These are the 61 BEST low-carb keto Thanksgiving recipes that your whole family will love.

The COMPLETE GUIDE to planning an ENTIRE low-carb Thanksgiving dinner PLUS your free keto Thanksgiving meal plan with delicious keto comfort food recipes that are simple and delicious!

You can enjoy a keto Thanksgiving feast with bacon-wrapped turkey, low-carb cornbread, keto gravy, easy side dishes, and even keto pumpkin pie.

collage of 61 keto Thanksgiving recipes
61 of the most delicious keto Thanksgiving recipes

It’s easy to plan your keto Thanksgiving dinner with these delicious healthy keto-friendly recipes.

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See how easy it is to avoid the sugar and carb overload this holiday season and stay on track with your low-carb diet or keto diet with your delicious Thanksgiving family meal.

Planning your keto Thanksgiving feast

You can enjoy holiday comfort food during Thanksgiving and still stick to your keto diet with this list of keto Thanksgiving recipes (and lower-carb classic recipes).

3 top tips to stay on track during the holiday season:

  1. Avoid the high-carb side dishes
  2. Always offer to bring a keto-friendly dessert
  3. If you can’t STOP the splurge, LIMIT the splurge.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where spending time with family literally revolves around eating comfort food. But luckily I have every recipe you could ever want.

Sugar-free drinks, low-carb appetizers, keto mains, side dishes, and of course, sugar-free desserts.

Broken down by categories, you can literally meal plan your entire keto Thanksgiving menu right here! 

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🽠Appetizers and drinks

low-carb mulled wine for low-carb thanksgiving served out of a slow cooker with sliced oranges

Let your guests relax with this delicious slow-cooker low-carb mulled wine recipe. It’s GENIUS because you can MAKE and SERVE mulled wine straight from your crockpot.

As your guests enjoy a mug of warmed wine, you can keep topping up the crockpot dish. The herbs and spices will keep it going all night.  

Steak vs Organs Nutrients
Check out this recipe

If you are missing your keto bread, these breadsticks are perfect. They’re gluten-free and can be made with almond flour or coconut flour.

Check out this recipe
Susie Moore
Check out this recipe

Keto dieters always miss crunchy crackers, so make these keto cheese crackers and serve them with pate, cheese, or delicious dips.

Check out this recipe

A crunchy sugar-free version of a Thanksgiving staple. Roasted almonds also make a wonderful healthy Thanksgiving gift.

Mike Collins
Check out this recipe

🥣 Starters and entrees

All of these low-carb Thanksgiving appetizers are easy to make and ALL can be made ahead of time.

Keto Instant Pot Creamy Cauliflower Soup Recipe (Vegan Friendly)
A simple and delicious keto creamy cauliflower soup made in the Instant Pot. You can also find slow cooker and stovetop directions above.
Check out this recipe
Low-Carb Living Summit: Goody Bag
Check out this recipe

Serve these low-carb pumpkin soup recipes with a slice or two of almond flour bread.

Easy Low-Carb Caesar Salad with Chicken
Check out this recipe
16 Set-And-Forget Keto Slow Cooker Meals You’ll Love This Winter
Check out this recipe

Bacon-wrapped asparagus can be cooked in the oven, air fryer, or on the BBQ. They are tasty and used to dip into cream cheese or sour cream.

chocolate swirl baked cheesecake
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe

🥦 Keto Thanksgiving Side dishes

We all know Thanksgiving side dishes steal the show. Impress your guests and family with these low-carb veggies. They won’t even know they are low-carb recipes or keto recipes.

These low-carb keto-friendly comfort foods will help you avoid the high-carb side dishes that can often ruin your keto lifestyle.

Brussels sprouts in a white serving dish
Brussels sprouts with bacon

The best way to serve Brussels sprouts has to be this keto version with garlic and bacon (without all the carbs).

Low-Carb Living Summit: Presentation Expired
Check out this recipe

Cheesy goodness and delicious flavors are all baked together in this baked asparagus side dish. It’s a healthier version of a green bean casserole.

Keto Cheesy Baked Asparagus Recipe
Your whole family will love this keto cheesy baked asparagus. This asparagus is perfect if you are looking for a tasty low-carb side.
Check out this recipe

If you don’t like mashed cauliflower, then make creamy cauliflower bacon mac and cheese instead. Packed with cheddar cheese inside and on top.

