They take less than 10 minutes to make and are only 1.5g net carbs, so perfect for your keto diet.

These flourless and nut-free keto brownies also have no added sugar, no coconut flours or shredded coconut, and are gluten-free and low carb.

If you love delicious keto desserts these are the 34 best keto desserts made with cream cheese (you have to try).

What are keto brownies?

Keto brownies are low-carb baked brownies with unsweetened cocoa powder, cream cheese, sugar-free sweeteners, and (sometimes) low-carb flours such as almond flour and coconut flour.

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They have fewer net carbs than a regular brownie (made with refined flour and sugar) and are very filling to stop your chocolate cravings.

How many carbs are in keto brownies?

This keto brownie consists of very small net carbs. One brownie gives only 1.5 g of net carbs without any added sugar. The brownie has 175 calories, so this is an enormous serving!

How to make fudgy keto brownies

This keto brownie recipe doesn’t contain any almond flour or flour of any kind. The result is fudgy brownies that are basically the best keto brownies you have ever made.

As your teeth sink into each bite, you’ll be overwhelmed in the best way possible with rich chocolate flavor!

Here’s how to make keto brownies the easy way. Once you do, you’ll agree that they are the best fudgy keto brownies you have ever tasted.


These chocolate keto brownies are made without almond flour because so many newsletter subscribers are asking me for nut-free recipes.

No one wants recipes with a long list of ingredients, hard-to-find ingredients, or complicated instructions. This amazing recipe is the easiest keto brownies recipe you’ll ever make and absolutely delicious.

See the full list of ingredients and instructions in the keto brownies recipe card at the bottom of this post.

  • eggs – medium eggs but you can use the egg conversions chart if you have smaller or larger eggs.
  • melted butter – I always recommend getting salted. It tastes better! But you can use unsalted butter and add a pinch of salt.
  • cocoa powder – you’ll need unsweetened cocoa powder. I recommend getting the best quality you can afford! If you dislike the “eggy” flavor many low-carb desserts have, I’d recommend using dark cocoa powder to mask the taste even further.
  • baking powder – do not confuse baking powder with baking soda.
  • vanilla extract – or vanilla essence.
  • cream cheese – look for cream cheese without additives or unnecessary ingredients. Plain, full-fat cream cheese is best for this keto brownie recipe (and pretty much any other recipe on this site!)
  • Sugar-free sweetener of choice – the most popular sweeteners are erythritol, xylitol, monk fruit, and allulose.

If you want to know which is the best keto sweetener, you can read the guide to the best sugar-free sweeteners.

Equipment to make smooth brownie batter

It’s easy to get a smooth brownie when using a stick blender with the blade attachment. Alternatively you can put the ingredients into a blender, smoothie maker, or food processor too.

How to make rich keto brownie batter

To make smooth fudgy keto brownies, put the melted butter, cream cheese, and eggs into a large mixing bowl. Blend with your stick blender until smooth and bubbly.

Now add all the other ingredients and using the stick blender continue to blend until your batter for the low-carb brownies is smooth.

Pour the keto brownie batter into a square baking dish (21cm/8.5 inch) that has been lined with baking parchment paper.

Smooth the top of the keto brownie recipe until smooth and there are no trapped air bubbles.

Bake in a preheated oven on the middle rack at 180C/350F for 20-25 minutes until cooked in the center. The cooking time will vary depending on your oven.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely on a wire rack then slice into squares, rectangle bars, or triangle wedges.


For optimum success, please adjust how much sweetener the recipe requires for YOUR sweet tooth. I use the minimum and have been sugar-free for many years, so if you are just starting out, you may require double what the recipe states.

As time goes on, the amount of sweetener you require will become less and less.

I used a granulated sweetener but you can use monk fruit sweetener in this low-carb brownie recipe.

TOP TIP: As with ALL recipes here, ALWAYS taste your batter BEFORE cooking to ensure you have added enough sweetener to suit YOUR tastebuds. Read the Ultimate Guide To Low-Carb Sweeteners.

There isn’t a 1:1 substitute for baking powder. You’d have to use 1/3 less baking soda if that is what you have on hand.

Instead of melted butter, you can use melted ghee in this brownie recipe.


There are a lot of different ways you can make this easy keto brownie recipe.

  • Make it even more chocolatey. Add some sugar-free chocolate chips to the batter. You can use regular chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips. You won’t need to add very many because the unsweetened cocoa powder will give it enough of a chocolate flavor.
  • Change up the extract. I added two teaspoons of vanilla extract, but you can add a sprinkle of peppermint extract as well if you want to give it a different flavor.

Best way to serve brownies

Keto brownies are best served with whipped cream and fresh berries for a tasty low-carb dessert the entire family will love.

Alternatively, serve with keto vanilla frosting or keto chocolate frosting.

Sprinkle with sugar-free chocolate chips, or drizzle with melted sugar-free dark chocolate.

Top tips

This is one of my favorite keto brownie recipes because it has such a rich flavor and it doesn’t require any almond flour or coconut flour.

Nut-free keto brownie has the texture and flavor of a baked cheesecake (remember it is heavily based on eggs and cream cheese), although I call them fudgy keto brownies.

There are many flourless keto brownies out there, but very few are flourless and nut-free keto brownies without almond flour or coconut flour.

The best way to store brownies

Many readers also tell me they prefer the keto brownies after they have sat in the fridge overnight. They take on a fudgy dense texture.

It’s best to store keto brownies in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh this way for up to five days.

You can also freeze these fudgy keto brownies. Just be aware that when you thaw them, the texture will change slightly.


Here are some questions people often ask about how to make keto brownies without almond flour. If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments.

What type of cocoa powder is best for keto brownies?

Always use unsweetened cocoa powder when you make keto brownies. You can also use dark cocoa powder as long as it is unsweetened. If you are sensitive to the u0022eggyu0022 taste some low-carb desserts have, dark cocoa powder is a great option.

Are chocolate chips keto?

Chocolate chips are only keto-friendly if they are sugar-free. Read the ingredients label before you use them. Avoid maltitol.

Can I use coconut oil instead of butter in this keto brownies recipe?

Technically coconut oil could be used instead of butter in this keto brownie recipe, but it will change the flavor a lot so I don’t recommend it.

How do you serve the best keto brownies?

It can be enjoyed as a slice and cut into squares, rectangles slices, or baked in a round cake tin as a lower carb alternative to my Keto Chocolate Heaven Cake. The texture is more akin to a baked cheesecake, or torte than a brownie, but delicious nonetheless.

What is another way to serve these fudgy brownies?

Why not use the nut-free keto brownie as a base and make a berry cream cheese frosting for a superb topping? Pop some berries on top for decoration and it will be sure to please even the die-hard sugar lovers out there.

Why do my keto brownies puff up?

The flourless brownie comes out from the oven all puffed up because of the eggs. But don’t worry, it then collapses into a firm, nut-free, keto brownie.

Can I add almond flour to the brownie batter?

No, these keto brownies are made without almond flour but you can make my keto chocolate fudge cake that uses almond flour.

How thick should the brownie batter be?

Brownie batter should be as thick as custard, maybe even a little thicker. If it is too runny, add a little extra unsweetened cocoa powder.

How can I melt chocolate chips?

The best way to melt sugar-free chocolate chips is either in a medium glass bowl in the microwave, heating for 30 seconds at a time and stirring between each extra 30 seconds. Or you can melt chocolate in a double boiler.

What is the best way to stop chocolate cravings on a keto diet?

You can enjoy keto chocolate, sugar-free chocolate chips, dark chocolate, or make a keto chocolate cake. Slowly reduce how often you enjoy these keto treats until they are only for special occasions.

Can I eat brownies on a Keto diet?

Yes, you can enjoy brownies that are keto-friendly. Avoid the brownies in a supermarket or bakery that contains high-carb flour and high sugar. They have too many carbs for a keto diet! This is the best fudgy keto brownie recipe that will make your favorite brownies in less than 30 minutes.

What are keto brownies made of?

Keto brownies are often made with unsweetened cocoa powder, cream cheese, sugar-free sweeteners, and various low-carb flours such as almond flour and coconut flour.

How to make brownies without eggs.

It can be tricky to find a good swap for eggs in keto brownies but this egg chart gives you the top 6 egg substitutes and egg conversion charts.

Can I double the recipe?

Yes, you can. On the recipe card below you will see 1X, 2X, and 3X. Click those buttons and the quantities for each ingredient magically recalculates for you.

Can I use a different size baking pan?

Yes, you can use any size baking pan that you prefer, but you may have to adjust the cooking times according to what size baking pan you use. Thicker brownies will take longer to cook than thin brownies. You can see my baking size conversion charts here.

How can I tell when my keto brownies are cooked?

For the best k brownies, this recipe is designed to be cooked through to the center, but not overcooked. It’s nice to remove your brownie tray from the oven as soon as the center is no longer liquid. Set your timer and test with a sharp knife or a clean toothpick into the center. If the knife or toothpick comes out clean, your brownie batter is cooked.

Are keto brownies healthy?

If you’re craving brownies then keto brownies are healthy because it stops your chocolate craving and sugar cravings without the sugar and flour that go into regular brownies. When you make your own sugar-free brownies with cocoa powder, monk fruit sweetener, vanilla extract, and sugar-free chocolate chips, you will make keto brownies again and again.

Does almond flour kick you out of ketosis?

Almond flour is the most commonly used low-carb flour. It is low-carb and high-fiber. However, almond flour is used in so many recipes that are absolutely delicious, that you may find yourself eating too much so your daily carbs creep up above the limit you set on your ketogenic diet.

Does coconut flour kick you out of ketosis?

Coconut flour is another common low-carb flour that is naturally gluten-free flour and incredibly high in fiber, and extremely low-carb. Making it perfect for your low-carb diet and keto diet.

Can I swap almond flour for coconut flour?

No. Coconut flour cannot replace almond flour because they behave in completely different ways. Coconut flour requires more liquid and more eggs because it is so absorbent.

Is coconut sugar keto?

No, coconut sugar is natural sugar so avoided in the ketogenic diet.

Which sugar-free chocolate chips are best for fudgy keto brownies?

The best sugar-free chocolate chips are those made with sugar alcohols such as erythritol or stevia. Avoid chocolate chips that are made with maltitol or coconut sugar. These will raise your blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis. You can stir them into your brownie batter before baking, or sprinkle them on top as it comes you the oven.

More keto brownie recipes

If you enjoyed fudgy keto brownies and chocolate keto desserts, here are some more fudgy brownies you should make next. These amazing recipes are all low-carb keto and give that rich chocolate taste (without sugar).

Nut-Free Keto Brownies Recipe (Without Almond Flour)

The BEST flourless fudgy keto brownies are made with a stick blender in under 10 minutes, and only 1.5g net carbs. Sugar-free brownies, gluten-free brownies, fudgy keto brownies without almond flour or coconut flour.
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Cuisine: Gluten Free, Grain free, Keto, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free
Keyword: flourless brownie, fudgy keto brownie, Keto brownie
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 12
Calories: 175.6kcal
Want to lose weight and get healthy for life—without dieting, drugs, or making yourself miserable?We can help! Tell me how!


  • Stick Blender
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Measuring cups and spoons


  • 160 g butter melted
  • 120 g cream cheese softened
  • 6 eggs – medium
  • 60 g cocoa powder (unsweetened) unsweetened
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice or more, to your taste


  • Put the melted butter, cream cheese, and eggs into a large mixing bowl. Blend with your stick blender until smooth and bubbly.
  • Place all the other ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend until smooth.
  • Pour into a lined square baking dish (21cm/8.5 inch).
  • Bake at 180C/350F for 20-25 minutes until cooked in the center.
  • Slice into squares, rectangle bars, or triangle wedges.



To make sure this doesn’t taste ‘eggy’, you must use a really good dark unsweetened cacao powder and mix/emulsify well.
You can buy [eafl id=”35774″ name=”Sugar-free chocolate chips” text=”sugar-free chocolate chips”] here.


Calories: 175.6kcalCarbohydrates: 3.6gProtein: 4.5gFat: 17gSodium: 149.6mgPotassium: 140.8mgFiber: 2.1gSugar: 0.6gVitamin A: 586.3IUCalcium: 39mgIron: 1.1mg

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  1. Um is coconut oil not a coconut product?

    1. Sorry it should read no coconut flours or desiccated coconut. I was trying to refer that it doesn’t have any coconut flavours in it as so many low carb recipes, especially baking, are based on these and I have so many people complain that they hate the taste of coconut. Have amended.

      1. What can I swap the coconut oil for as cocoNUT oil is nut based and on my allergy list?

  2. suziebeck5 says:

    I love almond flour etc but yes its an issue if the kids want to take the baking to school. this recipe looks amazing- I can’t believe the things you come up with! You’re incredible!! Thanks xo

    1. Aw thank you Suzie. I love, love, love cooking and baking and finally found I can combine my hobbies of eating, baking, health, design all together. I will continue to count the tablets as my day job (I’m a pharmacist), but I love doing this just as much. 🙂

  3. totally going to make this straight away… looks so easy and divine! Thanks for the great work 🙂

  4. Dodie Price says:

    Dang it! Here I was expecting something with NO coconut, and there it is, coconut oil. Bah!!

