Long gone are the days when lunches consist only of a soggy sandwich—instead, give these bread-free lunch ideas a try!

There are so many ways to make a nourishing, delicious meal without any of the carbs that leave you sluggish and bloated. Here are some of my favorite non-sandwich recipes that are quick and easy to put together.

lunch box with small portions, pizza chaffle with pepperoni on top, sausage roll, and gluten-free sushi

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If you have found yourself staring blankly into the pantry trying to figure out to make for lunch that will keep you energized, this post is what you’ve been looking for.

Each of these recipes is kid-approved and full of flavor. From kebabs to chicken nuggets, lunchtime may become the new favorite meal of the day!

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Bread-free lunches

Lunch is one of those meals that can be just tough to plan out. You don’t really want to do any cooking. You aren’t all that hungry, but you want something that is filling and helps you avoid snacking.

When you are eating low-carb, it’s really easy to get stuck in the salad rut. If the thought of another chopped salad with lettuce, veggies, and dressing, sounds monotonous, then this list is for you!

All of these ideas are quick, easy, and they don’t have bread. Even better, none of them is a salad either. They are all hearty but take just minutes to prepare.

When you are ready to start a low-carb lifestyle, plan for protein-packed lunches. They will keep you feeling full and fuel your body all day long.

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Non-sandwich lunch ideas

One type of lunch that almost all of us remember from kids is the sandwich. It’s quick, easy, and portable – what’s not to love?

Oh yeah, the carbs.

Thankfully, I have some non-sandwich lunch ideas that taste like takeout and are effortless. Some of them don’t need any refrigeration, and some are hot and hearty.

Yes, I even included low-carb mug cake and nut-free cookies on the list. When you prepare them with keto ingredients they become a high-protein meal that satisfies you.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right?

Quick healthy lunch boxes

These healthy bread-free lunch ideas are going to become some of your favorite meals! They pack easily in your lunch box and provide enough variety to keep you enjoying lunch.

1. Lunchbox Kebabs and Dips

Lunchbox filled with healthy low-carb options

These 5 healthy lunchbox kebabs and dips make lunchtime fun! They are made with all whole ingredients – fresh fruits and veggies and meats. The combination of flavors is outstanding!

5 Easy Healthy Lunchbox Kebabs and Dips
Give your lunchbox an upgrade with these easy and fun kebabs and dips.
Check out this recipe
Lunchbox filled with healthy low-carb options

2. Grain-Free Granola Bars – 2.4G Net Carbs

grain-free granola bars wrapped in baking paper and placed on a wooden chopping board

These grain-free granola bars can be made easily in your food processor and oven. Make them ahead of time and you can pack them in your lunchbox – grab and go!

3. Low-Carb Cauliflower Sushi – 5G Net Carbs

sushi with cauliflower rice on a black plate

This low-carb cauliflower sushi is absolutely delightful! Roll up some chopped cauliflower with cream cheese and fish. It tastes like takeout!

4. Low-Carb Mug Cake – 4.5G Net Carbs

Four different low-carb mug cakes in bowls on a table with forks.
mug cakes (4 ways)

A mug cake is a really sweet way to enjoy lunch. Plus, you make them in the microwave, so your lunch is minutes away. This post has the complete recipes for 4 different mug cakes.

5. Mini Pizza Chaffles – 1G Net Carbs

A pizza chaffle sitting on top of a table

It’s amazing how some egg and mozzarella cheese in a waffle maker can make these mini pizza chaffles! They are almost carb-free! Enjoy the taste of pizza for lunch.

Easy Low-Carb Mini Pizza Chaffles Recipe
Low-carb mini pizza chaffles are the perfect weekend lunch your whole family will love. Make them personalized by adding your own toppings.
Check out this recipe
A pizza chaffle sitting on top of a table

6. Nut-Free “Peanut Butter” Cookies – 2G Net Carbs

cookies on bakig parchment drizzled with sugar-free chocolate

The secret to these nut-free peanut butter cookies is the tahini. It gives the cookies a wonderful texture and full flavor, you don’t even miss the nuts.

7. Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies – 2G Net Carbs

baked cookies on a white plate
Chocolate chip cookies (coconut flour)

Pack some cookies in your lunch! These coconut flour chocolate chip cookies are delightfully soft and have that same sweet flavor. The difference is these have plenty of protein and almost no carbs!

