In fact, you can stop right now making separate dinners for the entire family

So get the family on board with your new go-to keto dinner list. All are kid-approved!

These are some of my favorite keto family meals that will keep you on track with your diet while still satisfying everyone in the house. Kid-friendly, easy keto dinner recipes, and budget-friendly too.

The best keto dinner recipes

Long gone are the days of keto meaning bland and basic. These flavourful family-friendly keto meals will keep you on track while also satisfying the entire household. There are even some lazy keto recipes too.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This is one of my family’s favourite keto dinner recipes! It’s easy enough to put together for a weeknight meal, but also can serve as delicious comfort food too.

Recipe Info Section
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Bunless Burger

I call this the ABC burger which makes it even more fun for my kids. Chicken patties are topped with avocado slices and bacon, then I everyone gets to choose their favourite keto condiments to add.

Keto ABC bun-less burger recipe
ABC bun-less keto burgers are easy to remember and even easier to make for dinner tonight. Naturally gluten-free and so healthy and nutritious.
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Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Who said eating keto meant your kids have to give up their favourite foods. This recipe is great served with spaghetti squash or roasted veggies.

Plus, this sugar-free ketchup is always a hit with younger ones PLUS you can cook them in the air fryer.

Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

Delicious comfort food at its best. Yes, pulled pork mac and cheese can be enjoyed on the ketogenic diet. The whole family will absolutely love this cheesy dish.

Keto Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Recipe
Keto Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese combines all your favorite comfort foods into one with a healthier twist!
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A close up of keto pulled pork mac and cheese being served from a glass serving dish

Bacon-wrapped chicken nuggets

Quick and easy 2-ingredients bacon-wrapped chicken pieces are perfect for a mid-week family dinner, high-protein snack, or an easy appetizer.

Keto Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Nuggets Recipe
This healthy bacon-wrapped chicken nugget recipe only needs 2 ingredients and can be cooked in the oven frying pan, or air fryer. PLUS there's a simple 2 ingredient creamy sauce too. They're kid-friendly and keto-friendly.
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High-protein chicken meatballs

Cheesy Keto Chicken Meatballs Recipe (HPLC)
High-protein low-carb (HPLC) cheesy keto chicken meatballs. With 40g protein and only 4g net carbs, these are the perfect quick and easy high-protein dinner AND high-protein snack.
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Easy keto sweet and sour meatballs recipe
EASY keto sweet and sour meatballs are the perfect healthy family dinner. Enjoy this high protein low-carb meal in under 30 minutes. Another yummy way to cook ground beef and ground pork.
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Keto sweet and sour meatballs piled high in a bowl with sesame seed sprinkled on top.

Beef Chili

This hearty keto chili is packed with veggies…but your kids may never know it! Celery, fresh chopped tomatoes, and yellow bell pepper work well and keep you in your macros.

If you are making this as a keto dinner for the family, you may want to leave out the jalapenos to tone down the spice a bit. 😉

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Quick keto spicy garlic meatballs (under 30 minutes)

“These have to be the best sticky sweet keto meatballs I have ever made … and do incredibly easy. Another recipe to save for my weekly meal rotation. Thank you.”

Easy Keto Spicy Garlic Meatballs Recipe
Easy spicy garlic meatball recipe that can be made with fresh meatballs or frozen meatballs. The spicy garlic sauce can be served on many easy keto dinner recipes too.
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Overhead image of a bowl filled with spicy garlic meatballs

Low-Carb Beef Stroganoff

If your family is anything like mine, you’ll love this easy recipe that can be made in a slow cooker. No more scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out what to make for dinner with this option.

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Zucchini Taco Boats

If you’ve never tried a zucchini taco boat, you’re in for a treat. The veggie is cut lengthwise then stuffed with seasoned ground beef. Top it off with some cheese and avocado and you’ve got a delicious “taco”.

Keto Zucchini Taco Boats Recipe (courgettes)
Super easy recipe for keto zucchini stuffed taco boats. A delicious and healthy Mexican meal for the whole family. Quick and easy.
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Keto “Fried” Chicken

This keto chicken is the perfect go-to when your family is craving fast food. The coating on this baked chicken is grain-free but tastes just as crispy as the real stuff.

This dinner would work very well with my no-mess mashed cauliflower.

