Why is breakfast the new dessert? We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so when did it change? Some cereals are so full of sugar, they are worse than eating cake!

Watch the shocking video below.

6 slices of toast with different breakfast toppings

In this article you will learn:

  • Is the breakfast aisle really the new candy aisle?
  • Why are cereals and granola so full of sugar?
  • Learn why farmers feed cattle grains before slaughter.
  • Is chocolate spread worse than candy?
  • Why a glass of orange juice isn’t the same as the goodness from 6 oranges?
  • Easy healthy sugar-free breakfast recipes (all are naturally gluten-free)

Is The Breakfast Aisle The New Candy Aisle?

Can you believe all the sugar hiding in these “healthy” cereals?

Breakfast used to be so simple…a few boiled eggs, some sausages, some leftovers … Now it is like walking into a candy store when you walk down the cereal aisle.

The invention of breakfast cereal was one of the world’s first convenience foods. Cereal is cheap to make and is seen as an easy answer to the morning schedule.

But now? They have become nothing more than a bowl of sugar, corn or wheat, with milk and fortified with vitamins. 

It’s because cereal/granola companies have figured out how to turn a cheap grain into a socially acceptable start to the day and make a fortune in the process.

And if you think that’s interesting, adding sugar to grain-based cereals has actually been dubbed cereals moment of original sin which led to unimaginable profits. Not so long ago, they would buy grain for 75c and make $12 from it by adding sugar, packaging, and marketing. Junk food is a modern goldmine!

And have you ever wondered why you’re hungry by 9.30am? Read on.

What Happened To Kid’s Breakfast?

A close up of high sugar granola with labels of ingredients

Just take a look at all the vibrant colours, cartoons and free gifts aimed specifically at children. The food companies use “pester power” to increase sales.

What is pester power? It’s when children pester their parents into submission to buy a product (and we all know we want to avoid kiddy melt-downs at the checkout).

Breakfast is no longer a simple hearty solid start to the day. Breakfast cereals and granola have slowly morphed into incredibly ultra-processed food that is laden with sugar and unhealthy oils. Where is the health value in that?

And where is the nutrition required for children’s bone, muscle, and brain development?

These grains are so ultra-processed and refined, they have to be fortified. Don’t believe their health claims of “rich in vitamins”, “a great source of protein”, you know what is packed with nutrition and protein – an egg. The simplest and cheapest way to start the day with all the essential amino acids, amazing vitamins and rich in minerals – far more than any cereal you will ever buy.

Why are cereals and granola so full of sugar?

A man\'s hand holding a spoon stacked with sugar cubes

If you’re wondering why breakfast is referred to as the new dessert, this post will answer that question how breakfast cereals were invented and why they have become just so unhealthy. 

You walk down the cereal aisle these days and it’s like walking down the dessert aisle. Donuts, sugary cakes labelled as breakfast “on-the-go”, cereals and granola full of more sugar than cake…every single item in the store is just pushing processed foods and sugar. There are even breakfast biscuits, that’s just another way of saying eat cookies to start your day.

Since when is it okay to load up with carbs, sugar, and words that we can’t even pronounce?

Why has breakfast become a sugar fest?

A glass jar filled with chopped bananas sugar and chocolate

In the last few decades, breakfast has slowly morphed from a savoury meal to a sweet meal. 

Gone are the sausages, eggs, and bacon (with possibly occasional porridge), to toast with chocolate spread, morning smoothies, and juice on the go. They may masquerade as a breakfast, but in reality, they are just a sugar festival.

Breakfast cereals have literally become desserts.

Graphic indicating how much sugar and unhealthy oils are In nutella

To learn why chocolate nut spreads are worse than spreadable candy – CLICK HERE.

Stop and think about what we’re putting in our bodies

A tray of food on a wooden table with toast jam sugar and breakfast cereal

We’re always told to eat in moderation (read this article to see why this is awful nutritional advice). And one thing is for certain…eating a cup of sugar and grains for breakfast is anything but moderation.

Do you why farmers feed their cattle grains to fatten them before slaughter? Geese are force fed grains to promote fatty liver disease for Fois Gras? Because grains are high in starch, rapidly absorbed and make blood sugars skyrocket, which in turn, raises insulin requirements which is our fat storing hormone.

You can now understand that it’s best to avoid grains, especially in such high quantities. 80% of items on the supermarket shelves are high in sugar and grains, and breakfast cereals/granola have the toxic combination of them both together.

So if your child brings you a box of sugary cereal as you cruise down the cereal/granola aisle, don’t cave. This is what the cereal companies want you to do, but don’t!

A bowl of chocolate breakfast cereal with a spoon

While it might be hard to say “no” to your child, you have to stay strong and do so. You are not treating your child with bowls of cereal and spoonful after spoonful of sugary, granola. Think of the damage those high blood sugars are doing to their growing bodies. They don’t get a second chance at growth and development.

Remember chronic disease don’t happen overnight, they happen from decades of poor nutrition, from dietary habits learned in childhood. 

How simple is it to go over the sugar limit for the day?

Does your family like to drink juice? It may sound wonderful and healthy to add in a glass of “natural, healthy” fruit juice to your morning breakfast. Just like that, you’ve gone over your limit of sugar for the day, possibly the week.

Hard to believe, but it’s true. Even “healthy” juices and foods can be extremely high in sugar!

A glass of orange juice isn’t the same as the GOODNESS from 6 oranges, it’s the same as the SUGAR from 6 oranges.

All the fibre has been stripped, many of the nutrients lost, and no amount if nutrients and vitamins will undo the damage that high sugar levels do.

If it’s that simple to go over the sugar limit with juice, imagine what sugary breakfast cereals contain?!

A table topped packed with different types of sugary breakfast cereal toast fruit and juice

How to Get Back to a True Hearty Breakfast

So what do we do? We stop reading the front of packets (advertising fluff and wonder) and start reading the nutrition panels. You’ve got to educate yourself to know what you’re putting into the body of you and your family.

Begin to opt for grain-free breakfast ideas. Eggs, sausage, bacon, leftovers … you name it. These simple, low-carb and sugar-free options are better choices and offer quality protein and healthy fats that will give you energy throughout the day! No more 9.30am slump.

Choose some easy Sugar-Free Breakfast Recipes – CLICK HERE.

Sugar-Free Breakfast Recipes to Fuel the Day

If you are just starting out and want to go sugar-free, why not try these alternatives to get you off the sugar. Then once your taste buds adjust and you lose your sweet cravings, go for simple savoury ideas such as scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese or even leftovers.

You have the power to eliminate the processed, sugary foods, and it’s easy because there are so many healthy yummy alternatives.

More Breakfast Recipe Ideas

LOW-CARB BREAKFASTS: Who else wants to start their day the easy way? There’s even an egg-free chapter for you too – CLICK HERE

Mockup of the pages from the low-carb breakfast cookbook

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  2. THOMAS J HUBER says:

    Sorry, but if you succumb to “pester-power” your battle of child rearing is already lost right there.
    We, three generations now at the table, eat what is served with the proviso that if you do not like it (for instance I love seafood but hate oysters) you do not have to eat it; no substitutes other than those approved by the whole group.