The BEST sugar-free flavored water recipes. Make a big pitcher to serve at your next BBQ and your family will be hooked.

Infused water with frozen fruit is so refreshing. Not only are these easy recipes, but they help you and your entire family enjoy drinking more water and staying healthy and hydrated.

flavoured water chart

If you want to stop your addiction to sugary drinks, and want to drink more water, you need some delicious flavored water recipes.

These infused waters are refreshing and you can easily adjust the sweetness.

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collage of how to make infused water drinks
Delicious ways to make flavored waters.

Is flavored water keto?

Yes, when you make infused water, you get all the flavor from the frozen fruit (or other ingredients) without much of the carbs.

Simply add water to a variety of fruits, ice cubes, frozen citrus, and even spices to add extra flavor.

Infused waters are fantastic for your health and palate because you can enjoy the taste of different types of juices or teas with little to no calories or carbs.

Flavored water recipes

4 glasses with different flavoured water ideas in them
The most popular flavored water ideas.

On a summer’s day, it’s nice to sit back with a refreshing drink, but sometimes tap water can be…well, boring.

Flavored water makes it easier to drink, especially for children. It is also a great way to get children off fizzy drinks, sugary soda, or fruit juice until they are ready for plain water.

Say goodbye to bottled water and soft drinks. 90% of the cost of bottled water is to pay for packaging, distribution, shipping, marketing, and then recycling.

These simple flavored water ideas turn plain water into beautiful, refreshing, and naturally colorful drinks.

Is sparkling or still water better?

The benefits are exactly the same. Drinking sparkling water is more attractive to those who don’t like regular tap water.

Sparkling water can help some people lose weight because the bubbles in the carbonated water can make you feel full and eat less.

You can buy bottled sparkling water or you can make your own with a Sodastream.

Fun sugar-free drinks for children

a large pitcher of flavoured water
Always keep a pitcher of infused water in the fridge.

When you discover how much sugar is in juice, soda drinks, flavored milk, or rehydration drinks, you’ll want to find quick and easy flavored waters instead. No sugar, no waste, no recycling, inexpensive and healthy.

After prepping for these flavored waters, you can leave your children with the chopped-up fruit and herbs, then let them create their own bottles of magic sugar-free drinks. Children love to experiment with creative combinations of ingredients.

Once you discover what each child likes, make a large pitcher and add it to your kids’ water bottles at school (or even yours at the gym).

Do you know how much sugar is in a juice? (spoiler alert, it’s as much as some sugary sodas!) Enjoy whole fruit, not the juice, to get all the fiber and fresh nutrients. You’d be shocked at how much sugar is in everyday food and drink. It’s an eye-opener.

How to make flavored water

There are two main components to flavored water recipes: fruit and herbs or spices. Here’s how I like to use each in my water.

If you are on a keto diet you may want to choose very low-sugar fruits and avoid high-carb fruits such as pineapple, mango, and sugar iced-teas.

How to make fruit ice cubes

ice cube trays with frozen fruit
Ice cubes with fruit help you add more flavor

If you like a bit of sweetness in your infused waters, then freeze a few pieces of low-sugar fruit in water to make a delicious fruit ice cube.

Even coconut cream freezes really well and adds a lovely flavor.

ice cube trays with frozen fruit
Freeze citrus of cucumber in ice cube trays

Here’s how:

  • Place a tiny piece of pineapple, watermelon, or a few berries in an ice cube tray.
  • Add water until the ice cube tray is almost full.
  • Freeze the ice cube tray until water and fruit are frozen solid.
  • Then, fill a tumbler or bottle with water and add the ice cubes.
ice cube trays with frozen fruit
Fresh citrus, mint and watermelon ice cubes.

Now, you’ve got all the flavor from the fruit without all the carbs. 

However, if you aren’t too worried about the extra carbs from fruit, don’t throw the fruit away, you can eat it too. As each ice cube melts, the fruit pieces are released to eat!

Best fruit and herb combinations

a fruit platter to make infused water drinks

Use the chart for flavored water ideas. Choose your fruit, herbs, or ice cubes, then add plain or carbonated water.

