In this article you will discover:

  • Side by side comparison of Vitacost vs iHerb
  • How to order – US and worldwide customers (even the UK, NZ and AUS)
  • How do prices compare – Vitacost vs iHerb
  • How you can earn free delivery – worldwide shipping rates (I even get FREE shipping to my home here in New Zealand).

All discounts, delivery charges and terms and conditions are correct at time of posting.

Top Vitacost vs iHerb discounts and deals.

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Side by side comparison of Vitacost vs iHerb

I conducted a Vitacost vs iHerb experiment, testing price, delivery and discounts. I ordered two identical packages from New Zealand to see how their shipping compares if you reside inside or outside the U.S.

Vitacost vs iHerb – which is better?

Many of you are dedicated to ordering online from Vitacost or iHerb to make incredible savings, so I decided to order a test package to compare Vitacost vs iHerb and rate them for delivery, price and customer rewards.

Vitacost vs iHerb cost comparison chart and delivery rates

UPDATE: iHerb have just announced they have increased the discount to my readers to 10% (correct at time of posting).

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Vitacost vs iHerb – U.S and International Customers

If you live in the U.S you are in luck. You are able to obtain all the low-carb ingredients that your heart desires.

But for those of us who live outside of the U.S, trying to obtain certain low-carb ingredients is impossible. Many of my readers in NZ, AUS, and the U.K tell me, for example, they cannot buy Swerve sweetener so I decided to order this product as my test order.

I try not to use hard-to-find ingredients in my recipes, and most of the low-carb pantry staples I use in my recipes can be found in your local supermarket, but when you want to shop from home, need specialised ingredients or want to save money, Vitacost and iHerb can be great options.

Vitacost vs iHerb – the basics

Vitacost and iHerb are both online retailers offering a wide variety of health foods, health supplements, cleaning products, makeup, pet products and household essentials. They both offer over 35,000 products.

Vitacost order screenshot
iHerb - screenshot of orders

Vitacost vs iHerb – prices

I ordered 3 bags of Swerve confectioners mix from both Vitacost and iHerb. They are both competitively priced and it is clear they must check one another’s pricing so not to be undersold. For my experiment, iHerb sold Swerve at a cheaper price, but their shipping costs were more expensive.

See the table above to see how Vitacost vs iHerb compare for the purchase price and shipping costs. To ensure you make big $ savings, you need to check both Vitacost and iHerb for offers and discounts they have currently running. One often undercuts the other, especially around holiday periods.

Vitacost vs iHerb - Read the review for U.S and international delivery & discount codes Click to Tweet

Vitacost vs iHerb – Shipping Rates

US residents are often offered free delivery when they hit a minimum order, but for those of us outside the US, it is based on weight and size of the parcel.


  • U.S residents are offered FREE standard shipping when you order over $49 (or $25 or more on Vitacost brands or other select brands) after any discount has been applied.
  • Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S Territories and Canada is just $9.99
  • International shipping is available to 160+ countries. International shipping and delivery rates are calculated as you add items to your cart.
Logo fo iherb


  • U.S residents are offered FREE standard shipping for orders over $35
  • International shipping and delivery rates are calculated as you add items to your cart. Simply set your country and currency along the top menu.

For BOTH Vitacost and iHerb you can see the shipping cost calculations as you add items to your shopping cart and begin to go through the checkout process.

Top tip: you can remove heavier shopping items so you stay within the weight limit, or alternatively if you have not reached your maximum weight for the delivery method chosen, head over to the specials page and add a few lightweight items to ensure you are using the postage effectively.

I found this really handy as I experimented by adding an ingredient in a glass bottle and found it pushed me over to the next postage limit so I removed it and postage was reduced by a vast amount.

Vitacost vs iHerb – Test Order

For my Vitacost vs iHerb test, I ordered 3 bags of Swerve confectioners mix. The costs and shipping are in the table above. Both Vitacost and iHerb offer shipping calculators and various shipping options with varying transit times.


Vitacost vs iHerb prices are comparable. I would watch for special discounts then order in bulk.

Delivery & Packaging

Vitacost vs iHerb were comparable. Both parcels arrived incredibly well packaged (see photos) and within 3 weeks from the U.S to arrive safely in NZ.

Range Of Products

Both Vitacost vs iHerb has a phenomenal range of products available. Luckily being low carb and only eating real food, we probably don’t need 99.9% of them. Needless to say, both stock the basics.

