There is also a printable list of 50 keto snack ideas too.

If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to see the supreme guide to making keto dough (even without a microwave).


You only need 4 simple healthy ingredients to make the keto crackers recipe. The basic dough can be used in a variety of savory recipes and sweet recipes.

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  • Shredded cheese – shredded mozzarella cheese is the best or Edam/mild, or Colby cheese
  • Almond flour – blanched almond flour, almond meal or coconut flour (see recipe card for substitutions and conversions)
  • Full fat cream cheese
  • Eggs – medium fresh egg

Extra ingredients (optional)

Salt and pepper – add seasoning to taste

Flavourings of choice – optional. See the 6 cracker variations below.

Is almond flour better than coconut flour for low-carb crackers?

Almond flour and coconut flour are both common low-carb flour. Both are grain-free and naturally gluten-free.

Almond flour is easier to bake with for beginners but for those who have a nut allergy or are allergic to almond flour then coconut flour may be better for you.

Coconut flour is cheaper to use and is lower in carbs and has no inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids. But some people dislike the subtle coconut flavor that it can give to recipes.

How can you substitute coconut flour for almond flour?

There is no direct substitution for coconut flour vs almond flour but as a quick guide, 1 cup of almond flour is considered to be equivalent to 1/4 cup of coconut flour PLUS additional eggs and extra liquid.

You can see the conversion chart for coconut flour vs almond flour with the top tips on how to use these low-carb flours.

What is mozzarella dough?

Mozzarella dough (also known as Fat Head dough) is originally attributed to Tom Naughton who is the author of the comedy-documentary of Fat Head – the movie.

It is the most versatile keto dough recipe that is most commonly used to make the best keto pizza crust, keto bagels, and even keto cinnamon scrolls (with a keto vanilla frosting).

If you love Fat Head dough (mozzarella dough) recipes, you’ll love these easy 10 easy keto fathead dough recipes.

Read Tom’s post on why he loves my recipes (and is embarrassed too).

How to make keto dough

STEP 1: How to make the dough

It’s so easy to make keto crackers. You don’t need a food processor, just a large microwave-safe mixing bowl and a rolling pin.

Mix the mozzarella cheese with cream cheese and almond flour.

Microwave on HIGH for 1-minute. If you don’t have a microwave, cook on low heat in a saucepan until melted.

Microwave again on HIGH for 30 seconds. Mix again.

Add the egg and seasoning and mix until the dough ball forms.

STEP 2: How to roll the dough

Place the almond flour dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper and roll thinly using a rolling pin, wine bottle, or even the side of a coffee mug.

Remove the top piece of parchment paper.

STEP 3: How to cut the crackers

Cut the dough into small bite size pieces. You can either use a sharp knife or a pizza cutter.

Place the piece of parchment paper with all the keto crackers onto the baking sheet.

Expert tip: Do not cut your crackers on the baking sheet, you will make marks and cut lines all over it. Cut on a wooden chopping board on the parchment paper then gently lift this onto the baking sheet ready to bake.

STEP 4: How to cook keto crackers

Bake at 220C/425F for 5 minutes on each side. Use the discarded top piece of parchment paper to easily flip the crackers over. This allows both sides to cook and become crispy.

Once cooked on both sides, snap each individual cracker and place it back into the oven on the baking sheet for another few minutes to make sure the edges of each cracker are crispy too.

Cool on a wire rack and keep in a container in the fridge.

6 variations

The keto crackers recipe is so easy and you can flavor them with anything you like and you can cut them into different shapes too.

Cut the homemade crackers recipe into squares, sticks, triangles, or use a round cookie cutter to make round crackers.

6 keto crackers flavors to try at home:

  1. Bagel seasoning – add a few tablespoons of everything but the bagel seasoning to your almond flour dough and mix well. Sprinkle the top with a little extra everything but the bagel seasoning to make an extra special crunchy keto cracker.
  2. Garlic – add 2 teaspoons of freshly crushed garlic cloves or garlic powder to the homemade keto crackers. Brush with garlic butter before baking.
  3. Parmesan crackers – swap one-third of your cheese for shredded parmesan cheese in the dough. Sprinkle additional parmesan over the top for a crunchy cheese crust.
  4. Onion – add 1 tablespoon of onion powder to the dough mixture. Before baking, sprinkle a few dried onion flakes, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds over the top.
  5. Chili – add 1 teaspoon of dried chili powder to the mix. For an extra spicy flavor, sprinkle a small amount of extra chili powder over the crackers before baking.
  6. Taco seasoning – add 1-2 tablespoons of homemade keto taco seasoning if you want homemade keto nacho chips.

Other topping suggestions are chia seeds, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or dried onion flakes.

Serving & storage

Keto crackers are great for low-carb snacks, served at parties, or kept in a zip lock bag when traveling.

Allow the keto crackers to cool completely on a wire rack then store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Serve with pate, use to dip in keto guacamole, another favorite dip, or serve with smoked salmon, cream cheese, or a variety of cheese such as brie, camembert, and cheddar cheese.

Recipe FAQ

What ingredients are in keto crackers?

You only need 4 ingredients – shredded cheese, cream cheese, an egg, and almond flour. But you can add flavors such as garlic powder, onion powder, parmesan cheese, and everything bagel seasoning.

What’s the best way to make crackers crispy?

Always cook the cracker dough on both sides to make extra crispy keto crackers. Cook until golden brown and flip the keto crackers over at the mid-way cooking time.

What’s the best way to serve low-carb crackers?

Serve your homemade keto crackers with a creamy dip, smoked salmon, artichoke dip, cold deli meat, brie, camembert, olives, and cheddar cheese. You can even serve them Mediterranean style dipped in extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Do I have to poke holes in the crackers?

It is a good idea to poke holes all over your rolled cracker dough to allow the cheese crackers to cook evenly and become crispy crackers. The perfect crunchy snack.

How long do crackers stay fresh?

Store keto crackers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Can I eat crackers on a keto diet?

Most store-bought crackers are not keto. Store crackers are made with wheat, flour, and other high-carb baking ingredients.

How to make keto cheddar crackers?

Use the keto cracker recipe card below, but use shredded cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella.

Can I freeze almond flour crackers?

Yes, they can be frozen and stored in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Are keto crackers gluten-free?

Always check the labels of store-bought keto crackers, but this keto crackers recipe is naturally gluten-free.

What variations of keto crackers can I make?

There are 6 variations of the basic low-carb crackers recipe – garlic onion, parmesan, taco, chili, and bagel seasoning.

What is the lowest net carb cracker?

The lowest net carb keto cracker has to be baked parmesan cheese. Place small handfuls of shredded parmesan cheese on a lined baking sheet and bake until golden brown then allow to cool. These are zero-carb keto cheese crackers.

Can I eat Ritz crackers on keto?

No, Ritz crackers have 59.8 g of net carbs per 100g so are avoided on the keto diet or low-carb diet.

What can I use instead of crackers when on the keto diet?