These are the best flavored-waters combinations I’ve made that have proven to be family favorites again and again:

  • strawberry and lime – if you love citrus, the combination of lime juice and a fresh strawberry is uplifting.
  • apple and cinnamon – a few small apple slices and a cinnamon stick look beautiful. The cinnamon stick will release some cinnamon taste.
  • lemon and ginger – add a slice of fresh lemon, a squeeze of lemon juice, and grated fresh ginger for a zingy tangy flavor
  • blueberry and lemon – you only need a few crushed blueberries or frozen blueberries and a slice of lemon.
  • cucumber and mint – sliced cucumber is so fresh and mild in a pitcher of flavored waters. The mint leaves in your tumbler or water bottle makes sure the water tastes fresh all day long.

Berry and lime flavored water

a large glass tumbler of flavoured water

Lemon and ginger flavored water

a large glass tumbler of flavoured water

Cucumber and mint flavored water

a large glass tumbler of flavoured water

Apple and cinnamon flavored water

a large glass tumbler of flavoured water

Note: If you use a cinnamon stick in your flavored waters, it is even better if you can be prepared to make this ahead because the longer the stick stays submerged in water, the more the taste will be released into the glass or pitcher.

More flavored waters combinations

a large pitcher of flavoured water
Fresh and tasty flavored water.

Mix then leave each one to chill in a pitcher or water bottle. 

  • lavender and cucumber – the fragrant perfume of lavender works amazingly well with the subtle cucumber
  • lime and mint – for a fresh zing
  • strawberry and basil – an incredible combination of flavors
  • ginger and blueberries – you can also use blackberries, raspberries, honeydew, or a cherry.
  • lime, cucumber, and berries – any low-sugar berry will work
  • orange, raspberry, and lime – for citrus lovers
  • lemon and orange – for a citrus kick
  • kiwifruit and strawberry – there is just a hint of kiwifruit in this combination
  • watermelon and mint – cut or sliced watermelon in your flavored water and ice cubes are so thirst-quenching
  • orange and blackberry – these two strong flavors taste amazing
A serving tray showing flavoured water ideas with strawberries cucumber ginger and limes

You can also just add some sage leaves or fresh thyme to a cold glass of water. Or fill a pitcher with water, add your favorite herbs, and keep it in the fridge.

As you can see, the options are practically endless! Play around until you find what flavor works best for you and your family.

Top tips

4 glasses with different flavoured water ideas in them

When you discover your favorite flavor, use it over and over again. The taste of the herbs or fruit will be something you can be sure you’ll enjoy.

Keep a record of your favorite recipes. This way, you will be more likely to make them again. The more you like the flavor of your water, the more likely you will be to drink it. This is especially true for children!

Finally, an easy way to make infused water is to use a specific pitcher designed for the task. There are some pitchers with a place for you to put pineapple slices or fresh sprigs of thyme so that they soak in the water.

Four drink bottles with coloured straws and fresh fruit inside

Infused water FAQs

Here are some questions people often ask about flavored water. If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments.

How full do you fill a glass with water when adding flavored ice cubes?

Start by filling the cup half full with water and then add the ice cubes. This way, you don’t risk the water spilling out the top.

What is the most popular type of infused water?

Most people are familiar with either lemon or cucumber spa water. It has a refreshing flavor and makes drinking more water so much more enjoyable.

What is the difference between infused water and flavored water?

They are basically the same thing. When you drink infused water, you are enjoying the fruit flavors without eating them.

Which herbs and spices are best?

There are so many imaginative herbs and spices you can use to make flavored waters. Choose the ones that you like the taste and flavor, and adjust the quantities to maintain how sweet or tart your drinks are.

Making pretty flavored waters is a healthy way to enjoy herbs in a brand-new way.

What’s the difference between sparkling water and mineral water?

Sparkling water is carbonated, and mineral water comes from a spring and contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

Is drinking flavored water the same as drinking regular water

Yes, both are just as hydrating. But if flavored waters make you drink more, then flavored water can be more hydrating.

Is flavored water healthy?

Natural flavored waters such as the ones above are healthy and hydrating. You should avoid waters that have added sugar, flavors, and preservatives.

a large pitcher of flavoured water

Flavored Water Recipes (Infused Waters)

The BEST sugar-free flavored water recipes. Infused water with frozen fruit is refreshing and helps you stay healthy and hydrated.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Dairy Free, Egg free, Gluten Free, Grain free, Keto, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Paleo, Wheat Free
Keyword: flavored water ideas, infused waters
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 4.1kcal
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Low-sugar fruit

  • berries
  • lemon slices
  • orange slices
  • apple slices
  • cucumber slices

Herbs and spices

  • fresh mint
  • cinnamon stick
  • ginger minced
  • lavender

Ice cubes

  • frozen fruit ice cubes


  • 4 cups still or sparkling water


  • Freeze your chosen selection of fruit as ice cubes.
  • Add your selection of fruit and herbs into a large pitcher.
  • Fill the pitcher with still or sparkling water.
  • Serve with frozen fruti ice cubes.


