Enjoy DELICIOUS festive keto Christmas recipes with 30+ EASY mains, sides, and desserts (even if you’re not keto).

BONUS free PRINTABLE festive meal plan and free gift tags.

Even if your family doesn’t eat low-carb, they will be amazed by just how absolutely delicious these recipes are for your holiday meal.

collage of keto Christmas recipes
The best healthy Christmas recipes

At Christmas, there are typically so many parties, get-togethers, shared platters, nibbles, drinks, and holiday dinner events, that you need to be prepared with some healthy Christmas recipes.

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Healthy Christmas recipes

Even if your holiday will be enjoyed entirely at home, these low-carb and keto Christmas recipes are my favorites to make each year! You can find healthy Christmas mains, side dishes, desserts, drinks, and, of course, healthy party snacks.

For Christmas Day, plan ahead and take a look at my easy roast turkey. This is how I cook my turkey every year and I have included my simple cooking schedule to follow so you can relax and not worry.

Easy Christmas meal prep

Looking for tips on how to make a keto Christmas dinner? My number one piece of advice is to find easy keto Christmas recipes and do as much cooking as you can ahead of time to take off pressure from the big day.

You can wash, slice, and prepare vegetables on Christmas eve, you can make a frozen dessert the week before Christmas, and you can make the stuffing and prepare the bacon-wrapped turkey the night before.

Plus, don’t be afraid to combine dishes. Imagine tasty pork stuffing, turkey smothered in butter, wrapped in bacon, then cooking it all in an aluminum foil parcel. Moist and tender every time.

Keto Christmas dinner

These are the most family-friendly low-carb Christmas recipes to serve with your Christmas menu. You can make the perfect turkey that tastes amazing with easy stuffing and veggies that are the perfect side dish.

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The perfect roast turkey

Get your FREE printable cooking schedule and discover how to make the most delicious and moist roast turkey. Wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pork.

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Check out this recipe

Keto glazed ham

Easy Glazed Keto Ham Recipe
The supreme guide to making low-carb keto ham with a tangy sugar-free balsamic mustard glaze. Homemade glazed keto ham is easy and delicious.
Check out this recipe

Keto cornbread stuffing

Cornbread stuffing (cornbread dressing) will be the most popular recipe on your menu.

Low-Carb and Keto Stuffing Recipe (Cornbread)
Delicious keto cornbread stuffing 3.4 g net carbs (low-carb and keto stuffing) – the perfect healthy Thanksgiving side dish the whole family will LOVE.
keto cornbread stuffin served with a wooden spoon

Pork sausage stuffing

Can be used to stuff the turkey breast or cooked in balls as a side dish.

Keto Pork Sausage Stuffing Recipe
The easiest Keto Stuffing (Pork Sage Sausage Stuffing) you'll ever make! Perfect for keto Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gluten-free and quick to make.
Check out this recipe

Brussels sprouts with bacon

You can say goodbye to higher-carb vegetables such as green beans and make tasty Brussels sprouts instead.

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Check out this recipe

Creamed Brussels sprouts

Creamy dreamy garlic Brussels sprouts, are the perfect keto side dish.

Creamed Brussels Sprouts Recipe (Garlic Parmesan)
EASY tender garlic creamed Brussels sprouts with parmesan are the perfect delicious cheesy side dish.
Check out this recipe

Mashed cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is the perfect alternative to mashed potatoes with herb butter. Add some garlic butter or cheese for extra flavor.

Check out this recipe

Creamy baked broccoli and cauliflower

Baked broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce is a genius way to encourage your children to eat their veggies.

Ruth Soukup
Check out this recipe

Keto Christmas desserts

Perhaps the hardest food group to enjoy sans-carbs are desserts.

But with these easy holiday desserts, you probably have all the simple ingredients in your pantry right now to make these low-carb desserts and bites that are perfect for the holidays.

Keto fruit cake

If it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without fruit cake on the holiday menu, you’re in luck with this low-carb version.

Libby Jenkinson
Check out this recipe

Snowball cookies

These sweet treats are one of my favorites to add to the holiday table. They have the perfect texture and simply melt in your mouth.

Keto Snowball Christmas Cookies Recipe
Keto Snowball Christmas cookies are the melt in your mouth cookie you look forward to each year. Made with almond flour, this cookie is keto friendly, low-carb, sugar-fee, and gluten-free.
Check out this recipe

Sugar-free gingerbread men

The quintessential Christmas holiday activity just got better. Not only are sugar-free gluten-free gingerbread cookies delicious, but they also make a wonderful healthy gift idea.

Martina Slajerova
Check out this recipe

Sugar-free spiced almonds

These are some of those rare keto Christmas recipes that you can wrap up and gift or just serve at your next holiday gathering. They also work great on a cheese plate!

