When you start low-carb or keto diet, you’ll soon discover why we banish the beige food and enjoy a delicious, colorful varied nutrient-rich diet instead.

When you discover how many carbs are in everyday beige foods such as bread and bagels, it’s not worth wasting an entire day of your carb allowance on one of these nutritional disasters.

Diagram showing a variety of beige food and their carb values

What are beige foods?

When I see beige foods now, I just think carbs carbs carbs. Processed cr@&*y carbs.

Once you see the carbs in beige food, it is a stark reminder of how truly awful they are.

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Many regard low carb as being restrictive and dull, but you know what is dull? Processed beige food such as bread, pasta, bagels, and muffins. The Low-carb and keto diet is colorful, healthy, fresh, vibrant, and varied.

Why do picky eaters love beige food?

Many picky children absolutely adore beige foods. Their diet will consist of bread, toast, pizza, french fries, sandwiches, cakes, crackers, peanut butter, potatoes, popcorn, chicken nuggets, and cereal.

If your child sounds like this, begin by slowly weaning them off the beige, especially now you have seen the carbs in beige food.

This is a great page that every parent should read. How to help your child eat real food, with an easy-to-follow 10 point action plan.

Beige food is pretty much devoid of all nutrition. The processed carbs in beige food and the steady supply of them are one of the reasons we are the most overfed but undernourished generation in history.

Is rice and pasta keto?

Diagram showing the carb value in a range of beige foods
Carbs in beige food (carb charts)

Many ask if brown rice is any better than white rice? And what about wild rice or wholewheat pasta? Sorry, but they are carb-loading you and raising your blood sugar levels (remember carbohydrates are glucose molecules stuck together).

And if you think gluten-free pasta is any better, think again. Gluten-free 'products' are highly processed and extremely high in carbs. They are based on rice flour, tapioca flour, rice starch, and other variants. See here why gluten-free junk is still junk.

So if you really want to ditch the muffin top, you know what you gotta do - ditch the muffin and ditch the carbs in beige food.

Why are grains banned on the keto diet?

Grains raise your blood sugar and your insulin as much as table sugar. Insulin is our fat storing hormone that also turns off fat burning.

Try to stop bulking up meals with beige carbs. No more pasta, rice, or bread. Bulk up your meals with leafy vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein.

Grains are now found in almost all modern ‘food products’. Most of what we see on the supermarket shelves just wasn’t available 10 or 20 years ago. By eating real food and have a balanced, varied approach, you eat far more nutrients than ever before.

Beige foods crowd out the nutrition in a meal.

Diagram showing the carb value their range of beige foods


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  1. Hi Libby. I love your blog and info along with your fabulous recipes. Yesterday I discovered paleo super seeded bread in my supermarket and see 2 slices is 15g of carbs. I can maybe can put a picture on ditch the carbs fb if you want to see it. It has tapioca starch in it with some honey. Sugars 1.2g in 2 slices. It looks good to me and wondered what you thought of this product.

    1. Personally I don’t buy those products purely down to cost but if the carbs work in with your daily carb allowance, go for it. Are the 15g net or total? It sounds quite high. Paleo foods may be grain free but not sugar free (it has honey) nor low carb. But for an occasional bread treat, it would be fine.

  2. Ironic that the advertisement that appears when I read this page is from a bakery chain ??

  3. Is there a way to get some of these poster or at least large enough for posting in my clinic. Whiley patients aren’t all doing keto. It would still get my point across for the diabetics.

    1. Hi Pat, this is brilliant that you want these up in your clinic. I have a few GP’s and diabetic clinics that print out my graphics and place them in their waiting rooms. I hope this works, I made a PDF for you. You can tweak the settings on your printer to make it the size you want and how many pages you want to print. Click here to access the PDF and download it to your computer. Alternatively, you can download any image and print those directly also.

  4. Where IS the vid? I cant find it on this page!

  5. Adele Wilter says:

    Where is the video??