    1. Sorry it should read no coconut flours or desiccated coconut. I was trying to refer that it doesn’t have any coconut flavours in it as so many low carb recipes, especially baking, are based on shredded coconut or flour and I have so many people complain that they hate the taste/texture of coconut. Have amended. Coconut oil has no favour but you can use butter instead if you prefer.

  5. Can you clarify the stevia? Do you mean like the concentrated stevia powder like the better stevia by now? Or do you mean like truvia? Really want to try this!

    1. Hi Jen, I use Natvia brand which is a mix of stevia and erythritol and measures spoon for spoon. Or you can use sweetener of choice which is comparable to 3 tbs sugar. Always taste before baking as my sweet taste may be different to yours and depends on how long you have been sugar free for.

  6. Eggs aren’t nuts? (Joke) Man. I’ve got to get either eggs or dairy back in my diet somehow. You watch. I will. And I’ll be all over these. Lovely photos. –Terri

  7. Fabulous recipes and food ideas. Thank you for an amazing website. This is making my LCHF journey so much better!

  8. I find your day job ironic! 🙂
    Thanks for all your great ideas – keep ’em coming!

  9. Sorry, But what are the measurements in regular measure instead of ounces?

  10. It’s in the oven right now – looked more like chocolate milk shake when I put it in.

  11. You just made my day – I am making these tonight!!!

  12. coconut oil has a definite taste. unless u use refined. or the mct oil. butter tastes butter.

  13. I tried these today, and not sure what I did wrong but it looked like chocolate milk going in and it puffed up in the oven almost over the edge of the tin. Also it tasted like a ccoa flavored omelette not brownie. Do you think the eggs I used were too large? I’ve checked the recipe a few times and I am sure I got it right 🙁

    1. Hmm, yes maybe your eggs were too large? I cannot think of anything else. I’ve just weighed my eggs to help you out and they average 62g if that is of any help. When my mixture is made it is more the consistency of a thick unset mousse. The cream cheese, butter and coconut oil start to thicken with the cold eggs once you blitz them altogether with the stick blender. Did you use dark cacao powder? Enough sweetener? I’m sure we can figure this out. I’ve already had people posting photos of their baking results on Facebook and I tested this probably 20 times before posting so I know it works, but maybe I need to stipulate size of eggs? Thanks for pointing it out.

  14. Great recipe idea again Libby … and yes children / school have to be so careful with nut allergies etc.

    All the best Jan

  15. You don’t know how happy I am to find this recipe! So tired of the coconut flavor and I have an allergy to tree nuts so no almond flour which is in so many low carb recipes. I can’t wait to try these. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Brilliant Tammy. You’re exactly the kind of person who I developed this for. Soooo many people are telling me they are so fed up, dislike, or are allergic to coconut flour and shredded coconut. I’ve already had people baking this and posting pictures of their results on Facebook. Some are adding walnuts and all other things to their liking too. Enjoy xxx

      1. I’ve also an allergy to coconut as well as tree nuts and need to be low carb too. I also need a good recipe for a crumble mix that the whole family can eat.

        1. Hi Sally, You can remove the coconut oil in these keto brownies and replace entirely with butter if you like. As for a crumble mixture, that would be really tricky as most are based on shredded coconut or nuts such as ground almonds, both of which are not suitable for you. I’m thinking you could perhaps try ground seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, linseeds etc and flavour with cinnamon, nutmeg and add melted butter and sweetener to form a crumble topping.

  16. I made this tonight. It tastes pretty good BUT the texture is that of a baked chocolate cheesecake. Not only is the top shiny, so it the inside. It definitely didn’t thicken into a mousse like consistency but was ire chocolate milk like. I’ll have to try again.

  17. Liz Nichols says:

    Thank you SO much for this recipe, the kiddies love it and can take it to school!!! Absolutely brilliant!! If you have more nut free recipes that are good for lunch boxes (baked type things) I would LOVE to see them, I so want the kiddies to enjoy this way of eating with us but I really struggle with their lunches. Thank you again, absolutely delish!!

    1. Thanks Liz, I’m working on it for sure. My older 2 can take nuts but my youngest can’t so I know how you feel. Try my Grain Free Granola Bars. I have made them with just a mixture of seeds, and no nuts, and they were brilliant to take to school. Add cinnamon, ginger, whatever you fancy then drizzle with 90% (or dark) chocolate – yummo.

  18. This is more of a review of this recipe for anyone glancing at the comments trying to decide if they should make this, (since that’s what I tend to do) than an actual comment to Libby (however, please be assured that I enjoyed this recipe immensely and applaud your culinary creativity).

    I made this almost exactly to specification except that I used 20 grams of honey as my sweetener (I have stomach problems with many calorie free sweeteners so often I will either go without or splurge on a small amount of honey) and to be honest I would probably use a little bit more next time. I noticed some of the commenters had a problem with the batter being too runny so I added the eggs last in a 3-2-1 pattern just in case I had a problem, but I didn’t. The batter was a perfect consistency for me.

    I let the finished product cool for about 15 minutes before tasting and I have to admit that at first I wasn’t very impressed. I thought the consistency was too egg-y for a brownie replica; but, not one to be detoured or discouraged, I put them in the fridge to chill for a few hours and found that the consistency changes to a more solid mousse texture which was very nice.

    Because I had not used enough sweetener in mine, they turned out quite bitter, but still delicious. To fix this I made a mixture of cream cheese, heavy cream, almond extract, and vanilla extract and spread that on top of the brownies with some crushed blackberries on top of that. Depending on your personal carbohydrate/sugar needs are when making the recipe this may or may not be an option for you if you need a quick fix, but it worked well for my blunder.

    For anyone trying to decide to make this, I’d recommend it! It is a fantastic low carb substitution for brownies and it is very simple to make.

    1. Hey thanks AJ for those tips. I too always read comments in blogs, you get honest feedback there 😉 If anyone has had a difficulty with this recipe, I have emailed them back and forth and together we worked out there have been 2 problems – 1) not used a stick blender with the blade attachment so the mixture has not been mixed thoroughly enough or 2) they have not used dark enough cocoa powder (don’t use the drinking stuff, too bland). These 2 tips, along with your fabulous suggestions will really help. The other thing with all low carb recipes, depending on how long you have been low carb, and depending on how sweet you like things, will determine whether you like it or not. If you are used to a sweet cake with frosting, you may want to add more sweetener to the keto brownie. Low carb baking is so more variable than regular baking because of how far along the low carb journey we all are.
      Thanks for commenting and giving your tips AJ, Libby 🙂

  19. Got a recipe for blondies? My niece can’t have chocolate, otherwise this recipe would be okay for her.

  20. I don’t have a stick blender . What could I use instead? Would my hand mixer work or maybe my Ninja blender with blades.

  21. fantastic recipe but pls, there IS coconut in it! 😀 otherwise its great for my boyfriend on keto diet who DIES for chocolate 🙂

    1. Contains “no coconut flours or shredded coconut”, so yes there is coconut oil in there, but none of the coconut flour that some people find gives low carb recipes an odd texture, and no shredded coconut that so many low carb recipes are based on. I use coconut oil as often as I can but you can easily substitute it for butter if you prefer. I’m so glad your keto boyfriend loves chocolate, he’s a keeper 😉

      1. Thank you for giving a substitute for the oil. I was so excited when I read no nuts no coconut! Then disappointed when I read the ingredients. I’m allergic to both 🙁

        1. Sorry, it means no coconut flavour, shredded coconut or coconut flour – all of which are pretty much in all low carb baking. But yes if you have an allergy, use butter – yay!

  22. I tried to convert from metric to US, and obviously failed. My batch was bitter and not sweet at all. I was so excited to have a good way of adding fat into my LCHF diet, because I am not doing well at the high fat part.

    1. The only way it would be bitter is probably due to your stevia you use. I use Natvia which is a blend of erythritol and stevia and doesn’t have any bitter taste. Most of the stevia drops are too easy to under/over dose. If you want to add more fat, take a look at my range of fat bombs. But first find a stevia that works for you and taste between each addition.

  23. can cream cheese be subbed? by heavy cream or yogurt?

  24. Anyone know whether these freeze ok? Seems unlikely, but though I’d ask

  25. yum!!! Thank you! How long does it store for or does it freeze ok?

  26. Your brownies look delicious!! But I have a question, does the cream cheese has to be softened? Or does it have to be cold?

    1. Jenny Williams says:

      I tried this recipe tonight and substituted butter for the coconut oil as I am allergic. I used Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa but I suppose it wasn’t rich enough? They taste eggy. I used 1 more TBSP of Stevia. Is there any way we can use 1 more tsp of vanilla flavoring in this? I mixed it very good.

      1. Absolutely add more vanilla if you like. I made it the other day without cocoa and just vanilla – oh my word, I love vanilla. This recipe is quite divisive as there are those who have been sugar free and low carb for some time and absolutely love this, others who are just starting out find it quite bitter, especially if their cocoa is not rich enough. I am finding a few people are using drinking cocoa not baking cocoa which won’t cover the egg taste enough, you can always add more cocoa also. Always taste the mixture and adjust before baking to be sure. You can also serve it with berries and cream if it is not sweet enough.

  27. Confused. Help please. I’m wanting to cut recipe in half. I have a scale that measures in grams. Are ingredients measured by weight (as is grams or ounces) or by volume using measuring cups. I am confusing myself by overthinking! So half of 100g is 50g and half of 2.2oz is 1.1oz but are they by weight or volume? Hope you follow me on this. Am I going crazy? Thanks much!!

    1. No problem, they are by weight. I used to use cups but they are so inaccurate and there are US and UK cups so I do everything on my electric scales by g and oz. I occasionally use cups or ml for liquids (or in some older recipes here that I haven’t updated yet).

      1. Trying to figure out how much butter, cream cheese and cocoa . . . why tsp then g???

        1. I write all my recipes in grams and teaspoons as metric and cooking by weight is accurate and the best way too cook. I have now been through over 200 recipes and converting them into cups (volume) for my readers who still like to cook the old fashioned way. No one weighs out half a teaspoon, which is why I continue to use it rather than stating 2.5g 🙂

  28. Lindsey pena says:

    Mine was watery is that normal while blending

  29. These are my favorite! I’ve made them twice now and they’ve turned out perfectly both times. Would highly recommend weighing the ingredients as the recipe recommends. I converted the amounts on the first batch and it still turned out but definitely better the second time.

    I love these brownies as a dessert with whipped cream and raspberries – so decadent! I also find myself eating them for breakfast because it’s easy to grab one when I’m running out the door in the morning.

    Thanks, Ditch the Carbs!!! You make staying on track with a Keto diet attainable! 🙂

    1. Breanna what a lovely comment. They’re pretty decadent aren’t they, yet really simple. I’m so glad they have become a regular with you, wait until you see another flavour I have developed soon. Watch this space!

      1. Hi…I’m super confused and terrible with math.. What is the size of 1 serving?

  30. Made them, tasted great except for the strong stevia blend taste that was strong at the end of the bite. Otherwise they are awesome. I did notice that next time, I will add the melted coconut oil last cause it clumped up terribly. I topped it with whipped cream and was good ok, except for that strong stevia blend taste.

    1. Always add ‘sweetener to taste’. Taste before adding any more, as you can always add more, but you can’t take it out. It shouldn’t matter if the coconut oil clumps, because the beauty of this recipe is that it all gets blended with the blade attachment of the stick blender. Glad you liked it.

      1. I’m confused how do I measure with ounces? I only use measuring cups, do u know what cups I should use ?

        1. Most people use an electric scale and zero between each addition. It is so accurate compared with cups (and cups vary from country to country) and so many ingredients cant be measure in cups such as cream cheese, coconut oil etc.

          1. No, MOST people don’t have a scale. It sounds delish but now that I’ve seen the “measurements” I don’t dare make it! What shame! 🙁

  31. Have made this so many times, so yummy especially with cream. Thanks Libby ☺

  32. I love the texture of this brownie. If you’re judging sweetener by tasting the batter, add more than you think you should. I noticed that sweetness is lost in cooking.

  33. Tried this recipe a couple of times and it is excellent. I used erythritol not stevia and it was fine.
    They are nice by themselves but a couple of suggestions to try:
    – with cream
    – with strawberries/blueberries and cream

    Non-keto partner also made a dessert – this brownie as the base while still hot, covered with Baileys and topped with whipped cream…!

