The low-carb 3 seed bread that kiwis and Aussies are raving about. Perfect with melted butter and only has 1.9 net grams carbs per slice!

This bread is absolutely perfect with melted butter and Vegemite or Marmite (depending on which side of the ditch you live in). It is gluten-free, grain-free, and a super easy recipe to make.

By the way, if you are missing bread when living low-carb, I’ve got your back!!! I have a whole list of easy recipes so you can make your own bread.

low carb 3 seed bread sliced and served with melting butter
Low carb. seed bread

What is multigrain bread (without grains)?

The original recipe for multigrain bread contains whole grains, whole wheat flour, white flour, yeast, sugar (maple syrup or honey), all-purpose flour, oats and a selection of your favorite grains.

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But since we are following a low carb diet (or keto diet) then we don’t eat grains and are sugar-free, so what ingredients do we use in a multigrain bread?

Easy. Healthy whole seeds, water, eggs, and simple psyllium husk. Your whole family will love this heavy seeded sandwich bread.

What is so special about seeded bread?

This seeded bread is soft, yet dense enough to replace a true multigrain bread. This fluffy bread has a seeded crunchy topping. Be sure to sprinkle seeds on the top of your loaf before baking. Sesame seeds and poppy seeds are especially delicious for sandwich bread.

As I was developing the bread recipe, I posted a little video on Instagram and this is when I finally knew my low-carb bread recipe was perfect. I served it warm with butter and Vegemite dripping off the sides, well it received thousands of views and so many hilarious comments.

Oh hell to the yes!!! – Omggggggg thank you thank you Libby – You have made my day – Yummmmm!!!!!! Looks delish! – I’ve actually been dreaming of a seed loaf, toasted, with crunchy peanut butter

low carb bread like vogels spreaded with vegemite and marmite
Low carb bread with butter and Vegemite

For those of you far far away from us Kiwis and Aussies, a famous snack is to enjoy Vogels bread (which is a whole grain, seeded loaf with many variations) toasted (some swear you must toast it twice for the authentic crunch) then slap on plenty of butter and as much Vegemite or Marmite as you can handle.

These are rich, thick, black yeast extract spreads that have a wonderful beefy salty flavour (although it is actually meat-free). You generally love’em or hate’em.

Serve a slice with a bowl of our easy keto oatmeal. YUM!

Yeast spreads have a tiny amount of barley extract (i.e.: sugar) but because yeast extracts are so powerful (read: strong) you only need a small amount. So, in reality, it is negligible.

But as always, read labels. Some other yeast extracts available around the world have thickeners, cornstarch, cornflour, and wheat.

mockups of devices showing low-carb lunches cookbook and a buy now button

Which low carb flour is best?

The most popular low-carb and keto bread recipes are my low-carb almond flour bread and keto coconut flour bread. But not everyone likes these keto flours.

It took me quite some time to develop the perfect low-carb hearty seed bread. I used coconut flour and psyllium husk powder. However, psyllium is a tricky flour alternative to working with. It never actually cooks properly because it is so absorbent of liquids.

Here are some other considerations I took in when developing this recipe. I’m proud to say I met them all!

  • It had to be almond-flour-free (so it can be included at schools with a nut-free policy).
  • It had to be easy to make (no one likes fussy recipes)
  • Use the minimum amount of eggs (too many readers are sensitive to the taste that many low-carb bread recipes have that use a large number of eggs in the recipe).

How to tell when the bread is cooked

You can tell when the centre of this bread has completely cooked when a knife pushed into the centre comes out clean and dry. There is no raw bread dough sticking to the knife.

However, it’s also perfectly fine for the middle of the loaf to appear to be a little soft and moist. That is how it should be and will still toast beautifully.

What are the best toppings for seed bread?

We’ve already talked about how this is the perfect vehicle for Vegemite or Marmite. But, don’t just stop there! These are my favorite ways to serve this keto seed bread.

Spoon lifting raspberry jam from the glass jar
Sugar-Free Nutella on a folded blue and white napkin with silver spoon

Want even more ideas? Check out my school lunch box ideas. And take a look at my book Low Carb Easy Family Meals – how to be a low carb family. It’s a great way for everyone to start living low carb, ditch the sugars and ditch the junk food once and for all.

Which seeds do you need for this bread recipe?

