You must see That Sugar Film, and take someone you know would benefit from learning about the dangers of sugar and where it is lurking – which is pretty much everywhere.

This movie is already reported as being life changing.

Diagram showing how much sugar is in food and cigarettes

What is that sugar film?

I went to the opening of That Sugar Film recently in Auckland. It was informative, outstanding, funny, and perfectly sensational. I mean who couldn’t love Hugh Jackman doing sand pictures, a half-naked Brenton Thwaites, Depeche Mode on the soundtrack and Damon Gameau dancing in his orange Y fronts?

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Damon presents the sugar message in such an entertaining visual way, rather than lecturing or finger-wagging. I especially love his rap at the end (I’ll let you see that for yourself).

This movie will change the way you think about ‘healthy’ foods forever!

But seriously, we need to help it gain as much attention as we possibly can. That Sugar Film could be the one that really gets the public to think differently and everyone reading those darn food labels.

How to eat 40 teaspoons of sugar

The average person consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day hidden in ‘healthy’ foods. At the Q & A after the film, Damon told us private screenings are being organised by hospitals, medical schools and food manufacturers. They know what is on the horizon, they know what is coming and are clearly being prepared. Sugar’s days are numbered and the secret is out.

Sugar isn’t evil, but life is so much better when you get rid of it”

That Sugar Film - where are the sugars hidden? |

So what is That Sugar Film really about? Damon Gameau experimented eating the average daily sugar consumption – 40 teaspoons a day! But he wasn’t allowed to eat and drink obvious high sugar foods such as chocolate, ice cream and sodas.

He set out to consume 40 teaspoons by eating ‘healthy’ foods. He was astounded to discover that sugar is lurking everywhere. The worst offenders are cereals, low fat yoghurts, fruit smoothies, muesli bars and juices.

He goes on to show how sugar creates fatty liver disease, obesity, tooth decay and so many of our modern diseases.

The most powerful image for me was seeing a family sitting at the dinner table eating sugar straight from a bag – this is what so many do every day without realising it once you strip away the packaging, ‘natural’ labels, marketing and advertising.

All this ‘natural’ hype and organic labelling (also called the health halo) has lulled us into this false sense of security that as long as it’s natural (and what does that mean anyway) it is safe, healthy and acceptable.

But delve deeper and watch how the manufacturers find our ‘bliss point’ where the amount of sugar pretty much guarantees the product to fly off the shelves. We are so accustomed to this bliss point that natural foods such as broccoli are incredibly unappealing in comparison.

Is there any wonder why children these days seem to be eating less vegetables and becoming such picky eaters?

And what was his ‘last supper’ on his sugar binge? A regular, supposedly healthy, kids lunch box.

That Sugar Film features guest cameos from the likes of Stephen Fry, Isabel Lucas and Brenton Thwaites, interviews with Gary Taubes, Michael Moss and Kimber Stanhope plus a rocking soundtrack including Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel and Florence and the Machine.

Here are their best graphics showing the amount of sugar in foods that so many people perceive as being healthy.

Diagram showing how much sugar is in junk food and drinks

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  1. Wow! This film looks amazing! I is definately a motivation to get myself and my children off of so much sugar. I have really been aware of how many products contain sugar lately, and it is very eye-opening, and ridiculous, that everything we buy “has” to have sugar in it. No wonder these companies are billion-dollar industries. It is a sad situation that we have all been lulled into complacency about what we eat by what is the easiest, quickest, cheapest, most advertised, most palate-pleasing, most socially-acceptable, traditional, etc. It is so socially unacceptable to eat differently than everyone else around you. Of course, we don’t want to seem better-than-thou, but if we don’t take charge of our diets, who will?

  2. Steve Carapiet says:

    We have become very lazy. Cooking our own foods seems too much. So the food industry preys on this and markets convenience. And what is a good preservative? Sugar and salt.

  3. When will That Sugar Film feature in South Africa?

  4. Dear Ditch the Carbs, as a committed anti-sugar campaigner in our school, I want to arrange a screening of “That Sugar Film” in August. Is the movie available for a semi-public showing at a school? Can you direct me to someone who knows? Kind regards, Susan Keegan, The Vine School, Lansdowne, Western Cape

    1. What a brilliant idea Susan. Go onto That Sugar Film’s website and this link will take you to their schools section. There are learning resources and you can buy the DVD there also. They also have a guide on the same page for Community Screenings. Let me know how you get on with the screening and how the children or parents found it.

  5. Estelle van Niekerk says:

    When would this movie be available in South Africa? I see its is available on itunes, but not SA itunes.

    1. I know they are releasing it around the world as they are able. Hop over to their Facebook group and ask them, they are always adding updates there.

  6. The message from the movie is very strong. But the POP inserts to siute American audience is for me, as European, quite annoying. Especially at the end.

  7. Dianna Gibson says:

    I watched it today on Amazon prime.

  8. Sugar isn’t evil??? It’s cancer, it’s alzheimer’s, it’s parkinson’s….etc Want to avoid them, then get rid of sugar in your diet and start eating fats. That’s the simple truth.