This perfect rich, sugar-free keto coconut ice cream recipe is made with only a few simple ingredients.

This coconut milk treat is such a refreshing and wonderful dessert in the summer. You don’t even need an ice cream maker!

sugar-free coconut ice-cream served in a coconut shell
Delicious creamy keto coconut ice cream (made without an ice cream maker).

If you are sugar-free or low carb, most ice creams are out of bounds…until now! This keto coconut milk ice cream recipe has just a few simple ingredients and are all probably in your pantry right now.

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My kids go absolutely nuts for this keto ice cream recipe. It’s our go-to in those warm months—and often even in the cooler ones too. If you’ve ever been intimidated by homemade ice cream, give this creamy version a try.

Is coconut keto?

Coconut is a low-carb high-fiber ingredient that is used in many low-carb and keto recipes. it is versatile and can be used in sweet recipes such as keto coconut ice cream, or savory such as coconut curries.

Nutrition of unsweetened shredded coconut per 100g: 7.3 g net carbs, 6.9 g protein, 64.5 g fat, 660 calories.

Sugar-free keto coconut ice cream

Many homemade coconut cream ice cream recipes will contain coconut sugar, maple syrup, or bananas in the misbelief that it makes them sugar-free. If you are new here, you may want to read the Ultimate Guide To Sweeteners and the 50 names of sugar.

It can be difficult to find a sugar-free ice cream recipe that doesn’t contain frozen bananas because frozen bananas give a creamy texture, but if you’re watching your carbs and blood sugars, you’ll want to try and avoid bananas and other high-carb fruit for a while.

When any recipe is based on bananas, they are still incredibly high in sugar and carbs. A medium banana contains on average 27g of carbs which can be an entire day of carbohydrates for many keto dieters! So in this recipe, we’ll steer clear of ALL added sugars and still make yummy ice cream.


This keto coconut ice cream has just a few ingredients. To whip up this creamy ice cream, you’ll need:

  • egg yolks – but don’t toss the whites! Use them to make another coconut recipe like these quick and easy keto macaroons.
  • coconut cream – this is different from canned coconut milk although they are often found in the same section of the grocery store.
  • powdered sweetener – always add sweetener to taste. You may require more or less than the recipe has suggested.
  • shredded coconut – make sure to read the label for your desiccated coconut and ensure there’s no added sugar.
  • heavy whipping cream – double cream, heavy cream.
  • vanilla extract – I always recommend purchasing the best vanilla extract you can afford. It makes a big difference! If you really love coconut flavor, you can also add coconut extract.

For exact quantities, see the keto coconut ice cream recipe card below.


Making this coconut milk ice cream couldn’t be more simple. Who knew homemade ice cream could be so easy to put together?


First, whisk your egg yolks together in a large mixing bowl. Set it aside for now.


Then, grab a medium saucepan. Add the coconut cream, heavy whipping cream, and your choice of sweetener. Heat over medium-low and stir to dissolve the sweetener.

Do not allow it to boil but just until you see steam rising and the edges begin to form little bubbles.


Now, grab that bowl of egg yolks. This is what will make your custard-based ice cream thick, creamy and delicious.

Slowly add the coconut ice cream mixture from the saucepan to the egg yolk mixture. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan and stir to heat gently until it is the thickness of a traditional custard and stocks to the back of the spoon.


Once your sugar-free coconut ice cream has thickened, remove it from the heat and stir occasionally as it cools. Once it is at room temperature, pour your keto coconut ice cream into a lined baking dish and set in the freezer overnight.


This easy sugar-free coconut ice cream recipe can be adapted to make many flavors. There are so many possibilities. Ice cream keto style is so versatile! What flavor would you turn this coconut keto ice cream into?

  • chocolate keto ice cream – to turn this keto ice cream into a chocolate lover’s dream, simply add some cocoa powder.
  • chocolate chip coconut ice cream – add a handful of your favorite sugar-free chocolate chips to this frosty treat once it has cooled down a bit in the freezer.
  • almond coconut ice cream – switch out the vanilla ice cream for almond extract for an even more tropical flavor.


Many readers think making ice cream is tricky and you need an ice cream maker, but I’ll show you neither is the case.

An ice cream maker does make whipping up homemade ice cream easier and lighter, but you can easily make this keto coconut ice cream then freeze it in a large container or lined baking dish. All you do is simply stir the ice cream each hour to break up any ice crystals which may form.

The pictures I have shown for this recipe I made without an ice cream maker. We were away on holiday and our apartment only had basic cooking equipment, yet it still turned out brilliantly.

In short…no ice cream maker? No worries! You can still enjoy creamy ice cream.

Recipe FAQ

Is coconut keto?

Yes, coconut is low-carb and high-fiber and is used n many low-carb and keto recipes. It can be used in sweet desserts and savory curries so is a versatile keto ingredient.