As the name suggests, I used three different types of seeds in this recipe. For this homemade bread, the main ingredients are chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. These seeds work best for gluten-free seed bread because they are small enough to add to the flavor and texture without having too bold of a taste.

What equipment do you need?

Good news. You don’t need any fancy equipment. No bread maker is needed. You don’t need a food processor. You simply need one large bowl and a measuring cup.

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients in one large bowl. You don’t need to wait for the dough to rise, to wrap in plastic wrap or to sit in a warm cupboard that most traditional bread recipes require.

Is this keto seed bread gluten free?

Yes, this keto loaf of bread is naturally gluten-free. The only type of flour I used is coconut flour and psyllium husks. Both of which do not contain any gluten (but please check your brand carefully for their cross-contamination policy).

multigrain seed bread sliced with butter

Which pan to use?

To bake the perfect sandwich bread, use a loaf tin (loaf pan), lined with parchment paper. By lining your baking tin, makes it easy to remove the hot loaf and place it onto a cooling rack. Even though the baked loaf will smell delicious, please try to hold yourself back and wait until it has completely cooled before slicing with a bread knife.

How to store bread

For best results, store your homemade sandwich bread in an airtight container. The bread will stay fresh for up to 3 days in the fridge, or sliced in the freezer, for up to one month.

When you want a slice of bread, remove one or two slices from the freezer and place them on a plate at room temperature to defrost in less than an hour, place in the microwave for 20 seconds or toast in the toaster.

So next time you make a loaf, why not make a two or three loaves of bread so you have a lot of bread, sliced, frozen and ready to go. You can vary each recipe to use a variety of nuts, you could cut some thick hearty slice and some thin sliced.

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More keto bread recipes

multigrain seed bread sliced with butter

Low-Carb 3 Seed Bread Recipe

This is it!! The famous 3 seed bread kiwis and Aussies are raving about. Perfect toasted with butter then sweet or savoury toppings. 
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Course: bread, Breakfast, Coconut Flour Recipes, Lunch boxes
Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: Low-carb bread
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 15 slices
Calories: 107kcal
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  • 35 g chia seeds
  • 75 g sunflower seeds
  • 75 g pumpkin seeds
  • 25 g coconut flour
  • 75 g psyllium husk
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt optional
  • 50 g butter melted
  • 2 eggs – medium
  • 250 ml water warm


  • Place all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir.
  • Add the melted butter and eggs. Stir until almost mixed.
  • Add the warm water and stir until all the ingredients are full incorporated.
  • Place in a loaf tin and bake at 180C/350F for 35-45 minutes. Ensure it is golden on the outside and cooked in the centre. Cooking times may vary with each oven.



Serving: 1sliceCalories: 107kcalCarbohydrates: 5.8gProtein: 3.5gFat: 8.2gPotassium: 123mgFiber: 3.9gSugar: 0.4g

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  1. Thank you goung to try tomorrow. Can I up the other seed quantities to replace the chia seeds?

    1. Vanessa Rouse says:

      Hi there, how is this beat stored and for how long do you think? Thanks heaps

      1. Store the bread in an airtight container, or you can simply leave it in the loaf tin you baked it in, and cover with a tea towel. It will stay fresh for up to 3 days, or freeze for up to 3 months.

  2. What size pan works best for this bread?

    ~ Diane B

  3. Neroli Blakeman says:

    Hi, I too hate the eggy taste of most low carb bread recipes so I tweaked the 3 grain recipe as follows: replace 2 eggs with 3 egg whites whisked until frothy & add as per recipe. I also love the yeasty smell of baking bread (YUM!) so I mixed a sachet of yeast (about 1 tsp) into the warm water with 1 tsp of maple syrup which the yeast needs to activate. I let this froth up & then added to the mix. It is very good & no egg taste at all. Thanks for the recipe, I had a slice toasted with breakfast – best ever low carb bread!

    1. What an absolutely superb idea – adding yeast. I miss that smell as I used to make my own bread daily. I am so trying this next time. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. Wow, this recipe came out really well. The only substitution I made was to replace half the psyllium with whey protein powder. My loaf is crusty, seedy, well risen and delicious! Will be making it over and over.

