If you love vegetarian keto pizza, you’ll love green FatHead pizza.

It’s the keto pizza that’s topped with green vegetables, mint, and feta.

The mozzarella dough is an absolute classic keto pizza base.

A close up of keto pizza with zucchini

What is fat head pizza?

FatHead pizza base is made with cheese, egg, and almond flour or coconut flour. It is the cheesy equivalent of the holy grail.

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This keto pizza base is the most popular keto pizza recipe and is the most requested recipe from family members of readers who aren’t even low carb.

Once you try this incredible cheesy keto pizza base, there is no turning back.

Pizza nutritional information:

WHEAT PIZZA CRUST: Traditional pizza (crust only, per slice): 25.5 g net carbs, 3.8 g protein, 3.4 g fat, 155 calories.
ALMOND FLOUR PIZZA CRUST: Fathead keto pizza (crust only, per slice): 2.4 g net carbs, 11 g protein, 16.8 g fat, 203 calories.
COCONUT FLOUR PIZZA CRUST: Fathead keto pizza (crust only, per slice): 1.8 g net carbs, 8.2 g protein, 9.4 g fat, 132 calories.

Nutritional values from cronometer.com

Full credit needs to go to Tom Naughton who created FatHead the movie and this recipe sensation. For anyone who doesn’t know, Fat Head Movie is a comedy-documentary by Tom Naughton (comedian and former health writer).

How to make a vegetarian keto pizza

A fresh healthy clean mix of mint, feta, spring onion, and courgettes/zucchini. Now, what’s not to love about that? Spray or drizzle with olive oil and you have the best crispy keto pizza! The fresh taste of the mint and the feta make this beautiful pizza light and mouth-watering.

Not only can you make a regular low carb pizza with this mozzarella dough, but you can also make low carb crackers. The base is so incredibly versatile. What do you do with yours?

Carbs in pizza


Wheat pizza base nutrition: 27g net carbs, 3.8g protein, 3.4g fat – in addition, traditional wheat pizza will contain gluten and if store-bought, preservatives, artificial flavourings, and probably some trans fats.

Fathead pizza base nutrition: 4g net carbs, 11g protein, 16.8g fat

Also, remember you will only eat 1 or 2 slices of Fat Head Pizza compared to half to 1 regular pizza.

How to make a keto pizza crust

If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to see the supreme guide to making fat head dough even without a microwave. Can be made with almond flour or coconut flour EVEN WITHOUT a microwave PLUS 16 keto recipes to use it.

  1. Make your mozzarella dough.
  2. Roll between 2 sheets of baking parchment.
  3. Remove the top sheet of baking paper.
  4. Bake in a pre-heated oven until crsipy. Flip over once during cooking to ensure a crispy cooked pizza base.

How to add your toppings

Slice your green onion, zucchini, and fresh mint or fresh green herbs, and sprinkle them all over your baked keto pizza crust.

You can even spread pesto over the base for a beautiful keto garlic pizza.

Sliced zucchini on a chopping board with herbs and onions
Pizza topped with sliced zucchin
A pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board, with Courgette

More keto pizza recipes

If you love mozzarella dough, you’ll also love keto cheeseburger pizza, fat head sausage rolls, and 10 meals you can make with fat head dough.

So go on, dive on in and make the best low-carb keto pizza this weekend, and ditch those carbs!

Hands holding up a slice of pizza

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  1. Jane Clemmer says:

    When you flip the crust over to make it crispier – how much more cooking time do you allow for this extra step? After this extra time – you add the toppings and bake some more, right? Tks.

    1. I flip it over and cook only for another couple of minutes. It allows the base to brown on both sides and becomes quite sturdy. Then you add the toppings, bake again only for a couple of minutes to allow the toppings to warm through.

  2. This sounds great. My hubby probably has Eos. Esoph. which medicine actually admits for once is a food related disorder. Seems to come from dairy. BUT, he seems to do okay with goat and sheep cheese. I think I can figure out a sub for the mozzerella, but I don’t know about the cream cheese. Would chevre be too crumbly? My kids would really like this.—Terri

  3. Helen Cosgrave says:

    Hi Libby, can you make this recipe without a microwave?

  4. Catherine says:


    Re nutritional info and calories for the FatHead pizza i.e NUTRITION INFORMATION
    Serving size: 1 Slice (makes 6) Calories: 203 Fat: 16.8g Carbohydrates: 4g Sugar: 1g Fibre: 1.6g Protein: 11g

    Is it 203 calories per slice once you’ve cut the whole pizza into 6 slices?

    Or 203 calories for the whole pizza?.

    Many thanks

  5. How many ounces for the cheese and Almond milk? I see two different amounts here.

    1. 6oz cheese, 3oz almond meal/flour

  6. Gosh luv your site, so much great value but the ads are so frigging annoying.. Do you have control over this? or it is google? Sorry just had to say somthing

    1. Julie Lowe says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. And is there a printable version of the recipes without all the ads, etc.?

  7. Any ideas for substitutions for Almond flour? I am allergic to almonds. ?

    1. Nanabella says:

      Sesame flour, maybe, or coconut flour… you would need to research how to adjust quantities to sub coconut for almond flour… coconut needs more liquid…

  8. Jane Chambers says:

    Hi Libby, i LOVE your blog and recipes and that you are super friendly and helpful, but not so much your website!. I am finding the sheer volume of pop up ads causes me (as I have no idea about others – maybe you could do a vote on the fb page?), such an issue loading up pages and the constant refreshing …. it’s driving me mad when I’m trying to read your blog and recipes! Please can you consider an alternative way of reaching us DTC ‘s users ?…. books of your recipes – ebooks or paperbacks, as an alternative income stream? I do appreciate that you need to earn on this. Thanks for considering my request and for all that you do ?

    1. I completely understand your frustrations, I’m afraid the adverts allow my entire website to be free of charge – for everyone. The adverts pay for all my website hosting, email hosting, an assistant, graphics, videos … and of course all my time. I want to help those who need help the most but cannot afford it. If I were only to give my recipes and tips in books to purchase, I would receive complaints that nothing is available unless I charge you. To stop seeing adverts, or to control how often, I do believe some browsers will allow you to change your advert settings. That would be a quick and easy solution. I apologise that they are a nuisance. 🙂

      1. Jane Chambers says:

        Hi Libby, I really appreciate your comprehensive and honest reply … i completely understand… in fact I’m sorry I had such a moan now! I so love your site and access to your great recipes i will soldier on and battle on through the ads with a greater appreciation. Thank you ?

  9. 5 stars
    I have to say I love your website, your enthusiasm and your fantastic recipes. It has been a game changer for me, honestly. Your pasta and fathead dough is FABULOUS. My husband gave you 10/10 and he can be stingy with his marks ! Thank you for your time and please keep up your great work.
    By the way , I am from South Wales in the UK. I know you always like to know! Xx

    1. 5 stars
      Thank you, Darcy, what a lovely thing to say. I love getting recipe reviews and yes, I love knowing where everyone is from. All my readers are so widespread from across the globe. I love learning from each and every one of you (and visa versa).