Nutrition will vary depending on which fruits you use and how much you consume or throw away after drinking the infused water.
Nutrition information calculations were made using 2 blueberries, fresh mint, and a cinnamon stick per person.


Serving: 1cupCalories: 4.1kcalCarbohydrates: 1.1gProtein: 0.1gFat: 0.03gSodium: 0.2mgPotassium: 11.7mgFiber: 0.7gSugar: 0.2gVitamin A: 21.8IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 10.5mgIron: 0.1mg
Diagram showing how to make various flavoured waters
A serving tray showing different flavoured water ideas and coloured straws

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  1. I love the way you include the beautiful pictures & the “step by step” instructions – love your work 🙂

  2. I love it too, always so informative

  3. Cucumber + lemon + mint = refreshing

  4. Is soda water considered carbonated water? I love the bubbles in soda water!

    1. Yes, it’s just carbonated water. I have a machine that carbonates water and just add a slice of lemon or lime. Such a refreshing drink.

  5. Love your ideas. Thank you so much. Greetings from Germany.

  6. kronnybear says:

    Hi Libby, I have just discovered the red seal cold brew teas. these say their sugar free, but have no nutritional panel… they are made of dried fruit fruit, so surely would have some fructose in them? they’re really nice so I’m hoping not… any ideas on how i can find out?

    1. I had a quick look and you’re right, no nutritional panels (interesting that their recipes on their website and they include agave – so out of date – that’s just as bad as HFCS). As for the sachets, I am sure there will be some sugars in there but it cant be too much as the sachet itself is so small and once the tea is brewed there is still a lot of dry matter (leaves and peel) left in there so even if the rest of the tea bag was sugar, it can’t be all that much. It is something to be mindful of though, so don’t drink them all day every day, choose the ones that may be lower in sugars such as lemon compared with pineapple. And watch out for T2 teas. Other than being prohibitively expensive, they say no sugars but when you ask the staff they say there is sugar in there and they add extra sugar to make the demonstration teas.

  7. I’m new to the Low-Carb diet, can somebody tell me how to make flavored water please? Do I crush to fruits and berries and such before adding them to the water? I want to try to get my son off soda, and I really believe this might do the trick.

    1. You can either crush the fruit or you can leave them whole so it looks pretty. I like to gently squeeze them so it’s almost half way. Awesome you are getting your son off soda. You may want him to watch my son’s science experiment where he boils soda and you can see how much sugar is in there. he may never want to touch it again.

  8. Luckily never have drank pop or fizzy soft drinks – I like lemon and ginger and try to pretend it is ginger beer! Yours look so pretty and love the idea of putting fruit in ice cubes

  9. If you drink water with citrus in it all the time it’ll erode the enamel off your teeth.

  10. I am getting ready to begin a low carb lifestyle. I am used to drinking infused waters and teas. But I can’t figure out if I will have to count the carbs in the fruit or veggies in the water as I don’t eat them. And how much do I count? Thank uou ?

    1. Unless you are eating the fruits and veggies, and you need to be incredibly strict with your carbs for medical reasons, then no, I wouldn’t count them. The beauty of living low-carb, I that you end up eating and drinking intuitively. I have had decades of counting points, calories, numbers, colours etc. And it is pure freedom to live low-carb. Many people count carbs at the beginning so they become aware of where their carbs are coming from, but eventually this will stop. There will be negligible carbs coming form infusing water, unless you crush berries, fruit and so on, then yes, there will be sugars released into the water. Orange zest is amazing. Almost zero carbs and really packs a punch of flavour. I also love cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cucumber etc.

  11. Hi Libby
    Great ideas. Please remind people that all those water inhancers like Crystal Light etc, which say zero sugar, are actually loaded with artifical sugars. The body is brilliant but does not differentiate fake sugars, real sugars etc. Although calorie & carb wise may look good, they will affect your insulin hormone.