  5. Oh Libby what have you done to me?? I’ve just taken mine out of the oven, and I’ve demolished two pieces already.. Fortunately I managed to get 17 slices out of it. I hope it freezes, because as soon as it’s cool enough that’s where it has to go or it will all be gone by tomorrow. Next time I’m going to make it 4 seeded, and put a sprinkling of poppy seeds on top. Thank you so much for this recipe – l think!

    1. Oh no! Have I caused havoc for you in the kitchen? 😉 I am so glad you have enjoyed the bread, and I love your idea of adding the poppy seeds. Next time I might sprinkle sesame seeds on top. I love the adaptations that are coming in 🙂

  6. Any substitute suggestions for butter?

  7. Margaret Grunseich says:

    Do I have to use whole psyllium husks or can I use the psyllium powder? If I can use the powder, how much?

  8. Really looking forward to trying this Libby! Do you think linseeds will work instead of the chia?
    Love your work!

    1. I’m sure that would work too. The chia seeds may have absorbed some water in my recipe so if they are omitted you may need to add an extra tablespoon of psyllium to make up for them.

  9. Jackie tennent says:

    Yum! Just made this and it’s sooooooo delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe!
    Do you reckon it will freeze ok?

  10. Hello! I have psyllium husk powder – is that OK to use in place of the whole husks? Same quantity?

    1. Hannah Bnana says:

      I used powder instead of husks and it worked out fine, same quantity. Have since purchased husks and am trying again, will let you know if it’s noticeably different.

  11. I can’t eat coconut flour, can you replace the coconut flour with almond flour? There’s so little I can’t imagine it would make much of a difference.

    1. You could but that would need a lot of calculating to change many of the ingredients. This article explains how coconut flour and almond flour differ enormously and cannot be converted easily. Coconut flour is incredibly absorbent so requires many eggs and only requires a small amount to do it’s job. So swapping in almond flour, you would require less eggs and more flour. So sorry, not the answer you were looking for. They both behave totally differently.

  12. Did others that make this find that it did not rise much? I found the batter really weird, or different from other bread batters.

  13. Denise Farr says:

    I have just baked this, and I am really quite amazed that these ingredients work, but they do! We found it tastes best with lots of butter and vegemite, in preference to the chia berry jam. I think it is the saltiness of the vegemite that enhances the taste. Have to be disciplined to stop at two slices! Looking forward to trying it in the toaster tomorrow. I must say it is also a simple/easy recipe to make.

    1. I love easy recipes and easy ingredients. It took me a while to get the ratios right for this bread but it works a treat huh? I am so glad you are enjoying it. I like it with butter, Vegemite or berry chia jam.

  14. Just made the 3 seed bread. Couldn’t wait to try it and it sliced up beautifully when still hot. Nice flavor with some butter. Yum! Also have made the berry chia jam. That is lovely as well. Thanks Libby. If you make a low carb lemon curd/butter recipe I will be in low carb heaven!

  15. I just made this. It is amazing! Best low carb bread! I did have to add 25grams of ground flax seed because I didn’t have enough psyllium husk. I like the nutty taste of flax so it worked out perfectly. I would double the salt or use salted butter. It’s just lovely. Thank you for such a great recipe.

  16. Great recipe, so easy to make! I’m really enjoying having marmite on toast for breakfast again!

    I inadvertantly baked mine for much longer as was distracted by a phone call, and it still turned out great!

  17. Timea Turai says:

    I made it today, but because I had no time to bake it in a loaf I used good sized ramekins and I made a few little rolls too….I only have extra large eggs at home so I added some golden flax seeds too….
    Hubby loved it…me too…..children weren’t really convinced, but who knows….they might want some the next time I’m making it….because I’m going to make it many times in the future….

    Actually this type of bread was my favourite when I used to eat grainy bread… soon as I left home I lost the white bread (I never really liked it…..even after eating 4-5 slices I was still hungry) and switched to wholegrain spelt with lots of seeds… this kind of bread reminds me of that bread 😀

    Thanks for the recipe

  18. I just put it in the oven, when you say fully incorporate, donyou mean that it becomes doughy? Mine was more crumbly so I added a quarter cup more water and more like poured it into the loaf pan. Did I do something wrong?

    1. The dough is quite a wet/damp dough. You just need to ensure all the psyllium is mixed thoroughly otherwise the loaf will have pockets of dry psyllium. The dough should be the consistency of wet play-doh.