Creamy Cauliflower Bacon Mac And Cheese Recipe
This is THE BEST recipe for easy Creamy Cauliflower Bacon Mac And Cheese – print it off and keep this one!
Check out this recipe

Creamy cauliflower mash is an absolute staple of the keto diet. Add some fresh herbs or some parmesan cheese for an extra special alternative to mashed potatoes.

Check out this recipe
A light green spoon is lifting a spoonful of creamed brussels sprouts out of a cast-iron skillet.
Creamed Brussels sprouts
images and mockups for Amazon seasonal holiday shop
Creamed Brussels Sprouts Recipe (Garlic Parmesan)
EASY tender garlic creamed Brussels sprouts with parmesan are the perfect delicious cheesy side dish.
Check out this recipe

A warm cauliflower and broccoli salad with a cheesy sauce are one of those healthy recipes that help you avoid sweet potatoes.

Ruth Soukup
Check out this recipe

Every Thanksgiving dinner needs to have buttery mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potato. No one will know the difference.

Low-Carb Bagels with Everything Seasoning
Check out this recipe

A big serving of keto creamed spinach has all the flavors of garlic and bacon with a creamy sauce that is perfectly served alongside roasted turkey. Creamed spinach is the perfect substitute for green bean casserole.

Low-Carb Living Summit: Schedule
Check out this recipe

Spaghetti squash is so simple to cook. It can be baked in the oven, cooked in the microwave, and served with melted butter, fresh herbs, salt, and pepper.

11 Amazing Low-Carb Dessert Recipes
Check out this recipe

One of the most popular Thanksgiving recipes is whole roasted cauliflower.

7 Good Reasons to Switch to a Low-Carb Diet
Check out this recipe
Fat Head Sausage Rolls 7
Check out this recipe

🦃 Keto Thanksgiving main dishes

We all love traditional roast turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving but there are other options too with these delicious keto recipes.

If your guests don’t want turkey as the main course, there are plenty of options below.

how to cook a roast turkey covered in bacon and served on a carving dish
How to cook a roast turkey

If you have never cooked a turkey before, and want to know the best way to cook a turkey with bacon, or you need an easy-to-follow guide and turkey cooking schedule.

You will learn the secret to NEVER having dry turkey at your next Thanksgiving dinner, ever again.

Dark meat is my favorite, served with low-carb stuffing and a sugar-free cranberry sauce recipe.

Low-Carb Living Summit: Schedule
Check out this recipe

An easy recipe for your Thanksgiving table has to be the good old pot roast.

Keto Pot Roast Recipe (Instant Pot)
You will fall in love with this easy keto pot roast in the Instant Pot.
Check out this recipe

A healthy recipe alternative to roast turkey is poached salmon full of healthy fats. Discover how to cook salmon in the slow cooker so you can relax when guests arrive.

Slow Cooker Poached Salmon Recipe
Cooking poached salmon is simple in a slow cooker.
Check out this recipe

One of the easiest low-carb Thanksgiving recipes has to be a whole chicken cooked in your slow cooker. Set and forget.

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker (Plus Bone Broth Recipe)
Make a perfectly tender and juicy whole chicken in a slow cooker. Then turn the carcass into bone broth!
Check out this recipe

If you want to make some holiday recipes ahead of time, chicken and leek pie is freezer safe and can be defrosted and reheated on the day.

Check out this recipe
Two Cheese Pesto Chicken Recipe (keto friendly)
This baked two cheese pesto chicken recipe is full of flavour. The basil flavour really comes through and is not dominated by the cheese. Low-carb and keto frienldy.
Check out this recipe
Keto Smoked Salmon Quiche (blender recipe)
Fast and healthy gluten-free keto smoked salmon quiche recipe, made in the blender then baked in the oven in under 40 minutes.
Check out this recipe
Keto Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Recipe
Keto Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese combines all your favorite comfort foods into one with a healthier twist!
Check out this recipe
Keto Pork Chops in Butter Garlic Sauce
Keto pork chops are a tasty one pan meal that your whole family will love. Make your main dish, side dish, and sauce all in the same pan!
Check out this recipe
Keto Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe
This keto slow cooker pulled pork recipe is an easy prep and forget meal. The best part is no bbq sauce is needed to enjoy the flavours of pulled pork.
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe

🞠Keto stuffing & keto bread recipes

You can choose whether to make cornbread stuffing or pork stuffing. You can also stuff your turkey cavity or serve it in your favorite baking dish as a dressing alongside the roast turkey (or another main dish).