If you want a cheese cracker that’s simple and easy to prepare, you can use slices of cucumber, cheese slices, or even oven-baked (or microwaved) pepperoni slices.

What do almond flour crackers taste like?

These low-carb keto crackers taste cheesy with a slightly sweet almond flour taste but you can flavor the basic almond flour crackers any way you like.

How many crackers does this recipe make?

It depends on whether you cut the cheese crackers into small squares, large sticks, or round circles. The nutrition facts show the recipe will serve 6 people.

Can I use sunflower seed flour?

Yes, but the appearance may change and you may need to add a little more or less because brands vary considerably in how much moisture alternative low-carb flours have.

More keto cracker recipes

If you love these low-carb keto crackers, you can try my other keto snacks that are all gluten-free keto recipes.

The most popular keto-friendly crackers recipes are keto cheese crackers, wheat-free crackers, and low-carb chili crackers recipe.

These keto recipes only need a few ingredients, all have low net carbs per serving, and are perfect for meal prep ideas if you want to make a double or triple batch.

If you want to try a cheat version, use cucumber slices. It’s an easy way to eat more vegetables, with virtually no preparation and you still get that delightful crunch when you bite into it.

Nutrition facts

The low-carb keto crackers recipe card suggests this will serve enough for 6 people. It’s up to you whether they are large or small crackers, the net carbs per serving will remain the same.

Nutrition facts for the entire recipe = 21.6 g total carbs with 9 g fiber = 12.6 g net carbs.

Nutrition facts per serving (1/6 of the recipe): 3.6 g total carbs, 1.5 g fiber, 2.1 g net carbs, 11.3 g protein, 18.8g fat, 221 calories.

Nutrition serving: Everyone will make differently sized keto crackers. To calculate how many carbs are in YOUR batch, simply divide the 24g total (or 14.4g net) carbs by how many keto crackers you make.

Expert tips

  • If the cracker dough mixture hardens and becomes difficult to work with, pop it back in the microwave for 10-20 seconds to soften again (but not too long or you will cook the egg).
  • Make sure to roll your dough thin enough with your rolling pin and parchment paper to make thin crispy crackers when baked.
  • If your almond flour crackers are soft and not crispy, bake them for another few minutes, flip them over then bake again.
  • Allow your keto crackers to cool completely on a cooling rack before eating. This will help them be even more crunchy.
  • To make keto crackers crispy again after defrosting, allow to come to room temperature then reheat in the air fryer for up to 5 minutes on medium heat.

Keto Crackers Recipe (4 ingredients)

The best keto crackers recipe can be made with almond flour or coconut flour and with 6 delicious variations to try.
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Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, Keto, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: Fat Head crackers, keto crackers recipe
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 221.2kcal
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  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Baking sheets – non stick
  • Parchment Paper
  • Microwave


Basic keto cracker dough recipe

  • 170 g shredded/grated cheese mozzarella is the best or Edam/mild cheese
  • 85 g almond meal/flour
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 eggs – medium

Optional flavors

  • +/- salt and pepper to taste
  • ½ tsp flavourings of choice optional


  • Mix the shredded/grated cheese and almond flour/meal in a microwaveable bowl. Add the cream cheese. Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute.
  • Stir then microwave on HIGH for another 30 seconds.
  • Add the egg, salt, and flavorings, and mix gently.
  • Place in between 2 pieces of parchment paper and roll thinly. Remove the top parchment paper. If the mixture hardens and becomes difficult to work with, pop it back in the microwave for 10-20 seconds to soften again but not too long or you will cook the egg.
  • Cut the dough into small bite size pieces. Place each one on a lined baking tray as shown.
  • Bake at 220C/425F for 5 minutes on each side, or until browned on both sides and crisp. Separate each cracker then bake again for 1-2 minutes.
  • Cool on a wire rack and keep in an airtight container in the fridge. IF the weather is cool, you may store the container in your pantry for up to 3 days.



Fat Head pastry can also be made by replacing the almond meal/flour with 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) coconut flour.
Nutrition facts for the entire recipe = 21.6 g total carbs with 9 g fiber = 12.6 g net carbs.
Nutrition facts per serving (1/6 of the recipe): 3.6 g total carbs, 1.5 g fiber, 2.1 g net carbs, 11.3 g protein, 18.8g fat, 221 calories.
Nutrition notes: Everyone will make differently sized crackers. To calculate how many carbs are in YOUR batch, simply divide the 24g to


Serving: 1servingCalories: 221.2kcalCarbohydrates: 3.6gProtein: 11.3gFat: 18.8gSodium: 201.9mgPotassium: 44.6mgFiber: 1.5gSugar: 0.8gVitamin A: 388.4IUCalcium: 242.9mgIron: 0.9mg

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  1. Hi Libby, been a fan of your site for a while now. These look great. Will definitely have to try them.

  2. Don’t you think you should at least mention Mr. Fathead, Tom Naughton?

  3. Can these be made without using a microwave?

  4. I love this!!!! OMG Yay never thought of it but we love your pizza base in this house!! And I’m ganna dig these crackers xx

  5. This looks fab – hoping to try a few almond flour recipes this weekend so this arrived into my inbox at just the right moment! Thanks Libby!

  6. Marion Robinson says:

    Hi Libby,
    I couldn’t think what to have for breakfast, so after getting this recipe from you, I whipped these up.
    I added a pinch of organic onion powder, & they were just so delicious, & best of all,they are so quick to make. I tested my blood sugar after 2 hours, & it was fine…Thank you so much for all you do for us.
    I seem to spend my life looking for goodies to take when I go out ( Edinburgh Fringe, the Tattoo,Highland games etc ) as my nearest & dearest, can grab anything, as non-diabetics, but there NEVER seems to be anything I can have, or more to the point..,would want to once again, you’ve helped are great, keep them coming !

    1. Marion that is great that these don’t affect your blood sugars at all. These would be great to take whilst out and about. Pop them in a zip lock bag – perfect idea. Another good idea when you are out eating, is to look for any meal that you can remove the bread, rice, wrap or starchy food from and be left with the meat and low carb veggies such as kebabs (eat out of the wrap then discard that), roast dinners (ignore the starchy vegetables, sauces and gravy) or burgers without the buns and sauces. I know these are not ideal and you still have to make sure it is a good quality burger or kebab rather than one filled with potato/wheat starch, but these ideas might just help you out when not much else is on offer and you want to keep you sugars stable.

  7. I’m wondering if after you score the dough with a pizza roller, if you could just leave on the bottom parchment and slide it onto a baking sheet like you do the pizza crust. Think that would work?

    1. Sure Kelli you can keep it on the bottom baking paper and slide it onto the baking tray. I only line my baking tray with a clean sheet of baking paper because I use the other baking papers to roll out any remaining dough in between them.

  8. Hi Libby, when you say ground almonds do you mean almond meal?

    1. Yes, I have amended the recipe to almond flour/meal as this is appearing to be a common question. I buy ground almonds as it is so much cheaper than the almond flour, but you can use either (flour/meal) with this recipe.