      1. Mine was very crumbling and very difficult to eat; as if the psyllium husk was too dry. We were very humid that day also, so I don’t know what went wrong. Any ideas?

        1. It sounds like you needed to add more water. The final bread should be a damp play-doh consistency. The humidity will definitely have affected the psyllium in some way.

  19. Debra Jacobs says:

    Hi do you think I could replace the coconut flour with something else as I cant eat coconut maybe sesame seed flour?

  20. Libby I would love to try this, however I only have psyllium husk powder. Could I use that and would the amount change. Many thanks.

  21. Yum! What a great bread I am in love! Was a bit low on psyllium so added i n some linseed too. Took the tip from another comment & cooked45mins. Glazed the top with olive oil too for a shiny surface. Thanks! can’t wait to make again!

  22. Hi Libby – I found I needed more description from you. I added my two eggs (admittedly they were small) and the 250ml water but the consistency was still very dry and crumbly. I added more water (at least 100ml more) and two more eggs to bind it, but not sure what it should look like. I had to press my dough into the bread tin – should it be like this or more like a traditional bread consistency where it ‘plops’ in? Also…did you line the tin with baking paper? Obviously I like to follow recipes to the letter! Thanks.

    1. Hmm, I’m not quite sure how it can be so crumbly and dry with so much liquid? That really sounds like something has gone terribly wrong. Did you add too much psyllium perhaps? I used a silicon baking loaf ‘tin’ and so lining is required, if however I was to use a traditional baking tin, yes I always line mine for any baking so it is super easy to remove.

  23. Mine came out nearly black, do you think the China seeds caused this, it wasn’t burnt and tasted good but just looked un appetizing

    1. No way should it look remotely black. I would check your coconut flour which can sometimes react with baking powder (check that too) that has aluminium in it. Check the expiry dates of everything you used, this doesn’t sound right at all.

  24. The texture was great but too eggy for me so next time I’ll try the egg white and yeast version above in comments. The chickens (my free ranging girls who make eggs that are too eggy) enjoyed it-nothing goes to waste here!

  25. What is the alternative for psyllium husk?

    1. There isn’t one I’m afraid. It swells and absorbs liquid to give this bread structure and volume. Without it, this would be another recipe entirely. If you buy psyllium, there are plenty of recipes here that use it so it won’t be a one hit wonder 🙂

  26. This is my favourite bread! I substitute psyllium for flaxseed meal and put extra sunflower seeds instead of chia as I don’t like the way it sticks in my teeth. I also double the recipe and make in a large loaf tin. Works perfectly every time! How does everyone store theirs? Any idea how long it would last in the fridge?

    1. Timea Turai says:

      I put mine in a sistema container and put some kitchen towel under to absorb any condensation….I’m not too sure how long it lasts, but if it’s getting a bit dry I just make cheese toasts of the slices in the oven….

    2. Great idea! Ill try the flaxseed meal substitute!

  27. Timea Turai says:

    Last time I made the bread it wasn’t right….was way too dry….then I made it today too and realised that I left out the water the last time….not surprised now it was like a brick 😀

  28. Libby, I live in Texas, U.S.A. I have not found an easy way to convert the measurements to American, cups, teaspoons, etc. Is there a way that you can do that or is there an app that we could type a recipe into and have the amounts converted?? I know that many recipes will not work if the measurements are not correct. Thank you so much for all your information.

    1. I have gone through all my recipe archives and converted over 250 recipes. You can now use the large red buttons below each recipe to switch between METRIC and US measurements. YAY 🙂

      1. I love those red large buttons ??… thank you doing that for us ❤️

  29. Absolutely LOVE this recipe! (I swear, in another life I was a squirrel! Bring on the seeds!) After meticulously entering all the ingredients into My Fitness Pal recipe tracker, the total calorie count comes out as 150, not 109. Fat, carbs and protein are close but the total calories are WAY off. Any idea why?
    Still gonna love it! (and probably NOT share….us squirrels are bad that way.)

  30. What size loaf pan, please? I have both quick bread and yeast bread siz.

  31. Wow 10 at night and i had everything,even made berry chia jam,bread is delish jam smells good ,haven’t tried it yet . Will have for brunch tomorrow and then I’ll have to freeze or it will be gone.yum

  32. I love this recipe, so easy to make. Today I sliced it very thinly, placed on baking paper, sprayed with oil, and baked for about 15 minutes in total in a 225 degrees Celsius fan oven, turning and respraying with oil 1/2 way through the cooking. Left the slices out to cool, they are crisp, and a great substitute for crackers.