Keto Fried Chicken KFC (Copycat KFC Recipe)
Delicious and crispy homemade keto fried chicken recipe (copycat keto KFC recipe) with a few simple ingredients and my secret shaker bag method. Oven-baked or air fryer fried chicken.
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Keto pork chops

Tired of chicken? Change it up with this one-pot recipe for pork chops. The butter garlic sauce is to die for!

Keto Pork Chops in Butter Garlic Sauce
Keto pork chops are a tasty one pan meal that your whole family will love. Make your main dish, side dish, and sauce all in the same pan!
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Self- Saucing Meatballs (Kids Actually Eat)

Ruth Soukup
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Low-Carb Pizza

Pizza night is back on with this delicious dish. This is made using fathead dough which is one of my all-time favourite bases. You can make this one with almond flour or coconut flour.

Once you have your base, load up on low-carb keto toppings! Veggies, ground beef, bell peppers, basil, and cheese are some of our favourites. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little extra parmesan cheese on top too. 😉

The Quick, No-Fuss Guide To Eating Keto At Mexican Restaurants
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Low-Carb Sloppy Joes

Here’s an easy family favorite – keto sloppy joes! Ground beef serves as the base for this meal, but what really makes it delicious is the sauce. You’ve got to give this one a try and see what I mean.

Low-Carb Sloppy Joes Recipe
A tasty sloppy joe that can be served over 1-minute muffins, chaffles, or between a keto bagel.
Check out this recipe
Low-carb sloppy joes served on a white plate.

How To Make A Simple Fat Head Pizza Base

Fat Head Pizza Recipe – almond flour or coconut flour
Learn how to make simple fat head pizza (almond flour or coconut flour). The most POPULAR KETO pizza crust recipe … thin crispy crust OR keto deep pan pizza.
Check out this recipe

Taco Salad

If you are following the keto diet, this is one of those life-changing low-carb recipes. Why? Because it will actually entice your children to eat salad willingly.

And not just willingly – they’ll enjoy it. Seasoned ground beef and veggies are mixed with cheese and creamy dressing. There are even some crunchy “tortilla strips” on top too!

Low-Carb Taco Salad (with keto cheese tortilla strips)
Quick and tasty taco salad for lunch or dinner.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of healthy low-carb taco salads

Slow Cooker Lasagna

Here’s another slow cooker recipe that everyone will love, whether they are low carb or not. Just like most of the best recipes, there’s plenty of cheesy goodness here.

Slow Cooker Low-Carb Lasagna with Cheats Cheese Sauce
Slow cooker low-carb lasagna will become a weekly dinner menu staple.
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Cauliflower Soup

If you need a last-minute low-carb option for dinner, this easy recipe is a go-to. Throw together cauliflower with heavy cream and a few other ingredients into your Instant Pot and let it do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Keto Instant Pot Creamy Cauliflower Soup Recipe (Vegan Friendly)
A simple and delicious keto creamy cauliflower soup made in the Instant Pot. You can also find slow cooker and stovetop directions above.
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Chicken Curry Kebabs

I put this recipe on my meal planning rotation weekly. You won’t believe how simple it is to make chicken kabobs. Serve this with curried cauliflower rice and watch them chomp it up.

Quick keto chicken curry kebabs recipe
Easy keto chicken curry with a tasty turmeric cauliflower rice. The perfect healthy keto family dinner.  
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Cheeseburger Pizza

Hey keto mama, of all the keto dinner recipes, my whole family loves crispy keto pizza the most.

Keto Cheeseburger Pizza Recipe (keto pizza crust)
Get all the tasty goodness of a Big Mac in a healthy pizza form that is Keto friendly.
Check out this recipe
keto cheeseburger pizza

Keto Shepherd’s Pie

This shepherd’s pie is fantastic. Make this with ground beef or lamb, and enjoy the creamy cauliflower mash that’s in this recipe.

Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie Recipe (with Cauliflower Mash)
A winter family winning meal – low carb Shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash. Everyone loves this one.
Check out this recipe

Instant Pot Meatballs

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of the Instant Pot! If I could make all my keto dinners in there, I would. 😉 This recipe is perfect for the keto diet and comes together in a flash.

Check out this recipe

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Here are another one of the best keto recipes for families. Before you head out for the day, toss the buffalo chicken ingredients into your slow cooker.

