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Before you being, you may want to see the keto diet food chart and read the keto glossary to help you understand keto words, keto acronyms, and keto slang.

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What are macros?

Macronutrients are carbs, fat, and protein. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals.

  • Carbohydrates – are simple sugars and starches. All digestible carbohydrates will raise your blood sugars and trigger an insulin demand, trigger hunger, and affect mood, mental clarity, skin, and inflammation to name just a few. There are no essential carbohydrates.
  • Protein – supplies our body with essential amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle growth.
  • Fats – provide the essential fatty acids that our body and brain need. Choose healthy fats with minimal processing.

What is keto?

Generally, a keto diet is considered to be:

  • less than 20g net carbohydrates per day
  • high in healthy fats
  • moderate to high protein (1.5 – 2.5 g/kg of lean body mass). In imperial units, that’s 0.7 – 1.4 g/lbs of lean body mass)

By lowering your carbs to this level, it will put your body into a metabolic state called nutritional ketosis. This state of nutritional ketosis is what allows your body to become extremely efficient at burning fat.

You become a fat burner, not a sugar burner.

How do you calculate macros?

With the FREE macro calculator below, simply enter all your details and it will calculate how much protein, fat, and calories you need to reach your goal.

What are the benefits of reducing carbs

  • every person will benefit from some form of carbohydrate restriction.
  • improves appetite regulation
  • increases energy levels so you actually want to be active
  • improves blood lipid ratios, blood pressure
  • weight loss
  • reduce vascular inflammation, which is the cause of most modern diseases, and is linked to CVD, diabetes, dementia, cancer
  • decreasing carbs increases the fat-transporting enzymes AND increases the rate at which the mitochondria (powerhouses of your cells) utilize fat
  • increase whole, real foods leading to an increase in nutrients

Read more: Advantages of low-carb nutrition

Which is the best app to count macros?

With so many apps available online these days, it’s hard to cut through the noise and find simple yet effective and accurate apps that suit individual needs – in this case, counting carbs!

The most popular and incredibly accurate app that:
– has a ketogenic macro calculator that will give you carb, fat, and protein targets for your current body weight.
– track your MACROnutrients and MICROnutrients.
– monitor your blood glucose, ketone levels, weight, heart rate, and even blood pressure.

You can quickly and accurately track your carbs, fat, protein PLUS it also gives you nutrition scores. You will see if you have hit your daily target for each vitamin, mineral, lipids, and amino acid.

Accurate – Easy – Set goals – Set macros – Ketogenic Calculator – Monitor Biomarkers

FREE keto weekly meal plan

I want to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

I have a FREE 5-day meal plan for you, with a shopping list, pantry guide, and progress tracker.

How to estimate body fat

To use the macro calculator, you need to estimate your body fat. These pictures are easy to use so you can estimate your %.

A drawing of various women at different sizes showing their body fat percentage
Estimating body fat

Why is body shape important?

Should you restrict your carbs even if you are slim? Your body composition, where you store your fat, is a crucial factor.

Those who carry excess weight mainly around the tummy are more likely to be insulin resistant. Apple shape (band of tummy fat) should be more aware of their carb intake compared with pear-shaped (mainly bottom-heavy).

So if you have always had skinny legs but notice a tummy starting to appear, then watch your carbs as it is this visceral (tummy) fat that is more dangerous to your internal organs.

How to set your own carb/fat/protein goals

The keto calculator will help you set your carb limits, your protein targets and your fat limits. You might also want to look at the keto food pyramid so you have an idea of how to build your meals and snacks.

  • Carbs – set your limit. 20g is keto, 50g is low-carb, 100g is moderate low-carb
  • Protein – is a target. The amount required by each individual will vary depending on your level of activity
  • Fat – is a limit. It is a myth that a keto diet should be based on high excessive amounts of fat. The calculator will show you the MAXIMUM fat each day.

How much protein is too much?

Too little protein and your appetite will not be stable, too much and this may create a weight-loss stall. But for most, increasing protein allows them to lower their carbs and fat.

Protein is satiating, protein is required for our essential amino acids. Choose quality protein sources.

What Does 30g Protein Look Like?

FREE Low-Carb And Keto Macro Calculator

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  1. Angel Garcia says:

    I’ve tried keto a few times and don’t understand how much to eat or how many times a day!! I want to do this so bad just wish I could learn it in terms I understand. I suffer from fibromyalgia and have had crevice and back surgery and a knee replacement and all before the age of 45!! I workout everyday and from December 1 of 2018 until today may 19 of 2019 I’ve went from 275 to 235 and I’m at a stand still!! I’m so tired of living this way!! HELP?

    1. I do run a 4-week quickstart course where I coach you through the absolute basics of starting low-carb. It is only open a few times a year but you will learn everything you need to know so you can make sure you are starting low-carb or keto the right way. To see what is included, click here.

  2. I don’t understand how I can eat 4000 calories a day and lose weight. According to this calculator I am to stay under 4100. That seems very excessive.

    1. Because we don’t count calories. Calories are so outdated and don’t take into consideration how calories affect our fat storing hormones and satiety. 100 calories from fat, carbs and protein all have completely different effects on our blood sugars and fat storing hormones.