  9. Any suggestions on how to prepare if you don’t have a microwave??

    1. Yes, you can slowly melt the cheeses together in the stove top in a saucepan. Gently mix, then when melted, allow the pan to cool before adding the eggs (otherwise they will cook in the pan).

    2. I just found a blog that suggested putting all the ingredients into a food processor and running it until a dough forms. She found she didn’t need to melt anything.

  10. Maria Fontaine says:

    How many crackers are in a serving ? Is it the whole mix ? I my be just missing it lol

      1. Tanya Horsford says:

        Hi Libby, great recipe thank you. How do you work out how many crackers (or grams) equals one serving please, or are you saying divide the total number of crackers you get from this recipe by six?

        1. Yes. I made the recipe then thought 1/6 was a decent serving size. From memory it was a handful of crackers which was enough for each of us. Just adjust the nutrition accordingly if you have more or less. My nutrition panels are as a guide only. SO glad you liked them.

  11. Karen Olive says:

    I used the fresh mozzarella which I dried off before cutting up into tiny pieces, and following the recipe exactly.
    However it was a disaster, it just made a liquid which you had to pour. I noticed it said grated or shredded mozzarella, but as these contain potato starch and therefore has a much higher carb level, to separate it i though I would cut it up myself.

    1. Sorry to hear this, I have never heard of this problem before. The mozzarella I buy is pre grated and I just checked the package and it doesn’t contain any potato starch, maybe that is a local brand for you. Mine only contains 0.1g carbs per 100g. I’m sure you can find a pre grated mozzarella brand which is suitable. I’d love anyone reading this to leave a comment with the brand they use to help you out. Which country are you in?

    2. Just for future reference….potato starch is only used in shredded cheeses for ANTI-CAKING, it only put 1 gram of carbs per 1\4 cup. When you split up the crackers your not really getting that many carbs from the cheese. People miss out on a lot of recipes and good stuff because they see the ingredients and do not know what its for and think its bad….

  12. Thank you Lillie for being so patient and kind with people that are not necessarily being polite. You have a wonderful disposition as well as wonderful recipes, and I can’t wait to start cooking.

  13. Sorry, I meant Libby. My speech to text sometimes misunderstands. Oh yeah, where are you ? It’s February 12th at 5:50am, but 11:50pm there. Keep making great things to share.

    1. I’m in Auckland, NZ so far, far away and mid-summer right now. Thanks again for your lovely comment. My speech/writing disconnect happens on a regular basis. Thank goodness for Grammarly 😉

  14. Just made them, looks just like your picture and the taste is great! Soooo glad to make a recipe that didn’t turn into a flop and waste of ingredients (aka money 🙂
    For the flavor I used garden vegetable flavored cream cheese, that’s all it needed for me. I try not to use the microwave so I melted the cheeses on the stove but once I started mixing it needed to be warmed again (it wasn’t blending) so I did pop it in the microwave on defrost for 10 secs. Thanks so much for thr recipe!!

  15. I know nuts are a base of everything low carb but I have, and many people have, a peanut/nut allergy. Is there another low carb flour substitute, that works, in this recipe?

    1. I’ve used plain protein powder as a substitute and it turned out pretty good. Probably want to use a bit less though.

  16. These were so simple and easy to make and then so fast to cook too. My 1 year old loves them, she can’t wait to get her hands on them. I’ll be making sure there will always be a batch in the pantry or freezer

  17. Has anyone tried this with mild cheddar cheese instead of Mozarella? I tried Mozarella and it was a liquid mess before cooking. After cooking it tasted fine but couldn’t be described as a cracker

    1. I almost made Cheez-Itz! I used sharp cheddar and added a little extra almond flour to combat the extra liquid. Also added about 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder and a tablespoon of yeast flakes (another copycat recipe used them so I figured why not). I still had too much liquid, so I couldn’t roll it out, I had to spread it and so the middle was too thick. I broke them into pieces and baked them a bit longer, almost dark brown. They really taste good even though they are not pretty. Next time I will try the already grated cheese as was suggested by someone else to take out excess liquid and get better dough.

  18. Gervaise Randall says:

    My family, young and old alike, being sold on your pizza dough and crackers, decided to roll the dough into balls, place on baking papers and proceed to bake sandwich rolls with various flavors. I am going to try them baked as a base for my favourite poached eggs. Has anyone else tried this??

  19. Hi Libby,

    Wow these were so easy and tasty.I used shredded part skim mozzarella(cracker barrel brand).Ground up some raw almonds in my magic bullet blender to make the almond meal and added 1/2 tsp of garlic salt and dried parsley.T he result was fantastic, My non low carbing family members tried some and proceed to sneak them out of the fridge, so when I went to grab a handful for a quick snack they were all gone! Ha ha I cant wait to try this dough as a pizza crust I can only imagine how yummy it will be.

  20. Just made these. These are wonderful!!!!!

  21. These are superb – and I’ve tried using sunflower meal instead of the ground almonds. Whizz up sunflower seed hearts in a nutrition blender. (stop before they turn to a paste).

    In UK, cream cheese is often just called ‘soft cheese’. Go for the full fat version, of course.

    I have substituted mascarpone in it’s place with no issues, but if you don’t measure accurately (like me), or your cheeses are wetter, you can end up with a very sticky and wet dough. Fear not! Get it as thin as you can between the two sheets, take off the top one, cut the lower paper into sections that fit your tins and bake it on the paper. Once cooked, before cooling, slice up into shapes. Diamonds are fun! Final tweaks – I add some mustard flour to the mix, included a little cheddar and sprinkled the top with grated parmesan.

    1. Thank you for mentioning the mascarpone! I was just going to ask if I could use that instead.

  22. I made the pizza crust with almond flour/meal and found it to grainy. Would using almond flour work better?

  23. Rachael Joesbury Mills says:

    Hi thanks for this awesome website!! My ‘go to’ for keto recipes 🙂 I have just made a batch of theelse and find them very dry. Is that right or have i made a mistake somewhere? They have an amazing flavour of cheese and almonds though 😉 I used very fine almond flour.

    1. I think the very fine almond flour may be the problem. If it is very fine, it will absorb more liquid so you could add more cream cheese which may help, or reserve some of the fine almond flour until the end to see if it is all really required.

  24. Hi Libby. Can you freeze these crackers?

      1. Didn’t need to freeze. They were all eaten fairly swiftly !

  25. Can I substitute almond flour with coconut flour? Would I need to change the amount?

    1. Yes you can, I ran out of almond flour and used a heaped dessert spoon and a half (sorry cant be more accurate than that, I was in a hurry) and it worked really well.

      1. Hi Libby, these crackers are amazing only problem I have is knowing when to stop! How would I add these cracker into myfitnesspal counter. I’m not too sure about the nutrition facts so, How many crackers would equal to 4g carb ?. I believe I made at least 20 crackers following your exact recipe .

