Does your household look like this in the morning? Nothing out of the ordinary? But are you, in fact, overdosing your kids on sugar? From Ireland to New Zealand, this video is going viral for a reason – it’s brilliant.

As much as I try and explain how much sugar is in everyday foods, this is what many average households look like at breakfast time when you strip away the packaging, marketing and advertising fluff and wonder. It’s all pretty much sugar. Highly processed sugar.

How much sugar do kids eat eat day?

Dan Sweeney, has kindly allowed me to share his video which highlights just how much sugar some children eat or drink. And this isn’t even an extreme case. 

Most parents are unaware of how much sugar is in every day cereals, spreads, and drinks.

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Even those ‘healthy’ ones that claim to be refined sugar-free (just another marketing term for “contains all other sugars, just not table sugar”), organic or free range.

Are you overdosing your kids on sugar? (video)

Full credit for this video goes to Dan Sweeney, you can find him on Instagram. And many thanks must go to Dan for producing such an excellent video and asking the question “are you overdosing your kids on sugar”?

This is an infographic I created some time ago that demonstrates where sugar is hiding in your daily ‘healthy’ meals.

I know I may be repeating myself but seriously get into the habit of reading the BACK of labels (nutrition and ingredients) rather than the FRONT (advertising fluff and wonder).

And if you don’t know all the names that sugar has, take a look at this post too.

Sugar was once just called sugar, but now goes by many aliases’ so it can lurk in products so they go flying off the shelves.

You may be overdosing your kids on sugar without realizing it. A few simple changes can make all the difference. Even changing snacks to healthy sugar-free snack ideas is a great start.

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How much sugar is in a “healthy” diet?

Diagram showing actually how much sugar is in a healthy diet

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  1. I love the ‘Eat food your grandmother would recognise’ take home tip. It’s perfect, it really brings home to me to just eat real food!!

  2. Shannon M says:


    I ama dental hygienist and I am compiling information in order to create a pamphlet explaining the negative effects of sugar for our patients. May I use your infographic with the meals and grams listed? I would ofcourse credit the info with your name and information.
    Many thanks for spreading the word!

    Shannon M

    1. Sure thing Shannon, as long as it mentions my website as the source I would be honoured for you to use this. I absolutely love it how we are all so passionate about getting the hidden sugar message out there, especially to parents. Thank you for getting in touch, let me know when it is completed, I’d love to see and share it here. Libby 🙂