What is coconut milk?

Coconut milk and coconut cream differ in their fat content. Usually coconut cream has 20-25% fat whereas canned coconut milk may only have 2-4% fat. Even full-fat coconut milk has 4-5% fat. Each brand will vary so remember to read the nutrition labels carefully.

How can I stop ice crystals in my ice cream?

Mix the keto ice cream each hour to break up any ice crystals that form, alternatively you can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of alcohol such as vodka which prevents the ice cream from freezing solid (alcohol does not freeze).

Can I make this dairy-free?

You can omit the heavy cream and substitute more coconut cream, but the coconut custard ice cream may not thicken as expected.

What is the fastest keto dessert to make?

My favorite frozen dessert has to be sugar-free berry popsicles. This keto-friendly ice cream is made with fresh berries, yogurt, coconut cream, and a high-speed blender.

More sugar-free ice cream recipes

If you love keto coconut ice cream, you’ll love my other no-churn ice cream recipes. You don’t even need an ice cream maker or ice cream machine for any of these ice cream recipes.

The most popular keto ice cream recipes (without an ice cream maker).

25 best low-carb sugar-free ice cream recipes

Sugar-free berry popsicles – drizzled in sugar-free chocolate

Sugar-free mocha ice cream

Sugar-free mint ice cream with a sugar-free chocolate magic shell (that actually works)

Cheesecake berry layered popsicles

sugar-free coconut ice-cream served in a coconut shell
Keto coconut ice cream recipe (made without an ice cream maker)

sugar-free coconut ice-cream served in a coconut shell

Sugar Free Keto Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

This perfect rich, sugar-free keto coconut ice cream recipe is made with only a few simple ingredients. It's an easy no-churn ice-cream recipe and low-carb keto friendly.
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Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: keto coconut ice cream, Sugar free coconut ice cream
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 5
Calories: 593.3kcal
Author: Thinlicious.com
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  • Saucepan
  • Baking dish
  • Measuring cups and spoons


  • 5 egg yolks
  • 500 ml coconut cream full fat
  • 250 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp powdered sweetener or more, to your taste
  • 25 g desiccated/shredded coconut unsweetened toasted (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Whisk the egg yolks in a large heatproof bowl. Set aside.
  • In a saucepan, add the coconut cream, cream, and sweetener. Gently heat on the stovetop stirring constantly to dissolve the sweetener. Remove from the heat as soon as you notice it is bubbling around the edges.
  • Start gently whisking the egg yolks again, and very gradually add a spoon at a time of the warm cream to the egg yolks. Continue until all the cream has been incorporated.
  • Stir in the vanilla then pour back into the saucepan and heat again whilst stirring, to thicken to a custard consistency.
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool completely. Stir through the toasted coconut (optional), reserving 2 tablespoons to garnish the finished ice cream when serving.

Using an ice cream maker (optional).

  • Cool the ice cream mixture in the fridge then use your ice cream maker as per the manufacturer's instructions. Store in the freezer once made.

Without an ice cream maker.

  • Once cooled, pour in a shallow large dish and pop in the freezer. Stir through each hour to break up any ice crystals until it is completely frozen.


  • The nutrition panel is a guide only. For complete accuracy, calculate using the brand of coconut cream you use as they vary incredibly.
  • The sugar in the nutrition notes (3g) is from the cream and the desiccated/shredded coconut. To lower the carbs further the desiccated/shredded coconut may be omitted.


Serving: 1serveCalories: 593.3kcalCarbohydrates: 8gProtein: 8.3gFat: 60.7gSodium: 28.1mgPotassium: 420.5mgFiber: 3gSugar: 2gVitamin A: 994.6IUVitamin C: 3.2mgCalcium: 68.6mgIron: 3mg

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  1. Is coconut cream the same as coconut milk that comes in a can?

    1. It appears different brands and different countries interchange their definition of coconut milk and cream. Look at the label and make sure it has at least 25% fat and about 4% carbs. Take a look here as to what brands I use.

      1. I don’t see a list of ingredients. All I get is low carb recipes not a list.

  2. I noticed it says sugar free and dairy free but it has cream in the ingredients? ? Do you think it could be made dairy free??

    1. Oops, where did it say it is dairy free? I saw it was in the recipe description a while ago but removed it as soon as I spotted it. You are correct it contains cream. You can replace this with more coconut cream if you are dairy free, but I like to add it for a creamy texture. Thanks for being my eagle eyed reader Maxine 🙂

      1. Kaye Hellyer says:

        It’s still showing on the popup when you hit the print button.

        1. I’ve just checked a few times on a few devices and it goes straight to the print window purely of the recipe, no other pictures or text from my website or adverts. You may need to check your settings on your computer, sorry I’m only a wizard in the kitchen 🙁 Anyone else here can you help Kaye?