  33. could I substitute coconut oil for the butter?

  34. I made this exactly by the recipe, it is tasteless. I tried toasting it but still not good. It needs something. I did add the salt but its still so bland!

  35. Sacha Mann says:

    How doyou store this bread? Freeze or keep I the fridge? Or both ok??

  36. Dear libby,

    My spouse and I in heaven, bread heaven?.
    I was looking for a delicious low carb bread. I tried so many recepis and this is the one and only. It is easy to make tastes like heaven, it is yummy, awesome consistenz, easy to cut, we love it.
    It may not be the right bread for americans, but for everyone how doesnt like the american bread , it is the real deal.
    Thank you so much

    1. Wow Sonny, I love your recipe review. This is one of my favourite bread recipes too. It’s the real deal alright. And cover it with melted butter – well it takes it to another level. Yummmmmm.

  37. Good morning! You probably hate being asked questions about which ingredients can be substituted for others but I’m in a bit of a quandary. I would love to make this bread but unfortunately where I live Psyllium husk is very expensive. The 75g called for in this recipe is an entire packet which comes in about 5 euros! So, do you know if there is another way to make this loaf? I’m impatient to slather it with my vegemite!

    1. Sorry, but no. Psyllium is integral to this recipe. I wonder if you are buying the wrong sort of psyllium husk. It is very affordable in most places in there world. Are you sure you’re not looking at the pharmaceutical type that is used for constipation? Alternatively, why not try my almond flour bread that requires a lot less psyllium husks.

      1. Hi Libby and thanks for your reply. Unfortunately we can only buy it from the pharmacy here in Greece, or in tiny little bags from biological product sellers. I have just put it on my shopping list for my next visit to Oz. I have also found that almond flour is prohibitively expensive here too, and yet coconut flour is reasonably priced! I will attempt this bread this week and see how it goes.

        1. Hi Emma, I too live in Greece and order all my ingredients from Amazon UK. They take a couple of weeks to get here but are much cheaper. I even order loaf tins and others from them.

        2. Hi,my name is Glenda from Australia and try buying psyllium husk from suppliers of bourse and other farm animals. Same product but in bulk amounts and very cheap.

          1. Glenda Bunting says:

            Sorry I meant horse and farm animals

    1. I just baked this bread using psyllium husk powder, but cut the amount in half (vs the whole husk amount the recipe specifies). This worked well.
      The first time I used the powder, I used the full amount — as specified for whole husk. Big mistake. The bread was hard as a rock, and I had to triple the amount of water just to stir the dough.
      Would be nice if the site gave a little more info on the recipes vs all the marketing blah blah.

  38. This bread recipe is pure genius. Best bread I have made. It may have changed my life 🙂 I used psillium powder, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I cut it thin and froze it, I take out a couple of slices and defrost/toast them in the toaster, they are almost like crackers, which I love! Thank you!!!!!!

  39. Could oat fiber possibly work instead of psyllium?
    Just wondering since I have it already. This looks delicious.

  40. Hi Libby…thank you for a lovely recipe. We loved the bread. I doubled the ingredients and baked on a cookie sheet (14×10). It baked evenly with a lovely crust. My question is regarding the macros…I just checked the recipe on a USDA database. The macros were as follows…fat -11.8 g…….protein-6.5g and carbohydrate 19.8g and fibre was 13.4g. For some reason there is a discrepancy…would appreciate your input.

    1. Are you sure you didn’t double the nutrition values too? Or possibly that you did not include that you made double the servings? My nutrition is per slice. I use which are the USDA database too. My recipe makes 15 slices. There is something really out of whack with your calculations, it’s probably something as simple as adjusting the servings you actually made.