        1. The nutrition is for 1/6 of the recipe (serves 6 as a snack). The entire recipe is 23.9g carbs (total) 9.1g fibre so 14.8g net carbs. So you would have to work out what fraction of the recipe you ate. The thinner you make these crackers the better. This is for taste, crispiness and number of crackers the recipe will make too. Enjoy.

        2. @Denise, it’s very simple to upload the recipe URL into FitnessPal’s recipe importer. Adjust the ingredients as needed (search for the ingredients with “net carbs” if that’s how you count them) Recipes can also be added manually. Works great!

          1. Just be aware that there are major bugs with the recipe importer and I have moved away from MFP as it is so inaccurate. There are so many ‘user added’ entries which are incorrect, you have to choose exactly which brand you have used (they differ widely) and then there are UK and US entries so it mixes up net and total carbs. I now use which uses total carbs and USDA numbers.

  26. Oh my … I just kind of figured out that I have T2 Diabetes. Aside from feeling really lousy, I’m also depressed. I know me–carbs haunt me. Thank goodness I found these recipes! I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I’m not completely condemned to nothing but veggie stick after veggie stick, tears streaming down my face yearning for pizza & crackers! Thank you. Really. Thank you.

    1. Hi and welcome to my little low carb world. I am so glad you have discovered my recipes and they are helping you. Another good article for you to read is low carb for diabetes and what is insulin resistance. You can absolutely get your T2 under control, possibly reverse it, AND still eat a varied diet without feeling restricted, in fact you will probably never have eaten so well. So take a look at my recipe search and start planning your new way of eating 🙂

      1. Love this site…keep it helpful. Thanks

  27. Just made two batches of these and they were phenomenal, but much better rolled VERY thin, like impossibly thin. If I didn’t know better, I would have never have known they were low carb, and my nine-year-old wont stop eating them up! I did make my own almond meal with garlic rosemary almonds, which lent a very nice flavor, and I didn’t warm the cheese, I just put it all in the food processor and let it whir. Very happy with the results. The thicker batch was a bit of a letdown, but the thin was divine. DEFINITELY going to share with my mom (diabetic) and my cousin (gluten-intolerant), and of course check out the pizza version. Thank you!

  28. Hey! How have people handled the extra liquid from the mozzarella? My dough is very watery. Haven’t baked yet. Will see how it goes.

    1. Just baked with the watery dough. Turned out pretty well. These taste so good. Can’t wait to share with my mom.

    2. BTW – I did add maybe an extra teaspoon or so of almond flour to help soak up some of the extra liquid. I also let the mixture sit for several minutes, which also helped with absorption.

      1. What is put into the already grated mozzarella to keep it from clumping? Is it flour based? Or another kind of starch?

  29. Karen Houghton says:

    Soooo yum! Loved them and easy to make too.

  30. Have just made these, they are ah-ma-zing! They didn’t even turn out ‘perfect’ as I ended up using a pizza cutter but didn’t separate them before baking so they didn’t brown up the best but next time I’m going to nail it! Next time I’ll spread them across two trays instead of the tight squeeze (was totes being lazy) on one tray and they’ll be a new regular for the fam I reckon. Pesto, cream cheese, pate vessel here I come and of course fathead pizza is a must and next on the list, shhh don’t tell my family. Many thanks from Christchurch, New Zealand xx 😀

      1. Christian Mayer says:

        Would goat cheese(and cream cheese) work in these? My wife doesn’t do dairy. Thanks in advance!

          1. Christian Mayer says:

            Thanks for the reply. I am going to try it sometime. I’ll let you know.

        1. From a cooking standpoint there is no reason that goat cheese should not work.

  31. Can I make these with a different, nut-free seed or legume “flour” like dried peas or chickpeas or even coconut flour? My kids cannot do peanuts or tree nuts.

  32. Amazing. Thanks guys. I used the hint of just putting it all in the food processor and whizzing into a cough. Worked fine. Rolling ultra thin meant they were hard to get off the baking paper but I just made odd shapes and the taste was incredible. Put a bit of Vegemite on it- just like a cheesy Vegemite scroll but without the carbs. Yum

    1. Dough I mean…. Bloody autocorrect ?

  33. Chrissy J says:

    Wow nice, I just gave these a try but discovered I didn’t have any eggs. Fine without. I seasoned them with caraway seed and thyme. Yum!

  34. Just made these Fathead Crackers and, for someone who has never baked anything, it was easy and they turned out fantastic! I probably didn’t roll them thin enough because I don’t have a rolling pin and used a bottle, so some are a little meaty inside. But others I rolled too thin and they’re super crispy. I love both styles!

  35. Thanks for this recipe Libby, just made my second batch and they’re yummy. I added a bit of vintage cheddar in with the mozzarella and topped them with sesame seeds. Still experimenting with my oven re times, I overcooked my first batch but kept a better eye on the second and I’m really happy with the results. Great website too.

    I’ve only been LCHF for 5 weeks and it’s quite challenging never to be able to eat bread – I miss a great bread roll even more than beer battered fries! These crackers definitely help 🙂

    1. You might look up recipes for “Soul Bread,” on the internet.
      I found a version of the recipe for “Soul Bread,” which I really like, on the blog called “All day I Dream About Food” by Carolyn Ketchum… Doesn’t taste like any bread I’ve ever had, but it is very likeable and easy to make.
      It can be toasted, cooked as french toast, made into grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, etc., because it is light but dense, if that makes sense, and doesn’t crumble.
      I have cooked it in a12 hole brownie pan AND as a loaf. Both were great.
      It is very nice to always have some go-to “bread” in my refrige… ?

  36. Jonathan Brandwood says:

    Hi, just wondering about the nutritional information “1 serving (serves 6)” . Does this mean all the ingredients listed make 1 serving(and therefore only 4g of carbs for the ingredients listed)? Thanks

      1. Julia Diamond says:

        Hi there. Please can you confirm how many crackers would be considered as 1 serving based on nutritional information. Many thanks in advance.

  37. How are these the next day, still crispy? I would like to make some ahead to take in our RV!

    1. I store them in an airtight container to keep them crisp. If they do go a little soft, microwave them or heat them to crisp them up again.

          1. You can re-use the little silicon packets that come in all kinds of things to keep out moisture! I use them in my salt in my cabin up north that doesn’t have a/c and gets quite humid and keeps my salt very dry.

  38. I made these yesterday and they came out pretty good, not really crispy though. I found that today they were even more chewy so I zapped one in the microwave for 1min@ 10 sec intervals and flipping over halfway through. Yup! That worked and it was crispy just like a cracker! I’m making a batch for a party tomorrow and I will cook them til lightly golden, then let them cool and will microwave them till crispy! I rolled them out at about 1/8 inch thick.

    1. Kelly mac says:

      Great ttip… thx!!

  39. Question – It looks like the cracker dough is the same as the pizza dough, however the pizza dough recipe on this site uses 3/4 cup of the almond flour but this recipe uses 1/2 cup. The weight measurements are the same on both recipes (85g /3oz) so I’m not sure which one to use for either. Could you clear that up for me please? I’d like to make this dough for both pizza and crackers and just want to make sure I do it right. Thank you!

