How to make 10 easy family meals with fathead dough (your kids will want to eat).

Keto fat head dough only needs 5 ingredients and can be made with almond flour OR coconut flour.

Basic mozzarella dough can create a number of delicious family low-carb meals. You don’t even need a microwave.

10 images of keto fathead dough variations
10 easy meals made from fat head dough (your kids will want to eat).

If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to see the supreme guide to making fat head dough even without a microwave. Can be made with almond flour or coconut flour EVEN WITHOUT a microwave PLUS 16 keto recipes to use it.

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What in the World is Keto Fathead Dough?

If you loved bread before you started your keto, low-carb journey, you’re going to love this replacement recipe. You’ll see the versatility of this recipe when you realize all the different meals you can make with fat head dough.

Even better? It’s super simple to make with only 5 main ingredients: mozzarella, cream cheese, egg, almond flour or coconut flour, and a pinch of salt. That’s it!

You’ll sometimes see it referred to as mozzarella dough. Check out the recipe below.

FAQs About Fat Head Dough

As you may have seen in the recipe card above, this is my most popular recipe, hands down. Because tens of thousands of my readers have made this tasty low-carb dough, I have also received a lot of questions about it.

Before we get into all the different ways you can use fat head dough, I want to answer some FAQs about it below. If you have another question, please leave it in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

Is Fat Head Dough Keto?

raw mozzarella dough
The mozzarella dough ball is so versatile.

The fat head dough recipe has 14.9g of net carbs for the whole recipe. The carb count for the final dishes you create using the dough will differ.

Counting carbs isn’t always the fun part of this lifestyle, so I made it even easier for this post. Each recipe below has the net carb count listed at the end of this post.

mockups of 5 Ingredients (Or Less) Low-Carb Cookbook on devices and printed cookbooks

How long does raw fat head dough stay fresh?

You can store the uncooked fat head dough in the fridge or freezer.

If you are prepping batches ahead of time keep in mind that you’ll need to use it within 2 days when storing in a refrigerator.

If you plan on freezing your batches, keep it covered well with a few layers of plastic wrap. Properly stored in the freezer, the dough will keep for up to 2 months.

Why is it called fat head dough?

This is probably the number one question I get. I know, the name is kind of funny.

Full credit for the original fat head dough needs to go to Tom Naughton. The creator of “Fat Head”, a comedy-documentary. The filmmaker’s oldest brother’s first-born son created the dough and named it after the documentary. Kind of a mouthful, but that’s the story!

10 Meals You Can Create with Keto Fat Head Dough

Okay, let’s get into the good part – the recipes! Here are 10 different ways you can use this fantastic low carb dough.

Fat Head Dough Recipe (almond flour or coconut flour)
The supreme guide tomaking basic fat head dough (almond flour or coconut flour). The most POPULAR KETO pizza crust recipe … thin crispy crust OR keto deep pan pizza.
Check out this recipe

1. Pizza

Don’t you love a good recipe that can be used in so many different ways? Just like prepping chicken or ground beef, you can batch cook and serve it in different ways.

collage of images showing how to make fat head pizza

So many traditional pizza lovers make the transition to low-carb living using this Fat Head Pizza recipe.

Fat Head Pizza Recipe – almond flour or coconut flour
Learn how to make simple fat head pizza (almond flour or coconut flour). The most POPULAR KETO pizza crust recipe … thin crispy crust OR keto deep pan pizza.
Check out this recipe

2. Keto Bagels

The ultimate EASY recipe for KETO mozzarella dough bagels.

There are so many different options you can build off of this one bagel recipe. From a traditional bagel with cream cheese to a full breakfast sandwich, the varieties are endless.

