Ever wonder how to lose 70 pounds? You might think it’s an impossible goal, but today we’re hearing the story of Jessica Armstrong, who did just that.

Even more impressive? She lost 70 pounds fast! It only took her six months to finally drop the weight.

How’d she do it? You’ll find out more below, so keep reading!

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How to Lose 70 Pounds Fast

We’re taking a deep dive into what transforming your life through adopting a low-carb lifestyle actually looks like with Jessica’s insight and tips for weight loss.

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Jessica’s story is definitely going to fire you up, so let’s DIG IN!

Find the Motivation to Lose 70 Pounds

Let’s back up a bit so you can get a sense of what motivated Jessica to get started in the first place. She had struggled with her weight for her entire life, even from childhood. Like so many of us, Jessica often claimed she didn’t mind being overweight.

But deep down, she did.

Despite her best efforts, her weight had stagnated. And to add insult to injury, she even gained 10 pounds! She chalked it up to how hard it is for women over 40 to lose weight.

Jessica hated having her photo taken and felt exhausted most of the time. Between being a busy wife and mom, and her career as a dentist, she had plenty on her plate!

But, she didn’t hit her breaking point until she saw that after years of creeping up, her A1C finally hit pre-diabetic levels and she started to feel genuinely scared for her health.

With several family members who have Type 2 diabetes, Jessica knew intimately the life-limiting journey she was headed on and was determined to go down a different path—because she knew she deserved better.

Try the 28 Day Reset

Luckily, that’s almost exactly the time she received an email about our 28 Day Metabolism Reset.

She had a cruise booked and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try and ditch those pesky extra pounds.

Jessica decided she didn’t really have anything to lose…except maybe the 100 or so extra pounds that were weighing her down, both literally and figuratively.

Yes, this meant she’d be eating drastically different than she did before—saying goodbye to starchy and carb-laden foods and instead enjoying meals high in fat and protein. But, she was willing to give it a try.

While she was hesitant to bid her (formerly) beloved Dr. Pepper goodbye, she figured she could do anything for just 28 days and jumped right in.

Break Your Sugar Addiction

While Jessica expected not having her daily Dr. Pepper and other sugary treats would be challenging, she didn’t know quite how addicted her body was to sugar.

The 28 Day Metabolism Reset wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. She was shocked at how hard it really was to give up sugar after decades of fueling her body with it. She battled pretty intense cravings and had a bout of the keto flu.

Thankfully, she was eventually able to stop the sugar cravings, but admits it was quite the battle. She now knows that she was quite literally addicted to sugar (and has managed to beat her addiction!)

6 months later, she has still not had a single Dr. Pepper!

woman demonstrating how to lose 70 pounds with exercise and diet

Plan for the Long Term

Jessica initially signed up for the 28 Day Metabolism Reset to lose a few extra pounds before a cruise. She says that at the beginning, it was definitely a short-term plan.

But, she was so encouraged by the change she saw and felt in herself, she decided to keep on going and upgraded to the full Thin Adapted System.

The system gave her the tools she needed to continue her weight loss journey for the long-term, rather than short.

Work on Your Mindset

Perhaps the resources Jessica appreciated the most were those surrounding mindset.

She wisely said, “someone can tell you how to eat and you can eat that way and lose weight for a short time, but to change your thinking around it is, is what is really life-changing and that will sustain it.”

Jessica admits that she previously planned her life around food—where she’d go out to eat while traveling, what her next meal would be, which recipes to make at different holidays. But she was able to flip the narrative and realize that her joy and overall comfort are worth so much more than a meal or two.

Rather than view food as a treat to obtain if she had a good (or bad) day, Jessica now realizes that food is fuel, and that while it can give you energy, it can’t make you feel better.

Be Active

It will come as a surprise to very few people that part of figuring out how to lose 70 pounds is exercising.

But, what that means is different for everyone.

In Jessica’s case, it took a few months but she now does workouts daily. In addition, she makes dozens of small movements per day, such as going upstairs to get something rather than asking a kid to go. It all adds up!

Find Food Your Entire Family Will Eat

Years ago, Jessica had tried Nutrisystem and hated being limited to pre-portioned microwave meals. So when she took a new route on her weight loss journey, she realized she’d need to find something sustainable for both herself and her family.

She was encouraged to find that not only could she eat out pretty much anywhere with her husband and kids, but she also was able to cook meals at home that everyone would eat and enjoy.

Jessica typically opts for making protein-heavy dinners like keto carne asada and low carb meatloaf. She can eat her portion with the addition of cheesy cauliflower rice or another delicious side dish, while her children may opt to enjoy rice or mashed potatoes with their main meal.

This way, her new way of eating feels flexible, simple, and absolutely sustainable, because she’s in it for the long haul!

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How it Feels Once You Lose 70 Pounds

Have you ever been curious about how different your life would look if you could lose 70 pounds? We sure were.

Here’s what Jessica had to say:

“My whole life I have been overweight, so I never thought that I would be able to actually lose that much weight. And so, yeah, it blows my own mind. I will sometimes see myself in the mirror and be like, wow, okay, yeah, that looks different. Like actually on the video I was like, Oh my gosh, I don’t have a double chin in the video and I’m just glancing at myself like, is that me? That’s me.”

Outside of just the visual differences, Jessica has enjoyed several non scale victories too.

During a recent doctor’s visit, she received the exciting news that her A1C was no longer pre-diabetic…she was in the normal range once more. She was also able to halve her blood pressure medication.

Jessica says she’s looking forward to continuing on her health journey and hitting her 100 pound goal soon. In the meantime, she is celebrating losing 70 pounds and feeling so much better. Congratulations, Jessica! You are so inspiring.

Next Steps

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