One big question that has come up A LOT since we launched Thinlicious™ is how our program—the Thin Adapted System™—and the Thinlicious way of eating compares to keto, Atkins, South Beach and other similar diets.

We have received so many emails asking, “Wait, isn’t this just keto? How different is it, exactly? I need a healthy low-carb diet!”

And the answer is…they are very different! But they have significant similarities in the approach as well. So, let’s start there, shall we?

What do the Thin Adapted System and Keto Have in Common?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of ketosis but don’t really know what it is. Ketosis is a metabolic state that your body enters when it doesn’t have enough glucose to burn for energy, so it starts burning fat instead. When your body is in a state of ketosis, you can actually achieve some amazing health benefits, including weight loss, improved mental clarity and decreased inflammation.

The Thin Adapted System, or TAS for short, offers a simple plan for getting participants into ketosis. This is a similar approach as seen in other low-carb diet plans, such as keto, Atkins or the South Beach diet, which means that most of our recipes can be considered keto friendly.

healthy low carb diet

How are they different?


While keto has exploded in popularity over the past few years, there is actually a whole lot of misinformation about how and why low-carb diets actually work and the science behind them. Our Thin Adapted System, or TAS, fills that gap.

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The ultimate goal of our program is to:

  • Help women better understand how different foods affect our metabolism in order to avoid making the common mistakes that prevent them from seeing weight loss success.
  • Make adhering to a low-carb lifestyle feel convenient, easy, delicious and sustainable.

We do this by helping our community learn how to be more in tune with their bodies, test their blood glucose and ketones daily to know how their bodies respond to certain foods and recognize other factors that may be spiking their insulin.

The problem with the way most of us eat is that we take in way more glucose than our bodies can process which leads to elevated insulin levels. When our insulin levels get high, there are so many negative health effects, such as not being able to lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising, feeling hungry all the time and rapid weight gain. And that can lead you to feel like your metabolism must be totally broken.

Instead of just offering blanket solutions that may or may not work for you and your body, we also place a large focus on helping our community understand the science, interpret their own data, and ultimately, confidently make the best choices for their bodies and a healthier lifestyle.

This educational piece is a large part of what ultimately makes our program and system so different.

Our program is broken down into three phases:


During Phase 1—the Acclimate phase—your primary goal is to switch your body from burning carbs to burning fat as its default source of fuel and to become fully Thin Adapted. This is the phase you’re in during our 28 Day Metabolism Reset. During this phase, you can expect to lose some weight—typically between 7-15 pounds—but in order for your body to continue burning fat you will need to move into Phase 2.

PHASE 2 | IGNITE (Weight Loss Mode!)

Phase 2—the Ignite phase—begins once your body has become fully Thin Adapted. You’ll know you’ve made the switch when you feel a significant increase in energy as well as a marked decrease in hunger, and you will continue to lose weight at a steady pace. During the Ignite phase, you’ll make some important tweaks to what and when you eat that will help accelerate your fat burn and avoid plateaus.


Phase 3 begins once you have reached your weight loss goal. This is where the Thin Adapted System becomes part of your everyday lifestyle—a way of eating that is easy to stick to, even as part of a busy life, and never feels restrictive or cumbersome. 

Our TAS Program will walk you through each of these three phases, providing you with both practical instruction and a clear understanding of the underlying metabolic science, so that you can begin to confidently make better choices that lead to long-term, sustainable results. 

While the 28 Day Metabolism Reset is the perfect way to get started with our program, it is only the beginning and just a small taste of our full program.


The Thin Adapted System is not a diet.

It’s intended to be a lifestyle, a way of eating you can easily maintain for life, because it’s flexible, delicious and totally satiating.

Because let’s be real—diets don’t work. All the research proves it. Which is why this is not yet just another crash diet that leaves you hungry, deprived and counting down the days until the end so you can eat some real food again.

It’s a new way of eating that actually WORKS! Not a diet, but a lifestyle—a way of eating that’s so simple and so delicious, you could easily eat that way forever.

One area of keto that typically receives the most friction is how much fat and vegetables you can (or cannot) consume on a traditional ketogenic diet.

As a society, we have been trained to avoid consuming fat, especially when trying to lose weight. But the truth is, we need fat and more often than not, we are actually not getting enough! You see, fat is what helps you feel satiated.

So, if you have tried other diets and lifestyles in the past but always felt hungry, it is likely because you were avoiding fat and therefore never really getting that “full” feeling.

“Traditional” keto often focuses on eating as much fat as possible without regard to nutritional content, and while this approach has worked for many, we recognized that we are missing out on many other really important nutrients.

Eating healthy fats like avocado, butter, olive oil, fatty fish, eggs and…dark chocolate actually has SO many health benefits (and they’re really delicious), leaving you not feeling at all deprived. In TAS, we do not encourage quite as much fat as traditional keto. We also really help our participants learn to identify the good kinds of fat WITH attention to nutritional content and know how to incorporate them into this way of eating.

Similarly, traditional keto tends to stay away from vegetables because many of them contain carbs.

Our system, however, believes in moderation, meaning we encourage you to continue to eat vegetables, not stay away from them. We do provide education on making good choices for your vegetables to help you stay under your daily carb goal, so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

TAS includes weekly meal plans, shopping lists and DELICIOUS family-friendly recipes (that include those healthy fats AND veggies!) making it insanely simple to stay on track even with the busiest of schedules.

Convinced yet? We recommend getting started with the 28 Day Metabolism Reset. Get started today HERE!


The Thin Adapted System by Thinlicious is a healthy low carb diet keto alternative. It's a lifestyle that you can actually maintain long-term, feel completely satiated, and not have to count each and every calorie. TAS (Thin Adapted System) is your key to permanent weight loss.

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  1. With this lifestyle am I able to still eat gluten-free? What does the 28 day program look like? Is there an exercise program as well?

    1. You can eat gluten-free and many of our recipes are gluten-free. We do not have a specific exercise program, but highly recommend adding in weight training if you do not already do so. You can find out more about the 28-Day Reset here: