These are the top 10 reasons you’re not losing weight on a low-carb diet. A great FREE printable for the fridge and an easy reminder to stay on track.

You may think you have done everything right, counting carbs, stopping your bulletproof coffee, and started intermittent fasting. But your weight loss has completely stopped. What can you do now to kickstart fat loss?

The top 10 reasons you're not losing weight. Do any of these sound familiar? No.1 is most common. |
Top 10 reasons for not losing weight

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What Is A Weight Loss Plateau

A true weight loss plateau is when you haven’t lost weight for 3 months. Otherwise, you have just settled into maintenance mode. This is actually good, because you know in the long term your keto diet is sustainable.

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Top 10 Reasons

  1. Too Many Carbohydrates – are carbs starting to sneak back into your diet? Be honest and start tracking everything using my simple Carb & Food Tracker. A little treat here and there adds up. Some are more carb sensitive (or insulin resistant) than others. I know that my carbs have to be around 50g/day to be feeling great and in control of my appetite. Lower than that and I will lose a little bit of weight, above that and I know my weight loss will stall. I generally go between 35-70g/day without too much tracking because I have done it for so long.
  2. Too Much Fruit – yes I use berries on my breakfast and desserts, but that is it. I allow my children to eat fruit (without gorging) as they are fit, healthy and in the normal weight range. For me, the sugar and fructose in fruit are too much. Sure, enjoy it as a treat and eat only low carb nutritent dense berries. See fruit as an occasional sweet treat. Packed with fibre, antioxidants, nutrients……… “If you are overweight, fruit is not your friend”
  3. Too Much Dairy – my biggest downfall is milk. I love my lattes and flat whites. Now milk is great, full of protein and calcium, but it also contains about 5% carbs. A latte can range from 9g to 15g carbs depending on the size you choose. Most dairy such as milk, cream and yoghurt contains approximately 4- 5% but you are more likely to drink a large glass of milk, eat a bowl of yoghurt or drink a large latte than eat 250g of full-fat cheese which has negligible carbs. Go back and track just how much cheese, cream, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products you are having. Dairy products also contain a lot of protein, which can (via gluconeogenesis) turn into glucose in the body.
  4. Nuts – this was my other mistake. Snacking on too many nuts, too often. Nuts are a great source of fibre, omega 3, selenium. Be careful which nut varieties you consume. Cashews are the worst for carbohydrates, about 20%. Also, make sure your nut mix doesn’t contain any dried fruit. The trail mixes are the worst. Measure out a small dish of nuts and make them last for the day. Buy nuts in their shells so it takes longer to eat them.
  5. Not Enough Fat – yes, to lose weight you need to eat more fat. I got to the point where nothing was working for me to lose weight, so I thought “I’ve tried everything else, why not?”. It was the best thing I ever did. Honestly, by eating more fat, I have lost my appetite. I have to admit that I snack on butter slices when cooking dinner, or have a spoon of coconut cream to take the edge off my hunger, best of all – a creamy coffee. Don’t fear the fat.
  6. Too Many Artificial Sweeteners – I believe diet drinks have a place in weight loss, but certainly not long term. I see them at the start to get over my sugar cravings and to fill up when I was hungry but they should be of short term use. I use sweeteners in my baking and desserts, but I don’t make desserts and sweet treats a huge part of my life anymore. The whole point is to get off the sugar and the sweet treats. Sweeteners can affect appetite and make you think that if a recipe contains them instead of regular sugar, then it’s OK to eat more. If your weight loss has stopped, stop the diet drinks the sweet treats and reassess.
  7. Eating Too Often or Eating Too Little – some say you should snack little and often throughout the day. You need to learn what real hunger feels like and actually get used to the fact that being hungry is actually OK. The other extreme is to eat too little, you become so starving that you end up eating something you know you shouldn’t and sting far too much of it. Eat when you really think you need a meal, and make it nutritious. If all you want is a sweet treat, but not real food, then its probably a craving and not hunger. Cravings are a sign of insulin resistance, learn to resist them, reset your metabolism, you will finally gain control of your appetite.
  8. Be Patient– this has to be the hardest lesson to learn. I was really strict with LCHF, and for the first couple of months, I lost hardly anything. This is hard when every time I went on weight watchers, the kilos drop off. But that weight loss was never sustainable. I am still losing weight now, probably half a kilo every month. This will probably stop soon as your body finds its own natural weight, and my carb intake needs to be realistic that I can continue. Keep reminding yourself that your way of eating now is so more nutritious than when you ate carbs and processed foods. The weight WILL go, you WILL gain control of your appetite, and you WILL succeed. There are so many benefits (in addition to weight loss) that LCHF brings. Just read this article on why sugar is so bad for us and this one regarding insulin resistance.
  9. Lack of Sleep – lack of sleep and increased stress are critical to weight loss and wellbeing.
  10. Caffeine – caffeine is a stimulant which increases your adrenaline (short term hormone that gets you out of danger – “fight or flight”). It stimulates the liver to release glucose from its glycogen stores. What happens next? This new high level of glucose causes insulin to be released again, fat gets stored and fat burning turns off. If weight loss has stopped, can’t sleep, too stressed, stop the caffeine. You don’t have to give up your coffee, but just has a decaffeinated coffee and see how you feel.

Do Low-Carb Bars Stop Weight Loss?

Yes, stop the fake food and your low carb bars, sugar-free chocolate snacks and low carb bread. Firstly they are not real food, they are not wholesome and provide no real nutrition.

Part of the ethos of living low carb and keto is to eat real food, whole food, clean food, and food that is not manufactured, processed, or manufactured.

Too many of these bars calculate the carb content in a dubious way and some of the sugar alcohols will still raise your blood sugars. A few low carb bread brands have had their ‘Low-Carb’ claims removed as they were a complete falsification.

So you’ve read my “top 10 reasons you’re not losing weight” – I’d love you to leave a comment below what stalled your weight loss and what you did to remedy it. What do you do when you want to kick start again?

Free Macro Calculator

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  1. Hi, I am struggling to keep my carbs under 35. Could you give some advice please. Carbs are from veg and salad. Thanks

    1. 30-35g is really good. How much protein are you having? You should aim for a moderate amount of 1-1.5g/kg each day. Too much protein can produce glucose through gluconeogenesis. How much weight have you got to lose? The last few kilos are always the hardest as you are coming to the end, and having patience is really hard. I have stalled and are only losing maybe a kilo every couple of months, but a loss is a loss and I’m happy.

    2. Up ur fats and u should lose ur appetite. Just fix a small amt of veggies then and give urself 30 min postmeal to see if ur rly still hungry–the fat will have kicked in by then. If ur down that low with carbs, ur very close to ketosis. ketosis pretty much kills any hunger for most ppl. me included!

  2. I am really struggling with banting, and I have picked up weight. I battle to stick to 70 – 100 grams of protein and I feel hungry all the time. Please help, I am trÿing to stick to the “rules” But clearly I am doing things wrong.

    1. Have you taken a look at my Top reasons why you’re not losing weight? And look at this article on why some people aren’t losing weight. For most people it’s overdoing the dairy and nuts. Track your food for a week and see where your carbs are coming from.

  3. I am getting despondent as I have been Banting for 7 weeks and have only lost 3,8kg. I need to loose over 50kg and my goal is September 2015….I do love this life style and I defneltley dont miss starch foods like pastas,rice and the breads and cereals or any sugar. I have surprised even myself.I am probably eating about 50g of Carbs per day, if that. I admit I am eating over 250g protein a day, cooking with olive,avo and coconut oil. But where else should I get my fat from besides the meat?

    1. Free Spirit says:

      I would kill to be in your shoes. You are losing over 1 pound per week. Sorry, no sympathy from me! I’ve lost NOTHING in 6 weeks on these “diet”…If I could lose 1 pound per week I would be freaking ECSTATIC.

  4. Hello. I purchased the ketosis sticks and I am in ketosis. I am feeling better (less hunger, more energy). However, I am not losing weight. I am staying around the same weight. I just started about 3 weeks ago. My carbs are extremely low. I really don’ have any dairy or nuts either. I have been really strict with my LCHF. Do you think my body just needs more time? How do I know if I am eating enough fat?
    Any help would be greatly appreciate it. I am trying to lose 45-50 lbs.

    1. Yes I think you need more time. 3 weeks is still relatively soon to see how your body will respond. Keep on reminding yourself of the wonderful health benefits that low carb brings and that will keep you inspired to continue. The weight will drop off, you will maintain that weight loss, and you will feel amazing and in control of your appetite. That for me is the biggest but slowest change, my appetite has reduced dramatically and that is the key to the long term success of LCHF.

  5. I’m not losing weight at about 1600 calories per day. My macros are on average 10% carbs, 75% fat and 15% protein. Very little artificial sweetener (in coffee, in fat bombs, splenda or erythritol). I am 47 and 155 pounds. Moderate cardio (walking hard 3-4 times a week). Few nuts, a moderate amount of dairy (mostly cheese). I’m at a loss (pun intended).

    1. Are there any other health issues that might be holding you back? Maybe increase your protein and reduce your fat so your body is burning your fat not ingested fat? Everyone is different and it is frustrating but it will happen, albeit slowly.

      1. No health issues (knock on wood). And the ketostix are dark purple, so it’s not that I’m not in ketosis. I’ll try 10/65/25 and see what happens. It’ll be hard though, when you think that you can go crazy eating fat and you get used to it. 🙂

  6. Whats the tenth reason? my computer wont let me upload it. Thanks.

  7. I’m new what is the breakdown I should aim for? How many carbs, proteins & fats per day? I’m 38 & want to lose 20kgs. 85kgs to 65kgs. Any tips?

    1. Start at around 50g carbs per day and adjust from there. You may want to reduce them further but it may be too drastic at the beginning, depending on your previous eating habits. Come and join me on Facebook for more help and ideas.

  8. This is day 11 of the diet,I was so excited to weigh myself today,I feel fantastic. .I’ve had no side effects on it which I was so worried about as 16 years ago I had my gall bladder removed which has caused nothing but stomach problems for me.I feel like the weights come off hense so looking forward to stepping on the scales but I don’t see nothing different.:(

    1. I’d just like to add to my previous comment.when I started this diet I gave up sugar I use to have 3 teaspoons of sugar every day in my cup of tea,I feel amazing that after 2 weeks I’ve gone from 3 sugars to no sugar which I have always had in my 36 years.I have had absolutely no carbs in nearly 2 weeks,I don’t miss them 2 which has suprised me as I love chips and potatoes especially chippy chips.I feel like I’ve lost weight over my body but I’m not seeing it yet on the scales it’s making me wonder where I am going wrong x Please help 🙂

      1. Be patient, your clothes are becoming looser and you are feeling great. Even if the scales never move you have done amazingly well so quickly.

      2. I just came here to say that I started a LCHF diet about 4 months ago. I lost 20 lbs pretty quickly (which is a lot but also I have quite a but to lose so…), and have not lost any weight for about two months. However people who I see fairly often continue to compliment my weight loss as well as tell me how different I look (believe me, losing 20 lbs in the past has not brought on such drastic changes in my appearance). I have much more energy and I seem to get actually full off of food! Also my boyfriend tells me my snoring has stopped so that’s been great 🙂
        So what I’m trying to say is that even if you haven’t seen much movement on the scale it’s 100% about how you feel and I’m sure any progress you have made might be invisible to you but I’m sure it’s visible to everyone else ;).

    2. Are your clothes becoming looser? That’s the real test. Weight can fluctuate so easily throughout the day. I know it’s hard, but try not to weigh yourself. Your improvement in health and feeling so fantastic is enough of a measure to continue.

      1. Free Spirit says:

        No. My clothes fit exactly the same after 6 weeks of carb and sugar deprivation. OMAD and intermittent fasting, 25 grams or less…sometimes way less carbs per day. Hubby is eating all he wants on KETO and wight is falling off, he is not “checking macros” or any of that. I did Atkins once for a couple weeks in my early 40s and lost 7 pounds in ONE WEEK. But this Keto is doing nothing. It made me feel utterly miserable for 5 weeks and then that went away and I feel back to my normal self but zero weight loss that is noticeable. Clothes and measurements do not lie.

    3. I have been doing everything correctly. I dropped 11 lbs the first week and now 3 weeks later NOTHING. Not one pound. I have over 100 lbs to lose. I don’t understand. I have done the weighing and measuring, the calorie counting, the eliminating dairy… at this point I might as well just not eat. I am so frustrated. I have been tested for everything and there is nothing wrong in my system. No thyroid no diabetes no low blood sugar no insulin resistance. I eat only whole foods no sugar or sugar substitutes and no fruit. NO prepackaged anything and not one pound has come off in 3 weeks. What is going on??? I am so disappointed and so depressed. My only comfort was my baking and I gave all that up to lose this weight and for what? I just don’t get it. Any suggestions?

      1. Free Spirit says:

        Your weight loss averages 2.75lbs per week over the 4 week period. I would LOVE to have that problem! I have been on Keto for 6 weeks and have lost ZERO. Heck, I would be thrilled with a freaking FIVE POUND LOSS over 6 weeks! This thing is getting absurd. There is something very strange going on that feels almost like demonic oppression for some of us out here. There is NO REASON why I have not lost weight but the weight has fallen off my husband at the same time …. N O N E….

  9. Okay, so I’m starting my family on this lifestyle change mainly because I am worried about my son. He’s 9 and significantly overweight. He’s put on pounds, I would say, in the last two years. I feel like he never feels full. He says he’s always hungry, so I’m thinking maybe his body isn’t processing carbohydrates well. Now, I went to the Diet Dr. website, and he seems to be saying eat as much protein as you want, but then you told someone else in the comments to limit the protein, so what is the best way to go about this? I’m trying to piece it together here, and I’m thinking we really want to emphasize the vegetables and fats because that’s where the most nutrition comes from and the fats satiate hunger. Am I on the right track?

    1. Hi Heather and welcome. Yes you are absolutely on the right track. For most who are LCHF it is recommended to eat 1-1.5g protein per day per kg, so for example, a 60kg person might aim for 60g-90g protein. But this is only enough to prevent a protein deficiency. I tend to aim for much higher. And remember 100g or a beef steak or chicken breast has about 20-25g protein. Personally, I don’t count anything but it is given as a guide as many eating low carb eat excessive protein and want to know some numbers. LCHF is based on moderate protein and not gorging on it (or anything for that matter). You are correct in basing your son’s meals on vegetables, good quality protein and healthy fats to keep him satiated. Don’t get too hung up on numbers, keep it simple. Add healthy fats to his meal, encourage vegetables to bulk up his meal (to replace the rice, bread, potatoes etc) and eat the fat that ‘comes along for the ride’ on his meat. By removing processed food from his diet, he will almost become low carb by default. I am sure he will regain his appetite control again and get back into the healthy weight range. He is lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive mum, he’s got a head start already. Libby.

      1. Thanks, Libby. I appreciate the encouragement, and look forward to gaining more information from your site. Heather

          1. I too have a 9 year old who was steadily gaining weight for the previous 2 years. In particular she gained a lot of abdominal weight and started to look quite unhealthy, to the point where she was noticing how different she was looking to her friends. She too was hungry all the time, despite us limiting the processed food, sugar etc and giving her what we believed was a healthy diet. Hardest of all our second daughter(7) had none of these issues and is very lean in body type. When I started Keto 7 weeks ago she joined me in eating LCHF. I’m delighted to say that she has adapted to this woe very successfully and I don’t see her constantly in the kitchen looking for food as her cravings are much less. Most pleasingly for her, she has burned off a lot of the stored abdominal weight and looks healthy! She herself has noticed how much healthier she looks and feels and I’m so happy for her that’s she’s experienced at such a young age how she needs to eat this way with her body, as it’s just extremely sensitive to carbs. Go well with guiding your child as well

          2. This is a beautiful story and a wonderful result for your daughter. I know what it feels like to once be an overweight child, I wish I knew then what I know now. It stopped me from doing so many things as a child as I felt so conscious of my tummy and legs compared to my friends. Ses, please send my love to your daughter and congratulations from me for making such wonderful healthy changes 🙂 x

  10. Hi!
    What great website, lots of useful information. I have a question about optimal weight: in about a year I lost 15kg on LCHF. Feels wonderful, I have been stable for 6 months already! But with my 1,61m and round-about 60kg (BMI 23.1) I would still like to lose another 5-7kg. How realistic is that goal? I usually eat around 20-25g carbs, 70-80% fat, moderate amounts of protein. Every now and then I do intermittent fasting if the weight starts to creep up because I’ve been eating too much (nuts and cheeses are my downfall!). So to loose more weight I would probably need to eat less and fast more often, right? I am just really not so sure I can handle the sacrifice. Or does this mean that I am already at the optimal weight and just have to bite the bullet and accept that this is the way I am supposed to look? Is there anybody else with the same problem?

    1. This is common, the last few kg are the hardest to lose, and you are correct, too much fat, dairy and nuts are the biggest culprits to stalling weight loss. I am currently trying IF as I would like to lose that last wee bit and it is working. The only reason I can do it is because I am in control of my appetite now, there is no way I could have done this even a year ago. I tend to have a cup of tea or creamy coffee when I wake up , then tea/coffee/water throughout the day whilst I work. Maybe a snack as I’m developing a recipe but not much really until dinner. I have also stopped all snacks after dinner. This all goes out the weekend of course when I am cooking for my family as I love my red wine and weekend desserts, but through the week I am finding this an easy way to slowly lose about 0.5kg/week which I am really happy with as it doesn’t seem much of a sacrifice a few days a week. Maybe I’ll write a post about it when I am done 🙂

      1. Thank you for you reply! Makes sense, I think I will try your approach. I love cooking too and find it psychologically easier to stay on track if I have a day-or-two when I do not have to mind how much I eat. And 0.5kg a week seems plenty to me. Well, good luck to us both and do write that post! I am looking forward to it.

  11. I’ve been following lchf for two weeks now. In the previous three years I strived and mostly followed a Paleo diet. I’ve had many downfalls. I just had to have that bag of chips or whatever. I have thyroid issues, and am post menopausal. I had an endocrinologist that was successful in helping me to gain twenty lbs by messing with my meds. I know take wpthroid and am doing well on it. So, mostly Paleo and two weeks into lchf and I don’t see any weight coming off. I know two weeks is a small amount of time but not even 1pound. I log all my food and moderate exercise into my fitness pal. I have my goals as 10%carb, 30%protien and 60%fat. Do I just have it all wrong? Thank you!

  12. I just wanted to add to my post. I am also pre diabetic. I don’t crave sugar and rarely eat dessert. I also don’t eat much fruit unless it’s in season and its from the farmers market. I’ve been afraid of sugar for years. Thank you again.

    1. Don’t be disheartened from only 2 weeks. You are in a tough position with being post menopausal (plays havoc with weight loss) and thyroid issues (again plays havoc) so it may take some time. At the beginning be pleased that no more weight is being gained, really try to stop the odd pack of chips or whatever has snuck in. It sounds like you are doing everything right, it may just take some time to settle in. Watch your dairy and nuts, these are the biggest contributors to weight loss stalling. Be really honest with everything you log into MFP. As time goes on, my appetite control improved immensely and so now I quite often skip meals (or intermittent fast) without even knowing it.

  13. I’m having a hard time losing even with following these guidelines. I’m 67, female, 5 foot 3, 164 lbs,GF for five years, low dairy and rare nuts. Carbs15-30/day. I’m in Ketosis but weight doesn’t drop for the last two months . Got a big job coming up where I need to be height weight proportionate. Any suggestions?

    1. Do you track your food diary? You should be losing if you are that low carb and in ketosis. I cannot give advice here but some people do intermittent fasting to kick start weight loss again, especially useful if you have been low carb for some time so are in control of your appetite, those just starting out cant do this as they will be incredibly hungry as they still have insulin driven hunger. Have you had blood tests to see if anything else is stalling your weight loss? Here’s a great article to read more about intermittent fasting.

  14. marie timmins says:

    Hi my name is Marie, I have been following LCHF for three months now . Eating 2 slices of bacon 2 eggs a handful of mushrooms cooked in organic butter and coconut oil and half of avocado for breakfast. lunch I have chicken avocado salad or egg salad with coconut oil . For dinner I have pork or lamb or some other meat for dinner cooked in butter and coconut oil and veggies . And about half an hour I have one teaspoon of coconut oil with green tea to drink. I was told that it can take time to start losing weight. It can take up to 4 months or so. The reason for tis is because if have being on and off a diet for years you have put a lot of damage on your body. Your body has to repair from all the damage this true.

  15. Could you help me out? I started LCHF two years ago, and lost weight steadily for the first 6 months, going from 144lbs. to 125lbs. which I maintained for another year. Then, it seems like out of nowhere, I started gaining weight, until now, where I’ve been around 133lbs. for about 6 months.
    When I noticed the weight creeping up, I started to panic and tried a bunch of things (although I got discouraged easily and gave up when I realised the methods were not sustainable for me): following stricter macros left me hungry (and tallying them drove me nuts–I have two kids at home), I tried severely limiting carbs to 5g a day, but missed greens like crazy, I have now been greatly reducing my dairy intake and have quit nuts, so I eat basically meat, vegetables and eggs. I do drink about 2-3 caffeinated beverages (coffee/tea) per day. I have a ketonix breathalizer, so I know I’m always in ketosis. I’m not on any meds, and I just CAN’T think of what’s going on! It’s especially discouraging because I maintained my weight at 125 lbs. fairly effortlessly, eating cheese chips and blueberries and cream whenever I liked, without seeing a change on the scales. Now my muffin-top makes me feel like a failure.
    Any suggestions?

    1. So are you snacking without noting it perhaps? I’m with you on the no counting thing, I cant bear to count, weigh, calculate ….. so tiresome and a not natural way to exist. I had years of that with WW. I have learned to listen to my hunger signals and really recognise when I am truly hungry and when it’s just out of habit. Have you tried intermittent fasting? This is so helpful to break through a plateau. It can only be done really once you are in control of your appetite. There are many methods (read this post from Diet Doctor) but the easiest is to skip breakfast and just have a creamy coffee/tea to see you through to a later lunch then a regular dinner. Are you eating enough fat to keep you full but not to excess? We want our body to start using our body fat as fuel. Try giving up fruit, even berries, for a while. Fruit is not our friend when we want to lose weight, especially women. Fruit is natural candy so give it up and any alcohol for a while and see the results. Good luck, and remember all the health benefits that come along with LCHF as well as weight loss.

      1. Thanks Libby,
        No, no snacking.
        I tried intermittent fasting for two days per week, at 18:6, but found that, psychologically, I would feel hungry just because I knew I couldn’t eat, whereas on a weekend, I don’t have a problem going until lunch without eating/drinking.
        I haven’t touched fruit (other than berries) in two years, but I have decided to kick the berries to the curb for a month, as well as dairy and nuts, to see how it goes.
        I’ll check in with my progress at that point.
        Thanks for your input,

  16. Michelle Barns says:

    I have a question around ratios for if you’re not necessarily trying to lose weight, but are following lchf to feel the best you can and just to eat good quality, nutritious food… A typical western diet is predominantly higher carb (65% +) and lower fat, so, if the ratios were shifted to, say, 30/30/30 carb protein and fat and overall energy intake was reasonable for the amount of energy being expended, would this still be better for health and weight maintenance etc…. or do the benefits of fat burning only come when carbohydrate is really low and fat high? Would a 30/30/30 promote weight gain given both fats and carbs are being consumed in similar quantities? Or only if the total amount consumed was excessive. SO many questions 😛

    1. Michelle, everyone’s body is different. Some can tolerate foods that others cannot. The LCHF way of eating should be followed strictly for the first few months (it normalized my blood sugar, lowered my cholesterol, and I’ve lost almost 30 lbs). THEN you can start to add in more carbs (but NOT grains, starches, or sugar of any kind – even sugar free foods) until you figure out what your body can tolerate to maintain your weight, etc. Less carbs will cause you to lose weight. 30% of daily food in carbs and only 30% from fat will most likely not keep you in ketosis. When you eat lchf, you use that food for energy. When you are not eating, you are using stored fat for energy. Ketosis is the goal. Disregard every other nutritional guideline you’ve ever heard, and just stick with it. A typical western diet is the reason why so many of us are overweight. Poor-quality, processed food is to be avoided at all costs.

  17. Lori Michelle Garcia says:

    Thank you for this article. I found it because I had done LCHF for a month with dismal results.

    I lost 3 lbs the first week, than gained them back slowly throughout the month. I felt like my face was looking thinner, although, after the month I was still at a sad 223 lbs 🙁 I have dieted pretty much all my life, so I was wondering if that might have been my body trying to build muscle again?

    Then for week 5 and 6 we went on vacation to Europe. I was so good about staying within my carbs (even skipped the crossiants and chocolate mousse in Paris!) but instead of eating breakfast and lunch (trying to save money) I would eat nuts and cheese. Then I would eat a salad and some meat for dinner. I actually thought I would lose weight while we were in Europe being so good on my carb count….Instead, I gained 4 lbs — weighing in at 227. Now, I realize it was the nuts and cheese.

    Now being home for two more weeks (week 7 and 8 of being LCHF) I have only lost 1.5 lbs, weighing in at 225.6. It has been hard since I feel like I am doing everything right. I was only tracking my carbs, now I am tracking to make sure I have less than 4 oz of cheese a day, less than 4 TB of mayo and 4 TB of cream.

    Oh, and I do IF…I only eat lunch and dinner. I started tracking my calories today, as I have finally thought, maybe I have to do that too. At it suggested I eat 1800 calories a day to lose weight. It sounded high, as I was used to eating 1200 a day on a low-calorie diet, but it does help me feel full. I also noticed that I hit my fat goal and was almost to my protein goal and only 13 carbs for the day.

    Some people on a FB group told me I might have to give up dairy, but honestly, I don’t think I can handle giving that up too.

    So, I was encouraged when you said you didn’t lose much weight at first either. Does my story sound normal to you and I should just keep going, or should I be concerned I’m eating too much?

    1. Weight loss is so individual, don’t compare your journey to someone else as the rate of weight loss will depend on so many elements. For example – how long you have been overweight, how insulin resistant you are and any other medical issues you may have etc etc. The story I hear time and time again is that your measurements will be changing way before the scales do. So measure yourself each week and track your progress there. As for how much to eat, eat only until full, don’t think you have to eat a certain amount of fat or calories if you simply aren’t hungry. And lastly, remember all the health benefits from eating LCHF, the weight loss is an added bonus, so even if it takes far longer than you expected, this is a way of eating long term for life, not a diet we will come off. You seem to be doing well and making the necessary changes so time will pay you back with results. 🙂

  18. I’ve been doing low carb since Feb and I’ve lost 20 poinds. While I am proud of those 20 pounds, I have not lost any in the last 2 months. My diet has not changed except maybe I’m eating less. I eat salads daily, bacon, eggs, slim jims, beef jerky, etc. I do have a thro I’d condition but I take synthroid. I’m so frustrated.

    1. I’ve just googled the ingredients of slim Jim’s, they are processed rubbish. I would suggest trying eating only whole foods. Bacon is also processed.

    2. Hi missy,
      congrats on loosing 20 lbs.. I’ve been doing Keto for 3 months and so far dropped 26 lbs and have around 12 % body fat.( I’m a personal trainer)

      One mistake is to cut calories and eat less.. ( have u calculated your macros… for fats carbs and proteins)
      I actually increased my calories after the second month and I am still dropping weight.
      Are u calculating total carbs or net carbs? Is the total value around 5% of total calories…
      Also keep your fat intake around 70-80 %,protein 15-20 %

      U mention jerky if processed check sugar content as usually they are high in carbs/ processed sugars…
      There are a lot of great recipes on the web If u like fat bombs to increase fat intake..
      P.s the keto bounty bars are brilliant..
      If u like bacon and eggs , jalepino poppers are a great recipe, can be made in advance and are brilliant cold..

      Hope this helps

    3. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

      You are clearly in starvation mode. You did great but did it too aggressively and now your body is defending against more weight loss. There is a way forward for you but you need to back off calorie restriction for a while and let your metabolism health. See my posts about about a way to diet without having this happen the next time.

      1. Free Spirit says:

        Seems it’s “damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t”………I remember a time when the fewer calories ingested resulted in more weight loss. Wonder what happened to that? It no longer works for us lucky few out here, however what does “work” ALWAYS for me is increasing calories = increasing WEIGHT! So it seems my options are to deprive myself with few calories and completely boring selection of “keto” food intermittent fasting, OMAD and LOSE NOTHING or increase my calorie intake like my husband (whose weight is falling off) and GAIN WEIGHT. BECAUSE HAVE ALREADY TRIED THIS THE FIRST 4 WEEKS OF THE DIET I ATE TO SATIETY JUST A COUPLE HUNDRED CALORIES PER DAY LESS THAN MY HUSBAND AND I GAINED WEIGHT. I don’t know what else to do. I do know there seems to be something very nefarious going on with this Keto diet for a select few of us. It’s almost like we are being “mocked” by the “winners”….


  19. Teresa Tyler says:

    I started this lchf way of eating about 2-1/2 weeks ago. I’m In a group that supports this way of eating and alot of people post about how far as hey lost in the beginning. I’m just not seeing those same results. I’m tracking my food in my fitness pal and I stay at 20g carbs or below. I’ve been trying to make sure the fat I eat doubles my carbs and protein combined. I eat no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, and get my carbs mostly from veggies and occasional nuts. I’m drinking about 96oz of water a day. I do have hypothyroidism so I wonder if this is the cause….getting frustrated. I know it hasn’t been very long but I thought I would at least drop some each week. On weight watchers I lost about 4 lbs a week…but I like this woe better.

    1. Me too! Ugh so frustrating – I’ve actually cut back down on the fat a bit – I was force feeding myself cream to hit my fat macros but I think it may be counter productive. I also think dairy is a culprit because I put on 1 centimetre around my waist eating like this and 100g in weight which is not exactly what I want to be happening. I don’t know I think everyone needs to find exactly what works for them. I’m trying lower fat, same amount of protein (92g) and still 20g of carbs to see if that fixes anything (cutting out dairy apart from butter as well) – Fingers crossed!

    2. Same here. I have been super strict on the keto diet, under 20 grams of carbs, no sugar substitutes, a gallon of water a day, workout 4 times per week moderate rowing and weights, no nuts, limited dairy, no caffine, no alcohol, no fruit (this is the hardest) and very few veggies. I only lost the inital water weight and that is it. I have been doing this for 8 weeks!!!! I feel better, but it is so hard doing this when I am not reaching my weight loss goals. I haven’t cheated once….

  20. I would seriously recommend buying a Ketone analyser (similar to a glucose meter) with the Ketone strips that go with them. (most chemists sell them) If your ketone levels are >0.5 then you are burning fat. Having been on this LCHF regime now for 5 months it is unbelievably easy to follow and I must say “Ditch the Carbs” has helped with a number of recipies over and above what I was given by specialist.

  21. It’s really simple. If you are not losing weight it can be two options. 1 you are not in ketosis, so check where are you getting carbs. 2. You are eating too much calories..your body lives first from your food, and if it’s will take fat from your body. So watch your calories. An easy to calculate less. Is make a meal then measure. Next time make same meal…no need to measure. Another trick, is build muscles , muscles burn calories when you are resting. For measuring always measure weight..and waist . Write it every day after toilet in the morning,same time. It can that you weight is stuck but your waist will go down

    1. I promise you it is not that simple for everyone.

      1. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

        Stephany, truer words have never been spoken. It is clearly not this simple, especially if you need to diet for more than 12 weeks continuously to hit your goal.

  22. Hi I have just found this site – it is fantastic! I have been low carb for a few weeks but wasn’t seeing much change on the scales and I was very tired and hungry. I have now upped my fat and felt a little less tired but still not experienced the energy boost I was hoping for (or weight loss). So I went to my fitness pal and adjusted the settings to approx 70 grams of proten / day, 30 grams carbs / day and 156 grams of fat / day to see what I was eating and where the nutrient was. I was surprised that my egg and cheese omelette for breakfast, a handful of almonds and a steak for dinner with cream cheese sauce sent my protein content for the day through the roof – quadruple what it should have been. So my question is – how do I reduce the protein significantly without becoming really hungry and feeling even more tired than I do already? I am worried about having more dairy/nuts as I am trying to lose 20kg of weight. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. I don’t count my macros any more, but for those who do, tend to be guided by 1-1.5g protein per kg lean body weight. 70 grams of protein sounds a little low. You can easily cut back on some of your dairy which will also lower you carb intake. So maybe cut back on the cream cheese sauce, just have butter, no nuts whilst weight loss has stalled, no snacking (only once your appetite is under control) and add plenty of butter to scrambled eggs rather than the cheese. Even trying one of these options may be enough to kick start you again.

    2. You might try Intermittent Fasting. This really cut the hungry feeling for me and took me into ketosis which has given me amazing energy.

  23. Not sure if this question belongs in this category, but this category came closest.

    We have been on the LCHF diet for 5 months. I have already lost 28 kilos and feel much better and more energetic, my eczema improved and I don’t have any heartburn anymore. I do IF and eat 1 big meal a day. So no complaints here.

    My husband, who wasn’t really fat to start with, just had a bit of a beer belly going on, lost 14 kilos. His belly fat and love handles are gone and at 77 kilos and 1.78m he is really slim and his BMI is in the good range. So you would think he was doing great, but for the past two or three weeks he’s been feeling hungy between meals and getting cranky. He says he sometimes feels a bit lightheaded when he hasn’t eaten for a while and his cravings for sweets are coming back. Yesterday I found him snacking on sugar free liqorice he got at the gas station.

    What could be the issue for him? We eat plenty of healty fats and veg and not too much protein. We’re below 30 carbs a day and everything is cooked from scratch. We don’t count calories and he eats untill he’s full.

    Should I increase his fats or monitor his calories? Or should I give him bigger portions of food? Maybe he needs a bit more carbs? I could really use some advice.

    1. Well done Joy on such amazing result. Fabulous weight loss, skin improved, no heartburn, improved energy – congratulations. As for your husbands light headedness and hunger, it could be the sugar free liquorice. Check what sweetener they use. For most people stevia, erythritol and xylitol don’t raise their blood sugars but maybe it is something else and he is reacting to it – with high bloods sugars or it may be raising his insulin and then dropping his sugars later. Either way, if something health wise has changed, and something new has been introduced, it kind of points the finger to that being the culprit. Maybe he could try dark chocolate for his sweet fix on the way home? I love 90% but he may need to work up to this. It also has the benefit that you only need 1 or 2 squares (whereas a whole bag of sugar free liquorice may disappear before you know it). Also liquorice can have a nasty side effect of upset tummy, and if a bad sweetener is in there too, that can exacerbate the tummy effects.

      1. Mrs J Thornton says:

        May I also add here that in naturopathic circles licorice is known to lower blood pressure and as an ingredient in naturopathic supplements, is always monitored. I don’t think this was your question though as it sounded like the licorice was just something he grabbed to snack on, not a constant snacking tool. Can you gain access to a blood glucose monitor to see if it is low blood sugar related? If his levels are too low during these lightheaded, cranky times then it may be that individually he does need more carbs or maybe more fat for energy. Ketosis is incredibly individual and one size will never fit all.

        1. Thank-you so much for adding your experience in here. I love it when we all help each other out with various knowledge and wisdom. I completely agree also with “one size doesn’t fit all” approach.

        2. Licorice can INCREASE blood pressure, Mrs J Thornton. People with blood pressure issues need to be looking at licorice very closely as something to avoid. Licorice dramatically decreases potassium levels, too. However, most licorice isn’t even containing licorice root from what i can see. Most contain anise as the flavoring agent. Licorice contains glycerrhizin. This can send one to the doctor with high blood pressure. I had this happen in my own life after trying out licorice root tea for a while. I drank two cups of licorice tea per day for a few weeks. BP was quite high. The only dietary change I had made was the tea.

    2. I would eat more coconut oil and cut all carbs plus eat more healthy low carb veggies. Your hunger will go away. Maybe more calories also. You don’t want to restrict calories if they are the right type. Good amounts of protein and fat will give you the right amount of calories. Make sure you maintain the proper amount of calories for your weight or your desired weight or your metabolism will slow down.

  24. I can’t have dairy and eggs. Would love to get a meal planning guide to try to get an idea how to eat without these. Can’t lose the weight. Thank you.

  25. I find this very interesting.I have been on a keto diet running 100-130 grams of fat per day, 80-110 grams of protein per day, and 20-30 grams of carbs daily. All caveman food as there is nothing processed. The course has been in excess of 100 days with very little loss effect. I feel better but have plateaued about 50 days ago and have seen nothing in terms of change. I have boosted my workout from 40-45 minutes of anaerobic weight lifting daily to 60+ minutes daily. There is less than 20 seconds between sets of each individual workout. My caloric intake is below 2,000 and nothing. I never cheated throughout the term and nothing.

    I am looking for suggestions as this is growing very frustrating.

    1. Steve Wood says:

      Steve, have you tried High Intensity interval Training in a fasted state. I read you have boosted your workout but have you combined 5 or even 6 different exercises together, 10 reps each test for 1 minute repeat for a 20 minute period. After workout do not eat for 1 hour. This really worked for me. Should you feel a lack of energy try drinking a cup of chicken broth. I bet you will see a difference in a couple of weeks.

    2. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

      Steve, see my post above. I am pretty sure you are in starvation mode and cutting more will not give you the results you seek. You need to back off for a while, like two to three months at maintenance calories (calories that used to cause neither weight loss or gain before you started dieting) and start over using a part-time framework. You will gain some weight back in the short term while your metabolism heals but I fear it is the only way forward.

  26. I am on Keto for 2 weeks now, I saw lots of keto bakery recipes which use almond flour and coconut flour. Are those bread or deserts considered as fake food?

    1. I regard fake food as the ultra processed foods found in stores with a very long shelf life. Fake foods are full of ingredients we can’t pronounce and generally have far too many chemicals, preservatives, colourings or added flavours. If it is a recipe you make at home, and it fits in your carb allowance, then enjoy it occasionally. But part of the ethos of going low carb and keto is to stop relying on our sweet foods and sweet preferences as often as we once did. Saying that, an occasional treat is nice, and it may as well be a low carb or keto one.

  27. hi im on 15g carbs
    135g protein
    67g fats
    1200 calories a day
    weigh training 3 times a week and either tabata or HIIT Once a week

    im 65kg 5 foot 6 and want to lose 10kg.

    Im not finding it difficult to cut out my carbs at all but im not losing either this is my second week on this diet i have no nuts little Dairy. att home cooked healthy meals very little fruit.

    I was wondering should i do a refuel day once a week to spike insulin levels would it help?

    1. Fat should be the highest grams in your macros

  28. Struggling says:

    What a fabulous site you have here!! I need help though. HELP! I eat usually 3x a day, all meats, eggs & cheese. 2 cups of coffee w/ a total of 3 carbs half n half n 2 equal packets per cup. Breakfast usually 3 eggs scrambled w/ a couple slices swiss cheese. Lunch usually a pork chop or small steak, lotsa butter. Dinner usually chicken wings (6 carbs for 2 servings) in 2 tbsp. blue cheese dressing. I love these foods, so repeat with little variance so far. Lost 9 pounds pretty quick, but been gaining in tiny increments every single day for over a week now! What more can I do? I’m just getting active physically, and can feel my muscles redevelop after 3 months of tax season, basically strapped to a desk for 16 hours a day… Is it muscle weight? I have lost some inches, but just don’t like the weight trending upward, which is a flag that I’m doing something wrong…

    1. Watch the measurements not the scales, they can be so off. Are you snacking? There needs to be a period in the day where we are not fully fed. I read somewhere we are either feeding or fasting. That brought it home that we need to be hungry for periods of the day, we don’t always need to be eating, and we need longer periods between meals. The scales moving up may be a temporary problem, most people say a true stall in weight loss if it is beyond 6 weeks. Keep going, and stick with it. I’m sure the scales will move down again soon.

    2. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

      The body measurements is as important as the scale results but it may be that you are starting to hit a weight loss plateau. If that is the case and the tips in this article is not working, please learn more about the part-time dieting approach. There are numerous studies showing that dieting using several different eating plans is more successful if you do it part-time than full time.

  29. Thanks so much for this information. My coworker, who has done the Keto diet and has lost immense amount of weight did tell me I may not be eating enough fat. Well, I am a pescetarian and I eat mostly veggies, I really need to get into the mindset of eating fats again. Woot!

  30. I cannot say enough about the ketogenic way of eating. We changed our diet because my husband who has been an insulin dependent diabetic for years has been facing some very serious health problems. One of his doctors (finally!) Recommended this diet to him. What a revelation! After some research and talking it over we decided to go for it. Threw out every non-keto friendly scrap of food in the house and headed to the grocery store with a very scary list topped with bacon, butter, and red meat. Knees knocking, I cooked our first bacon and eggs breakfast and since then we haven’t looked back. We’ve both lost over 50 lbs apiece and the best news, Hubby’s blood sugar is NORMAL! WITH NO INSULIN!!! My mood is elevated, we have more energy and the food is fantastic! Our only regret is that we didnt know about this sooner. But we ate both looking to the future and are keto lifers. Ditch the carbs has been an inspiration and amazing resource for information, recipes, and all things keto. Thank you! Living this way has given us much more time together than we had hope of even a year ago.

    1. What a lovely, positive comment!

      1. Free Spirit says:

        But they never say anything about the keto flu transition period which can be VERY ROUGH for some of us, lasting months, not days, nor do they every mention how long it took to lose the weight or their starting weight or if the husband lost his weight 10 times faster than the wife, etc etc. Details would be VERY helpful. Much more helpful than meaningless and superficial “postivity”…….

  31. I am on lchf & losing very well. I would like to know if anyone has had a problem with high triglycerides? (They were high before I started eating this way) I’m just concerned that eating the high fat will make it worse. My Doctor loves that I’m losing, but then the bloodwork & the TGs throw her into a tailspin. Anyone have to work through this problem? Thanks for any imput.

    1. I had the same fear but my triglycerides have come down 108 points in six months on Keto. A1C has also come down, plus down five pant sizes. Hang in there!

    2. I have one piece of low carb bread with butter and peanut butter for breakfast, one smoothie containing Greek yogurt, skim milk, half a cup of blueberries and ice. Dinner is protein and cabbage, and two glasses of red wine with ice. Still no weight loss?

      1. You’re ingesting a lot of carbs. The peanut butter, the bread, the dairy, the fruit, and then the alcohol. I recommend switching to a different nut butter (if you have to have) use almond milk instead of dairy, ditch the fruit and the alcohol.

        1. Spot on. Try and get rid of something of those carb sources. And the dairy. Eat more vegetables and fats but like fats from nuts, oils, avocados ect.

          I like the info on the coffee! I have been doing HFLC for 3 weeks and I have lost 5 lbs but don’t feel it’s enough for how strict I am with me eating . I have lost 8 inches BUt I drink 5 cups of black coffee a day!

          I clearly need to cut this out!

  32. Oh, I love the ketogenic diet and got great results with it. But, getting enough sleep that’s my biggest problem. I’m also working night shifts and I need my caffeinated coffee.

  33. I’ve been 100% “perfect: for 4 months now… and zero weight loss. I haven’t gained, either. I am so discouraged. Don’t bother asking me if I went potentially off my macros because I track them diligently and I never ever ever cheat. I’m honestly thinking of going back to just starving myself because that’s the only thing that’s ever worked.

    1. CJ – I’m experiencing the very same thing, did you ever start losing weight?

      1. Same here. Am thinking small but balanced meals (all the macros) might be the way to go afterall. I feel queasy from so much fat too. The IDEA seems right, but in practise … a different story. Plus, maybe it’s not natural to eat a lot of fat? Not sure … I’ve been doing this 2 months now. Even through Christmas!

        1. Remember to eat healthy fats ONLY until full. Some people take it to the extreme and to excess, which most find unpleasant and overpowering.

    2. Try a week of eating red meat and eggs and nothing else. Combine it with intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast for sure and if you can skip lunch even better. Eat as much as you want in the evening or late afternoon. Guaranteed to work and you won’t lose any muscle mass. This is a diet that bodybuilders did back in the 70’s and 80’s. 100% KETO.

      1. I’m going to try this as I too am following a very strict regimen and not getting any results. This is week 3 for me. Water is my only beverage (4weeks straight so far) and I have not cheated. Test strips show im in Ketosis but no weight loss. I work out 3-4 x week both cardio and weights and I’m baffled.

    3. The Keto diet is like any other diet. You need a caloric deficit to lose weight. If you consume all the required calories your body needs every day, you are not going to lose weight. A keto diet is supposed to help you feel full by consuming fats, and ultimately help you naturally reduce your caloric intake. In keto, your body switches to burning fats as fuel. Your body will scavenge its own fat stores for fuel if it isn’t getting enough from your diet. One mistake that some people make is overindulgence in proteins. Proteins in excess can be broken down into glucose, thus negating ketosis. Although, this latter part doesn’t sound like it would be your problem since you said you are very careful about your macros (but the information may be beneficial to others).

    4. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

      I discuss above metabolic adaptation and the reason why weight loss stops. I fear that this is happening to you a well. Weight loss is so important to overall health enhancement so I hope that you will not give up. There are numerous studies showing that dieting using several different eating plans is more successful if you do it part-time than full time.

  34. Eat vegetables says:

    I’m incredibly sad reading all the victims’ comments – who continue to gain weight etc. while following the advice on this website and others like it. The fact is, no one can lose weight while gorging on whipping cream, steak and nuts. Healthy eating means VEGETABLES for at least 50% of your intake. My daughter became one of the keto groupies and weighs 100 pounds more after 18 months. Thanks for ruining her life.

    1. It’s not the website’s fault that your daughter is not only a fat fuck – she’s also a moron.

      1. That made my day, thank you! Always looking to place the blame.

  35. So not only am I following the rules but also tracking everything. What’s confusing me is that the the calorie calculator has me at 1500 calories to lose weight with a sedentary lifestyle and yet in the last month I’ve kept my weight and gained fat. My work is very physical. Close to 20000 steps a day, climbing several flights of stairs, lifting, pulling, on and off equipment. I’m 52 and I keep up with the 20 year olds with no problem. And I go to the gym 3 times a wife is losing but she only eats about 800 cals a day. Even if I wasn’t doing keto, just the low calorie count should be causing some kind of loss. The only good thing is that my glucose had dropped nearly 150 points. Other than that, I don’t get it.

    1. C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP says:

      I fear that you have gone too gung ho and have hit a weight loss plateau due to metabolic adaptation. In essence, your 500 calorie deficit is now likely around 50 calories because your body can survive on fewer calories. This is a normal survival reflex in the body and critical to our survival as a species. There may be a better way for you called part-time dieting. There are numerous studies showing that dieting using several different eating plans is more successful if you do it part-time than full time.

  36. I am trying a lot from last 2 moths for my weight loss and I just cant stick to my plan. Here I got the useful information that I need to do for better results. Thanks a lot for these great tips.

  37. I’m 43 years old and weigh 161.5 lbs. I started keto diet a week ago.
    My macros are 10-15% carbs, 20-25% protein and 60-70% fat, and my calories are between 1300 to 1500 but I’m still not in ketosis and only lost 1 lb so far. I’m making sure that my net carbs are below 25g. My fat usually ranges between 90g to 120g, and my protein ranges from 60g to 90g. for the past 5 days, test scripts are showing that i’m in small ketosis. It’s not going up. My husband on the other hand is in Large Ketosis and lost about 5 lbs. He just started 1 day before me. Any advise to get int Ketosis and lose weight.

    1. Try eating between 1100-1300 calories and make sure you are drinking as close to a gallon of water a day as you can. Also some exercising will be very beneficial even if it’s a 20-30 minute walk.

    2. I’m not replying I am making a comment I’ve lost 35 lbs so far, I need to lose 10 more, but can’t seem to do it . It’s been at lest 7 week since I’ve lost 35 and haven’t lost another pound! I’ve just cut out diet drinks, artificial sweeteners! I started out eating 100 carbs a day and lost all but 10 lbs of my goal. So I’ll just see what happens after cutting out the drinks and sweetners ‘

  38. Almost two years LCHF – feeling great, healthly, enjoying good food, no probs maintaining this super regime …. but …. not diabetic, and was not very much overweight to start with …. gave myself a sensible goal for my height and build …. have steadily lost weight and reached my goal a month ago. Now continuing to lose and getting too close to underweight. Drs (various) advise me to not lose any more, but I do not want to abandon LCHF. Original Dr who introduced me to the regime advised me to eat more of the LH side of PHCuk chart – bananas, rice, potatoes, beans, sweet potato, grapes etc, but this still in strict moderation does not keep me steady … and I do not want to stray too far from the straight and narrow! How much can I stray and still eat the healthy way I have been enjoying? Does too much good fat relative to the low carb make you lose weight? Any suggestions from you or any of the wonderful well known LCHF experts (including my former Dr) would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Jo

  39. Hello. Found this article interesting. I am currently 215lbs and have cut out 95% of my carbs….breads, pasta, processed foods and sugar. Just a little rice here and there. I can’t exercise due to bad knees in which I am in treatment for. I have cut back portion sizes and try to limit dairy and cheese. I am finding it really hard
    to lose any weight. I need to lose about 40 lbs to help with my knees. I am losing inches but the scale isn’t going
    down like it used when I cut out carbs. The only difference this time is I can’t exercise. The only thing I see
    on your list is fruit. I eat 3 or 4 fruits a day. Can this really make a difference?

    1. Yes that much fruit will definitely be holding you back. Remember this little quote “if you are overweight, fruit is not your friend”. Fruit is so high in natural sugars and fructose and will trigger your hunger, sugar swings and slumps. If you really want to enjoy some fruit, cut back to just once a day and choose low-sugar berries such as raspberries with some cream to keep you full. Exercise is wonderful but not necessary for weight loss. There are so many incredible health benefits from exercise, but weight loss has been totally overrated as one of them. Weight loss and health is 80% diet 20% exercise. As the weight slowly falls off, you may manage to add some extra movement to your day, but don’t worry too much about it for now. If you are loosing inches – brilliant! The weight will slowly drop, or sometimes it will give you a whoosh – a huge drop overnight. Keep going Lee and join me in my Low-Carb Support Group. I’ll see you there.

    2. Please keep at it, June. I’ve lost 2 1/2 stones since May 2018 in order to reduce the weight on my knees which were extremely painful and on the way to replacement like both my hips. I now weigh 9st 10 lbs so happy at that BUT I have no pain whatsoever in my knees, I can walk and stand for hours instead of minutes before last May, and climb the stairs properly but not yet able to run!. My thyroid meds have been reduced twice, My GP said to stop my blood pressure meds earlier in the week. I need another thyroid test in a couple of months as the result this week was bordering on over-treatment. I had a chocolate binge just after Christmas and was in severe pain in both my knees for a week. This is a way of life for me now and feel better than I have done in years and I’m now able to go to thy gym so strengthening my body
      . I am 68. I am so grateful for finding Keto and all these free delicious recipes.

    3. Patricia Talley says:

      Yes!! I lost 26 pounds with no sugar then I started adding fruit to my diet, weight loss stopped. You think what harm can an Apple do or a couple of pears, answer? Stop your weight loss! Something good to watch “That Sugar Film” if you can find it. Lots of good info, scary stuff! Stop the fruit, after I cut it out I have lost another 10 pounds. Another trick, add some sour cream to your veggies I throw in some almonds too, makes a meal of broccoli.

  40. Hey, useful tips. This is really helping me. I will now start doing the same for better results. Thanks a lot for sharing. I will now correct those things that I was doing in a wrong way. Thanks a lot for this great share!

  41. I’m confused. I, too, can’t lose an ounce despite following keto faithfully. When I post my dilemma, some say, YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH CALORIES yet others say DECREASE YOUR CALORIES. I tried OMAD. No loss. I tried 3MAD. No joy. I track faithfully on Carb Manager. Have read the books. Have watched the YouTube podcasts. We are ALL looking for a magic bullet; I just want to be healthy.

    1. I understand and I too just don’t get it…. I’m beyond frustrated! I have been doing this for over 5 weeks with absolutely NO results.. I’m under 30 carbs a day and under 1100 calories a day… No medical issues…
      Is this just a big fat lie and waste of time????
      I am doing everything EXACTLY right and guess what? I gained 6 pounds.. WTF ?
      What is wrong?

      1. I’ve gained too but I think it’s because of my period, however, everybody bodies are different. Keto should be about your health whether than losing weight. I started last week and had my blood tested yesterday and the results are I’m down 37 points I’m no longer prediabetic. I’m told that if you don’t get deep sleep during the night where you go into realm at least 5x a night it will stall your weight loss.