      1. Hi Libby… I took all your concerns into consideration and checked 3 times and I actually put in ingredients without doubling the recipe for 15 slices. I use your recipes fairly often and have not had this problem before. I need to mind my calories as well as macros so I generally check almost everything I cook as well as recipes from keto blogs. The website i use is this one:

        I too am trying to figure out what I’m missing unless any one of the ingredients is showing wrong nutritional info. So far I have gotten mostly similar macro info for other recipes. Thanks

        1. Hi Libby …I tried again just now and the macros came out similar to yours. My Son tells me this happens sometimes when apps fail to update data in real time( not being tech savvy I’m not sure I understand that). Please accept my apologies. Thanks

          1. Hey, absolutely no problem whatsoever 🙂 It was a superb question and a good learning curve. I’m sure someone else reading it will learn too 🙂

  41. Just made this – delicious! 5*

  42. We love this bread but found it a little too “lumpy” with the large seeds.It made it difficult to cut and toast.
    We tried it again after whizzing the seeds slightly in the blender to break them up a bit. Much better texture, easier to cut thinly, toast, slightly more “nutty” flavour.
    Definitely fab with butter and marmite.

  43. This looks great, I will try to make this. Could you substitute ground flax seeds for the chia seeds? Since when combined with water, chia seeds form a gel-like substance, suitable for replacing eggs– and ground flax seeds do the same.

  44. Question: how many ounces of butter should be used? I find that “sticks” of butter can vary between brands. Really looking forward to making this! Thank you!!

    1. 1 stick is a standard US measurement = 113g butter or 1/2 cup. This recipe calls for 50g butter which is the equivalent of 1/2stick (give or take a few grams, it’s not imperative).

  45. Nancy Clark says:

    Is it possible to grind up the larger seeds so they’re not so big to use in this recipe?

    1. Sure thing, but I like the big seeds in this recipe to replicate the savoury seeded whole loaf I miss. But grinding the seeds up to be a bit finer would work. You may need to add a little more liquid ingredients as there would be added seed powder now.

    2. I’m sure you can but the more one chews one’s food, particularly any bread, one won’t eat so much!

  46. Hi, I am going to try making your receipt this weekend. Was wondering what you thought about substituting whole flax seeds for the pumpkin seeds? I have a large container of them and want to use them up, but if you think pumpkin works better I will buy them. If you think the flax seeds would work, would I use the same amount? Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.

  47. Jo-Ann Howell says:

    5 stars
    Oh-Em-Gee, what I miss most about a low carb lifestyle is MARMITE! I am stopping everything, ignoring my 3 page to-do list, and I am off to make this bread so that when hunger strikes mid-arvo I’ll get to enjoy a yummy slice of marmite on toast <3
    Thank you Libby, so many of your recipes are completely awesome 🙂

    1. Awesome!!!! I miss buttery vegemite/marmite on toast too (although we have thrown away our toaster so it makes life a little tricky). Now run and enjoy your toast! 🙂

    2. Vanessa Rouse says:

      Have just made this recipe (all the right quantities) and its awesome, so happy 😊 id love to try doubling the recipe to get a taller loaf, might try next time.
      Thanks so much, love it 😀

      1. Hey there Vanessa, I’m so glad you love this 3-seed bread. I love it toasted or fried with butter, avocado and plenty of salt and pepper. I would suggest not to double toe recipe and make it in a taller loaf tin. Because it is such a dense bread, you may have trouble ensuring the centre is cooked before the crust is overcooked. But if you give it a go, please come back and let me know how it went.

  48. Are the pumpkin and sunflower seeds raw or roasted -salted or unsalted?

    1. Nana Rubina says:

      1 star
      Mixed all ingredients and the whole thing was so dry and glued together… Added more water but it didn’t help.. very disappointed…

  49. Do we need to use chia to absorb some liquid or could I sub poppy seeds or even sesame?

    1. They would be lovely. The chia seeds do absrob some liquid so add your substitutions of the poppy seed or sesame seeds then monitor how much additional coconut flour may need to be added.

  50. Veronica O'Grady says:

    5 stars
    Love this recipe. I had to swap out coconut flour with almond because I got home from thr shops and realised I was out of coconut flour. Laziness can be need for invention. So one cup of almond flour later and a halvsies swap out of pumpkin seed for activated walnuts and pecans… Voila a damn fine loaf of bread

  51. I want to know how many grams of 1 cup Coconut flour .


  52. 5 stars
    Made this the other day and it’s a wonderful, tasty bread! Very unusual due to the density given by the seeds but oh so flavorful! Didn’t have pumpkin seeds so I used two tablespoons of hemp hearts instead, and cut it in 24 slices instead of 15. Because any Keto bread I’ve tried so far is so dense and filling I always end up cutting them in way more slices than the servings given by the recipe – and find them satisfactory enough, with whatever I use for the sandwich. Only thing that went a little wrong was me using by mistake a bigger loaf pan (9 x 5) which gave me a pretty low bread; next time I’ll be paying more attention. 🙂
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  53. Anna Mizzi says:

    5 stars
    Fabulous loaf – easy to make and so delicious with butter and GF Vegemite. Thanks so much for this recipe Libby. ?

