reply, I will. That is a HUGE ask! You can easily go to youtube to learn how to can. Freeze dryers cost 3000USD. Canned salmon and sardines give lots of good fat. Nuts! Sugar free jerky.

  2. Many great options I havent thought of! Thank you for taking the time!