Discover creamy luxurious and the best 25 low-carb Valentine’s Day desserts. 

So now you can treat yourself at this special time of year to delicious sugar-free romantic desserts.

Collage of low-carb Valentine's desserts and cakes

How To Have A Sugar-Free Valentine’s Day

These are 25 of the best low-carb Valentine’s Day desserts from all my low-carb friends. Enjoy and be indulged.

Valentine’s day – cakes and cookies

low-carb chocolate-heaven cake served with whipped cream and berries on a white plate

Chocolate Heaven Cake – by Ditch The Carbs

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a white cake stand with a dozen keto lemon cupacke with creamy lemon frosting and a slice of lemon

Low Carb Lemon Cupcakes – by Ditch The Carbs

Sugar free chocolate caramel bars with a cup of coffee

Peanut Butter Twix – by Maria Mind Body Health

A piece of chocolate hazelnut cake sitting on top of a wooden table and cake stand

Low Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake – by All Day I Dream About Food

orange cake decorated with sugar-free frosting on a white plate with a slice of orange

Orange and Almond Flourless Cake – by Ditch The Carbs

Chocolate souffle on a dark background

Boozy Chocolate Souffle For Two – by All Day I Dream About Food

quick keto macarons on a blue fluted plate

Quick and easy keto macaroons

French Silk Pie served with whipped cream and shaved chocolate

Low Carb French Silk Pie – by Low Carb Maven

Valentine\'s Day cupcakes on the whiteboard

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes – by Low Carb Yum

Valentine\'s Day klate peanut butter mugcake served with frosting and chocolate sprinkles

Sugar Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake – by Sugar Free Mom

A piece of cake on a plate, with a fork

Sugar Free Red Velvet Couple’s Mug Cake – by Sugar Free Mom

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies – by Peace, Love and Low Carb

Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes – by Peace, Love and Low Carb

Cannoli mug cake decorated with frosting and crushed pistachios

Sugar Free Low Carb Cannoli Mug Cake For Two – by Sugar Free Mom

A small fresh fruit tart served with custard and blueberries

Fresh Fruit Tarts – by Low Carb Maven

Valentine’s day – cheesecakes

Low Carb Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue Pie Cheesecake Bars – by I Breathe I’m Hungry

Chocolate cake served with whipped cream and chocolate hearts

Mocha Cheesecake – by Low Carb Yum

Valentine’s day – ice creams

Chocolate ice cream

Ultimate Keto Chocolate Ice Cream – by Keto Diet App

Coconut cream semi freddo served on a silver tray with fresh berry sauce

Coconut Cream Semifreddo – by Low Carb Maven

Strawberry buttermilk ice cream served in white dishes with a china teapot flowers and fresh berries

Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream – by Low Carb Maven

Freezer bag ice cream in a glass dish with a vanilla pod on the side

3 Ingredient 5 Minute Low carb Ice Cream For 2 – by Low Carb, So Simple

Valentine’s day – truffles and candy

Home-made cream cheese candies covered in chocolate and a bite taken out of one

Sugar Free Cream Cheese Candies – by Low Carb, So Simple

Valentine\'s Day desserts with fresh berries

Chocolatey Strawberry Pops (Vegan) – by Low Carb, So Simple

Blueberry cheesecake balls covered in chocolate and cut in half

Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs – by Keto Diet App

Muska pony mousse with strawberries served in a  cocktail glass

Low Carb Marscapone Mousse With Roasted Strawberries – by All Day I Dream About Food

Pana Cotta desert served with 2 cups of coffees

Panna Cotta And Cream Hearts – by The Nourished Caveman

Keto blueberry cheesecake squares sitting on a white plate with antique cutlery

BONUS # 26 low carb Valentine’s Day dessert Keto Blueberry Cheesecake by Ditch The Carbs

Collage of low-carb Valentine\'s desserts and cakes

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  1. What a lovely collection of healthy recipes for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for including my recipes 🙂

  2. I like your site and recipes but way too many advertisements. Hard to find the information without mistakenly clicking on an advertisment.

    1. Agreed. Not very well laid out in general.