      2. It says “dairy free”, not in the recipe description but right in the recipe title — “SUGAR FREE DAIRY FREE COCONUT ICE CREAM” . . .. As such, it is the #3 result in a Google search for “low carb” “ice cream” “dairy free” recipe!

        Imagine my disappointment. . . LOL 🙂

        1. I can’t see how that would come up. I have even checked my google description and can’t see it there either. Do you have a screenshot so I can see where to fix it? Apologies 🙁

  3. What are the best brands of coconut cream available in Australia? I’ve been surprised at the additives that seem to be in most brands in the supermarket.

  4. john summers says:

    I have got to really try this ice cream out soon, what a great recipe, thank you so much … john summers

  5. Where can I buy coconut cream?

  6. The cream of coconut I found at my local grocery store had tons of sugar in it so I didn’t buy it. I think it had around 17 grams per 1 ounce. Can I purchase it online?

  7. What do you use for a nutritional calculator? I compared roasted tomatoes on 3 sites and they differed greatly, I’d like to be able to figure out my own recipes.

    1. I used to use MyFitnessPal but have found far too many errors with ‘user added’ entries and many values not being clear if their carb content is net or total (US or UK) so I now use chronometer.com or ketodietapp

      1. Hi I’m wanting to make but don’t understand measurements. Is 500 ml 16 oz? And 20g?

  8. Thus ice cream is UNBELIEVABLY delicious. It hits all the right notes. Well done!

  9. Is this soft after its frozen without salt, MCT oil or vodka?

  10. Christie B. says:

    If you wanted to make this chocolate, when and how much cocoa powder would you add?

    1. I would add 1/4 cup and possibly some additional sweetener (to taste) to overcome the bitterness of the cocoa. Let me know how you get on.

  11. I tried this today. It’s the first time I make ice cream, I never tried since I thought I needed an ice cream maker. I followed the recipe to a T and it came out really nice. I had some in a bowl and poured some “chocolate sauce” (just a bit of heavy cream and cocoa powder microwaved ^^”) on it. Very good, very rich and lots of flavour. Thank you so much, your recipes give me more confidence to try new low carb things.

  12. How does using “cream” make this diary free?

    1. Can you tell me where is says dairy free? Tour the second person who has told me this but I cant see it anywhere, because it’s not. I’d love to know so I can fix that error. Thanks.

      1. Libby, the dairy free typeface is after your description the heading of the recipe right above prep time and cook time it says sugar-free dairy-free coconut ice cream

        1. Ahhh, thank you. I have deleted it now. For the life of me I looked and looked and couldn’t spot it. I love my eagle eyed readers, you’re the best 🙂

  13. Any chance this would work without cream (and instead use another cup of coconut cream)?
    Thanks <3

  14. FYI, it mentions that it’s paleo next to the cuisine description. The dairy in the cream excludes it from being paleo.

  15. I can’t wait to make this!
    Is coconut milk the same as coconut cream? or will it work?
    Also, I’ll have to halve the recipe and wonder if 2 egg yolks will be enough. I wouldnt want an egg taste.
    Thanks so much for all your work and help with our low-carb appetites!!

    1. Coconut cream is higher in fat (generally about 20-25% fat) than coconut milk. You really need the coconut cream to make the ice cream set nicely and become a wonderful creamy texture.

  16. Would you be able to make this in a Vitamix blender?

  17. Hi. I have made this twice now and both times it split in the process of reheating the custard. Any tips? Only the second tine ever ive made icecream, thought i was heating slowly and stirring constantly but yeah. Split. Husband still likes the spilt texture but ruins it for me. Thanks

      1. Megan Torres says:

        If it’s overheated is the batch a loss cause. I’m pretty sure I should have stopped when it felt smooth but I was waiting for it to get thicker and I may have had the heat up too high. ?

        1. If it gets overheated (over 165 to 180 F) the eggs have become like scrambled eggs! All is not totally lost; you can puree the mixture in a blender. I will be thinner than properly cooked custard, but it can still be used make smooth ice cream

  18. I recently got an ice cream maker but haven’t had much luck with the texture of sugar-free ice cream. This was a bit icy but the coconut added a nice subtle flavour. I only used 400ml coconut cream because that was the size of the can, and 2 tbsp Natvia (stevia). I’ll definitely make it again! If you have any ideas for overcoming the iciness issue, please let me know.

    1. Don’t laugh, but I have another recipe that uses 1 TBSP of Vodka to prevent the iciness from forming. They also call for 1/8 TSP of Xanthan Gum. They say it helps creaminess and iciness issues. I didn’t churn that recipe and it seemed to work.