      2. 16 days here and NOTHING!! I think we are eating too much fat! I think just eat a balanced Protein and veggie diet.. With moderate fats. I also think that my ancestors had it right.. eat light dinner, heavier in the morning..
        I will tell you this.. I haven’t been DEPRESSED in 16 days.. I think high bad carbs have something to do with depression…

        1. Confusedcolchester says:

          Been on keto diet just 3 days. The second day my period came back and I already had the menopause 2 years ago. I cannot stop crying, like pms style.
          I feel huge too.
          .in the first 2 days, I’ve only had 15 carbs a day and some roasted chicken thighs, an egg, a burger with garlic butter fried mushrooms..this is day 3 and I’m ready to pack it in

      3. I can’t believe you haven’t lost weight. You must be eating more calories and carbs than you think. I lost 32 pounds on a low carb ( under 50) and low calories 1200 per day in 5 months. I am 62 post menopausal woman. Low carb works. It’s impossible not to lose weight on what you say you are doing

    2. I hear you. I haven’t had any sugar, or bread, pasta etc. in over a month and I’ve barely lost 6lbs. I’ve started intermittent fasting this week and exercise hoping it would budge something, but no. I went down 4 lbs and weighed this morning and it went up 2lbs! I’m so discouraged and I’m just meant to be fat forever :*(

      1. I’m right by you side on this, I’ve done everything too. List 3 gained 1. I’m just so discussed and then that causes anxiety to kick in.

  42. The temptation of eating my favorite food is one of the reasons why I font loses weight. I can’t fight the urges as well on eating those foods.

    1. Try not to have these foods in the house, try to add more healthy fats to your meals so you are full and junk food will tempt you less. It will take time, but you can do it. And why not join my free Support Group. We have lot’s of friendly people in there with more tips and tricks. I’ll see you there.

  43. Hi everyone, I currently weigh 227. I started the diet 6 days ago at 235 and I have lost 8 pounds. A lot of you seem to be upset that you arent losing weight. It seems like you start out with a lot of calories and food. Dont forget that your body will adjust so this diet isn’t something to continue constantly. I plan to lose a total of 20 pounds then take a break and eat just focusing on my calories. Things I eat: hot dogs no bun, burgers no bun, chicken, fish, some cheese (minimal), sometimes a yogurt (minimul), olives (0 carb), eggs (0 carb), turkey, salami, pepperoni, peanut butter. The first 3 days can be hard u feel tired with no energy and headaches. After that your energy should boost up. Im no health expert but these are some of the things i do that maybe can help everyone else. Anyways, my body adapts to what im eating vs all the bad fast food i use to eat. And I believe your body keeps adapting so your amount of carbs keeps getting lower thus the diet cant go on forever. Like the article said (or one of the comments idk) once you stop losing you could still be losing weight and eventually it could drastically drop. So to measure your body and see how thats going. Personally I dont exercise on this diet because im already losing more than a pound a day. The key to this diet is to get your insulin down and metabolism up so you can work off this weight. Hopefully my comment helps some people.

    1. Anna, this is brilliant and many people searching for answers will find this super helpful. You are going slow and steady and have a long-term plan already mapped out. You know exactly how to make low-carb work for you and what foods will fit into your day, easily. I completely agree (and it’s in my FAQ & diet sheet) that it is the effect of foods on our insulin that causes weight loss or weight gain, calories don’t matter half as much as people say. It is the effect of food on our hormone insulin (our fat storing hormone) which is imperative to stabilise through enjoying low-carb whole foods.

    2. I would love anybody’s advice, I am 48 years old and in the past year and a half I’ve gained about 13 pounds, I started on a low carb diet 13 days ago I am eating under 20 carbs per day and under 1200 cal and I have only lost 2 pounds. I cannot understand what is preventing me from losing anymore weight. Everyone I speak to says with the carb count that low I should easily lose a few more pounds than what I have. I did buy urine ketosis strips and most of the time I am in Moderat – ketosis stage so I can’t understand what else I’m doing wrong, any advice. In the beginning I was looking at net carbs, but now I am only looking at true carbohydrates. I have not had any bread, sugar, pasta, no sweets and no fruit. I can honestly say I am not cheating and sticking to the diet but feeling so so discouraged. I’m wondering if I need to increase my fat intake, however since I am not losing any weight now, I’m afraid to add more fat to my diet. Please any advice to get me through this and stay confident

      1. Cyndi Owen says:

        I think you’re not eating enough calories. Up your calories to 1500 or even 1800 and see if that helps. At 1200 calories, you’ve probably slowed your metabolism way down. You are actually working against yourself by eating so few calories.

        1. Lilly Calbert says:

          Your metabolism cannot slow in 13 days, this is an ‘old wives tales’ of dieting. It takes months of steady caloric change, to have any alteration to your metabolism. If you are within a health weight range, the pounds will come off more slowly than those at a higher BMI. 1-2 pounds of weight loss is actually a good result. Don’t be discouraged, just keep at it. The only other advice I can give is that the amount of calories you burn is just as important as the amount you put in. Be sure to be getting in exercise every day.

      2. give it more than 13 days! Don’t get on the dang scale every day! I only get on the scale when I go to the doctor once a month. We are such a instant gratification culture! The things I have learned that are bad are cashews, fruit, protein bars that say they are good for you and peanuts! The only nuts I eat are pistachio and almonds, can’t afford macadamia!

  44. cynthia hancock says:

    I have been on low carb starting in may of 2018. I have gone from 233lbs to 188lbs =45lbs down. I feel great and everyone is asking me what I am doing. Hang in there, it is hard but my goal is another 15lbs and keeping it off. I have stayed at 20 to 25 carbs a day and that is my sweet spot. I thank you have to find what works for you. its a life style change as well. I do not think about eating bread , sugar, after a while I would rather eat clean and healthy. I am hoping this will be a permeant life change for me. And I am enjoying learning a new and healthy way of cooking and eating.

  45. I am getting frustrated after a month of trying to do everything right, and I just found your list of 10 reasons why nothing is happening. I’m serious about losing just 10 kg, which will take me back to the weight I was when I got married decades ago. That would be nice.
    Thank you for the tip about the nuts. I do know which ones to use, and I include seeds in that. Okay, one small packet will go with me and keep me going in an emergency.
    Not enough fat – that’s probably true. I have a pantry full of coconut cream, MCT products, good fresh oils and the necessary groceries. I love cooking and have just tried your amazing seed bread. Amazing, with a smear of vegan butter. Yes, I’m non dairy because dairy gives me congestion.
    I love avocado and always use Dutch cocoa. And I have found the right chocolate for a treat when I need a lift.
    Thank you for the help I needed!
    My ultimate test will be when we go on a short cruise next month. I have the strength to stick with my plan, but it could be challenging. Bring on the healthy salad bowls!!

  46. Very good article about weight loss, this is really helpful


    1. My first insight would be only eating 500-70 calories a day has probably put your body into starvation mode and is conserving every single mouthful. We discuss problems like yours and how to overcome these hurdles inside Ditch The Carbs PRO, I really encourage anyone having problems losing weight on low-carb or keto to JOIN HERE. And the famous mini-challenges we do each month ensures you stay on track and don’t fall back into old habits.

  48. I am a 52 year old petite woman and would like to lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds max. I’ve been on this diet for six weeks and have lost 2 pounds. My net carbs are under 20 grams and I go through a bottle of EVOO and ghee every week so my fat intake is a plenty. My calories are around 1200. I do yoga and walk for ~ 60 minutes every day. I have read every forum about tips and tricks and what you’re doing wrong if you’re not losing weight, and I am doing everything right. What is going on?

    1. You may be having too much fat. Fat is a limit, not a goal. This is one of the most common mistakes I see in Ditch The Carbs PRO members. I don’t even go through a whole bottle of EVOO for our family of 5, plus you are having a bottle of ghee. Eat enough fat to keep satiated but don’t think you need to drink/eat to excess. That’s a myth. You may want to look at the keto food pyramid (and why so many people get their fat intake wrong), the macro calculator to help guide you, or to join Ditch The Carbs PRO where we do tracking challenges to see where your macros might be going astray. It often only takes a little “tweak” and those scales will start moving again.