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Easy Low-Carb Snacks (Keto Charcuterie Board).

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Quick and easy low-carb snacks

One of my most frequently asked questions on my Facebook page and in my Low-Carb Support Group, is asking me for ideas for easy low-carb snacks.

Healthy low-carb snacks really don’t have to be complicated, or time-consuming. Lazy keto snacks can be fast and healthy too.

Choose snacks that are high-protein, low-carb, and moderate fat. As unprocessed as possible. Stay within your daily carb limit and learn to read food labels so you can avoid hidden carbs and added sugars.

What are the best snacks to buy?

A quick trip to the deli counter at your supermarket is your best place to go if you are short on time. There are so many keto-friendly snacks and prepackaged foods that you can buy from the grocery store.

Choose quality cooked meats such as ham off the bone, sliced roast beef, pepperoni, and salami. With all meats, choose the best quality you can, with minimal processing and minimal added ingredients. Avoid all added sugars and unnecessary processed carbs.

Fresh ingredients such as a variety of cheeses (parmesan, feta, blue cheese, Brie …), olives (black, green or stuffed), avocado, stuffed mini peppers.

Portion sizes

These tasty, low-carb foods are perfect as nibbles and easy low-carb snacks. A Mediterranean-style platter is ideal.

And if you don’t like cooking dinner, just increase the portion sizes, and turn your keto charcuterie board onto a main meal?

Some food, especially nuts, are difficult to portion control so remember to calculate how many will fit into your daily goals and portion control a few on your plate rather than having the entire serving bowl sitting next to you.

Learn how to turn your keto charcuterie board into the main meal.

If you are invited to a party or holiday celebration, this is the perfect easy low-carb snack tray to bring.

You also know there will be a variety of low-carb snacks (brought by you) that you can enjoy, without resorting to the crisps, bread, and high-carb offerings.

Pre-made snacks

The easiest low-carb and keto snacks are the ones you can buy from the grocery store.

  1. Nuts and seeds – look at the carbs in nuts charts so you know which nuts to avoid.
  2. Deli meats – cooked meat such as pepperoni, salami, ham, chicken, or beef make great high-protien snacks.
  3. Vegetables – avoid high-carb vegetables such as potato chips and choose low-carb vegetables instead.
  4. Crackers – you can now buy some good low-carb and keto crackers in the grocery store. A quick and easy cracker is to use slices of cucumber instead of a cracker.
  5. Cheese – any variety of cheese works well in a keto charcuterie board or cheese platter. Brie, camberbert, parmesan, blue cheese, halloumi, cheddar, and cream cheese dips.
  6. Sauces – such a pesto, aoili, mayonaise, and guacamole are quick healthy snack options.

Easy low-carb snack recipes

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50 low-carb keto snacks (printable list PDF)

50 low-carb keto snack ideas (printable PDF list)

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Now if all these days low-carb snacks aren’t quite enough for you, why not take a look at healthy easy low-carb snack finder? There is sure to be a few more recipes in there that you will fall in love with.

Want even more? These are the 35 best low-carb snacks.

Please leave a comment with your favourite idea for easy low-carb snacks.

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  1. I’m a serious fan of snack trays – and I even use them for meals on a regular basis. They’re such a simple and easy approach to food. I love how you can vary them based on what is in the cupboard and who you are feeding.

    I probably wouldn’t make the tray exactly as you have pictured it (although it looks amazing). Even so, you’ve given me a few new ideas to try out. Thanks!

    1. Glen Mckinney says:

      How do I get these recipes?

  2. On the Snack Tray, what is the green dip? How do I make it? And, in the video, what is the red sauce placed on the pepperoni? Thanks!

  3. Linda Street says:

    Can’t get to video. Going around in circles. It won’t play for me.