Mike Collins
Check out this recipe

Low carb Christmas mince pies

These keto mince pies are absolutely delicious. Spiced and boozy with brandy cream, this is a sweet that your guests will absolutely love.

How To Meal Plan On Low-Carb The Stupid-Easy Way
Check out this recipe

Chocolate heaven cake

This is the most downloaded cake from Ditch The Carbs. This dessert absolutely deserves a spot at the table this holiday season!

It is sugar-free, wheat-free, grain-free, gluten-free, and nut-free…a brilliant cake for almost all occasions. It can be sliced and served with berries and cream or cut into small squares for a platter to share. Decorate with a chocolate ganache and your family will ask for seconds.

Low-Carb Bagels with Everything Seasoning
Check out this recipe

Sugar-free tiramisu

Love the classic creamy Italian coffee brandy dessert? So will your guests! This cake is always a total hit.

Check out this recipe

Chocolate mint truffles

No cooking is required for these make-ahead creamy mint truffles. They are the perfect thing to bring to a gathering or a dinner party. I love serving them with coffee or tea at the end of a meal. Roll in cocoa, coconut, or crushed nuts to make them an attractive healthy gift.

Sleep and Weight Loss
Check out this recipe

Frozen white Christmas

Here in New Zealand, Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer, so this creamy healthy frozen dessert is always a hit.

Low-Carb Bagels with Everything Seasoning
Check out this recipe

Lemon coconut cake

The lemon balances the coconut flavor beautifully in this dessert. Plus, this recipe can be made into cupcakes. Top it off with lemon, yogurt and cream cheese icing, or serve on the side. This is sure to become a favorite.

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Check out this recipe

Sugar free meringue roulade

This sugar-free meringue-based dessert has a delicious creamy filling. Versatile and sweet, and perfect for a ketogenic diet. You’ve probably got all the ingredients already.

Sugar-Free Meringue Roulade Recipe
Soft and pillowy sugar-free meringue roulade is the perfect way to use up leftover egg whites and is only 0.3g net carbs. A quick and easy family-friendly dessert recipe.
Check out this recipe

Flourless almond & orange cake

This flourless orange cake is so easy to make as it’s all done in the blender. You don’t even have to peel the orange.

Emily Countryman
Check out this recipe

Low-carb chocolate pumpkin pie

This dish combines two of my all-time favorite flavors…chocolate and pumpkin. Why pick between two pies when you can just eat this delicious dish that has two flavors at the same time?

Best Chocolate Keto Pumpkin Pie (Gluten-Free)
Sweet, delicious, and creamy chocolate keto pumpkin pie recipe that's only 3.4 g net carbs. Can be served hot or cold with whipped cream and keto maple syrup.
Check out this recipe
Slice of chocolate pumpkin pie with an antique silver fork and spoon

Walnut & brandy truffles

These rich sugar-free treats need no explanation, they just need making and eating.

Dr. Ryan Lowery
Check out this recipe

Sugar-free pumpkin pie spice fudge

This keto candy is the perfect addition to your sweets table. Even better? There is no cooking required!

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake)
Smooth and creamy no-bake pumpkin pie keto fudge (0.8g net carbs). An easy one-pot recipe made in under 10 minutes.
Check out this recipe
sliced sugar-free pumpkin pie fudge on a slice of wood

Keto waffles

This dish may not be for a holiday menu, but it’s fantastic as a special breakfast with the family.

Ruth Soukup
Check out this recipe

Peppermint fat bombs

One of my favorite sugar-free keto Christmas recipes! If you need something fresh that you know will satisfy you, pop one of these after dinner.

Libby Jenkinson
Check out this recipe

Christmas savory keto snacks

If you are heading to a holiday event or family gathering, I highly recommend you make at least one of these appetizers or side dishes. These keto Christmas recipes will help keep you away from chips and dips and other energy-zapping foods.

Salmon and cream cheese bites

These are an absolute classics. Bite-sized portions of salmon, cream cheese, and dill. These are my absolute GO-TO party nibble for Christmas, birthdays, family get-togethers, and shared parties.

Devilled eggs

Remember these from your childhood? This is one of those keto Christmas recipes that are quick and easy, as well as so economical and so adaptable. I love them curried, how about you?

Low-Carb Living Summit: Goody Bag
Check out this recipe

Cracker crackling

Make this delicious crackling as an appetizer for your keto Christmas dinner. These easy and tasty nibbles are perfect to accompany drinks and a snack. These can even be packaged as a keto-friendly gift!

Dr. Edie Wadsworth
Check out this recipe

Paleo scotch eggs

Cut these Paleo eggs into quarters or use miniature eggs to turn these into finger food perfect for a party before your keto Christmas dinner.

