Discover 50 delicious healthy sugar-free snacks that will help your kids stop their Oreo and Goldfish crackers habit.

The best healthy sugar-free snacks for children after school, are perfect for adults too. All these snacks are sugar-free, wheat-free, and naturally gluten-free.

Healthy Sugar-Free Snacks

If you want to begin reducing the junk carbs and raise lower-carb kids, how do you start? These healthy sugar-free snacks

How much sugar is in kid’s snacks?

Healthy Low Carb Snacks |

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This is a great infographic showing how certain foods leave you crashing soon after eating them. So we may think bread, toast, and cereal fill our children up, but they will soon be hungry again. These foods feed them energy but no nourishment or nutrients.

The best foods are those based on good quality protein and good healthy fats. Sure children can have unprocessed carbs such as sweet potatoes and fruit but in limited amounts. It is the whole food approach that is important.

How to slowly cut back on sugar for kids

50 Keto Kids Snack Ideas + FREE eBook

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Tip 1: Serve savoury snacks, not sweet snacks

One of the trickiest things parents find when they go sugar-free or low carb is what to give children for after-school snacks. It’s hard to change our mindset from giving our children sweet treats such as muesli bars, cereal/granola, toast and sugary spreads, cakes, or baking, to giving them savoury snacks.

Healthy sugar-free snacks need to be portable while driving to sports and activities. We are so used to having food on hand that has a long shelf life and comes in a packet.

Tip 2: Serve leftovers

Leftovers are under-utilised. They’re easy and nutritious. Cook once, serve twice.

Very rarely do I have time to make pancakes after school, but if I do, I make a double or triple batch and keep them for their lunch boxes.

If you have the oven on, always cook an extra batch of sausages or chicken purely for the next few day’s lunch or snacks.

It’s about thinking differently, cooking extra, and making it as easy as you can for yourself.

Tip 3: Pack car snacks (to avoid emergency fast-food)

Make sure you have a ready supply of healthy snacks in the car to avoid those emergency situations where your children are hungry, ratty, and about to have a melt-down or tantrum. This inevitably leads to fast food to solve the situation.

Pack each child a little lunch box for the car to keep them happy, full and it helps contain any mess.

Have healthy sugar-free snacks in the car such as nuts, pork rinds, beef jerky, and sugar-free granola bars.

Tip 4: If you have picky eaters – stop snacking so often!

Try to cut down on how much and how often your children snack. It is so much easier to encourage children to eat a nutritious dinner when they’re hungry.

Sometimes there is no other option, I’m realistic, but let’s see if we can do the best we can as often as we can, then there is less pressure on the occasions when we can’t.

Tip 5: Stop the preservatives – for happy kids

We are the first generation to grow up consuming so many preservatives and so many packaged snacks. Americans now spend more on snacks than meals.

If those preservatives are stopping the bacteria from growing in our food, what is it doing to the beneficial bacteria in our bodies? Our gut health is incredibly important with 75% of our serotonin (the happy hormone) and our immunity is made in our gut.

Healthy Sugar Free Snacks List |
After School Snacks

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Best sugar-free healthy snacks for kids

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Sugar-free snack ideas: Sweet

Kasey Knight Trenum
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe
Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chaffles Recipe
Make delicious low-carb chocolate chip vanilla chaffles in less than 5 minutes.
Check out this recipe
Chocolate chip chaffles served with whipped cream and sugar-free chocolate chips
Sheet Pan Keto Pancakes (oven-baked pancakes)
Sheet Pan Keto Pancakes (oven-baked pancakes) are simple and delicious. Served with sugar-free maple syrup, whipped cream, and sugar-free chocolate chips.
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Sheet Pan Keto Pancakes - EEEEEASY coconut flour recipe
Low-Carb Living Summit: Schedule
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Keto Cinnamon Churro Chaffles Recipe
Make delicious Keto Cinnamon Churro Chaffles, in less than 5 minutes.
Check out this recipe
churros on a plate
Low-Carb Living Summit: Schedule
Check out this recipe
Low-Carb Living Summit: Schedule
Check out this recipe
Low-Carb Almond Flour Pancakes
You will love this light and fluffy almond flour pancakes!
Check out this recipe
Low-carb almond flour pancakes recipe - sugar-free
Easy Double Chocolate Chaffles Recipe
Double chocolate chaffles are perfect for breakfast or dessert. Delicious, easy, and fun chaffle recipes your whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
Chocolate chaffles on a blue plate

Sugar-free snack ideas: Savoury

Dr. Edie Wadsworth
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe
Keto mini quiche recipe (with bacon)
4-ingredients keto mini quiche (with bacon) is the perfect quick and easy high-protein breakfast, lunch, or keto protein snack. You can even hide vegetables in them so picky kids can amp up their greens.
Check out this recipe
mini keto quiche in a cupcake tray
Cheesy Keto Chicken Meatballs Recipe (HPLC)
High-protein low-carb (HPLC) cheesy keto chicken meatballs. With 40g protein and only 4g net carbs, these are the perfect quick and easy high-protein dinner AND high-protein snack.
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Easy Low-Carb Mini Pizza Chaffles Recipe
Low-carb mini pizza chaffles are the perfect weekend lunch your whole family will love. Make them personalized by adding your own toppings.
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A pizza chaffle sitting on top of a table
Low-carb snack tray
Easy ideas for an after-school snack tray, even the pickiest kid's will love.
Easy Snack Tray
low-carb antipasto platter/ charcuterie board
Martina Slajerova
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe

Sugar-free: Smoothies

Easy Keto Berry Smoothie Recipe (Dairy Free)
Easy keto mixed berry smoothie is the perfect simple dairy-free smoothie to add to your meal plan for breakfast, a snack, or a keto meal replacement.
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe
All the flavors of a peanut butter cup milkshake but sugar-free, low-carb, and keto friendly.
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe
Sugar-Free Chocolate Smoothie Recipe (Dairy-Free)
The perfect way to amp up your greens and sneak more into your picky children's diet. A quick sugar-free chocolate smoothie will also keep them full for hours.
Check out this recipe

Easy snacks: ready made

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  • 35 best low-carb snacks
  • Eggs any which way. Boiled (boil 10 or so at a time to always have them on hand for snacks and lunches), fried, scrambled, poached. devilled eggs, paleo scotch eggs
  • Cheese, cheese, cheese. Sticks, cubes, grated. Any old how but this is s great way to fill up children for longer
  • Leftover dinners are KING!
  • Beef jerky/biltong/pork crackling
  • Berries and cream
  • Avocado and salt
  • Apple slices with peanut butter/tahini/almond butter etc
  • Chopped up apple or pear with cinnamon sprinkled on top
  • Canned/tinned tuna

For all the following recipes, head over to my recipe finder and subscribe fro FREE recipes when I post them.

Tips: How to raise sugar-free kids

Healthy Sugar-Free Snacks

Healthy lunchbox ideas

If you are wanting more ideas for sugar-free snacks and sugar-free lunchboxes, come and join me on my Facebook page Low-Carb Lunch Club and in my closed group – Low-Carb Lunch Box hacks.  Come and join in the fun. I’ll see you there.

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