Discounts & Rewards Programme

Vitacost – I would always check their special deals of this week, save up to 60% If you are ordering from Vitacost for the first time, go through my affiliate link here, and when you sign up, you will receive a $5 discount. You can also refer friends who are new to Vitacost. They will receive $5 and you will receive $5, up to a maximum of 5 friends per month.

iHerb – If you use my affiliate referral link DIT6459 you will earn 10% of your shopping (excluding postage) back in rewards which you can use towards your next purchase. If you refer a friend, iHerb will also give them a 10% reward on their purchase also.

Customs & Duty

Firstly, let me give you the disclaimer that I am not an expert on customs, each country will have its own regulations on what you can or cannot import. There will also be applicable duties, which you may be liable for.

Vitacost, for example, delivers to 160+ countries, they may highlight restricted items to your country, but the ultimate responsibility is yours. “Due to your country’s import regulations, some products may not be available for purchase. If a product is restricted to your country, it will be noted in the shopping cart along with instructions to remove that product before you’ll be able to complete your purchase.” “we cannot guarantee that our restriction information is always up to date.” “we cannot issue a refund of any kind for orders seized or destroyed by Customs”

Vitacost vs iHerb discounts and deals.


iHerb discount code DIT6459

Use my affiliate referral link DIT6459  and new customers will save 10% off your next order.

In addition, you will receive 10% Rewards credit, or 10% if you order any of the iHerb house brand products.

Vitacost vs iHerb – Conclusion

Shipping, pricing, and discounts can be difficult to compare unless you have two tabs open on your computer and order identical items to compare all the costs involved from both Vitacost vs iHerb – but who has time for that? Personally, I would choose either Vitacost OR iHerb and stick with them to earn their rewards programme. Use your rewards $ to save towards your next purchase and wait for coupon deals to stock up on bulk purchases.

Vitacost vs iHerb – The Winner

Update: Now that iHerb has increased their discount to 10%, I use iHerb exclusively for all my own orders. Vitacost and iHerb were almost neck to neck and this improved discount pushes them over the edge to be the absolute winner in my opinion.

Review from 2018: It would appear from my little experiment that Vitacost seems to be a slightly better option for those living outside of the U.S because the shipping was cheaper. Although Swerve was a little more expensive to purchase, I didn’t wait for any coupon deals. I had to start my experiments on the same day. If I had waited for a deal, I expect the total cost would have been much cheaper.

Vitacost also gives a better joining discount and better regular discounts. Vitacost also appears to have better discount campaigns.

Vitacost vs iHerb cost and delivery chart

As for their rewards system, again Vitacost just nudges ahead from iHerb, as they do with their customer service.

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  1. I’ve been ordering from both for years. I live in Australia and we have the option, up to a certain weight point or $$ value, to ship internationally for free with Australia post whereas Vitacost shopping to Australia is incredibly high.

  2. What about Swanson? I order from them.

  3. I have been ordering from Vitacost for 10 years in 3 different countries as well as from inside the united states. I have also ordered from Iherb. They both are great, but I must say Vitacost does stand out a tiny bit more. First, their website has more information on each product, with detailed ingredient information, , an easy to access customer rating area where I learn about alternate products, easy comparison of products. Their customer service is absolutely the best I have ever experienced with any product, although they have never screwed up an order, I have made mistakes that they have kindly corrected for me. I will still use both companies, great products other then food, especially their herbs, so great with prices.

  4. I order all my supplements and body products from Vitacost. I dont buy food items because I make everything from scratch.

  5. Iherb won’t allow me to use your discount code. Says it’s for first time customers only

    1. Thanks Clare for alerting me to this. I got hold of their customer support and they have changed the rules from 1Feb2018. I have now added this note to the post above. “Note:  1 February 2018 iHerb have restricted these discounts to new iHerb customers only. You may also be eligible to receive a 10% reward if you order any of the iHerb house brand products.” I am grateful for you letting me know,

  6. hello
    i really liked your article , and i also like the iherb website , but can you pleas help me , does iherb accept paypal payment ?
    thanks again for sharing all this info

  7. Phyllis L says:

    I live in Canada and OMG the differences in prices and then shipping and handling makes ordering from a US company cost prohibitive. I pretty much won’t do it anymore unless it’s something I can’t find in Canada and then will bear the brunt of what I have to pay.

  8. Jacqueline Young says:

    It depends indeed i just tried vitacost today (because chocolate is out of stock for LONG in iherb) n they charge shipping to Hong Kong even their prices are lower compared to iherb but iherb doesn’t charge any shipment

  9. I was a loyal custormer to from 2 years but their ability not to provide free shipping sucks!! I need to wait until I get a coupon with 15%+Free Shipping. I went to iHerb and it was rather easy and affordable with free shipping. I was able to save $10 with no coupon gimmicks!! rocks!!