  3. Hi Libby
    I want to know if I can increase the fat burning % (5% over 3 months) with training etc.? With my calculated weight and body fat the fat loss is only 4kg in 3 months! I’m willing and set on making this transformation but the numbers feel discouraging. Any tips on how to make it all come off quicker?
    Many thanks

    1. Some people like to start much lower carb and exercise hard to get weight loss happening faster BUT you may run the risk of it being too low too fast and it being unsustainable. For too long we’ve been told to eat less move more – all it does is make us hungry and tired with an insatiable appetite (exercise stimulates hunger). I teach my stepwise method, and it works. We begin by cutting back, then if the scales stop, reduce carbs further, maybe add in some intermittent fasting and add some strength training (muscle mass helps our resting metabolic rate). Do what is enjoyable and sustainable and is healthy for you in your situation (always remember to be under the care of your medical practitioner as results and improvements can be rapid).

  4. This is absolutely GENIUS!!! I have been looking forever for a free keto calculator that shows me my macros when I want to lose weight then when I want to transition back to maintenance. All the apps out there are so expensive or they steal your information so I love that I don’t have to log in to use your one. Thank you thank you thank you.

  5. How do I get the macro calculator ?

  6. Marie Ann Mann says:

    OK, I downloaded the macro calculator – now what? Do I print it off and stick it on the fridge?
    How do I implement it?
    I used to use and loved the Calorie King app on my computer but that was discontinued a year or more ago and I have been in limbo ever since. I can’t cope with information overload, saw you mention a calculator but could not find it when I went looking.

      1. Marie Ann Mann says:

        Thanks Libby, I went with the Gold Cronometer for one month and will review- huge learning curve but I think I am getting there.

  7. Marie Ann Mann says:

    Don’t understand why with at least 30% of body fat, I am still encouraged to eat more fat. I am easily keeping my fat, carbs, and calories below the recommended macros but the protein escapes – frequently – up to 120% of recommended. One whole month, reporting religiously, one ‘bad ‘meal and have lost less than a kilo. Lost more when I was just ‘doing’ keto with no records. Ideas, please. Thanks, Marie

    1. These values are a starting guide, then you can adjust your goals according to your progress and level of activity. As explained in the article, the fat value is a limit, not a goal. So you don’t need to eat up to your limit, only eat enough to keep you full. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see in Ditch The Carbs PRO members, eating too much fat and having bulletproof coffee and fat bombs. As for protein, this is a target you need to aim for and you can easily go higher because most protein calculators only aim for a minimum to prevent a deficiency. But again, this needs to be adjusted as you see progress. If you are hungry, always add more protein to a meal, rather than more fat. We are doing a Tracking Challenge this month in Ditch The Carbs PRO, you can join us here.

  8. There a sentence that ia cut: too micb protein and you may…??
    What may I?? 🤣

    1. Good spotting Neila, I’m not sure why that cut off. It now reads “Too little protein and your appetite will not be stable, too much and this may create a weight-loss stall. But for most, increasing protein allows them to lower their carbs and fat.”

  9. Hi Libby

    Have been doing LCHF for a few years. Went well for ages and works well with being coeliac. Lost the kg I was aiming for & kept it off for years.
    Struggling a bit at the moment. Started to increase weight again. Not sure why. Maybe menopause? Started being super careful again with avoiding carbs.
    Today have just downloaded the Cronometer app to help me see where the issues are but am slightly confused. The app appears to show my daily nutrition targets as 1593 kcal, 46g protein, 130g net carbs & 53g fat. The carbs & fat numbers look like they should be switched.
    When I used the macro calculator on your site, based on 30g carbs, I’m sure it said 130g fat. I have my weight, height, age etc correctly entered.
    Is there some setting I am missing? Can I just go ahead & change the carb / fat targets to suit what the macro calculator suggests?
    Thank you.

    1. If you use cronometer, you need to set keto macros (or personal individual macro goals). The ones they automatically give you are for the current food pyramid. That’s why the carbs are so high and the protein is so low. Using the macro calculator on this page gives you the carbs you have set for yourself, a minimum protein goal (you can always go higher), and a fat LIMIT. If weight loss has stalled, cut back on fat and prioritise your protein. We are doing a tracking week in Ditch The Carbs PRO this week if you would like to join us.

      1. That’s great. I did wonder if it was simply based on the old info.
        Good to know. I’ll do some resetting & see how I go.
        Thank you so much.

  10. Ellen Largue says:

    Thanks it wasn’t generating

  11. How do I know what body fat % to put in the calculator?

  12. This is not the info iI’m looking for. I’m a handicaped diabetic. As a diabetic the ADA says 30 grms per meal, no snacks, lots of water. I already do that. I looked at your products and I will continue to follow the ADA recmmondations.

  13. Donnie Wecker says:

    Hello. Thank you very much for the great articleread! Loveappreciate to read more about this subject!

  14. Hi Libby
    The Macro Calculator link seems to have dropped off somewhere… I’ve used it a few times in the past but now it just shows a non-usable link “[macro_calculator]”, or clicking on the photo image only offers to save the image to Pinterest.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kelly, it looks like the calculator is down. This is a 3rd party calculator we have no control over, but fingers crossed it is fixed soon. In the mean time, Cronometer is a great app for tracking carbs and can also be used to calculate macros. It is also free. Hope this helps.