    1. Far out, that sounds amazing with Baileys and whipped cream. I haven’t had Baileys in years, maybe I need to make a low carb version. I love a challenge 😉

  34. @jpfitnessdiary says:

    Just made these and they turned out amazing. I love the soft and moist texture! Thanks for the lovely recipes. 🙂

  35. Hazel Porter says:

    I made these tonight exactly as written for the base and added a few pecans and Lily’s chocolate chips to the top. Neither of those sank in, which surprised me. Smelled like heaven while baking and what a treat to eat! I used Truvia for baking and it was just the right sweetness and not bitter nor eggy to me. Thank you for such an awesome recipe and I will definitely make this again and again.

  36. So, this turned out really strange for me. It rose all around the edges, sunk in the middle, and was still very eggy, even though I blended more than thoroughly. And ideas??

    1. If it was eggy, I always advise you to see which cocoa powder you are using, if it is not chocolatey enough, add more and more stevia to your personal taste. And yes it does puff up, then settle into a firm slice.

  37. These brownies are fantastic! I’ve made them a few times and they always come out perfectly. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already.

  38. I just made these to bring for thanksgiving tomorrow and OMG are they good! I love that they have a crust but the inside is like mousse. Definitely amazing with whipped cream on top and I can’t wait to have more tomorrow 🙂 I think I may have added a bit too much stevia as it was a little bitter/sharp taste but still so amazing

    1. Thanks Allison, and I am so happy you liked them. Yes stevia can be tricky but once you get used to the amount and sweetness you require it gets easier. Personally I use less rather than more to avoid that bitter aftertaste and then if it turns out not sweet enough, you can always serve with sweetened whipped cream and berries. I hate waste 😉

  39. I’m on a Ketogenic diet and made these today so I’d have something for a dessert on Thanksgiving. I used coconut oil and butter together, added in walnuts and for sweetener I used Xylitol. They turned out very good and I’ll be making them again. Thanks for the recipe!!

  40. JustFluffy says:

    I made these today, been on keto for 4.5 months. Even though I read that they were more like a baked cheesecake, I wasn’t expecting the texture. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so this was too bitter for me – if I make them again, I will add more Splenda and maybe more vanilla. I tasted the batter AFTER putting it in the dish and and that point I didn’t feel like re-mixing it, which was my fault. Still an easy recipe though and I’m thankful to have found it on Reddit.

    1. I find when using cocoa powder adding salt helps with the bitterness. I usually add a little pink himalayan salt and things turn out tasty.

      1. Brilliant suggestion. Yes I often add salt to sweet baking to bring out the favours (an old chef trick is to add salt and fat to their dishes – they know a thing or two).

  41. When I made this twice, I can’t get it to a brownie consistency but rather a soufflé type. Do I need to bake it longer?

  42. This is beyond delicious, absolutely loved it. I halved the recipe, used all butter (no coconut oil), and a quarter cup of swerve for the sweetener; added crumbled 85% dark chocolate on top before popping in the oven. Will have to bake another batch before Christmas as they’re almost all gone! Thanks so much for this lovely recipe. x

    1. Thank you JB for such a glowing reference of the keto brownie recipe, and I love your suggestions. It’s such an adaptable recipe to which you can add anything you fancy 🙂

  43. I tried but i also got the soufflé texture and bitter taste (my fault for not tasting the batter before putting it into the oven and im not used to using sweetener yet beside adding them to coffee)
    I think the texture is due to the hand mixer (i dont have hand blender), it adds too much air inside the batter i guess?

  44. What can I substitute for cream cheese in this? Any ideas. I cannot have dairy, wheat OR cane sugar! (I bake with honey as a sweetener).

    1. You can’t really substitute the cream cheese as it is a major ingredient and it would change the recipe completely. I’ll see if I can come up with a dairy free recipe soon 🙂

      1. What about dairy free cream cheese? Doesn’t earth’s best or someone make one? I know I’ve used one before for cheesecake…. (son anaphylactic to dairy)

      2. Any update on dairy free option?

  45. I am new to lchf although been gf for nearly 2 years. I really love your recipes and have tried 3 already this week which have all been amazing! Where do you get the time for doing it whilst working and being a mum wow! I also love cooking but am really struggling with sweeteners. I HATE them. I have tried but they are just too sweet and I can tell that they have been used even in a small amount. Even the natural ones give me a headache i.e in drinks etc. What can I use instead?

    1. Tamara what a sweetheart for being so lovely. I’m not too sure where I find the time, luckily I only work part time as a pharmacist and this has become more and more of my focus now. I manage to work around the children’s routines and squeeze things in when I can. Maybe I need to train them to run my site. They’re far more tech savvy than me 😉 As for sweeteners, I use a blend of stevia and erythritol natvia brand. But maybe you don’t need any sweeteners at all if you find them too sweet? I only use a fraction of what most low carb recipes use, I cant imagine using cups of sweetener like other recipes call for, more like tablespoons. Or how about stevia drops? I personally don’t use them because it’s too easy to accidentally add a drop too much but it may suit you being stevia and nothing else?

  46. Works exactly as described, collapses just right . Couldn’t be any simpler . =]

  47. Is it possible if I use 3 eggs and use half of the ingredients you described here? My dietic cacoa powder is not dark enough so I do want less eggy taste.

    1. I have never tried half the mixture but I’m sure that would work. The trick to the less egg taste is to bend with the blade attachment of the stick blender and enough sweetener, or even add some more vanilla also.

  48. Tried this tonight. Added 9 packets of stevia and followed the recipe. They turned out super oily, bitter and eggy. 🙁
    Was so looking forward to these but alas, in the trash they went.

    1. Firstly I think you may have added too much stevia which can cause the bitterness in excess, and secondly did you use a stick blender with the blade attachment? I emphasise this in the recipe as the mixture needs to be emulsified in this recipe. Hand blending will always give an oily result. Don’t be discouraged, and don’t throw it away. You can usually salvage most recipes with sweetened whipped cream if the final result isn’t to your taste. Always taste before baking and adjust the sweetener to your liking. Those who have been sugar free for a long time will require less sweetener to those just starting out.

      1. Rachel Kacsur says:

        you have a lovely way of responding to folks who are frustrated! thanks for all you are doing to make the world a better place ; )

  49. Made these tonight and they are delicious!!! I only had a bread pan (my 8 x 8 seems to have gone missing), so I had to bake a bit longer. Even so, they turned out YUMMMMMMY! Seriously like chocolate cake. 🙂

    Thank you for the recipe. Excited to have a great tasting dessert that is super easy to make and very low carb.

    1. Yay Michelle, I am super excited you love them. They are pretty easy and pretty adaptable huh? I think many readers seem to love or hate these depending on their sweet tooth. Enjoy finding some new low carb treats here. Libby

  50. Hi, can you please tell me how much packets stevia would that be? where I live we don’t have granulated sweetners, only real sugar… I made this with 10 packets and it was too bitter for my taste, so I think I did that wrong, everything else was just like the recipe and they turn out lovely and very firm, not grease at all, just bitter to my taste. Thank you for the recipe anyway!!

    1. I can’t tell you how many packets because each brand is slightly different. If you added 10 packets however and the taste was bitter, I think you may have overdone it. Too much stevia will leave a bitter taste. If you bake something and it turns out to be not sweet enough for you, you can always rescue it by serving with sweetened whipped cream. Never throw it away. 🙂

  51. I made these today and they are delicious! The whole family loves them, cannot believe they are flour-less! I entered the recipe (exactly as you have it written) into My Fitness Pal and the amount of carbs came out as 7 per piece, not 1; all the other numbers you have for fat, fiber, protein are the same. I was wondering if you had any idea why there would be this discrepancy? Thank you!

    1. Well this sent me on a mission. I went back through my saved recipe on MFP and found an error for the unsweetened cocoa values. I even got my bag of cocoa out of the pantry to compare and MFP is incorrect. I have updated the nutrition value with the correct values. This is exactly why I stopped using MFP for quite some time as they have too many user added entries which are incorrect. There are also values which are net or total carb values depending on the country of origin. Thanks for pointing this discrepancy out. I have used for some time now so and are slowly going back through my old posts and updating them. Always use my nutrition panels only as a guide and for complete accuracy, calculate using the brands of foods you used to bake with. Thanks Debra for being a keen set of eyes for me. Libby.

    2. I use My Fitness Pal as well. However, after having multiple recipes I added come up with weird nutrition data, I googled it and found out that many people have issues with this. Apparentlybits not always accurate. Kind of makes adding your own recipes pointless and I was definitely disappointed. Maybe this is why yours is coming up with a different carb count?

  52. Is there a way to get this recipe in cups and full ounce measurements? Or are these done in weights and not fluid measurements?

    1. All my recipes are done by weight which is far more accurate and most countries don’t measure cream cheese or butter by the cup. Take a look at my conversion page, it might also help. I am writing all recipes in grams and are now adding the equivalent in ounces for all my American readers.

      1. Too complicated. No help at all. I’ll look elsewhere for recipes that use common measurements. Some of us are busy people and we don’t have time to measure by weight, nor do all of us have the money to purchase scales.

        1. Libby, thank you for posting with weight! I think this is far more accurate than by cups and if anything produces a more consistent result. I’ve definitely noticed a movement being made by many in the US going towards using weight measurements like most of Europe and Asia.

          Contrary to what Lu says, this is very useful information and a true baker would know the value and have a scale in their kitchen. For everyone else, this just means more brownies for us!

          1. Thank you Kristina, I needed your lovely comment today. I do this website in my spare time and try my best to accommodate everyone as I am fortunate to be international. Yes baking with weight is so more accurate and gives consistent results. I will persevere and show how easy it is to cook by weight. I am adding cups where I can but it is so unreliable I would then get everyone complaining their recipe was too wet or too dry. More brownie all round I say 😉

          2. I agree with Kristina……. FAR easier to follow a recipe by weight! And I dont know who cant afford kitchen scales? *rolls eyes* Mine were like $7 off ebay lol
            Thanks for all your delicious recipes……. Cant wait to get through them all!!! 🙂
            Im just worried Ill eat all the brownies at once!!!! haha

          3. I know this is an old post, but i just had to reply to Kristina’s comment above. I live in Georgia, and grew up with grandmothers that used typical wet/dry measuring cups, or the oh so fun ” dump, pour, taste, and fix method”. (Granny Faye, you know I’m talking to you ?) however I also went to culinary school where we were taught to weigh everything pretty much. I can tell you this, weighing your ingredients will always make your recipe turn out right. Every! Single! Time! It saves you time and money, because you’re not throwing said money in the trash everytime your recipe comes out nasty. In the US a kitchen scale can be bought at walmart for 10 bucks or less, so it Irks me for people to say, “oh I dont have the money for those kinds of things” take some of the money you are saving by not buying all that junk food you were, and go buy yo’self a kitchen scale. You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.
            K, I’m done. Soap box officially put away.

        2. Yvonne Chrisostomou says:

          Thank you so much for sharing your great recipes. So much appreciated . Yvonne ☺

        3. JoeyJoJoJuniorShabbadoo says:

          Lu, that was the most ridiculous comment ever. I see you have no time to measure ingredients but definitely time to type mean comments. And a scale can be found for very little. P.S. she also took the time to post a conversion chart but I’m assuming you also don’t have the time to click that link. So. Rude.

        4. How Rude!
          Thank you for posting in accurate measures. We don’t use cups in the UK, we use scales, most of which have a little button that swaps easily between grams and ounces. I’m put off by recipes in cups as they bare no meaning over here.
          Looking forward to trying this recipe though, looks delicious!

        5. Heather Greyvelle says:

          i also used to think weighing was cumbersome and time consuming and just too much trouble. that was before i tried making a recipe that way! to my astonishment, i discovered it actually cut down the measuring and adding time by at least half or 3/4, and cut clean up time to the bone. plus, no more scraping and scraping to get sticky stuff out of the measuring cup, poking it around trying to smash it in with no air-holes to start with, no washing it up after. i simply tare out the scale, plop or drizzle in until the weight is the correct number, and set the container back in the cupboard. omg, what a difference! after that first try, i was hooked. i am very grateful that you post recipes in weight! it makes my life so much easier. here is one grateful american. (not to mention the yummy recipes themselves).

          1. YAYYYY, sending you a virtual high five. Once you give it a go, it is easier beyond belief, with less mess. Thank you my grateful American friend 🙂

  53. This recipe looks wonderful! What do I use to line the baking pan?

  54. Hi Libby,
    A thousand thanks for publishing such lovely recipes. It’s hard work and much appreciated. That’s why I read the recipe and the comments before posting questions. How many times exactly do you have to answer the same questions over and over because people are too lazy to read what you have taken pains to write?
    Obviously there are some really good and thoughtful people who pose good suggestions and questions, but negative comments and silliness just wreck my head!
    I am so glad that I found your site and I shall be making so many of your recipes. Fair play to you.
    Derena from Ireland.
    P.s. thanks for gram weights. Baking is a science and weight measures are more specific for me, as I never know how to do cups (should you pack stuff into cups, etc)

    1. Oh my word, I am sending you a virtual hug today Derena. I try my best to be gracious to those who do not read the recipe nor the comments. I should have some replies on auto respond 😉 And thank you for supporting the cooking by weight issue. I have always used weight as it is so accurate and so easy, just ‘tare’ the electric scale in between each addition. Super simple an makes less waste. If I had a comment of the day award, you would earn it today. Libby 🙂 x

  55. Hi! I just made this and i dont know what i did wrong! It came out like a thick omelette! And not sweet at all. Only thing i did different (i think) is that i double the recipe because my was too big lol. For sweetener i used splenda. What do you think i did wrong? I need to up my egg intake and i miss brownies like crazy so this recipe is just perfect for me!