      1. I just made these for the first time yesterday, using the 1/2 cup almond flour as stated, and they came out great… Will make again!

  40. Hi there.
    I must be doing something wrong but can’t fathom what. Each time I make these the cheese comes out like a liquid. I followed the recipie to the letter the first time. Then had to add double the quantity of almond flour for the mixture to resemble a dough. Second time, I didn’t put the cheese in for as long but had the same result and again I had to add double.the quantity of almond flour. This makes the crackers really grainy although the flavour is superb.
    Help, please! I really want to get these right as they are so tasty!

    1. Ok let’s figure this out. Are you using mozzarella that isn’t in a ball sitting in water but the firmer one? I buy the pre-grated mozzarella, then microwave for 1 minute, it should be almost runny but not quite (maybe your microwave is too powerful, check and adjust the time). If you are finding it grainy, are you using almond meal/flour or something coarser? If you use the pre-grated cheese you can even add the almond meal in with the cheese and mix before you microwave it. That really makes it so easy. It really sounds like there is a problem with the cheese.

  41. I think the crackers are awesome! I followed the directions and added 1 oz of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, a sprinkle of granulated garlic and sea salt… Holy cow!

    1. Sandra Miller says:

      I am new to this group and have searched and searched for the fathead pizza and cracker recipe you all are talking about but can’t find it. It sounds delicious and would love to try it if someone can let me know where to find the recipe. Thank you

      1. The recipe is in the post above.

  42. I just made these! kids are going nuts for them! so happy as my little boy is allergic to gluten and need to keep him on a wholefood diet as much as possible but he’s so fussy! going make them again later in the week 🙂 thank you. xxx

    1. Rebecca this is fabulous. Say hi to your little boy for me, he will find lots of things here he can enjoy. All my recipes are grain free so also gluten free, and all whole food. I’m so glad you found my website 🙂

  43. Definitely the best low carb cracker I’ve come across! Even family members who aren’t LCHF thought these tasted better than a lot of store bought crackers. And they are so filling! I used to be able to demolish a whole box of crackers easily but these filled me up after only maybe two small handfuls. I’ve been missing crackers so much and these certainly satisfy the craving, thank you so much! Can’t wait to try the Fathead Pizza too 🙂

  44. Hi. Just discovered these and they’re amazing. However, your dough looks nice and pliable. Mine comes out very wet and I basically have to spread it around the barking sheet rather than roll and cut. Any ideas why? Thx

    1. My dough came out very wet too and so sticky I had to use the parchment paper on top so I could push the dough down so as to get it to spread. I used almond meal though, but also dry shredded mozerella. I wonder if almond flour (vs meal) would absorb more making the whole thing sticky ? It tasted fine though ?

      1. I meant to say I wonder if using almond FLOUR would make it LESS sticky.

  45. These crackers are fabulous! I need to roll my dough thinner next time so they are crunchy, but they turned out so good. I added no carb ranch popcorn seasoning and oh my goodness! WONDERFUL!

  46. Karo Beyers says:

    Hello 🙂 I’ve just made these and they came out delicious, BUT they are not crunchy at all ;( the flavour is amazing (I addedd garlic granules and sprinkled them with some parmesan) however they are quite soft. Do you have any idea what I may need to adjust? I used the grated mozarella in a bag as per your recommendation. I can’t make them any thinner and if I bake them any longer, they will burn… Thank youu!

  47. I don’t have or use a microwave. How could I adapt this (and other) recipes to an oven?

    1. Many others have left comments how they use a pan on the stove top and gently warm the cheese so they melt together as they don’t have a microwave either. It can easily be done with success so give it a go and enjoy FatHead pizza tonight 🙂

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome treat! I tried a different (softer) cheese and had fine almond flour which made the dough very wet. Not a problem – I just smoothed the dough over the parchment paper with the back of a spatula and put the parchment paper on the baking sheet into the oven. Cooked for the first half of time then was able to flip it onto the cookie sheet & pull off the paper. Cut it into squares and continued baking until crispy. Everyone loved the taste and texture! Used a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder in the dough and will definitely get more creative next time!
    Thank you for the great recipes – I’ve definitely been missing crackers since going LCHF!!

  49. I just found this recipe tonight and whipped them right up. So super simple. I would like to note for first time makers, keep and eye on them, mine turned really quick. My second pan turned out great tho! Will be making these many many times! I thought I had rolled my dough thin enough (which is very easy to work with btw) but next time will go even thinner! Thanks for such a great low carb cracker!

  50. Bernie Duty says:

    I apologize if someone has already asked this question, but I didn’t have time to read thru every single one of the comments. My question is: Do you think I can double the recipe without it causing any problem with the outcome? Thanks very much for the recipe. The crackers look delicious but I don’t want to make such a small amount.

  51. Thanks so much for all the great recipes!

    I just made these in my food processor with Bob’s Paleo baking flour, added 1t olive oil, and cooked them in my Cuisinart crepe maker. I tried it with both the crepe side and the pizzelle side. The crepe side made them much thinner and crispier, but both were good. It made it so much easier since it did the rolling and baking for me, and I didn’t need parchment. I just wanted to let you and your readers know about how well they turned out with the crepe maker. I’ll be using it for tortillas, taco shells, nachos, and maybe even the pizza. Already tried your keto crepes and they were great.

    Served them with a delicious baked ricotta. I am so full, and I only had a few crackers!

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much MacGhil. I love it when someone gives additional tips to make things easier! ?

    1. That really depends on how you cut your crackers. As every one will cut their crackers to a different size and roll a different thickness, it is impossible for the author to tell anyone how many crackers is a serving. Each batch yeilds 6 servings. Take your total cracker count and divided by 6; that will be your personal serving size for that batch.

  52. 5 stars
    Seriously the BEST cracker! Such a simple recipient, super quick to make and the easiest snack to go! I’ve made them 3 times (followed directions exactly) already and every batch has turned out perfect!

  53. 5 stars
    After cooking my crackers like a lot of others found them them delicious but not overly crispy. Put them back in the oven on a low heat (about 50 C) and left them for 30-60 mins. Super crispy now.

  54. I made a batch of these today as an alternative to cheez-its for my grandson. They are so good, I keep eating them! I used 1 c mozzarella + 3/4 c parmesan and added a bit of garlic powder and plenty of Real Salt on top. The thinner, browner ones are crunchier – to remember for the next batch.

  55. I don’t have a microwave…any suggestions… could I just heat in toaster oven

    1. You can heat the cheese and other stuff in the top of a double boiler, start with the shredded cheese, then add the cream cheese, add the dry ingredients last and knead it all together as usual.

      1. Thank you for this. I don’t own a microwave either but I’m dying to make these!

        1. 5 stars
          We did it last night in the double boiler and it worked perfectly!

  56. Libby, these are great. Cucumber slices are great. At my house we also love to make diakon radish sliced very thin like a potato chip. They are quite satisfying while playing cards or board games. Crunchy and hydrating.

  57. can almond flour be subbed with coconut flour?