Low Carb Living For Families
Check out this recipe

3. Pizza Scrolls

Keto Pizza Scrolls made with mozzarella dough

The kids will love these mozzarella dough keto pizza scrolls! It’s the perfect lunch or snack option for low carb kids.

rsz_vegan-lady vegan myth
Check out this recipe

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4. Calzones

Low carb calzones made with mozzarella dough

This keto fathead dough calzone recipe is only 1.6 g net carbs. They are the perfect low-carb snack too.

Super Power Ice Blocks
Check out this recipe

5. Keto Cheesy Garlic Bread

cheesy garlic bread on a cutting board

With only 1.5g net carbs per slice, this cheesy keto garlic bread is a yummy side to my zoodle recipe.

sugar free mint sauce
Check out this recipe

6. Grain-Free Pizza Pockets

hot pocket pizza pockets on a white plate
Keto hot pizza pockets

You can use almond or coconut flour for this pizza pocket copycat recipe. Set these out for the kiddos and they’ll be gobbled up.

Keto Hot Pockets Recipe (Keto Pizza Pockets)
Crunchy keto hot pockets made with mozzarella dough. Filled with cheese and pepperoni will satisfy your pizza cravings even if you're on a keto diet.See the conversion below to see how to make these using almond flour or coconut flour.
Check out this recipe

7. Nachos

Nachos made with fat head dough on a white platter

Whether it’s football season, family get-to-togethers, or a fun picnic, these fat head nachos will be a hit.

Martina Slajerova
Check out this recipe

8. Sausage Rolls

Fat Head sausage rolls on a white plate

Whether it’s served as an appetizer or a quick lunch, these fat head sausage rolls are so delicious. P.S. it’s only 3g net carbs!

Libby Jenkinson
Check out this recipe

9. Green Pizza

fat head pizza with veggie toppings

Mint, feta, spring onion, and zucchini make this green pizza so fresh and tasty.

Check out this recipe

10. Crackers

fat head crackers

You can season these fathead crackers in so many ways. You can customize the flavor to your taste.

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Chilli
  • Basil
  • Taco seasoning
  • Top with parmesan for the final few minutes
  • Lemon and rosemary
  • Poppy seeds
  • Parsley
Check out this recipe

Fathead dough breads

Using the basic fat head dough recipe, you can also make keto dinner rolls, hamburger buns, cheesy garlic bread, and breadsticks too.

No matter which recipe is your favorite, it’s amazing how many options you have with a basic keto fat head dough base. Enjoy!

Easy Keto Hamburger Buns Recipe (That Don’t Fall Apart)
Bring the bun back to your burger with these easy keto hamburger buns that can bake while you grill.
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Easy Keto Dinner Rolls Recipe
These mozzarella dough keto dinner rolls are soft, pillowy, and delicious with a crunchy crust!
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The Quick, No-Fuss Guide To Eating Keto At Mexican Restaurants
Check out this recipe
Kasey Knight Trenum
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe

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  1. 5 stars
    We are big fans of pizza. I’d often buy 4 or 5 pizzas for our family, from a well known pizza delivery chain. It was easy to eat a whole pizza over the course of a few hours. Once I realised it was wheat causing my joint pain, I looked for an alternative. “Fakeaway”, some call it. I found fathead, and tried it. I think I tripled the recipe on my first try, knowing my family are big eaters. I cut the pizza into pieces the size of a deck of cards, and was pleasantly surprised to notice we were full on only 3 pieces! I’d made way more than we could handle.
    This recipe is so versatile. I’ve also used fathead to make sausage rolls. They go down a treat! My young adult boys devour the sausage rolls. I’m happy eating them, knowing they’re wheat free, and really filling!
    I’ve used Libby’s 3 ingredient tortillas to mop up the sauce in an Indian curry, but now I’ve found the fathead garlic naan, I think I might try that instead. Fathead hasn’t failed me yet! A terrific all rounder, so good for many things

    1. 5 stars
      Hey there Kim, Fathead dough really is the holy grail of keto dough and so adaptable isn’t it? I love your “Fakeaway” name for pizza, you really have used mozzarella dough in so many ways.