    1. It sounds like you didn’t adjust the sweetener (I always say “sweetener of choice to taste”). Always, always taste recipes before baking them so you don’t waste wonderful but expensive ingredients.

      1. What about it having it the consistency of of a thick omelette? What do you guess i did wrong there? I really wanna make this right!

        1. I just made this with Splenda and it turned out fantastic! I first creamed everything but the eggs so I could adjust sweetness (ended up with 3/4 cup Splenda). Then added eggs and baked the 25 minutes stated. If t didn’t work for you, it possible either you didn’t use an electric mixer (helps with the cake texture) or it was overcooked. Good luck on your next batch! They’ll be worth it!

      2. I just made this using 3 TBS of Splenda and had the same experience as Christina – not sweet at all. (I didn’t try tasting the batter first due to the raw egg.)

        What is the conversion from “granulated stevia” to real sugar? Splenda is 1 to 1. I’m guessing based on my results that “granulated stevia” is not 1 to 1. (A pet peeve of mine regarding low-carb recipes is that the authors post their favorite sugar substitute without the real sugar conversion leaving the reader guessing but I digress.)

        I was able to save them however, in fact, something delightful happened. I cut them up in 1″ squares and covered them with Swerve Confectioners Style sugar replacement. (Swerve is Erythritol – 1 to 1 sugar replacement). I put them in a plastic bag and shook some more Swerve over the top and threw them in the fridge overnight. The next day the Swerve seemed to dissolve and fuse with the brownies and consistency changed to that of best light crumbly fudge. They are delicious! I will definitely make again but next time will start with 3/4 cup of Splenda based on Nikki’s comment.

        1. Hi Scott, all my recipes use granulated stevia (no brands are offered so I don’t fall into your pet peeve category) that measure spoon for spoon 1:1 in place of sugar. I always, always say add according to YOUR taste as we are all on different parts of our sugar free journey and so your sweet tooth may be different to anothers. I also tell readers they must taste their baking before cooking and I also tell them you can always salvage a recipe by serving with whipped sweetened cream. For the record I do use Splenda and you can look at this page to see all the ingredients I keep in my pantry.
          Great that you managed to fix the problem and they were delicious. 🙂

    2. Chill it for a few hours—the texture gets better when it’s very cold. Also, sweeten it up with some sugar-free chocolate syrup and/or sugar-free jam and some sweetened whipped cream!

      1. katherine Marshall says:

        When you mean better do you mean firmer?

  56. I made this last night. I used butter and used someone’s suggestion to add the eggs last. I used about 4-5 Tablespoons of Splenda for sweetener. I was worried that I might have over beat it and it was a bit lumpy. It baked up great! I also used another suggestion to serve it chilled and love that. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely be making this again!

  57. Hello,
    I’ve done this, it was fairly easy (during lunch break!) but, probably of the bad quality of my mixer, it raised up only on the sides. I will re-do it another time just to make sure.
    Anyways, would you kindly tell me what is the average weight of a slice for you? (to compare with mine)

  58. Emily Knight - UK says:

    Amazing recipe. I’ve been having these (I make 10 in a batch cause I’m greedy) crumbled over yogurt at breakfast when I don’t face the smell of eggs.. which is now every day because these taste just lush. I get 212.3 kcal, 6.8g Protein, 20g fat, and 6.4 carb (2.6 fibre) in each brownie and they are my favourite thing that has ever happened in the world. thank you so much!

  59. Heather Williamson says:

    I made these last night and they turned out SO GOOD! Definitely a hit with my husband! I will definitely be making these again! I couldn’t find carb smart ice cream that I wanted to eat with these so I just topped them with whipped cream and it was delicious!
    Side note: I started making them and realized I didn’t have any vanilla extract in the house so I had to make them without and they were still really good.. I can’t wait to make them again but with vanilla added.

  60. Turned out great!! Tastes amazing. Thanks Libby!

  61. Kimberly Brown says:

    I tried this last night and it turned out horrible. Tasted more like a soufle’ instead of a brownie. Not sweet at all.

    1. Mine was so salty it was inedible! Followed recipe so confused as to why it’s tasted so bad

      1. It sounds like you maybe added too much stevia (bitterness and saltiness are often confused) as there isn’t anything really salty in the recipe.

    2. It could have been salty from using salted butter. At first mine was also not very sweet. I use erythritol which is only 60% sweeter than sugar. Stevia is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar. So I add an extra cup and it tasted way better. However, the texture after it was baked was very “eggy”.

    3. katherine Marshall says:

      I think it needed more sweetener and the consistency was more like mousse than firm like a brownie. Probably because it had no flour?

  62. memeloekman says:

    I’ve tried it yesterday evening and it tastes really good! I would try to add almond flour next time. I’ve eaten it with Sucolin sweetened blueberry jam. The are really delicious. Perhaps I’ll add blueberries inside to. Yummy!

  63. Jessica Macias says:

    This looks amazing so I had to try it! However, my attempt not so successful. I think it may have been the measurements (I eyeballed the .2/.6 ounces) since I do not have the exact tools or a scale…yet! Or could it have been that I baked these in a muffin pan? Or did I mix the ingredients too long? When I took them out of the oven they looked delicious, exactly like muffins. When I bit into it, it was hollow in the middle and you could see little specs of the cream cheese. I couldn’t stop laughing at the results! I’m new to this so I’m definitely going to keep trying to perfect this once I get a scale. Thank you for your website, very insightful and your recipes look incredible!

    1. Hmm, I think it’s a combination of all 3 – no scales, eyeballing, muffin pan. Did you use a stick blender? I really recommend if nothing else you buy scales and a stick blender. I use both of these daily and they aren’t that expensive. Take a look here at what I keep in my pantry. The stick blender would have got rid of those lumps, and yes sometimes it does puff up while cooking then it settles down as it cools. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless and I’m sure your next attempt will be perfection 🙂

      1. Jessica Macias says:

        Thank you so much for the reply! I figured everything that went wrong was all of the above. I’m definitely going to purchase a scale and stick blender! Using a scale seems so much simpler then trying to convert, especially since math is not my specialty. Thanks again, I’m looking forward to trying your other recipes!

  64. Just wondering … could egg whites be subbed for 1 or 2 whole eggs? … making sure to include a total of 372g (62 grams x 6) in the recipe? I’m not typically one to request substitutes but the reason for my question is two-fold: I made ice cream this week and have quite a few egg whites that I’d hate to waste 🙂 and, (2) some reviewers have commented that their end product was a little eggy or souffleish. Could this possibly remedy that concern?

    1. That would be an entirely different recipe and I would have to make many trial and error attempts. If you make it and are successful, come back and let me know. If you have left over egg whites you could make these macaroons.

      1. These look great and healthy but question: is it 6 eggs or egg whites? I saw the previous comment and was confused

  65. Heather Greyvelle says:

    ok, i made the recipe last night. it was very easy to do. i did make some changes… i used 2 tsp caramel extract instead of vanilla, based on a comment i read. it gave it a lovely depth of flavor and a sweetness that vanilla doesn’t. i loved it. i added just a tad of salt, also, and my sweetener of choice was liquid sucralose, about 1/2 teaspoon. i also beat the heck out of the eggs in a separate dish, warmed the cream cheese and butter in a different dish in the microwave, and mixed the powdered cocoa with that and it went in like a dream. then i mixed the two together and it was seamless. i cooked it 10 degrees (F) cooler because i think my oven runs hot, and it had to cook 35 minutes before it was done. it also raised up around the edges about 3 inches or so higher than the center, perhaps because the oven temp was a little cooler. it was plenty sweet, with a bitter hint under there somewhere – a taste that i liked. i think the caramel extract really played well with that. i liked the fresh baked version best, with the chilled overnight one good but definitely a different texture. i really like the cheesecake texture (which i think some folks are calling eggy). this is the the best brownie recipe i’ve found so far ever (short of the boxed poison-to-my-body variety). usually lc and keto chocolate recipes are too bitter for me, and the brownies and cakes too dry. neither of those were a problem with these little gems. this recipe is a total winner!

    1. Wow, awesome suggestions and tips Heather. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. I’ll have to see if I can find caramel extract and give this a go. Libby.

      1. Debbie Thompson says:

        Hi there, these sound great and I’m going to have a go at making them later. Does anybody know how long they can be kept for and can they be frozen. Thanks Debbie

        1. Mine did not freeze well, taste remained great but the texture changed. It is not stopping me from eating them! Since I am the only one in the house eating LCHF, need to freeze treats so I can prolong the joy! Next time I will try to make half the recipe. If anyone has freezing tips, I would love to hear them!

  66. Hi. I made these last night. Followed the recipe apart from only having xylitol as a sugar substitute and think I should have added a bit more, despite tasting the batter. Nevertheless really liked them served with Greek yoghurt and blueberries which I would normally have had for breakfast. Thanks for the recipe (and all those that I will be working my way through,)

  67. Heather Ai says:

    Wow! What a great recipe! I am a gastric bypass patient so can’t have all the carbs that are in regular brownies. I try to stay “on program” (hence the need for bariatric surgery to begin with) but gosh, a brownie would be so good every once in a while.

    I followed your instructions and the only deviation I made was that I added nuts and some sugar free caramel flavor in addition to the vanilla extract. I didn’t have enough granulated Truvia so had to use half granulated truvia and half powdered-type Trader Joe’s stevia. It came out just perfect. I used unsweetened dark cocoa powder (Hershey’s, but will use a fancier version the next time I cook).

    I baked more than the 25 minutes — probably closer to 35 or 40 minutes because @ 25 it was still rather liquidy.

    For the people who had weird consistency — I used my kitchenaid and mixed those eggs like crazy with the whisk while doing my other prep. They came out quite frothy. I then added the butter and let it whip some more. I let the cream cheese soften at room temp and added that square by square, beat with the paddle attachment and added the dry ingredients and beat well until everything was incorporated. The outcome was very light and fluffy, but not like a soufflé and not like an omelet.

    Great job. Thank you SO MUCH. Oh–and the kicker…my non-bariatric husband, who is very particular, loved these brownies

  68. Sharon McLeskey says:

    mmm, what a lovely chocolatey dessert…I made it last night and am eating it right now.

  69. How many tablespoons of cocoa powder, please?!?! thank you

  70. Karen Ellerbe says:

    Just made these and they are pretty good! A little bitter, so I think next time I will add more sweetener, however they are quite enjoyable with some sweetened whipped cream!!! Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for a recipe that doesn’t require almond flour since my husband is extremely allergic to almonds!!! This is great!! I’ve only been on LCHF for about a week or so after taking a 6 month break, so my sweet taste is still pretty strong, but aside from that the texture and taste were both great!!

    I used the suggestion from another commenter: I beat the eggs in a separate bowl. I melted the cream cheese and butter together in the microwave then mixed the cocoa into it. It came out nice and creamy. Then I put everything in a bowl together and used my hand mixer to mix it up really well. It was very liquidy which made me nervous at first, but I didn’t panic! Lol!!! I tasted it, added a ton more Truvia. It wasn’t quite sweet enough but at that point I was up to 5 tbsp so I just kept it at that!!!! Poured it in my baking dish, and baked it for about 35 minutes. The sides came up pretty high, but they went back down after removing from heat! Let it cool and tasted it! Success!!!! Nice and fluffy texture, not eggy at all!!!! YAY!!!! Definitely will be a staple in our house! Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hey thanks for the tips Karen. Perfect that you added sweetener to your taste and a little at a time. That is the trickiest aspect to low carb cooking, we all have a different sweet tooth depending on how long we have been low carb. Add too much and it might be bitter, add too little and it might not be sweet enough.
      As for your husband, I am making more recipes that use coconut flour instead of almond flour. Maybe have a look at my flourless berry sponge , keto waffles and pizza waffles.

  71. Another thank you here for using weights instead of cup measurements. I’m in the UK, and I have scales AND cups, but I think it’s far easier to plonk things on the scales rather than messing about cramming stuff like cream cheese into cups, then scraping them out again! Taking myself off to the kitchen to try this recipe now. Also, all the positive tips and comments are very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Jules. I love cooking by weights as it is so much easier and so accurate. I cant bear having all those cups to wash up at the end too. Now off to the kitchen and enjoy those brownies 🙂

      1. Hi there! I was curious to what is the portion size?

  72. After reading all the reviews (and there were a lot!) I made these Friday night. I’d been considering baking them (with some skepticism) for the past 6+ months. They turned out wonderfully!!! … light in substance w/good (and mostly even) rise.