    1. Yes, I made Fat Head pizza at the weekend and instead of using almond flour/meal, I used 1/4 cup of coconut flour and it worked a treat.

      1. Hi all,i struggle to get almond flour,so could i use ground almonds instead ?

        1. Absolutely. I generally use almond meal (ground almonds) in most of my recipes anyway as it is so much cheaper. I find they are pretty interchangeable.

        2. karen carder says:

          yes, I make almond flour by grinding almonds super fine.

  58. Hi. I love these but they don’t stay crisp even if I put in air tight container in fridge. Any ideas?

    1. I line the container with baking paper, that seems to do the trick. If you need to crisp them up again, you can microwave them for a few seconds then let them cool again, or pop them in the oven for a couple of minutes.

    2. Do what my mom did with 3-month old tortills chips. Heat them back up to get rid of the moisture before you use them again… like brand new!

  59. So these are obviously awesome… but if you want a bit more crunch… Deep fry them after cutting! We had some fry oil available when we made these, and tried a few. AWESOME! A little crispier texture, and some more Umami from the super fried skin and edges.

    But beware… they go fast! 15-20 seconds, and they will brown a bit more one out… so be FAST!

      1. Karolanne says:

        I love the frying idea. I put a little spin on mine did not roll them out. I made them small balls and put a piece of mushroom inside and fried. Wow just like mozzarella sticks. I am now trying other things inside the ball and frying.

        1. Did you just put a mushroom in the middle? No cheese or anything?

      2. Karolanne says:

        5 stars
        Hi all ! I think I just went even crazier with this recipe than my previous post. I have now tried making them into balls and frying. Then a bowl waiting with Splenda and Cinnamon. Rolled around in that they have turned into a wonderful low carb dessert !

  60. JoAnne Lagendyk says:

    5 stars
    i’m allergic to almonds. What can I use in place of the almond flour?

    1. 5 stars
      Yes, great question. I’ve just updated all my Fat Head recipes in the recipe notes to say “Fat Head pastry can also be made by replacing the almond meal/flour with 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) coconut flour.”

      1. You should put the coconut flour substitute info up higher in the post or put an* near the almond flour part. We tried your fat head pizza recipe and had put way too much coconut flour in it and ruined it!

    2. Carye Sellito says:

      Just letting you know you can replace the almond flour with equal amounts pork rind dust. Works fabulously, and beings the carb count down very low!!!

  61. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve really missed crackers and these are so tasty and easy.
    I used Paprika, Coriander, Pepper (and salt) as my spices. Yum!!

  62. 5 stars
    On nutrition facts, what’s serving size?

      1. 5 stars
        Hi Libby, just wanted to check the calorie content as the recipe says 203kcal but then somewhere else it says 203 calories…is that per serve? Is it kcal or cal?

        1. There has always been confusion between calories and Calories, the difference is the upper and lower case. Most people inadvertently refer/think of kcal and Calories as the same.

          Small calorie (cal) is the energy needed to increase 1 gram of water by 1°C at a pressure of 1 atmosphere.
          Large calorie (Cal) is the energy needed to increase 1 kg of water by 1°C at a pressure of 1 atmosphere.
          Large calorie is also called food calorie and is used as a unit of food energy.

          Kcal stands for kilocalorie, which equals 1000 calories. Those are scientific terms. The Calorie that applies to food is actually a kilocalorie. So from a food standpoint, it’s the same thing. 1 kilocalorie = 1000 calories = 1 Calorie

  63. 5 stars
    I made my first batch and substituted cheddar cheese to get the cheezy orange cracker substitute. While the taste was really good, the texture was soft, even after browning them well. They were considerably improved after 24 hours in the dehydrator at 95°F. I may do the same thing with the tortilla chips to get a bit of crunch to them.

  64. 5 stars
    Mine stuck to the paper any ideas how to fix this?

    1. Mistie Burris says:

      5 stars
      Did you use parchment paper or wax paper? There’s a difference… Just a thought

    2. 5 stars
      Mine always sticks tot eh parchment paper 🙁 (yes, parchment, not wax paper)

  65. 5 stars
    Just made the crackers and I’m impressed! I followed the directions exactly as I was not confident enough to ‘second-guess’ the inventor! One thing I did not do, is turn the whole thing over halfway into the cooking. I rotated my cookie sheet several times over the last five minutes and the whole thing browned and crisped nicely. I had made cut marks before baking so just finished these off with a large sharp knife. I can see that this would make a good base for pizza too. I had no trouble with sticking at all.

  66. Tried… even though I cooked the heck out of them, thoroughly browned them, they were still super soft. I rolled them very thinly too! Followed recipe to the letter. Disappointed.

    1. brenda hardie says:

      MIne too.
      I tried twice.

    2. Debbie Meyer says:

      170 grams of cheese is 1/2 cup. The U.S. Measurement calls for 1 3/4 cups. That could be the problem.

  67. 5 stars
    Can you freeze them? Then reheat?

  68. Jazzy Ann Smith says:

    5 stars
    They are yummy!! Will make again over and over!

  69. 5 stars
    I made these and the pizza crusts with half almond flour and half coconut which comes to 44 grams or 1 1/2 ounces almond flour and 2 Tablespoons coconut flour. It turned out well I’m very pleased since I wanted to lower the carbs a bit and almond flour bites into my very low carb daily intake. Thanks

  70. 5 stars
    Omgosh! These are ?! I did make a few changes…1/4 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup pork rind “flour”. I also used 1 and 1/4 cup mozzarella and 1/2 cup parm. I also added some nutritional yeast and topped them with black and white sesame seeds. I used my tortilla press and my pizza cutter to form into crackers. They are a little soft still so I am using the dehydrator on my oven to see if they crisp up. They are still very tasty!

  71. NewToKeto says:

    hi — any guidelines on how to calculate a serving? Was your math based on 1/8th of the recipe or . . .? I recognize that different people rolling to different thicknesses and cutting different size crackers makes it hard to be definitive but if I knew how much of the raw mixture was estimated to be a serving, that would help enormously.

    1. 5 stars
      Yes the nutrition is 1/6th of the recipe. Everyone will be making their crackers thinner/thicker/wider/smaller so 1/6th of the recipe is an accurate representation of how much someone may want to enjoy.

  72. NewToKeto says:

    5 stars
    Forgive me and ignore me. I see the total servings now.

  73. Julie Mooney says:

    5 stars
    Just made these for the first time and they are great. I’m so excited for my guacamole and fathead crackers for lunch tomorrow!

    1. 5 stars
      that sounds awesome to have them with guacamole 🙂

  74. 5 stars
    What is 1/6?? I cracker?? Please make the servings either in grams or per piece…

    1. 5 stars
      The default setting is at 6 servings for that reason.