Others prefer just to have some bread on the dinner table.

collage of keto stuffing made with sage sausage
The best keto stuffing – meatballs and turkey breast

The classic keto recipe for pork stuffing with fresh herbs. These gluten-free pork stuffing balls can be eaten all year long.

Keto Pork Sausage Stuffing Recipe
The easiest Keto Stuffing (Pork Sage Sausage Stuffing) you'll ever make! Perfect for keto Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gluten-free and quick to make.
Check out this recipe

Another popular keto recipe has to be keto cornbread stuffing with all the flavors of traditional stuffing.

Low-Carb and Keto Stuffing Recipe (Cornbread)
Delicious keto cornbread stuffing 3.4 g net carbs (low-carb and keto stuffing) – the perfect healthy Thanksgiving side dish the whole family will LOVE.
keto cornbread stuffin served with a wooden spoon
Easy Keto Cornbread Recipe (6 ingredients)
With this tasty keto cornbread recipe, you can enjoy all the flavors and textures of cornbread (without the carbs)! You only need 6 ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare this classic Southern recipe with only 2.9g net carbs.
Check out this recipe
sugar free mint sauce
Check out this recipe
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Don’t miss out on dinner rolls, make these gluten-free keto dinner rolls instead.

Easy Keto Dinner Rolls Recipe
These mozzarella dough keto dinner rolls are soft, pillowy, and delicious with a crunchy crust!
Check out this recipe
rsz_vegan-lady vegan myth
Check out this recipe

Serve sliced garlic bread with an olive oil dip and rock salt.

Keto Focaccia Bread Recipe (Gluten-Free)
A traditional keto focaccia bread with olives and rosemary. Stuffed with feta and sundried tomatoes for an authentic Meditteranean taste.
Check out this recipe
Cauliflower Low-Carb Cheese Bread Recipe
Easy low-carb and healthy gluten-free bread recipe. A sneaky way to help your children eat some extra vegetables.
Check out this recipe

Low-carb almond flour bread can be made with almond flour or almond meal is an easy one-bowl recipe.

Art and Science Of Low Carb Living
Check out this recipe

🎂 Keto Thanksgiving desserts

My favorite part of any Thanksgiving meal has to be dessert. But this is generally the biggest source of sugar in the entire meal.

To stay on track with your ketogenic diet, you can make these healthy keto dessert recipes instead.

Keto pumpkin pie, flourless chocolate cake, and pumpkin cheesecake are all tasty, especially when served with sweetened homemade whipped cream.

Make these sugar-free Thanksgiving desserts ahead of time so you can sit back and relax while enjoying a keto dessert. Guilt-free.

TOP TIP: As with ALL recipes here, ALWAYS taste your batter BEFORE cooking to ensure you have added enough sweetener to suit YOUR tastebuds. Read the Ultimate Guide To Low-Carb Sweeteners.

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Instant Pot Key Lime Cheesecake Recipe
This Instant Pot Key Lime Cheesecake is perfection! It is tangy, light, creamy, and keto friendly. The best part is it is easy to make!
Check out this recipe
Check out this recipe

One of the best keto recipes has to be a low-carb Christmas fruit pie (mini keto apple pie). Instead of regular flour, it has sweet cinnamon and nutmeg pie crust made with almond flour and coconut flour.

How To Meal Plan On Low-Carb The Stupid-Easy Way
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe (no-bake)
If you love peanut butter you will love no-bake keto chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.
Check out this recipe
Mike Collins
Check out this recipe
Slow Cooker Vanilla Berry Cheesecake
Vanilla berry cheesecake is an easy slow cooker dessert that is low-carb, keto friendly, sugar-free, and gluten-free.
Check out this recipe
Sugar-Free Meringue Roulade Recipe
Soft and pillowy sugar-free meringue roulade is the perfect way to use up leftover egg whites and is only 0.3g net carbs. A quick and easy family-friendly dessert recipe.
Check out this recipe

One of the most popular keto Thanksgiving desserts is lemon meringue pie. It’s light, sweet, and zesty.