8. Hard-Boiled Eggs In the Instant Pot

Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect addition to a low-carb lunch. Check out how to hard boil eggs using an Instant Pot. Your perfect eggs are just a few minutes away.

9. Fat Head Sausage Rolls – 3.6G Net Carbs

keto sausage rolls on a white plate with ketchup

Use the popular Fathead dough to create your own portable Fathead Sausage Rolls. If you are craving something salty, these will hit the spot!

10. Meatloaf Cupcakes – 0.6G Net Carbs

Mini meatloaves served with asparagus on the plate

At less than one gram net carbs per cupcake, these little wonders are the perfect lunch idea. These meatloaf cupcakes have only 4 easy ingredients.

Keto Meatloaf Cupcakes Recipe
Versatile and easy meatloaf cupcakes are great for dinner, lunch or the school lunch box. Make extra as they freeze really well in an airtight container. They can even be used when you need a protein hit.
Check out this recipe

11. Keto Chicken – 4 Ways

keto chicken drumstick recipes on a white platter

Another really easy lunch idea is to munch on a chicken leg. These 4 ideas are the best ways to season and prepare chicken legs that are low-carb and sugar-free.

12. Chicken Nuggets – 2.5G Net Carbs

low-carb chicken nuggets served with salsa

These low-carb chicken nuggets taste just like the ones you remember from when you were a kid. There’s no fillers or anything artificial in them- just pure goodness.

Keto Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Nuggets Recipe
This healthy bacon-wrapped chicken nugget recipe only needs 2 ingredients and can be cooked in the oven frying pan, or air fryer. PLUS there's a simple 2 ingredient creamy sauce too. They're kid-friendly and keto-friendly.
Check out this recipe

13. Salmon Cream Cheese Bites – 0.1G Net Carbs

Salmon and cream cheese bites

Yes, you read that right! These salmon cream cheese bites have virtually no carbs in them! They are full of healthy fats from the salmon and cream cheese.

14. Pepperoni Bites – 1.9G Net Carbs

A plate of meatballs with bamboo skewers

These pepperoni bites are the perfect thing to eat for lunch. They are small enough that you can use portion control easily – and they taste wonderful with fresh veggies.

15. Low-Carb Meal Prep For A Family

healthy low-carb meal prep for a family of four

The best way to make sure that you make low-carb choices for lunch is to prep ahead of time. This low-carb meal prep guide shows you just how to do it in less than 2 hours!

More Low-Carb Lunchbox Recipes

5 Bonus Low-Carb And Keto Bread Recipes

This transition away from bread can be tough. As you transition away from bread one of the easiest ways to break that habit is to bake keto-friendly bread.

All of these low-carb and keto bread recipes let you eat those foods you might miss on a low-carb diet – sandwiches and grilled cheese. These bread recipes fit perfectly in your healthy packed lunch ideas.

1. Low-Carb Almond Flour Bread – 1.9G Net Carbs

healthy low-carb almond flour bread and butter on bread board

This almond flour bread tastes amazing with butter on it or as a keto grilled cheese.

2. Keto Bagels – 2.4G Net Carbs

baked keto bagels stacked on one another

Smother these keto bagels with butter or eat them just as they are. With less than 3 grams net carbs per bagel, you can eat the entire thing for lunch.

3. Coconut Flour Mini Cheese Loaves – 1.3G Net Carbs

cheese loaves on a wooden chopping board

These coconut flour mini loaves are bite-sized pieces of Heaven! They are packed with fiber and healthy fats that will keep you full all day long.

Coconut Flour Mini Cheese Loaves Recipe
The perfect little cheesy mini loaf for lunch boxes. Serve warm with butter.
Check out this recipe

4. 1-Minute Keto Muffins – 2G Net Carbs

2 spinach and feta keto muffins on a dark pottery plate

Not only do these keto muffins taste great, but they only take a minute to make. Plus, there are only 4 easy ingredients.

5. Low-Carb 3-Seed Bread – 1.9G Net Carbs

multigrain seed bread sliced with butter

This 3-seed bread has such low net carbs because it has so much fiber in it. It’s made with Chia, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.

mockups of devices showing low-carb lunches cookbook and a buy now button
low carb lunch box ideas like chicken nuggest, meat and cheese with veggies, and sausage rolls

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As you transition to eating a bread-free lunch, it’s ok to use some of these keto-friendly bread ideas too!

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