      1. Leonie Johnston says:

        I have an ice cream recipe that also calls for a tbs of vodka, but that’s to stop it from freezing so hard that you have to get it out of the freezer ages before you plan to eat it. The vodka does help but a 10sec zap in the MW on high also does the trick, I’ve found.

  19. Shellihob says:

    This ice cream is a taste sensation. I just loved its creaminess and the indulgence of it. After eating low calorie and low fat for most of my life, this was a little taste of heaven. Thanks for this recipe Libby. When I was making the custard on the stovetop I felt quite unsure as the exact moment to stop cooking so a quick Google sent me to my thermometer with the fact that 180° was the magic time to stop. Worked perfectly. I’ve never been confident about stirred custard on the stove top. Too little is no good and too much is definitely not good. If you are looking for a wonderful ice cream to try, this just might be it. Thanks again Libby.

  20. Shellihob says:

    What to do with five egg whites left over. Any suggestions?

  21. How much, would be a serving?

  22. Can the heavy cream be replaced with more coconut milk? I can’t get cream where I live. Thanks!!

    1. Yes but it may not be as creamy. I liked using both in the recipe as it seemed to stop ice crystals from forming and gave that luxurious ice cream texture. If you give it a go, I’d love you to come back and let me know how it went.

  23. Love your recipes … love the simple ingredients and methods too! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a creamsicle anything (any frozen or refrigerated dessert would do). As a child (and adult) I love Creamsicles. I see some low-carb recipes titled “creamsicle”, but they usually have a specialty product that gives it the orange flavor. Does your practical/economical mind have any suggestions or recipes? Thanks again, Libby, for your wonderful recipes!

    1. Thank you for acknowledging my practical/economical mind. I am sure I get that from my mother who lived through UK food rationing in WW2.
      I must admit, I had to Google what a Creamsicle is. We don’t get them here in NZ. From what i have seen, I am guessing you could add a little orange zest to some cream cheese and sweetener then blitz it using a stick blender. You may need to add a little heavy cream to make it liquid enough to pour into a ice block (popsicle) mold. Once frozen, you could repeatedly dip the ice block into a strong cold jelly/jello mixture to coat it then pop it back in the freezer to set. Let me know if it works. I have a few ice block recipes and videos coming up, so watch out for those too.

  24. Can you use pure maple syrup in recipes? rather than sweeteners, it might change the taste a bit, but it is natural.

  25. Blueyedgirl says:

    I omitted the actual coconut to save on carbs, and added coconut emulsion in with the cream! Wonderful!

  26. I want to try this as I have not had any ice cream in 6 weeks and really would like a healthy option. QUESTION- what size eggs does this recipe use. Many of yours specify medium eggs. Would that be true for all of them? Or can large be used w this recipe? Thank you. Can’t wait to try it soon

    1. For most recipes, it doesn’t really matter unless you use the super large eggs that I hear some people are able to buy. Then you would have to reduce the number of eggs by 1 or 2.

      1. Good to know. Thanks so much

  27. So I finally tried this and sadly all did not go well. The biggest issue I had was after it cooled and came out of the fridge it was very very thick and would not pour into my Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment. Wondering if I cooked it too long or it stayed in the fridge too long. And although it was a creamy ice cream it didn’t really have the best taste. I love coconut and it had none of the taste. I did not add the toasted coconut as I didn’t have the time to toast it. Perhaps that’s what made the difference. I never waste ice cream but I’m throwing out what’s left. I’ll try it again with shorter cooking time and less fridge time and hoping it comes out better. I’ll search for other ice cream options you may have. I’ve already made the raspberry chocolate chip bars and like them so hoping I can find another. Would love a strawberry or black raspberry ice cream if you ever decide to create another recipe. (I’m not rating as I feel the issues may have been user error and that wouldn’t be fair)

    1. Hi Marsha, I think a few things happened here, let’s go through them. 1: If you cooled it for too long, the coconut cream itself thickens to almost solid plus the fact it was thickened by cooking with egg yolks would definitely have solidified it even further, next time, only chill until cool but still able to be churned by your ice cream maker. 2: Yes you need to toasted coconut. When you chill/freeze food you often lose a lot of the flavour (that’s why restaurants are known to really chill bad white wines, so you can’t taste them as much ? ). 3: Even without the toasted coconut, it should have had a beautiful taste. You might want to check your coconut cream brand, the ingredients for the recipe are only coconut cream, dairy cream and eggs. It should have been a lovely delicate coconut flavour in there from the coconut cream alone. Great questions Marsha, and I’m glad you loved the ice cream bar recipe, my kids LOVE those.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely be trying again this summer. Good to know about the wine too

  28. 5 stars
    Thank you for such an easy keto ice cream that doesn’t take hours of churning and tastes like real ice cream. PLUS my children love it! Bonus!