Blood Sugar and Weight Loss: The Truth About How They’re Connected
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake recipe
Sweet delicious keto chocolate ganache cheesecake has an almond flour crust, a vanilla cream cheese filling, and is covered in dark rich chocolate ganache topping.
Check out this recipe
Low-Carb Granola
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Lasagna Dessert Recipe (no-bake)
A super easy keto chocolate lasagna dessert (no-bake recipe) that the whole family will love. Made with 4 easy layers and is creamy and delcious.
Check out this recipe

🎃 Keto pumpkin recipes

Each of these keto-friendly desserts and sweet treats is gluten-free, sugar-free, and low in net carbs. They’re a great way to stop sugar cravings and stay on your low-carb diet or keto diet.

Low-carb pumpkin pie is a family favorite. Made with a coconut flour pie crust.

Best Chocolate Keto Pumpkin Pie (Gluten-Free)
Sweet, delicious, and creamy chocolate keto pumpkin pie recipe that's only 3.4 g net carbs. Can be served hot or cold with whipped cream and keto maple syrup.
Check out this recipe
Slice of chocolate pumpkin pie with an antique silver fork and spoon

Sugar-free pumpkin fudge made with cream cheese, is perfect for after a meal served with coffee.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake)
Smooth and creamy no-bake pumpkin pie keto fudge (0.8g net carbs). An easy one-pot recipe made in under 10 minutes.
Check out this recipe
sliced sugar-free pumpkin pie fudge on a slice of wood

Every low-carb pumpkin recipe needs pumpkin pie spice. Make your own and you can avoid all unnecessary added sugar and carbs.

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🫠Keto chocolate recipes

Yes, you can eat chocolate on your keto diet, with these healthy recipes.

Check out this recipe
Dr. Ryan Lowery
Check out this recipe
Sugar-Free Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe
Finally … an easy HEALTHY Sugar-Free Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe the whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
Sleep and Weight Loss
Check out this recipe
Keto Mocha Truffles Recipe
Mocha ice bombs are an amazing blend of coffee and chocolate, and if you like, you might want to ad some brandy too (adults only). Keep in the freezer for a little evening treat.
Keto Chocolate Walnut Brownies Recipe
This is it! The PERFECT Keto Chocolate Walnut Brownies.
Check out this recipe

🗒 Keto Thanksgiving meal plan

Put these keto-friendly recipes on your meal plan and serve with some keto cranberry sauce. These family favorites will even please non-keto guests.

Main dishes

Side dishes

  • Creamed spinach
  • Mashed cauliflower
  • Roast pumpkin

Desserts and drinks

  • Low-carb pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin pie latte

Make your own low-carb cranberry sauce.

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Keto Thanksgiving FAQ

What do you eat on Thanksgiving keto?

A keto Thanksgiving consists of high-protein turkey plus low-carb side dishes such as bacon Brussels sprouts, cheesy asparagus, keto cornbread stuffing, and delicious keto dessert recipes.

How do I satisfy a sweet tooth on keto?

You can still eat keto desserts at Thanksgiving such as keto chocolate lasagna, Instant Pot lime cheesecake, and baked keto New York cheesecake. Search all the low-carb and keto desserts to find your favorite flavor.

Can I eat green beans on the keto diet?

Beans are higher in net carbs so most keto followers think their green bean casserole is not allowed, but as long as you portion control your green beans and they fit within your daily carb allowance, you can get them. However, you may want to spend your carbs on a lower-carb side dish so you can eat more.

Can I eat turkey on a keto?

Yes, turkey is high protein meat that can be enjoyed whether you are on a low-carb diet, keto diet, or even a carnivore diet. Dark meat and turkey legs are tasty because they are high in iron.

How can I make keto easier at Thanksgiving?

Enjoy the high protein turkey meat, avoid the high-carb side dishes, avoid bread and choose low starch vegetables and make a yummy keto dessert recipe.

Can I eat sweet potatoes on keto?

Sweet potatoes (as the name suggests) are sweet and a high-carb root vegetable so generally avoided on the keto diet. However, like green beans, sweet potatoes can be enjoyed in a small amount.

How do I make keto Thanksgiving stuffing?

There are recipes for keto cornbread and keto pork stuffing, or you can use any leftover or stale keto bread to make your own family’s favorite stuffing recipe. Chicken broth or turkey drippings is the perfect addition that makes it extra tasty for your savory tooth.

Now you can plan out your entire healthy Thanksgiving dinner using these simple low-carb and keto recipes. There is literally everything you need to put together an amazing meal all right here on one page!

Please leave a comment below with your favorite low-carb Thanksgiving recipe.

collage of 61 keto Thanksgiving recipes
The 61 BEST low-carb keto Thanksgiving recipes.

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