    1. Hi. I made it 100% per you recipe and it rose up beautifully and then totally flopped down when I took out of the oven. Any idea why. Also what tin size?

  54. Hi there

    Looking forward to making this tonight because OMG the only thing I miss is my Vogel’s and Peanut Butter in the morning. Quick question as I am a yeast gal, Neroli, when you added yeast did you omit the baking powder, or did you use both?

  55. 5 stars
    Quite fun! Used psyllium powder (3/4 cup) as I didn’t have husks. Don’t have anything to compare it to but we love it and your chia jam recipe. Thanks!

  56. I am really looking forward to making this, it looks delicious.
    I would just like to say thank you for all your lovely recipes, work and time you put into this site.
    I am really looking forward to going low carb and so glad I came across your site ?

  57. I ended up putting 500mls of warm water in because it looked too crumbly and it’s turned out to be a slimy gluey texture in the middle please advise

  58. 4 stars
    I made this tonight but used more butter than it called for. Everything else was right on the money. It seems as if something was missing taste wise.I chose not to use salt as there is salt in the butter. I’m wondering if it could be using coconut flour as I normally use almond flour for low carb rolls. Any thoughts?

    1. The recipe can’t be easily swapped for almond flour, they work in completely different ways. You may wish to read this article. Coconut flour vs almond flour. I wonder if you did need to add the salt as per recipe. I use salted butter but think it requires additional salt to give it a real deep flavour of all the seeds and nuts.

      1. I made the recipe again with the correct portion of melted butter. In my opinion, it had absolutely no flavor. In my opinion, an epic fail. I’ll with my almond flour based rolls, but I am glad that a lot of people enjoy this.

  59. Hi…………what sized loaf tin please ? It looks to be smaller than a regular 9×5 . I’m so looking forward to baking this, it sounds like my dream bread I used to have in Germany, I loved the unsalted taste of it years ago.

  60. 5 stars
    Wow!! Made this just now, grinding half of the seeds and keeping the other half whole. And boy, it’s AMAZING!! Thank you!

    1. Oh and I rolled into an oval ball and baked it on a flat oven dish. So it created a nice crispy crust all round. Definitely a winner!!

  61. Laurie A Phillips says:

    Hi Libby,
    Could I substitute almond for the coconut flour…? I really don’t like the taste of coconut flour but love coconut.

  62. Hi Libby
    This looks like a great recipe. I am wondering at the possibilty of doubling the recipe and putting in same size tin but cooking longer. Not for me but for my daughter (pre sliced and frozen) at boarding school, (no gluten, but trying to cut back on her carbs without actually going keto. A taller loaf would would better mimic ordinary bread for toated sanwiches and such at boarding school. Your thoughts

    1. Gosh. I would have to experiment with that to make a 100% accurate suggestion on cooking times. If you were to double the recipe BUT put it in the same size pan, the loaf would be much taller (as you mentioned) so my initial thoughts would be you may have trouble ensuring the centre is cooked whilst the outside may begin to burn. Saying that, as long as you kept a very close eye on it you may just be lucky enough for this to work. But I think it will be a very fine balancing act. Let me know how you get on.

    2. Hi there,
      I’m going to try this today, but I was just wondering what size loaf tin you use. Is it 400g/1lb or 800g/2lb? The bread looks amazing. Can wait to try it!
      Thank you!

      1. 5 stars
        I made this bread today (doubled up, in a 3lb loaf tin), but as I only had 100g psyllium husk powder I used 5 large eggs, 400ml warm water and 120g melted butter. I also put the whole seeds in my food processor and slightly blended them to make the mixture less piecemeal. I upped the coconut flour to 60g too. The result was absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Libby, I had been really missing a ‘wholegrain’ bread!

        1. 5 stars
          Lisa, I’m so pleased you love this low-carb bread recipe. I was missing my whole grain bread, something to really chew on, so I developed this easy recipe.