  75. 5 stars
    Hi, Im new to this site. It looks very interesting. Im confused about something though…. why use coconut flour when almond meal/flour is lower in carbs ???. Im sure there is a reason, I just don’t know what it is. ha ha.
    Lindy (in Australia)
    p.s. and why is the pizza base/crackers called “FatHead” ????????????????????????????????????/

    1. 5 stars
      Actually coconut flour is way way way lower in net carbs than almond flour/meal. This article will help explain the differences for you. I love cooking with both for various reasons. And why are the crackers called fat Head? It’s because of the amazing, incredible Tom Naughton who made the Fat Head movie. He is a healthy journalist and I pay homage to him here and credit him for being the originator of all things Fat Head. If you haven’t seen his documentaries already, I urge you to watch them.

    2. 5 stars
      Because some people are allergic to tree nuts.

    3. 5 stars
      Some people are allergic to nuts like almonds.

  76. 5 stars
    6 servings? More like 1 serving because I cannot step away from all that cheesy goodness until the tray is empty.

  77. brenda hardie says:

    I tried these twice – and followed the suggestions of a few others to get these crispy, like crackers. No luck  They are kind of soft. If they are too thin I couldn’t transfer them onto the parchment for baking, bake too long and they get too brown, the long slow oven, and dehydrator setting after baking helped, but still, not really crackers.

    1. 5 stars
      When you go to roll out the dough, roll it out on the same parchment paper you will cook them on. No reason to moved the rolled out drough onto parchment paper then. This way you can roll out as thin as you want.

  78. Hi 🙂 what is the best way to store these crackers?

      1. What about freezing the crackers after they are already baked? Have you tried that? Which would be the best way to re-heat them after freezing? Don’t have much time for cooking so would love to have my “storage” almost ready to eat. Thanks in advance!

  79. Could I use thm baking blend instead of almond flower also how will that change the nutrition facts

    1. Personally I don’t like baking blends as they are all so completely different so I can’t advise everyone here can access them in their local store, and why just not use regular almond meal/flour or coconut flour as per recipe. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s cheaper. Baking blends also come and go with time, so stick to the basics and you’ll never go wrong.

  80. OK. I did it. I am not a cook/baker. My crackers are not crisp. They are more like squares of pizza crust. After 5 minutes on a side they had not turned golden at all so I added several minutes baking to each side. Perhaps I did not roll the dough thin enough. I worried that If I rolled thinner, I would not be able to pick up the cut dough. Any suggestions??

    1. I roll mine quite thin, cook on both sides as one piece, then use a pizza cutter or scissors to cut into triangles. Or if my children make it, they tend to break it into pieces. You can always twice bake it, once the triangle shapes have been cut, just to make sure they are crispy enough 🙂

    2. Yes. When yo go to roll out the drough, put it on one piece of parchment paper and use a 2nd piece on top of the dough, and roll the rolling pin over that 2nd top piece of parchment. Roll it really thin and cut it into the squares but you do not need to move the dough off the bottom parchment paper. Move the bottom parchment with dough on it onto a cookie sheet and then bake. I think the thinner you go the crispier they will get. Good luck!

  81. Debbie Gibson says:

    I really don’t like using the microwave, can this be made on top of the stove?

  82. After reading the comments I made this recipe 2 ways. The first time was as written. I think the dough was too thick for the crackers to really crisp up before they burned and I used a large 11×17 baking sheet with silpat. The crackers were good but not crispy enough for me and after a day in the fridge, they were still firm but they weren’t crispy at all.

    The 2nd time I made the recipe I changed a few things: I used ½ mozzarella and ½ Colby jack cheese, no egg, and added Everything But the Bagel seasoning. I also rolled this out between 2 baking sheets to get the dough thinner and baked in 2 batches at 400F instead of 425F. Both batches were done in about 8 minutes and I didn’t flip them (I did rotate my pan half way through though). I took them out of the oven and let the oven cool off. Then I set the oven to 170F and put the crackers back in for 2 hours. After a day in the fridge – WOW!!! They were even crispier than when I put them in there. They are crunchy, crunchy. I was soooooo happy!!

    I have gotten so many wonderful recipes from your site and I’m so grateful for this recipe because these crackers are so easy to make and they ‘re bringing the crunch back into my life. I know I tweaked it a bit and I hope that doesn’t offend you because I truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into creating recipes. Without your recipe, I never would have even known where to start. Thanks so much!!

    1. That’s for the tip Becky. I made these before and wondered if the egg was really needed. I’m going to make a batch now and omit the egg.
      I’ll also try the extra oven baking, as last time they were not crispy after sitting. BUT – I’d just pop a few on a plate and toss them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, let them sit a minute and ta-da they were crispy again.

      1. I used the microwave on week old refrigerated crackers too and they got very crispy!
        Great tip!

  83. Made these and they are delicious, my advice to anyone reading is roll them out as thin as you can and they will come out nice and crispy. I rolled them to 1/4 inch. still too thick but they taste good. will make again.

  84. These crackers are so good! I used Mrs Dash salt free garlic and herb seasoning with one batch and Dill seasoning in another batch. I know you wrote that they keep 3 days in a freezer but I’m hoping 5 days will be ok (since I will be bringing those to work).

    Question – If I make an roll out dough, and then roll it up in the two sheets of parchment paper, wrap lightly and freeze, do you think that would be OK for a week or so? I need to make these for work for snacking. Some weekends coming up are busy for us, and I won’t have time to make and bake the dough. If I freeze, take it out and let it defrost in the fridge in the morning and then slice and bake in the evening you reckon they’ll be fine?

    I also love that you are still answering comments after a year of posting the recipe. That is what keeps me coming back to this blog. Thanks for all your recipes and posts.

    Mary C.

    1. Aw, thank you Mary. Yes I still answer all the questions, and I love it that you keep coming back to my website 🙂 As for your question about the dough, yes that should be fine freezing the dough once it has been rolled out. That’s a superb idea!

  85. I’d love to peruse your site for more ideas. But the auto-play video ads make me CRAZY. Unfortunately I will not be visiting again. 🙁

    1. If you go into your app settings you can turn autoplay off.

  86. If I replace almond flour with coconut flour is it an even swap? Do measurements for any other ingredients need to be adjusted?

  87. Kristy Schaefer says:

    Hi! Wondering what the serving size is, is this per cracker? Thank you!

    1. Crystal K says:

      I’m wondering this too! Thank you!

    2. 6 servings so, 1/6th of the total apparently.

    3. Pamela Hill says:

      I just noticed that you can change the number of servings you want to make! How great! It was set at 6 but when I changed it to 8 – everything was automatically adjusted. Thank you – a great feature!

        1. Elizabeth says:

          I am also grateful for the USA/Metric (or known as the rest of the world!) feature.

  88. I made these today and had two questions:
    1. The dough is really soft and hard to roll. Should it be refrigerated some first.
    2. 425 deg burned my crackers so I dropped it to 400 deg for five minutes and turned them and three minutes on other side. They turned out nicely then.

    Am I the only one that had these issues.

    1. No you aren’t. Sometimes it is the heat in kitchen, difference in microwave and etc. my question. One cracker a serving?