    Reasons I deliberated on making this recipe? Like others, I HATE to waste good ingredients that produce a fail; I’m a novice in the metric system; mousse-like consistency didn’t appeal to me for a brownie (I don’t consider my batch mousse-like).

    Well, … the final product was not a fail, though they most likely would have been without weighing the ingredients. My 6 eggs were considerably shy of the 372 grams listed (I added plain egg whites to bring it up to measure). 60 grams of cocoa wiped me out! I nearly doubled the Swerve and added chopped black walnuts. I baked them in my convection oven at 350F for 25 minutes. PERFECT & YUM! Thank you, Libby … I will be making these again!!!

    1. Thank you Julie for your review. I love your honesty explaining your reluctance to make these (I hate wasting ingredients and time too). I love your tips, and with all recipes I always say to add sweetener to YOUR taste because my sweet tooth will be completely different to anyone else. What a result, and I love the idea of adding walnuts. Brilliant idea. Thanks again.

  73. Yes Libby, we’ve got to give you that … you always stress your recipes should be sweetened to the individual’s taste. Additionally, based on previous reviewer’s comments, I made note of that! 🙂 I forgot to add … I did use 1/2 butter/1/2 coconut oil. Your recipe needed no substantial changes–I just needed more egg to bring my measurements up to yours. Also, you stress weighing. The difference between metric measurements and cups/tablespoons is amazing! It can make all the difference in making or breaking a recipe. AND, this is me personally … I love adding cinnamon and/or black walnuts to nearly any dessert!

  74. I made this two nights ago and I used liquid stevia and erythritol as the sweetener and I halved the recipe cause I didn’t have enough ingredients. I blended all the ingredients in my NutriBullet and then poured it into a large ramekin. I baked it at 150 degrees for about 20-30 mins and it turned out amazing!! The brownie mix was so delicious I had to stop myself from eating it so I had something to put in the oven! And I have to say it’s got a great texture even now, two days later. It’s so good with double cream. Thanks for this recipe, I’m always looking for recipes without coconut and almond flour.

    1. Thank you Debbie for this review. I am getting mixed replies over this recipe. I know it works, my kiddies make it. I’m so glad you loved it.

      1. I made these again today and I think the NutriBullet probably helps. I’d suggest anyone having trouble should make sure they use a high powered mixer or blender. I don’t even think weighing the ingredients matters too much for me, as long as it’s all well mixed. They are 100x better when they’ve been refrigerated for a few hours!!

  75. Day one (and a half) of reading all your information and recipes. I just counted and I have 11, yes 11, tabs open on LCHF. LOL As the daughter of a baker, whose family bakery has been in business for over 70 years, the idea of weighing all the ingredients makes total sense since that is what we do. Funny thing is, I have never done it at home! I will from now on. I will be baking my first “good” scale today, along with a stick blender. I am so new to all this and have a hugeeee sweet tooth, but also several medical conditions and 40 lbs to lose!! Fingers crossed!! Thank you for all your wonderful information and recipes. I’m excited to begin this journey!

    1. Welcome Trish. That’s so funny that you have 11 tabs open for LCHF. I totally get that. I thought I was the only one 😉 An yes baking b=y weight makes sooo much sense and so few dishes. I will try and change the world one baker at a time. So glad you have started on the LCHF journey. Good luck x

  76. Michelle Babcock says:

    I never leave comments on anything, and when i usually try low carb desserts I am left feeling so sad and frustrated because it never taste good. I seriously have never found a homemade keto dessert recipe that actually tasted good until today. These actually taste like brownies. They took forever to cook and used alot of ingredients but it was worth it! I was so happy with how this turned out i just had to say something. I ate a brownie with some unsweetened almond milk and i am so satisfied. Thank you a million times over.?

    1. Michelle thank you SO MUCH for this reply. I am having very mixed reviews for this recipe. I think readers are expecting a gooey, sticky, sugary brownie and maybe that’s why they’re disappointed. I’m thrilled that you loved it enough to make your first ever comment, you’re a star 🙂 🙂

      1. i just made these and i love them, but it took a lot longer than stated lol, i checked after 30 minutes and the middle was really runny, so it took another 20 minutes or so but a beautiful and very brownie like cake thank you 🙂
        ps my first comment too

  77. I followed your recipe as is (using 1/2 cup Truvia) and these turned out PERFECTLY for me! Very dense, moist, and fudgy yummm how will I resist eating them all at once! Thank you!!!

  78. Hi Libby, this looks delicious, and I keep clicking on it – but we are dairy free. Is there a cream cheese alternative please? I’ve just searched online but can’t find a soy free alternative. Would a thick coconut cream or coconut yoghurt work? Is there anything else as one of our crew isn’t tolerating coconut right now unfortunately. Thanks, Storm

    1. This recipe would take too many substitutions to work if you remade the cream cheese. You could adapt my berry flourless sponge, but remove the berries and add cocoa powder instead, and use coconut oil instead of butter (you may also need an extra egg for moisture). That is a great simple base recipe that can be adapted in many ways.

  79. LittleMissLondon says:

    These turned out beautifully.
    Initially I was worried when I tasted the batter that they weren’t chocolatey enough so I added another tablespoon of cacao powder (I was making a half batch) and also some coffee (used freeze dried decaff dissolved in a tiny bit of hot water) to give a deeper flavour. Used a mixture of honey and stevia for sweetness and then a added small handful of walnuts and blended in the Vitamix one last time. Cooked on gas Mark 4 for about 35 minutes. When I cut into it it looked very mousse-y but didn’t fall apart and with some single cream and sliced almonds on top it was as good as any expensive melting chocolate dessert I have ever bought! So yummy -thank you!

  80. Hi, I have been lchf for about 8 weeks now and I have been missing brownies like crazy. I came across your recipe and also can I just say this whole page is amazing! I have baked them and they are currently cooling. They smell just like actual brownies and look it too! Can’t believe they are low carb. I’m very excited to try some after dinner with some low carb vanilla ice cream and maybe a couple frozen raspberries 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for they lovely and positive review Krystal. I am so pleased you love them so much and all my other recipes your are discovering. Welcome x

  81. Marion Basham says:

    Hot out of the oven Libby!! It puffed up so much, unbelievable. My question is when to cut them? When they are cooled a bit from cooking or after completely cooled in the fridge? Cant wait to taste!!

  82. Yikes! I was so excited to make these and followed recipe as is and they tasted AWFUL! But the texture is on point to be potentially a good fudgy brownie, just needs a LOT more sugar or something sweet. In retrospect, 3 tablespoons of sugar is really not much at all. I think I will make again will a bunch more sugar and sub some other ingredients. Potential here I think but as is I preferred to not eat a brownie than eat these 🙁

    1. All recipes state “sweetener to taste” – as I have mentioned before, this is the number one variable in low carb cooking because our sweet tooth is so different from each others depending on how long you have been sugar free. Some like it to have a lot, others none at all (yes, seriously) so I like my recipes to be somewhere in the middle. This is a great page to read regarding sweeteners.

    2. We LOVE this recipe and actually use LESS sugar than suggested! Preferences for the sweet taste definately differ between people.

  83. Thanks so much for this delicious recipe! It’s my son’s favourite. He even loves to help cook it. We think it is plenty sweet enough, we actually use less sweetner than suggested (however we don’t have a sweet tooth). We love it served with cream and raspberries. After it’s cooked, we cut it into pieces and freeze.

  84. Libby thank you so much for this recipe, I am surprised it actually tastes good! (I’ve tried others from the store -ugh). I don’t like baking, but I’ve got to get me and my family off sugar and eating healthy carbs. I am motivated to try your pizza and waffle recipe next. Maybe 🙂 one step at a time. I don’t usually like a website enough to comment either. I agree, you are the queen!

    1. Aw bless you Abby. Thank you for such a lovely comment, and I feel honoured you took the time to comment. Good luck with all the new low carb baking ahead of you 🙂

  85. Lori foster says:

    is this net or total carb count

      1. Stevi Hardy says:

        Is the nutritional information for the entire pan, 1 brownie, or a gram amount?

  86. Sinclairabelle says:

    I don’t know if my first comment made it so I will try again…just finished making them. Let it cool on the counter for about 20 minutes. Taste test…love it!!! My question is, after refrigerating, will it firm up? again, thanks for the recipe!

    1. Mine puffs up when coking, then collapses to a firm cheesecake/brownie/slice. Once it hits the fridge for a day, it firms up even more. In the winter I tend to keep it in the microwave (purely to keep the cat away) and in summer the fridge.

  87. I have made these plenty of times and the kids love them, however I was wondering could I substitute the cream cheese with ricotta?

  88. Jeannette says:

    Hi, I am going to try this recipe very soon and cannot wait! I’m wondering though, do you think it would be possible to swirl in some peanut butter into the batter before baking? I love peanut butter brownies and I know by adding the peanut butter it will change the carb value, but I have some lower sugar peanut butter that I’d love to try adding to these. Let me know what you think!

    1. Yes yes yes, that would be incredible. I made it the other day with walnuts sprinkled inside and on top then cut them into bars. I love it when readers adapt my recipes – go for it.

  89. These are amazing, thank you! Made them last week and they were great, craving them again today and made with a third of the sweetner… yum! Delicious with cream and a few blueberries!

    1. I made these the other night using special dark cocoa. Definitely too bitter for me. But I am not giving up… I want to try again. would regular chocolate cocoa work? After reading other reviews, I am going to increase the sweetener. Looking forward to finding some brownies I can enjoy on low-carb diet.

      1. yes, mine were really bitter too. I’m going to put some cream cheese frosting on them and see if that helps. I used swerve instead of stevia because stevia seems bitter to me.

  90. Any idea how these would be with out the artificial sweeteners?

  91. Hey guys, these seems like an awesome recipe, if i were to add in Coconut Flour… how would it change the recipe?

    1. I have never tried it but I would guess from experience it would be a heavier brownie (rather than the cheesecake like texture), it would add some carbs and fibre, but it would be a great adaptation of the recipe. Let me know how you get on.

    2. Hello! I just tried this recipe and the batter was SO thin almost like pancake batter! So I added some coconut flour to thicken it up. Is the batter supposed to be that thin or did I mess something up??

  92. Okay so, I’ve been on Keto diet for about a week now and I’m gonna try these tonight. I hope the kids enjoy them as well since I’m working to get my son off gluten. Thanks for the recipe I love the site!

    1. I use salted butter in all my recipes, but some butters in other countries vary enormously in how much salt they add. Taste before baking to see if you need extra sweetener or not.

  93. just finished baking them. I halved the recipe and only made 6. I also used a lined muffin silicon mould instead so it is portion controlled. Coconut oil was used instead of butter (because i had the perfect amount left in the jar) I accidentally put in a bit more cream cheese (70g) and cocoa powder (40g) seeing as i only have Jumbo size eggs at home. only 1.5Tbs of stevia, too (maybe I will up it to 2 TBS next time).
    i ate one hot (i know, but how am i suppose to resist) and it was a bit pancake like, not really brownie, which i liked anyway. slightly egg-y, but i only had jumbo eggs so that was expected. Waiting for them to cool down so i can try them again.
    this is a great recipe! so quick to make with my stick blender.

  94. I made these yesterday and they are amazing. I’ve topped them with a vanilla butter cream cheese frosting and they are seriously to die for. Mine took 25 mins to cook at 180C. I did make sure that all the ingredients were at room temperature as I have had some baking fails using melted butter + cold eggs. I also decided to make extra work for myself by separating the eggs and whipping the whites into soft peaks, then folding them through the rest of the ingredients, which I’d beaten together separately. Oh, and my husband, who hates eggs, can’t taste the SIX eggs in the mixture, so that is a massive win. Definitely giving this recipe 10/10!

  95. I made these today, but they didn’t turn out sweet enough. I used 3TB of Swerve and 6 drops of Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia–and they need to be much sweeter. I have made some keto frosting and when they cool completely will put that over the top of these. BTW: the consistency is a little strange–not like a brownie at all and not like cake–more like a chocolate egg bake, but the flavor is more like brownie–you don’t taste the eggs.

    1. I always say in my recipes to add sweetener of choice to YOUR taste, and I mention it within the recipe also. Everyone is on different parts of their sugar free journey so recipes will need to be adjusted accordingly to how sweet you prefer a recipe to be. I also make note that these have the “texture and flavour more like a baked cheesecake (remember it is heavily based on eggs and cream cheese), although I call it a brownie. So call it what you will – brownie/cheesecake/slice …… ” Well done for salvaging it with some keto frosting, I never like to waste baking so do this too if I make something not quite to my liking. I’m glad you liked the flavour and didn’t taste the eggs. You might also like my chocolate waffles. The texture is lovely.