Easy Keto Sausage Balls
Check out this recipe

Easy garlic pate

This low-carb pate is a nutritious appetizer. You can be assured of the quality as you get to see exactly what goes in, and only takes a little while to make. Who knew making pate could be so easy? Serve on cucumber slices or cheese slices instead of wheat or rice crackers.

Susie Moore
Check out this recipe

Cream cheese stuffed meatballs

This is one of my favorite keto-friendly appetizers! Serve these with toothpicks and bowls of homemade ketchup or curry dipping sauces.

FatHead pizza

This is the most downloaded recipe for my entire site. You can serve it a few different ways, such as cutting it into tiny slices or making individual low-carb mini-pizzas.

Fat Head Pizza Recipe – almond flour or coconut flour
Learn how to make simple fat head pizza (almond flour or coconut flour). The most POPULAR KETO pizza crust recipe … thin crispy crust OR keto deep pan pizza.
Check out this recipe

Lamb kebabs

I like making these as mini versions to serve as finger food as part of a festive dinner. So tasty and fun!

Taryn Scarfone
Check out this recipe

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Forget the green bean casserole! Who wants green beans when you have a flavourful full tray of prosciutto and asparagus? This looks spectacular and it’s too delicious not to share.

chocolate swirl baked cheesecake
Check out this recipe

Paleo prawn cocktails

This is seriously the fastest party platter idea. Serve in individual glasses with a toothpick or fork, and garnish with a lettuce leaf.

Get ready for Christmas and start planning your healthy low-carb meals.

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Check out this recipe

Healthy holiday meal drinks

Sugar-Free Keto Eggnog

If you love sweet creamy eggnog without guilt, this is the recipe for you!

Low Carb Kids 3
Check out this recipe

Crockpot mulled wine

Yes, you read that right – mulled wine made in a crockpot! Who said the keto diet was hard?

Steak vs Organs Nutrients
Check out this recipe

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

Yes, the PSL can fit into a low-carb diet! Even better? This one only costs $1 to make with the same taste as Starbucks!

FREE printable gift tags and advent calendar

If you love easy Christmas crafts and easy homemade Christmas gifts, you can head to my sugar-free roasted spiced almonds recipe where you can download free printable gift tags.

And if you love making your own fillable advent calendar, I have free printables and activity ideas for you. I will show you how to make the daily bags for each day of Christmas. There is a list of amazing gift ideas (all candy-free), and fun family activity ideas.

How to stay keto during the holidays

collage of keto Christmas recipes
How to stay keto during the holidays

If there’s one thing that can quickly derail any eating lifestyle, it’s not having a plan. Good intentions may carry you so far, but having a plan will ensure you leave the holiday season feeling light and trim. Here are a few things to consider.

Ensure you have plenty of keto party food on your family menu.

What is a good non-traditional Christmas dinner?

If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy healthy Christmas recipes? Rather than feeling confined to a traditional 3-course meal, why not just make a favorite low-carb casserole, keto pot roast, beef stroganoff, cooking prime rib, or even a fathead pizza, and call it a day?

While eating a fancy meal may seem tied to the holidays, eating simple doesn’t take away from their spirit. Pair your main dish with a side salad and extra virgin olive oil or your favorite roasted vegetables with garlic butter, and make sure you are fueled for all the unwrapping of gifts!

What do I do with holiday leftovers?

There are loads of ways you can reuse your holiday leftovers, regardless of how fancy or simple you make Christmas dinner. Of course, the most simple solution is just to enjoy eating them for the next 2-3 days, but you can also get creative by trying one of these:

Best recipes to use Christmas leftovers (gluten-free, low-carb, and some are Paleo).

  • Add leftover meats into omelets and scrambles.
  • Serve leftover ham or leftover turkey inside keto hamburger buns (that don’t fall apart).
  • Enjoy any leftover meat and vegetables on top of a large healthy salad.
  • Bake up leftovers into a mini meatloaf cupcake.
  • Create stews and soups with leftover ingredients.


Can I eat green beans when keto?

Green beans are a high-carb vegetable so you will have to decide on your daily carb limit and then you can decide whether green beans can fit into your Christmas meal plan.

Can I eat cranberry sauce?

Cranberry sauce traditionally is made with dried fruit and added sugar so it’s best to avoid or severely limit how much cranberry sauce you serve with your dinner.

How much sweetener do the recipes need?

If you have just started to give up sugar, you may need twice the amount of sweetener that a recipe suggests. The longer you live sugar-free, the less sweetener you will need to add as you get rid of your sweet tooth and your sweet cravings stop. Always taste your sweet recipes before baking so you can adjust the sweetener to your liking.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a healthy happy new year.

images and mockups for Amazon seasonal holiday shop

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