      1. I believe it makes 6 servings. Just divid the amount of crackers by 6 to figure how many crackers make a serving. I usually make around 30 crackers.. so 5 per serving. It up to you on the cut size

    2. I’ve noticed that too! The only issue I had was that when I tried to transfer them onto a pan (I rolled the dough between two parchment papers like the recipe stated, beforehand) and tried cutting them into pieces, they would break easily. It also could’ve been I added a dash of sesame oil (for flavor) but my dough never got hardened. I chilled them for about 10-15mins in the fridge and it did work for me. I treated the dough as if I was making cookies. Chill, before bake. Hope that helps.

      2. I did at 400°F and checked every 5-10 mins, and took them out til they were golden brown. Since I was worried about mine breaking if I tried to flip it over, I did not flip mine. It became a little chewy but I kinda liked it

    3. 5 stars
      I actually omitted the egg altogether and substituted half of the mozzarella for Parmesan. They turned out crispier than the last time, and easier to work with. I used garlic and onion powders and they were fantastic!

  89. Hi, I have just found your site and barely got past the fat head pizzas. I have just started LCHF and badly needed snacks type food. I have just taken mine (with paprika) out of the oven and whoops, devoured several of them. They look just like your picture, were super easy to make and will definitely become a pizza. Looking forward to taking them to work with lumps of cheese or t2iggy sticks.

  90. Sarah Casarez says:

    These crackers are SOOOOO good! Thank you I desperately needed a different snack like this! The thinner you roll them the crunchier they are I love it! Great recipe I didn’t even have to adjust anything I followed it exactly as stated.

  91. I just made these and they came out awesome! I used a shredded cheese blend, and warmed up all up in a nonstick pan on the cooktop. Then I put the dough ball on a baking sheet covered in baking paper. I took a second piece of baking paper and put it on top, then using my hands I smoothed the ball into a thin layer across the sheet and carefully cut into squares with a spatula –it was falling apart a bit but I just reshaped once I put them on the papered baking sheet I was putting in the oven. I sprinkled garlic powder, chili flakes and salt on them (from one of those combo spice grinders) and baked them on 200 degrees (I’m in Australia) for about 10-11 minutes until they were brown. Then I moved them to a cooling rack. Even my 2 teenage boys were gobbling them up!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for the idea of working the dough with the parchment already on the baking sheet.

      The last time I tried this kind of recipe, I was moving the cut pieces from one parchment to the other.
      (It was another low carb chip recipe.)

      That’s why I love the Internet. 🙂

      An Australian gave me the heads up to make the keto crackers.
      I live in Georgia. (Southeast USA)

      Australia is on my bucket list.

      1. Come to NZ too, that’s where I live. I think it is the most beautiful country on the planet (but then again, I could be biased 😉 )

  92. Hi, I found the crackers stuck to the parchment paper, I greased the second batch with oil but they still stuck. Any tips for this?

    1. Laura Carter says:

      I didn’t use parchment paper; just a non-stick cookie sheet.They didn’t stick! 🙂

    2. Rachael Wadsworth says:

      Keep kneeding the mixture a little longer till it comes together. Maybe a little more almond flour. Are you using baking paper?

    3. Stephanie says:

      I used my pizza pan that has air holes. No dtick and not have to turn them over

    4. Hi-I found the same problem as the dough is still a little warm it sticks to the paper. I found out after it was rolled out. I placed the whole thing on my baking sheet and refrigerated for 10 minutes and it peeled off much easier. Next time I will cool the dough before rolling

  93. mary ann petkus says:

    Can you make a low carb cracker using dehydrator?

  94. So if I yielded 80 crackers from this recipe, divided by 6, or 1/8 the recipe yield, I would get 14 crackers per serving roughly? 2 carbs per serving?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but math isn’t my strong suit.

    1. Madeline, I doubt you will get 80 crackers out if this recipe, but if you were to cut them teeny weeny tiny, then this is how I would calculate the nutrition. The total carb count for the entire recipe (I am multiplying the nutrition panel for the entire 6 servings as shown) is 24g total, 9.6g fibre = 14.4g net carbs. Then simply divide the carbs by how many crackers you make, so if you were lucky enough to make 80, 24g divided by 80 = 0.3g total carbs.

  95. Has anyone tried this with the cream cheese that has herbs in it or vegetables? Do you think it will work?

    1. I haven’t made these crackers with herbed cream cheese but I have made the pizza base with it. It’s delicious!

  96. Hi can you make these without a microwave – anyone tried?

    1. Debbie Lewis says:

      I haven’t made the crackers yet, but make the pizza crust about once a month. Yes you don’t have to use a microwave (in my opinion). Just make sure your cream cheese is softened at room temperature. That binds everything together. We like the texture of the mozzarella in the crust is why I don’t microwave it.

  97. Ljiljana Juric says:

    Hi, thank you for this website!

    You definitely saved me! I recently went NSNG and I was beginning to be a little bit depressed because I LOVE to eat and bake and I felt the NSNG world a little bit limited…

    Anyway I made these crackers but they were more chewy than crunchy… Are they supposed to be crunchy?

    1. You can make them crunchy by cooking them on both sides until they are brown and crisp, and ensure you roll them out thin enough os they will crisp nicely.

    2. Gloria Gautier says:

      I made this recipe last night. The cracker were cooked on both side. The were roll very thin. Last night the cracker salad were some crisp but in the morning the are chewy OT kind of still. I waited until they were cold to storage them in an airtight container. What did I do wrong?

  98. How in the world do I turn these crackers over? They are on an 11×17 cookie sheet. Tell me I don’t have to turn every little hot cracker! Delicious. Will make them again. Just want them a bit crispier!

  99. In case you still answer question, what can be used instead of cream cheese? I only use organic products and find organic cream cheese a bit questionable. Can you use yogurt cheese? I make my own from organic raw milk.

    If it is the fat content that the cc provides, can a bit of oil, like coconut or avocado work?

    1. I can’t advise on your homemade products because I don’t know how they would “behave” in a recipe but you could try omitting the cream cheese altogether. It is there to make the Fat Head/mozzarella dough a little lighter.

  100. When to add the almond flour??

    I hate how these recipes have a life story then don’t even contain the whole recipe.

    1. Step 1: “Mix the shredded/grated cheese and almond flour/meal in a microwaveable bowl.” Sorry for the life story (aka helpful hints to make the recipe a success and a few tips on how low-carb is so advantageous).

  101. I just read through 4 years of comments on this recipe and have to say, Libby you have the patience of a saint! If I could test that patience a wee bit more ….would you say a tsp each of salt and rosemary would be a good amount to add without being too much?

    1. Ahhhhh …. I do have to bite my tongue almost on a daily basis. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Back to your salt and rosemary question, yes those quantities would be great. Once they are cooked, why not taste one cracker then if they are not salty enough, you could spray with oil and add more salt and rosemary on top? Yummo!

  102. Oh god, I’ve done it too!. Please ignore my question as I have read it again and can see that you clearly stated 1/2 tsp. So sorry. Going to make theses for the grandkids for afternoon treat instead of packages rubbish. Thanks