Then, when you get home, all you need to do is serve them up in lettuce cups. Simple and delicious.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Slow cooker buffalo chicken lettuce wraps is a tasty meal that is nutritious and easy to throw together. This recipe is low-carb, keto friendly, and gluten-free.
Check out this recipe
Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Keto Pot Roast

The Instant Pot really shines in recipes like this pot roast. It cooks and tenderizes the meat perfectly, while also cooking up the veggies too.

Keto Pot Roast Recipe (Instant Pot)
You will fall in love with this easy keto pot roast in the Instant Pot.
Check out this recipe
A plate of food with keto pot roast stew

Low-carb nachos

To make these nachos, you’ll first make “chips” using Fat Head dough. Then just add the toppings of your family’s choice. Trust me, the whole family will love this dinner.

Martina Slajerova
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Low-carb spaghetti

Zucchini noodles make the perfect substitute for your typical carb-laden variation. This bolognese sauce is a favourite of my childrens’ – and it will be yours too!

Check out this recipe

Curry beef bowl

I find myself craving curry often, and this one-pot beef curry is my go-to recipe. This recipe is filled to the brim with good-for-you spinach, but your kids will barely notice.

easy_low-carb_instant_pot_meatballs 3
Check out this recipe

Mini meatloaves

Want an easy option to make ahead? I highly recommend these mini meatloaves. Not only are they fantastic for dinner, but they freeze nicely and will work great in a lunchbox too.

Keto Meatloaf Cupcakes Recipe
Versatile and easy meatloaf cupcakes are great for dinner, lunch or the school lunch box. Make extra as they freeze really well in an airtight container. They can even be used when you need a protein hit.
Check out this recipe

Best easy family keto side dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with a keto dinner, these are the best healthy side dishes to serve with chicken, the best low-carb side dishes for beef, and if you’re wondering what to serve with pork, there are plenty of delicious vegetable recipes, keto bread recipes, and even fake-outs (copycat takeout recipes).

These are the most popular low-carb and keto side dishes:

How do I start a keto family?

Many families are transitioning to low-carb or keto for their children once they discovered the health benefits of lowering processed carbs.

How strict and how low carb you go will be a personal decision based on your family’s health, weight, behavioral issues, taste sensory issues, and budget.

For my family of 5, we are low-carb, not no-carb. I do not count carbs and my emphasis is on whole foods that are lower in carbs.

Should children be zero carb?

Children will benefit from lowering their processed carbs such as stopping pizza, fries, candy, sweets, and sugary drinks. You can still enjoy nutrient-dense carbs such as vegetables, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy, and delicious low-carb and keto recipes.

How do you do keto for kids?

If your have decided you want to raise keto kids, or there is a medical need (such as epilepsy) where a ketogenic diet is beneficial, then you can make delicious keto recipes for kids. You can either slowly remove processed carbs from meals such as stopping bread, pasta, and rice, or you can go cold turkey if there is a medical need and an urgency.

Is keto safe for children?

There are a lot of myths about low-carb kids, but by stopping junk food and processed carbs, your children’s meals and snacks will become lower carb by default. Healthy meals that are nutrient-dense and full of quality protein and healthy fats.

What is a dirty keto diet?

This is where you only count carbs and it doesn’t matter where your carbs are coming from. Dirty keto dieters will eat keto bars, keto shakes, and junk food even if it falls below their daily carb limit. This is not recommended for a family or for children.

How to be keto if your family isn’t?

By making small changes you can still enjoy family dinners and still lose weight.

Make their regular diners that your family will enjoy, but don’t eat the high-carb side dishes such as bread, pasta, rice, or french fries. Don’t drink sugary drinks. Don’t eat high sugar desserts, chocolate, and snacks.

Try to slowly introduce low-carb recipes and healthy recipes to your family. Freezing any leftovers is an easy way to do some keto meal prep for yourself so you are organised if they order fast food and you want a healthy keto dinner instead.

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  1. I think there are many keto friendly substitute meals that families can eat without even knowing its keto if you are doing the strict est clean foods version but there is also lazy and dirty keto that is even more non keto family friendly but that does help the strict clean eater thst desperately needs to improve health and wellness and weight issues. Do I guess you could mix it up and fix it to where you can eat clean while you get them adjustments as well as yourself starting into the lifestyle, etc. I have already cut carbs and sugars drastically baby stepping it down little by little. Thanks for the tips