  96. OMG, these are amazing!! I made these brownies two days ago and they are almost gone! They took way longer to cook than what the recipe says, but I just checked them with a tooth pick in 5min intervals until they were done. Fresh out of the oven, the texture was pretty airy/fluffy while still dense – unlike anything I had tried before. I put them in a zip lock baggie and they kept on fogging the bag up (and still do). I wipe down the moisture when I see it and the brownies seem a bit denser and “fudgier” now. I actually like them better 2 days after making them. I used 4tbsp of sweetener and just basic big brand unsweetened cocoa. That made a very dark chocolate tasting brownie, which I love. Mixing the dough was very fast and this recipe is perfect for when I want a little treat. I’ve had these plain and with some lightly sweetened whipped cream and they are great either way. Thanks for such an amazing recipe!!

    1. Anne you are a super star for posting this kind, wonderful and amazing review. I have had so many complaints, I was wondering if readers were using another recipe to me? We all love it and my kids make it all by themselves so I know the method works (fail safe kid tested) and it tastes great (tired mum tested). We even chop it into little cubes and make a chocolate Eton mess (whipped cream, chocolate brownies, berries and coconut chips). Enjoy x

  97. Well I don’t know what I did wrong but this just tasted like chocolate eggs to me. Not the most pleasant taste! I was expecting something like little chocolate cheesecake bites but instead it was the opposite, I couldn’t taste any at all. Followed the recipe just like it said but sorry to say this was a waste of expensive ingredients.

    1. Could not agree more. We had a good laugh at how gross it was!!!!

  98. I really like this recipe and use it often. I use a little more sweetener because it tastes too much like dark chocolate in the original recipe. It’s a really moist, dense brownie that doesn’t taste eggy at all. It’s a staple at my house.

    1. Help, they came out perfect except for they were not sweet AT ALL no bitter just no sweetness at all and we used close to 5 tablespoons of Splenda pour-able. I want these to taste like a sweet brownie. what has worked for other people? By the way they came out exceptional perfect except for the sweetness.

      1. I actually came back here to say the same thing. Splenda granulated is supposed to have an equivalent sweetness to sugar, and I think stevia is much sweeter. I’m going to try doubling the Splenda to see what happens. In the meantime I just served this not-so-seeet batch with sugar free cool whip on top.

  99. These brownies are delicious! They curb our sweet tooth and I don’t feel guilty for having more then one…or two.

  100. Hi. I am planning to make it. What I want to know is, can I make it using melted dark chocolate (stevia sweetened), instead of cocoa powder? Even if I use cocoa powder, it would be a tbsp or so but most importantly, I want to use melted chocolate 🙂 Would it work?

    1. The cocoa powder is in there to help it emulsify, a little like the action flour has, so you could add cocoa but ALSO add the stevia sweetened chocolate. That might be a good combo.

  101. Is there something that can be used in place of the cream cheese? The only dairy I can do is the butter.

      1. Very amateur baker and new to Keto here – I tried making these with lacto free cream cheese and dairy free bread. They’ve come out more like a soufflé than cheesecake or brownie. My dairy free version of Keto bread did the same… is this because of the dairy free products?

        1. Dairy free spread *** not dairy free bread haha

        2. Yes. I spend a long time developing recipes using specific ingredients. If they are substituted, then I can’t guarantee they will work – the new ingredients make it a completely different recipe altogether 🙁

  102. I’m planning to try this recipe tomorrow, but I only have liquid stevia. Can you please advise how many drops I should use for this recipe? I’m not that much into sweet desserts, so, as I understand from the comments, your level of sweetner is probably just right for me. I just need to know the equivalent in stevia drops. Sorry for the silly question, I’ve been on the LCHF diet for only a week now and this will be my first time using something different from sugar or honey. Thank you so much, can’t wait to try these brownies!

    1. It’s not a silly question. Stevia drops are so variable depending on the brand you have bought, so sorry to be a bit vague but you really do have to add it to your taste. I think you will find baking is more successful with granulated sweetener such as Swerve or Natvia. This page shows you what I keep in my pantry to give you an idea. Good luck 🙂

  103. Made it with z sweet ( ) and it came out awesome. We’ve found baking with Stevia adds a slight bitter taste. Put some real whipping cream and some sliced strawberries on top. Great keto dessert!

  104. Started my Keto diet/lifestyle 2 weeks ago and today I NEEDED some chocolate! I found this recipe and immediately whipped these bad boys up! I didn’t have any vanilla so I used almond extract. Splenda is my sweetner of choice. These are really good. I ate one warm. Can’t wait to try them cold! This recipe is a keeper! Thank you for sharing this, you saved me today, and probably many more days to come?

    1. I’m super glad I managed to help you through your chocolate crisis. Many tell me these are even better once they have been in the fridge for a day or so. They seem to harden and set a little thicker – bonus!

  105. I have made a couple of keto desserts, and they have been ok, but these were excellent. So easy to make, came out exactly as your picture, they tasted amazing with cream on top. Can you freeze them? I’m worried I am going to over indulge if they are sitting in the fridge looking at me, every time I open the fridge door lol.

    1. Hi did you freeze yours? Just made them and am keen to try it too

      1. I’ve frozen them! They freeze well 🙂

  106. Annaya Ka says:

    I love this brownies! It’s an often choice for me when I’ve got those before-period-pms-sweet-cravings and I need something chocolate-y as a second breakfast ? I’m not allergic for nuts so I’m adding walnuts on the top and it’s pure pleasure!

  107. Made these last night and had them this morning with my coffee and oh my! They are delicious. I must say that they are better the next day. So anyone trying this for the first time, hold your temptations to eat them right away. You’ll regret it. Yes, I said regret bc they taste rather bitter when taken out of the oven. Since I’m not a very strict keto- “dieter,” I added nuts and chocolate chips to my batter. It was amaze! And used Swerve as my sweetener of choice. Thank you for this wonderful, husband-approved recipe!

    – Abigail

    1. Side note: Eat this cold. They taste rather spongy and bitter and not “brownie-like” when warm.

  108. I love this recipe, totally yummy with whipped cream as a lovely weekend treat. The recipe works really well and is so quick and easy.

  109. Gina Triay says:

    I seemed to be in the minority here but I thought it was awful. Consistency of a chocolate omelette. I used the right ingredients. Went back and watched the video and everything lined up.

    1. Same here. Just made a batch and good lord! Yuck! :(. 6 eggs wasted :(. I will cut into small pieces and bake them until they go hard – maybe I can make biscuits out of this mess? Hate wasting ingredients 🙁

    2. I just made them and they were awful. I threw them right out but I can’t get the taste out of my mouth.

    3. Was totally gross and also agree waste of ingredients. ?

  110. Sharon Down says:

    IThese turned out really good. I added 1 TBSP instant espresso powder and 1/3 cup chopped pecans. I also added 4 extra drops of EZSweetz. I used my ninja blender you emulsify and these didn’t turn out eggs at all. I baked them in a silicone pan then half froze the pan and was able to pop the whole cake out clean for cutting. Really pleased with this one. Thanks for sharing

  111. I don’t know what everyone is talking about but these are awful! Tastes like a cocoa quiche. And your oz to grans measurements above are incorrect.

    1. As per recipe notes “To make sure this doesn’t taste ‘eggy’, you must use a really good dark unsweetened cacao powder and mix/emulsify well”. It also sounds like not enough sweetener was added possibly “granulated sweetener of choice or more, to your taste

    2. Robert Peterson says:

      Ya I just made them and have to agree. These are about the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. Maybe I did something wrong but seems pretty straight forward. Looked yummy, tastes absolutely horrible

  112. This is the second time I’m baking this. The first time was just amazing. I used 7 Tbs of sweetener, maybe because my erythritol is not that good. But the result was very tasty. It was appreciated also by people who are not on diet and they can eat real brownies.
    Indeed when we tried to eat it warm, it had a slight taste of egg, but once refrigerated the texture was amazing and you couldn’t tell what it had inside. This time I added some lemon zest.

    I hope it will turn out good and it wasn’t just beginner’s luck.

    Thank you for this great recipe!!

  113. I don’t normally comment on recipes, but had to make an exception here! These are phenomenal. No, they don’t taste like a “real” brownie (by real, I mean those addictive and completely fake food brownie mix boxes at the grocery store that I grew up on), but nothing I have ever tried at home does. I am throwing away the freezer stash of dry, tasteless Keto brownies made with almond flour, and keeping a batch of these on hand for treat emergencies. I used 1 tsp of vanilla extract & 1 tsp of dark maple extract, to help counteract potential eggy flavor. I also added ~1 tbsp strong ground coffee for the same purpose. These are so fabulous that I know I will experiment more!

    1. I made some modifications based on others posts. ONLY EAT WHEN CHILLED; otherwise they are disgusting. Items I changed were
      1. Butter – 1/2 cup 2. Cream cheese – 4 oz 3. Cocoa – 3 Tbsp 4. Granulated Stevia – 2 tbsp 5. Stevia extract – 4 drops 6. Coffee Grounds – 1 heaping tbsp. Note if you like70% dark chocolate you will enjoy these for a treat. I eat mine with one tablespoon reddi whip. Keto friendly

  114. Tried these for the first time. Texture good but found tasteless. Maybe try with some 70% choc, peanut butter or maple flavour added. Quick and easy recipe though if can get taste better

  115. Made these this morning using three heaped Sukrin gold as the sweetener. Worked brilliantly.
    Quite sticky and yummy. Not quite the real thing, (but if I could eat the real thing….) but with double cream these taste devine. Definitely making these again. And the kiddies loved them too.

  116. I made this for the first time yesterday. Absolutely beautiful moist chocolatey, fudgey goodness. The key I think is to have a stick blender with a bit of power so the eggs emulsify. This is a totally perfect little treat 🙂

  117. Not a nice recipe, its basically a chocolate omelet , i would not suggest to anyone, unless adding something like almond flour , haven’t tried it with almond flour, as not to keen to waste all the ingredients again but im sure it would be a lot nicer

    1. I made these last weekend to help with sweet cravings during the week. Topped with a little whipped cream and blueberries and it really did the trick! I’m about to do another batch, but make two in round pans so I can make a layered ‘cake’. Just looking for the perfect frosting type recipe ❤️

  118. Name Required says:

    Title says “no coconut.” Second ingredient is coconut.

  119. I topped these with a mascarpone-chocolate mousse and it tasted incredible. Thanks!

  120. Fabulous. Easy, delicious, they freeze well, and I’m looking forward to trying more variations! One question: if I wanted to make these without the chocolate (say, lemon), what would you recommend adding to compensate so that the texture and moistness come out the same? Thanks!

  121. Libby, I think I have figured it out!


    Use regular (natural, non-alkalinized) cocoa powder.

    Natural cocoa is an acid. It reacts with baking soda to leaven the batter. This explains why your blueberry cheesecake bars, which are practically the same recipe except no cocoa, do not puff up nearly as much.

    Natural cocoa’s acidity also causes proteins in baked goods to set rapidly, which is key to recipes like this which have so many eggs. Using Dutch cocoa, which is neutral-to-alkaline, will not provide enough acid, so the batter doesn’t set — you get pudding, not cheesecake!

    When I made the blueberry cheesecake bars, that’s exactly what I saw. They eventually set… mostly… but were still looser than the brownies after baking 10 minutes longer than specified. If we think of that recipe as “missing” the cocoa that’s in the brownie recipe, and therefore “missing” the acid, it fits. If I’m right, we need to add 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar, lemon juice, or vinegar per 3 Tbsp of cocoa powder. That’s based on the Dutch cocoa to natural cocoa conversions found here:

    We also need to make up for the cocoa’s drying & strengthening effect: I suggest adding coconut flour, but I don’t know how much. I’ll give it a try when I make another batch of blueberry cheesecake bars.

  122. Tracey DeLuco says:

    Question, I don’t have an oven right now…just moved. Could I possibly make this in the microwave? And if so, how long, etc? Thanks! (Tracey in U.S. Kcmo)

    1. Yes I think it would work in the microwave, however some microwaves have trouble cooking food in the centre (the older ones cook food from the outside in, hence needing to stir foods and drinks). If you have a microwaveable ring tin or cupcake cases, that might help them cook evenly. I couldn’t give you a cooking time as power varies incredibly as will which dish you decide to cook them in. Trial and error I’m afraid.

  123. I made these flourless brownies today for my daughter’s birthday and they looked amazing! The textute was great but they taste horrible! So bitter, like pure salt! I didn’t have granular Swerve so I used the powdered version and after mixing it all up I tasted the batter and it was so bitter so I added some Stevia In The Raw packets that I had. I added 3 total, after tasting each time. It was perfectly sweet. So why did they turn out so bitter? Anyone know? I’d love for these to work because we are low carb and they looked so good lol. Help!

    1. I had the same problem, and I did use granular sweetener. You would need to add a lot more sweetener than the recipe calls for to make it edible (and I don’t like overly sweet things). They looked and smelled so good too! What a disappointment.