    3. 5 stars
      Hi Sonia and Libby,

      I made it today on a baking tray. Grinded half the seeds and used some more water and spread it out on a baking tray. You can cut it in squares and make sandwiches for your daughter. I find flat squares easier to make a lunch to take to work.

  63. Hi, I’m a little confused with the nutrition facts panel. Does this mean these are the amounts per slice? So 1 slice has 107 Calories?

  64. Can I substitute psyllium husk powder for psyllium husks in the low-carb three seed bread recipe? If so, how much powder do I substitute for 1 cup of psyllium husks?

    1. You could omit it entirely from this recipe, just be aware I developed the recipe using it because the psyllium helps to create a lovely bread texture and stops it from being crumbly. If you do buy psyllium, here are a whole variety of recipes that use it so you will end up utilising the whole bag (I hate to waste ingredients too).

      1. Hi,
        I wondered the same thing as previous poster, not about omitting the psyllium but how much does 75g of psyllium husk convert to psyllium powder?

        1. 75g husk is the same as 75g powder but it will appear to be more by volume. That’s the beauty of cooking by weight and not by volume, it’s the same 🙂

          1. I accidentally bought psyllium husk powder and added a cup and it’s very dry and crumbly before I even added it to the pan. I added another entire cup of warm water and no change. I guess I still don’t understand the conversion of husk to powder?

  65. 5 stars
    Made this today, fantastic alternative to all the almond flour low carb breads. My only small issue is that it’s a bit bland, but that does make it quite versatile. I enjoyed it with smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch today. So pleased I found this recipe, thanks Libby!

  66. 1 star
    I just tried this bread recipe. It looked and tasted like sawdust. How can anybody eat this stuff??

  67. 5 stars
    Great recipe, i loved it!
    I was wondering if it is possible to use a mixture 80% plantain seed psyllium (Plantago psyllium), 20% plantago ovoid scales (Plantago ovata) or would it ruin everything?

    1. 5 stars
      I’m afraid that would be another recipe entirely and need full recipe development to ensure it works. If you have success, I’d love for you to come back and let us know. Many readers share their adaptations and tweaks so we can all get some new recipe inspiration from one another.

  68. Marie Ann Mann says:

    Hi Libby, thanks for all your help. think I am on track now. Please can you tell me if I can make the 3 seed bread with finely ground seeds? I really hate all the ‘bits’ in the seed breads as the cause major G I issues for me. Would grind seeds in coffee grinder.

  69. 5 stars
    We had this as part of breakfast this morning, and very much enjoyed it. I did not have the right size pan – it was too big – so my loaf came out too flat. I have ordered a correct-size pan and just realized that I’ll have to reconsider baking time when I make it again. This is the first keto bread recipe I’ve tried, and I chose it because I really prefer seeded bread. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Thank you for a keeper recipe.

  70. 5 stars
    are you using psyllium husks or psyllium husk powder? please clarify…many thanks…

    1. 5 stars
      I tend to use [eafl id=”35762″ name=”Psyllium husk” text=”psyllium husk powder”], but if you cook by weight, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

  71. Grace Lim says:

    5 stars
    Thanks again Libby for this excellent recipe. I love it with anything, and most of all I love it because my 3 year old son loves it with liver pate!!

    1. 5 stars
      Oh wow! Your son has very good taste in eating pate so young, and I’m proud he loves my copycat low-carb multigrain bread.

  72. 5 stars
    Hi, great recipe!! The first time I only used (by mistake) half of the psylium husks, and it was great. Next time I noticed my mistake and used a full cup. Mistake… I prefer the less husks but will definitely keep on trying this recipe until I have it!!
    Thanks for saving my soul!!

  73. Hi! I have been making this bread for a few months and love it, but I can’t see the recipe any longer. Wondering if something on the website changed and it accidentally got removed?? I’m going to try and make it from memory. I’ve successfully subbed coconut oil for the butter, and was going to try olive oil, but now I’m not sure as if it doesn’t work I won’t know if it was the olive oil, or I just got the recipe wrong. Thanks!

      1. Thank you! In case anyone is wondering, I subbed olive oil for the butter (by weight) and it worked perfectly.

  74. Lori Gattermaier says:

    Not sure why but I can’t see or find the recipe anywhere on this page…?
    Please help – I’d love to make this!!!

    Thanks ;))