  124. Hi! I made it and really like it but how did you get those macro? I did it on myfitnesspal and gives 6g of Carbs and 1g of fiber as result…I even tried with the EXACT ingredients that you used…

    1. I never ever use MFP. It is full of inaccuracies as you can see. I use which uses official USA nutritional databases rather than “user added” values. I would look at where MFP is telling you the carbs are coming from. Only the cocoa and cream cheese. And they definitely won’t add up to 6g per serving. This is definitely a keeper, and definitely keto. Yay 🙂

      1. Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response Libby. MFP can be very frustrating indeed. I will have a look at cronometer (hopefully it will be accurate for Canada too!). I’ve been reading more about alcohol sugar, monk fruit and stevia and I think those carbs shouldn’t be accounted for (would you happen to know if this is correct?). I think the difference comes from that…

        1. I don’t include them in my panels as they are unabsorbable carbohydrates but I can’t differentiate that in the nutrition panel. I know they don’t affect my blood sugars at all.

          1. Great! Thank you! I think that this concludes the answer to my question! Thanks again for that easy and delicious recipie Libby!

    2. MyFitnessPal counts erythritol, stevia, and other artificial sweeteners as carbs even though the body does not recognize them as carbs. I do not add the sweetener when I put my recipe in myfitnesspal. That is the best way to get accurate carb counts with that app.

  125. Just Jennie says:

    I have been low carb for about a month now and have been searching for low-carb, flourless, no sugar treats to indulge in. I tried a different brownie recipe over the weekend that came out HORRIBLE and lets just say I was a bit wary of this one. Well, today I bit the bullet and I decided to make these brownies. First of all the batter tasted like actual brownie batter so I took that to be a plus. When they had cooled down I cut off a small piece to try and was very, very, VERY happy with the results. I gave the rest of the piece to my husband who said “These taste more like a brownie than the other ones!” (Now mind you, they are in no way exactly like a “regular” brownie but they are close enough for my liking!) AND I like the fact that they’re exactly what I was looking for.

    I did use stevia from my garden that I had grown, dried and crushed and I think the next time I make them, because there will most definitely be a next time, I am going to use a bit less than what the recipe called for because the taste is rather strong (the garden grown stevia that’s dried and crushed has a more earthy taste).

    I also took the advice at the end and I put them in the refrigerator and will see how they are tomorrow.

    1. I am so grateful for your recipe review. I too love them, and so do many others, yet there is a small % of readers who expect them to be a regular flour/sugar brownie texture an are sadly disappointed. I too like to pop them in the fridge, the brownie sets a little and becomes sturdy. I love the idea of growing my own stevia, I will definitely look for it next time I am at the garden centre. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  126. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe Libby, the brownies are delicious! Only query is about texture. Do you think adding almond flour or coconut flour would help make it more cake-like? I’m not a very eggy texture kind of person. In saying that, my entire house hold thinks your brownies are to die for 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. I’m so glad your household adores my brownies. I am currently trying to develop a more “brownie like” recipe using almond flour, so watch out.

  127. Adriane Degner says:

    Just made these last night and they turned out like a sponge. I don’t have a stick blender but used my regular blender is this why or is something else wrong

  128. I just made these and had to post a comment immediately. These brownies are by far the best keto dessert I have made. My husband and I devoured half the batch before they were even cooled.

    I’ve been struggling to find a really good chocolate keto dessert to satisfy our cravings. My husband can’t stand the recipes with coconut flour so I thought I’d give this one a shot. I’ve read a bunch of negative comments and I can’t believe it. These are SO good! I emulsified for quite a while, as suggested, and added 2 extra Tbsp. of Swerve since we both love our sweets. If you’re on the fence, I say give this recipe a try. They have such a luscious, custard-y texture. It might not be for everyone but this was a hit for us. This is my new go-to treat. Thank you!

    1. Jen, you don’t know how much this recipe review means to me. I cannot understand how there are reviews where readers absolutely hate this recipe. I give specific instructions, advice on sweeteners and even how to store it in the fridge so it is even better the next day. My children love cooking this and every time, and it turns out great. I am chuffed that you loved it. I’m sure that’s because you emulsified it well. I also love that you added sweetener to YOUR taste. We all like it differently and so need to sweeten accordingly. YAY for my keto brownies being a hit for you both. 🙂

  129. Stephanie says:

    HOLY SMOKES! These brownies are AMAZING. My first batch I used a 12×9 in baking pan so I baked the brownies for 15 minutes and they were great. I followed the recipe 100% otherwise. The brownies were better chilled than warm. There was a very slight eggy taste when warm. But when chilled, they tasted like brownie cheesecakes!

    However, my second batch in a 8×8 in baking pan (added 1 extra tbsp of erythritol and 1 extra tsp of vanilla extract to counteract eggy taste) for 22 minutes in the oven somehow made the brownies much more fudgey and spongey and resembled a true brownie. I was absolutely shocked even though I made this recipe before. They tasted amazing while warm, and taste good chilled as well!

    Hands down the best easy, hassle-free flourless keto brownie recipe I’ve tried. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

    1. Thank-you Stephanie – I LOVE reading this comment today!!!! It’s such an easy recipe huh? I often adapt it too, sometimes adding cacao nibs, raspberries or coffee. It’s our go-to quick and fails safe brownie in our home.

  130. Hi, I tried this recipe and I definitely need to adjust the sweetener. I had to use the hand mixer as I don’t have a stick blender and I think that may have made it to fluffy. I have an inquiry about the carbs. The recipe shows 3.5carbs, but when I enter the recipe into myfitnesspal it says there are 11.9 carbs per serving? Thanks!

    1. Great question. I refuse to use MFP. It is so inaccurate as there are so many “user added” values. I switched to and had too recalculate many many recipes. Also check which cream cheese you entered. They vary considerably. And lastly, check whether it is net or total carbs.

  131. This recipe is delicious! It tastes just lie the Sugar Free Pillsbury Chocolate Brownie Mix. My batch came out very cake-like and I think it was because of the way that I prepared it. I added each singe item of the ingredients one by one and whipped them with a hand mixture after each addition, with the butter being the last. I also had to cook my batch for 45 minutes, so that may have helped to get a cake-like texture, as well. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It has helped me greatly in my ketogenic journey.

  132. My fault for not being careful enough. I used 1.5 CUPS of butter, because I just looked at the listed “cup” for the ingredient underneath and assumed. May be worthwhile to edit the recipe to be more specific, because “sticks” of butter can vary based on what you’re buying. Darn. Wasted 6 eggs. Maybe I can salvage it.

    1. I did the same and they were so mealy and the consistency so horrible I spit it out after one bit and wouldn’t even feed it to my dogs! I’ll have to make them again, to be fair to the recipe before leaving a review lol…. Definitely my fault and I’ll leave an updated review when I make them again.

  133. I made this last night!!!! I used an 8inch cake tin cos my friend has my brownie tin so I have wedges instead of square and I really like it. Ended up whipping some double cream and then stewing a small handful of blackberries and raspberries and adding them on top of a slice and its pretty much became a cake hehe.. My 5 year old also really loves it but thats probably because she’s also into dark chocolate…All in all a win recipe. Will keep this in my keto files. Thanks for the recipe!

  134. Would this work using flaxseed ‘eggs’ as an egg replacer?

    1. I’m afraid not. This recipe is heavily based on eggs and requires the fat and protein from them to make the brownie set properly. “Flaxseed eggs”, work best in recipes that only require 1 or 2 eggs.

      1. If you’re using large eggs, could you use four instead of 6 and add a bit of heavy cream?

        1. That might (?) work. I say that with some trepidation because all eggs vary incredibly, so one may have more white: yolk ratio and hence more protein and the ability to bind and create the brownie. My suggestion would be to give it a go, taste, adjust, and then, of course, sit down with a cuppa and enjoy. Top tip: Many readers have discovered these brownies are even better when they have sat in the fridge for a day.

  135. Ooo girl…I just put these in the oven, but if they are 1/2 as good as the batter (which I ate lots of off the spatula), you and I are going to be friends! This is the end of my first week on Keto and I haven’t had a bite of anything sweet yet. Thanks for sharing this!

  136. I made these for my husband who’s on a Keto diet and he LOVES them! I’ve made Keto brownies before from other Keto recipes that were terrible tasting. This one is a keeper. I didn’t say anything about it being better when left in the fridge overnight but the next day he said it himself. One question, how long does it stay good for in the fridge? Just wondering. Thank you for this recipe!!

  137. Kylie McKenna says:

    5 stars
    These are AMAZING!! Definitely agree with the note about improving overnight! Tasted them the day I made them and wasn’t completely sold… left in the fridge overnight and oh my god the next day they were AMAZING! Made them exact to the recipe, definitely might try adding some cacao nibs or maybe some peanut butter but otherwise great as is!

    1. Kylie McKenna says:

      Oh and they weren’t eggy at all- mixed between a cheesecake and mousse kind of texture and taste

  138. 5 stars
    Libby! These brownies are perfection, thoroughly whipped the eggs separately and other ingredients separately before mixing together – baked beautifully, and the rich, dense fudgey goodness was Keto gluttony at its best topped with pure cream and a strawberry. Thank you so much!

  139. 5 stars
    I have a question. Why are the measurements in your recipe not consistent in their units of measure? Why are half of your ingredients in volume measurements such as Teaspoon and Tablespoon and then the rest in measurements by weight which convert a little strangely, i.e. from 160 gram butter to 10.66666666666 Tablespoons of butter as an example? It’s just a little awkward and a waste of time in my opinion, doing the conversions for half of the ingredients in your recipe. Much cleaner and much more user friendly to do the reipe consistently one way or the other. And in North America the traditional way in cooking, in spite of our strange Canadian metric system is to have the recipes by volumn – particularly since volumn measuring cups, etc. are so easy to find. Converting half a recipe makes me crazy! And I’m sure I am not the only one. As an option you could present it both ways if you are so fond of the weight measurements. Just sayin’ It’s neither here nor there to me. I’ll just frequent more user friendly sites in future. There are lots out there. Just throwin’ in out there for your sake, really! Makes not difference to me, really.

    1. Sorry I don’t quite understand where the tbsp are coming from. This recipe calls for 160g butter, when you convert using my red buttons, it states 1 1/2 sticks butter.

    2. 5 stars
      Omg, what are you complaining about.
      I am dutch and i do it the same way, since i live on the otherside of the earth, i use cups, table spoons grams. Get a life a and look for a different recipe. There is enough negativity in this world, dont let it start with measurements

      1. She has a valid point, that recipes with units of measurements need to be consistent! I find it incredibly frustrating that I have to convert things like “a stick” of butter, we don’t have sticks, so just grams or tablespoons would be helpful!

  140. 5 stars
    Amazing recipe!!! I made it twice and the second time I added extra butter so 2 sticks total and 1/3 cup of swerve sugar (might do 1/2 next time). I also cooked it longer the second time and it all turned out even better and less eggy. If there was a way to make it less flakey and dry it would be absolutely perfect!

    1. 5 stars
      Thanks Abbie for this. Some readers seem to either love or hate this, I can never figure out why. I absolutely love it and my kids even make it (so it’s pretty fool proof). I have even added coffee one time and walnuts – WOW. You gotta try that version next.

  141. 5 stars
    I just made these last night and I wanted to say THANK-YOU for creating such an awesome recipe. These are by far the best keto brownies I have tried. It was so easy to make. I added a combination of swerve and stevia (both granular). I did add a considerable amount more of the sweetner to suit my taste. They tasted great out of the oven, very light and airy. I put in fridge overnight and OMG they are even better. They set up beautifully and have a great dense chocolate taste. This is exactly what I was looking for. They don’t taste light a traditional brownie but certainly ease my craving for something chocolatey. Thanks 🙂

    1. 5 stars
      Suzanne, thank you sooooooo much for your wonderful recipe review of my keto brownies. I am so happy you loved them. I agree, I also think the texture improves once they sit in the fridge overnight. Yum.

  142. 5 stars
    I decided to try out this recipe, desperate for a keto friendly dessert! I followed the recipe to the T and the brownies came out great! Definitely satifies my sweet tooth! Thanks a bunch for the awesome recipe!

  143. 5 stars
    Absolutely delish. I just enjoyed a piece straight out of the oven and it was as perfect as could be. Reminded me also of a warm chocolate brioche. And such an easy recip. Thanks x

  144. 5 stars
    Firstly, I Just have to say, Do NOT eat these right out of the oven. Especially if you’re new to Keto/Flourless/No sugar. I made these last night, ate them warm out of the oven, and they tasted like bitter eggs. ……

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!

    I came back, read the comments, left them in my fridge overnight – Wow! What a difference! (Enough to make me come back this afternoon and post this!) This Is a GREAT recipe if you like that dark chocolate taste!

    But like any recipe with a large amount of eggs, you need to be CAREFUL when you put in melted butter. Doing that WILL scramble your eggs. I mixed my cream cheese with my melted butter and waited until it was room temp, THEN put in my eggs, then the dry ingredients. I do not have any fancy mixers, so used a spatula and muscles to insure every, single, little chunk of cream cheese was smushed along the bowl before I mixed in the dry ingredients. The batter consistency was lovely – Maybe a tad fluffier than your store bought stuff even.

    Like the author says – these aren’t your regular full or carb, sans keto, sugarfull brownies. Being on this keto train for the past week, I needed something (anything!) chocolate. These are delicious – IF YOU MAKE THEM PROPERLY. Follow the overall “rules of baking” – Do not Mix hot with cold ingredients – everything at room temp (before mixing protein with dairy especially) – mix dried ingredients together first before adding to all the wet – Mix until no chunks left – etc.

    Ps- I’m from Canada and had no problem converting / figuring out the measurements… Use the buttons or, when in doubt – Google.

    THANK YOU LIBBY! Just when I thought my cravings would get the best of me! Looking forward to your next recipes!


    1. 5 stars
      Wow Renee, you have made my day! What a superb review of the keto brownie recipe and awesome tips for making them – then eating them the next day. Maybe there is some magical keto powers at work here 😉 And I am so glad my conversion buttons work well for you. I had to go through over 250 recipes to create that! I’m stoked my time spent was worth it. I absolutely love how worldwide my audience is here on DTC. And how helpful everyone is to one another. Have a wonderful week Renee 🙂

    2. Michelle Trask says:

      5 stars
      Libby, Great reply! I wish all recipes had these to that you just gave because people like myself who don’t cook often, just don’t think of all that stuff. And people go and spend money on ingredients then screw up a perfectly fine recipe! Thank you so much!

    3. Leonie Johnston says:

      5 stars
      I followed your (rules of baking) instructions, Renee, and it certainly improved the end result. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & thanks, Libby, for helping a non-cook produce some pretty delicious recipes.

  145. 5 stars
    Same. You definitely need to taste the batter and adjust the sweetener accordingly. I would guess you need to at least double the recommended sweetener amount.

    I would also say that the recommendation of 20-25 minutes is WAY off. I took mine out exactly at 20 minutes and your description of a crust in the top and sponge like on the inside is SPOT ON. When I make these again I’m going to start checking on them at around 12 minutes with a tooth pick and take them out as soon as it comes out clean.

    I think with those two adjustments this recipe will be AMAZING.

  146. Kristen Rogers says:

    5 stars
    How long have you been sugar free? Are you adding additional sweetener to accommodate your tastes? The writer mentions that they have been sugar free for several years. Tonight will be the 3rd time I have made them, and they really are better cold the next day.

  147. Naomi de Sturler says:

    5 stars
    Just made these today, I let the butter cool down and mixed it with the cream cheese and dry ingredients before adding each separately and mixing in between, I tried a piece straight out of the oven and they are absolutely lush. Not too sweet and intensely chocolatey. This is now my go-to recipe when I have a chocolate craving.

    1. 5 stars
      YAY – viva la brownie 😉 Everyone reports these are even better the next day from the fridge. They seem to go denser and more chocolatey (or so they tell me). Enjoy 🙂

      1. Naomi de Sturler says:

        5 stars
        To me, they’re just as good the next day in the fridge s they are fresh from the oven 🙂 i have one question I forgot to ask in my initial comment, exactly how much is one serving in grams?

  148. 5 stars
    I have been completely sugar free over 6 months I haven’t eaten even a sugar substitute during that time. My family has slowly joined my way of eating. My husband actually found your recipe and asked me to make it. (He knows that I do not like coconut flour or anything made with it.). I made it exactly by your. Recipe and I loved it. The Hubs and the kids thought it could use a bid more sweetener. But it was moist and firm and creamy. I will try again the next time their sweet tooth calls. I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

    1. 5 stars
      Heather this is brilliant! You can also adjust or adapt the recipe to add some extras – some nuts, some berries, some sugar-free choc chips … You could even add a chocolate ganache – peppermint perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

  149. Awhina Diamond says:

    5 stars
    I LOVE THESE! started Keto today and I have the worst sweet tooth, does not help that it’s that time of the month but my husband said he would do this with me and I didn’t want to give him time to back out ? Anywho! I digress. Made these tonight, I have an erythritol/stevia blend. I doubled the sweetener which gave a nice sweetness but not too strong. I AM SO IN LOVE. I love brownies, I wouldn’t necessarily call these brownies, they’re so fudgey it blows my mind, but they are the best thing I’ve made so far. Well this and your Almond Keto bread. So good. Not at all eggy for either recipe. Will definitely be making more of your recipes..thank you Libby!

    1. 5 stars
      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I truly think this is one of those recipes that people either LOVE or despise. I do wonder if those who are disliking it, are the ardent sugar lovers who are only on day 1 so it is hard to compare a sugar fudgy brownie with a sugar-free keto version. I too love it and sometimes add walnuts etc to jazz it up. I am so glad you loved it. (hey, awesome job on converting hubby – A+).

  150. Lara Marshall says:

    5 stars
    I think you need to be used to sugar replacements as it does have a different flavour. Once you have become accustomed to that, removing all sugar from your diet for several months, give it another try. It totally met my need for a yummy sweet chocolate craving. I loved it but I’ve been sugar free for a long time

  151. Lucy Evans says:

    5 stars
    I made these last week for my kids’ lunch boxes and I’ll be making them again! They loved them – I added some icing in the form of cream cheese mixed with stevia and they kept really well in the fridge. I made them using individual silicone cake cases. I agree with other comments – do NOT taste them straight out of the oven – they will seem dry and bitter – but after 24 hours in the fridge were delicious and moist – yum! The other thing I love about this recipe is it’s nut-free and only uses a few key ingredients blended together so they are quick to make.

    1. 5 stars
      Awesome Lucy – I am thrilled your kiddos love these. Mine 3 little ones do too. They even vary it sometimes by adding a handful of chopped walnuts or poking a few frozen berries inside the mixture before baking. Gotta love their ingenuity 🙂

  152. Leonie Johnston says:

    5 stars
    These are great, Could they be made as mini muffins and if so, what time adjustment would be needed? Yesterday at a gathering people raved about (not low carb) brownie mini muffins with lemon curd & 1/2 strawberry on top so I wondered if I could create a Low carb version.

    1. 5 stars
      Mini muffins are a fabulous idea. The cooking times would be dependant on the size of your muffin tins (they vary considerably) but I would estimate 10 minutes?

      1. Leonie Johnston says:

        5 stars
        Great, thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll give it a try and report back.

        1. Leonie Johnston says:

          5 stars
          The mini muffins with lemon curd were a hit. A great combo of sweet & sour flavours and less than a carb each. I cooked them for 10 mins as suggested but I over filled the pans so they were a bit mis-shapen (if that’s a word). I’ve taken a photo of them but can’t upload it.

  153. Toni Leggate says:

    4 stars
    Where is the video please? I looked through the 3 pages on the video tab and searched but when I clicked on the ‘link’ I came back to this blog recipe page and there is no video available here…? Very confused, bad that doesn’t take much now-a-days!
    Thanks for helping – just made and it smells wonderful! How do you all wait to try it!!!!

    1. 5 stars
      Same thing happened to me but I noticed that the video was available in my phone and not on my computer. So check the website on your phone browser.

  154. 5 stars
    I am not a baker, and have been struggling to find easy ways to have my old favorites, keto style. But nut flour, including coconut, is a no-no.
    This is similar to my own pancake recipe, in that it relies on cream cheese and eggs (I use flax meal instead of flour and it’s yummy.) Couldn’t quite figure out how to translate that into desserts (read: not a baker!) Thanks for doing the thinking for me!

  155. sara shepard says:

    5 stars
    I made these using allulose. These are fantatsic. You need to use a sweetener you put straight in your mouth and like the taste of or it will taste bad to you. Thank you!

  156. 5 stars
    hi! tried this so soft in the insife like fudge. how long can u keep it at room temperature? also do i meec to whip the egg before adding it in? thank you i love this

  157. 5 stars
    hi how do mix the ingredients? do you whip the egg first? how long canni keep it at the counter? thank u! my hubby loved it!

  158. 5 stars
    great recipe! my relative said it tastes like tiramisu in the middle! just a question can i use powdered erythriol substitute instead of granular? thank you

    1. 5 stars
      Sure thing. Remember to taste before adding any extra, you don’t want to over sweeten. The powdered erythritol might make the brownie a little drier, so maybe add a teaspoon of heavy cream if this happens to make the brownie mix the right consistency.

  159. 5 stars
    Mine are not quite done yet but taste great but I was wondering if you tripled the recipe is it the same taste

    1. 5 stars
      Yes, it will taste the same. You can easily dial up how many servings each recipe makes, and the ingredients will magically recalculate for you.

  160. Christine says:

    5 stars
    Thanks for this recipe! A thought for those that find the bitter taste, one possibility could be the baking powder. I make my own now, that way I know it’s aluminum free and know how old it is. Even with the small amount, the aluminum can cause a tinny taste. The other thing would be the sweetener one uses. Stevia can already be bitter but I’ve found chocolate really brings out the bitter so I usually steer clear of Stevia or blends that include it when baking with chocolate. Sometimes rather than blaming the recipe, you have to look at your ingredients first.

  161. 5 stars
    Oh-so-good! Exactly the way you described them, a little eggy straight out of the oven, but heavenly after a night in the fridge. I whipped some cream cheese with stevia and a few drops of water to make a sort of frosting, which is incredible with the rich, fudgy, slightly bitter brownie. I doubled the sweetener (I used stevia) and they are perfect to me. I also added a few swirls of no-sagar-added peanut butter into half of the pan, which is delicious. Thanks SO MUCH for this flourless low-carb recipe!!

  162. 5 stars
    These brownies are so delicious! And so easy to make! I love that there are only a few ingredients. I used 4 tbsp of Pyure and the sweetness was perfect. I dumped everything in my Vitamix – so easy!
    Thanks for a great keto option for a chocolate lover 🙂

  163. 5 stars
    SO GOOD. We’ve been keto for a couple years now and need to mix up our desserts. We love chocolate but were out of coconut milk or whipping cream so some of our favorites were out of the question. This is definitely a go-to now. They were soft and light right out of the oven and delicious and dense the next day after a night in the fridge. My partner preferred them the next day. I mean, she scarfed them down warm out of the oven too, sooo… if you’re debating whether to make these babies, make them!

  164. Camae Colnan says:

    4 stars
    I didnt have a sweetner so I added a banana, 2 tablespoons of honey and squirt of sugar free maple syrup. Delish!

  165. 5 stars
    I’m not totally “keto”,Just EXTREMELY LOW to NO carbs for 1 week now. Guessing about 25 gms of carbs per day, IF that!… I Did this before and my weight loss was AMAZING, 60 YES 60 lbs in 3 months!.. Kept it off for years then mother nature’s lack of horemones decided to take over, so back on it. Decided to try and find some desserts, I never was much of a sweets eater, but hubby is, so trying to ease him into eating less.
    Made these tonite, I used reg granulated sugar, which carb wise the amount is barely NOTHING compared to regular recipes, and a piece here and there certainly isn’t going to make a diff if you’re just on an extrememly LOW carb living. The batter tasted delicious, son tried it and agreed, looks great out of the oven, but will put outside to cool off, MINN winter here, figuring a couple hours outside will be like 24 hours in the fridge 😉 lol..
    I also made a cream cheese frosting with just a titch of reg powdered sugar. Dying to try them, they smell great.. If I don’t try one tonite, I will tomorrow and I will report back!.. So far… so good :).

  166. 5 stars
    These are amazing! The tip for leave to chill overnight is definitely valid, even though we occasionally have to indulge straight out of the oven chilled improves them 10 fold! My tweaks have been to ditch the cream cheese and add 40 grams of nuts, a mix if walnuts and pecans, and 20 grams of 100% chocolate. We have become like addicts! When the last 2 are left in the box we get nervous and start scrabbling around for the ingredients to make the next batch!

  167. 1 star
    Terrible. Smelt divine but so so bitter I binned the while lot. The recipe needs a lot more sweetener

    1. 5 stars
      All recipes state the amount of sweetener “or more to your taste” 🙂 Please taste your baking before placing in the oven. If your baking isn’t sweet enough, you can always serve with sweetened whipped cream. Never wast any low-carb baking. You can always salvage it 🙂

      1. janine Stanton says:

        5 stars
        I made this yesterday it’s delicious 😋is there a none chocolate version will it work just leaving out the cocoa powder

    2. Best to taste the batter and sweeten to taste before baking.

  168. Courtney Furr says:

    5 stars
    I’m skeptical about everything keto lady. These are actually pretty good. I was impressed 🙂

    1. 5 stars
      Wow, so if I can win you over with the keto brownie recipe, it must be good. Thank you 🙂

    2. 5 stars
      I didn’t know what I was expecting when I made these, but they turned out so well. They mixed well, baked well, and tasted really good. I thought they tested better cold, straight out of the fridge. I’m actually going to make them again today, but I’m going to use mint extract instead. 10 of of 10.

      1. Mint sounds divine! So glad you loved them. Please let us know how they turn out with the addition of mint!

  169. Almost perfect. I will exclude the sweeteners as long as there aren’t safe alternatives for gut health.